American Third Position Party; stopping the seesaw

I hope I am not jumping the gun in talking about the American Third Position Party before any official announcements.  We all found out because of the Gustavo Arellano “expose.”

Republican operatives funded Ralph Nader’s campaign.  A3P should be able to get funding from the Democrat Party, in order to defeat Republicans.  It should be easy for A3P to siphon off votes from Republicans, and keep Democrats in power for longer than usual, effectively stopping the fraudulent “seesaw politics” between Republicans and Democrats.  Let the Dems stay in power wherever A3P is strong, until the Republicans scream for mercy!

This will certainly serve A3P as the funding can be used to build the party from the ground up, and train cadres.  This is what White Rabbit Radio calls “practical politics.”  The Democrats only care about winning the next election, and should be happy to fund A3P.  Also, this will force the Republicans to campaign further and further “to the right,” in order to co-opt A3P.

It’s a dirty, rigged system, and we have to fight dirty in order to get anywhere.   However, in this case we can use the system’s corruption to our advantage.


  1. I’d recommend a new name for starters. “Third Position” is a term peculiar to a Europe divided between capitalist and communist countries.

    Something like “American National Party” would seem to be more to the point.

  2. This is an encouraging sign. This new party looks sane and normal, and it’s good to see a few brave souls working to accomplish something in the real world.

  3. We need to come out with an absolutely explosive amount of support for this initiative. This is a real test of our ability to line up behind credible advocates.

  4. Kievsky,

    The idea of A3P getting early funding from the Democrats strikes me as being rather dubious. Of course, I will be happy to be wrong on this point.

    As much as I like the idea of the A3P I still think that it is too late for a party of this kind to come into power (via universal suffrage elections) and fix America. Perhaps the secret goal of this new party should be to form a vibrant national organization for our message (which has yet to be accomplished), whatever electoral success the party achieves along the way in its pursuit of this goal could be interpreted as incidental.

    I’m just brainstorming…

  5. On the one hand, I value MacDonald’s work and respect his opinions.

    On the other hand, starting a new American political party is not a good idea. Even Arthur Kemp acknowledged that. And not only are they starting a political party (which requires money to compete in elections – money that our movement doesn’t have!) but they are also based in California. That’s pretty crazy. Why bother competing for votes when 1) your constituency is a minority and 2) it is constantly decreasing in size? My view in a nutshell is that the only way we’ll survive the coming century is if we manage to secede into our own nation, because realistically, unless we win a civil war, the United States is mostly lost territory. I wish this party the best of luck but the only good that can come from it is if they expose Jewish influence and racial differences. If they tone down the message in favor of winning votes they’ll just be wasting our time.

  6. I wouldn’t bash the initiative just yet, Sam. Who knows what they have up their sleeve? Maybe they have a big money donor.

    A political party is a good way to get funding and build cadres, even if you don’t win elections.

  7. With all due respect to some great activists like Kievsky, this is an interesting ploy, if true, but a few questions are in order. Los Judios would be very unlikely to approve such an entity unless they thoroughly controlled it, and knew that they could abort it at will. As long as they control the media, the White bunnies are going to be nothing but silly putty in their hands, and thus, neutralizable at will. They are unlikely to once again fund a Frankenstein like Hamas, that blew up in their faces. Would such a decoy political group ever be anything but a pressure relief valve of the current kosher Moloch? A vehicle to politically and ideologically de-rail Whites, until they are demographically marginalized? Would it be anything but another false hope to a deracinated people, who can’t seem to ever get it, and do nothing but ‘safely’ hide behind flags and feel good nostrums?

  8. If things are as far gone as Junghans asserts, then it doesn’t matter what we do.

    If there’s still a fighting chance, then the A3P could be a great vehicle for educating, organizing, and mobilizing White Americans.

  9. Quite true, Wikitopian. I, too, am in favor of anything that will really work, but I know better that to grasp at straws. I see here: that Kmac is involved, and that is positive. Let’s see who is ramrodding this effort, then we can make a better call as to its effective worth. My comments in posting #5 are not mindless defeatism, but are meant to remind all, about the realities we face.

  10. The American Third Position Party was formally created on Oct. 15 of last year in Orange, where a group of racialists decided Los Angeles-based lawyer William D. Johnson would be its chair. As revealed by the legal newspaper Metropolitan News-Enterprise, the lawyer–writing under the pseudonym James O. Pace–wrote a book in the 1980s advocating the repeal of the 14th and 15th Amendments and the creation of a another amendment that would limit American citizenship to “non-Hispanic white[s] of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood, provided that Hispanic whites, defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor, may be citizens if, in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace and percentage tests, they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe.” Everyone else would get deported.

    That’s a fair standard. No more than 1/8th Jewish would remove some of the trash that posts here and on other WN blogs. I imagine nationally it would reduce the white population to about 40-50%.

  11. Junghans,

    I see where you’re coming from, and know that you’re not merely being a downer. I do have to say, however, that I’m inclined to grasp at straws before accepting defeat. This group may get subverted. It may already be subverted. It may be flawed in some manner that guarantees its failure. I have my own reservations about the advisability of using a third party to pursue our goals.

    But I don’t believe that I’m alone in believing that an organization this polished, this explicitly pro-White, with KMac at the helm, deserves the benefit of the doubt, no?

  12. You would think people would be smart enough to let puppets run it, as to not have movement baggage associated with it.

    In real theory, I support the Bolshevik approach (complete change of government) rather than the Menshevik (small increments) approach. However, the Menshevik approach may be more practical in 2010.

  13. man , this makes me smile none-the-less…could this really be the beginning of something speacial for US…? A political party seeking to protect white history and culture …uniting us into the single most powerful and influencial group in the United States…I know , don’t jump the gun…all in all , it sure sounds good fella’s…I have two sons that I would love to have grow up with a party recognizing THEM !! Will support HOWEVER…

  14. Agreed, Wikitopian. Let’s see more about who they are, and where their funding may be coming from. We need to see if they are up-tight, conservative reactionaries, or real White populists in orientation. A real Anglo/White advocacy group is sorely needed, so let’s see if they have what it takes. The Whites in California are now on the front line of ethnic dispossession, so let’s see if they respond, especially when the kosher establishment starts their inevitable smear campaign.

  15. The political system is corrupt and rigged. It provides an ever thinner veil of democracy for an ever clearer plutocracy.

    There is no shortage of political parties. Yet another conventional party is not likely to achieve much. Better would be a more general advocacy organization which, among other things, analyzes political candidates and endorses only those who will do “what’s good for Whites”. The idea is to give an explicit face and voice to the pool of Whites of all political flavors who, at the moment, the two major parties and media give only cryptic, deprecatory, implicit recognition as “mainstream America”, “the middle class”, “Main street”, or “flyover country”. The goal is to get “the talk radio crowd” and “the Birkenstock crowd” to see their differences on fiscal and social policies as part of but subordinate to our polity’s very existence. Let the arguments about who is White and what’s best for Whites displace the circle-jerk of Rs and Ds pointing fingers at each other. Leave them to argue about who will best serve White voters.

    If an organization is to be truly focused on advancing White interests then it should be explicitly stated and the name should reflect it. “The White Americans Civil Liberties and Anti-Defamation League” getting savaged by “anti-racists” who themselves endorse and support La Raza, NAACP, ADL, and ACLU will only further enlighten and polarize Whites. The regime in place right now is anti-White. The faster Whites realize this the sooner they will join the struggle against it. Many already do vent their frustration at anti-war or tea-party protests. What we’re lacking is a conscious expression of common ground and the strength a unified front would provide.

  16. The moniker “American Third Position” might work in Southern California. LOL.

    I would be a little hesitant to call my relatives in California and ask them if they heard about the American Third Position. ROTFLMAO.

    I’m related to a lot of singing cowboys, and cowgirls and sheriffs and such. You can’t get any further West than California. Permit me to sing a few bars of on the “Redwood Trail”.

  17. @Iceman
    All your talk of elaborate schemes with puppets and puppeteers is too much for our naive and gullible gentile minds. At first, we attempted to use “Nose and Moustache” disguises, but then we all looked like Jews and scared off our supporters…

  18. I’m glad something real is happening on the ground. Whether this goes anywhere (as far as elections) is besides the point. This is a good way to start organizing, bringing us together in face to face real world activities, and creating other side projects such as pro white activist organizations.

    This is a positive sign. With K-Mac being a part of it, I am on board with it.

  19. It is worth noting here that White Nationalists don’t have anything like a viable organization, not even one that distributes propaganda like the old National Alliance.

  20. Hunter, the A3P porridge is clearly too lumpy.

    The BNP porridge isn’t as warm as I would like it to be.

    The CofCC porridge isn’t lumpy enough.

    I’m going to sit here and accuse people of being homosexuals on my computing machine until I find the perfect porridge.

  21. I’m satisfied with the American Third Position Party. I think “American National Party” would have been a better choice of name, but the substance is what really matters, not the label.

  22. If I really wanted to be critical, I would point out that White Nationalists have a better chance of winning in the Deep South. We should be running state and local candidates in Alabama and Mississippi.

    Why should I oppose WN activism in California though? The state is more racially mixed than Alabama or Mississippi. There is enough racial tension and resentment in the area over immigration that a third party might have some success in exploiting it.

  23. Hunter,
    In some ways, the South may not be the best place to start a movement. In my experience, racialist Southerners have this sort of “Lost Cause” mentality that is entirely too romantic about the whole “being defeated” thing.

  24. If I really wanted to be critical, I would point out that White Nationalists have a better chance of winning in the Deep South.

    True, but California is the best place for this really, because…

    …the white folks out there won’t fret about “wasting their vote”. They aren’t a majority.

    What they can do is throw their weight around. They produce what the others consume. Even if they’re a minority, they’re a very large minority, and they’re dealing with a splintered opposition, factions of which can achieve electoral success with their cooperation.

  25. All your talk of elaborate schemes with puppets and puppeteers is too much for our naive and gullible gentile minds.

    No kidding. That’s not how we do things.

    And that’s not how we think of other humans. Human puppets?

    No. We’re not brain parasites.

  26. “A3P should be able to get funding from the Democrat Party, in order to defeat Republicans. It should be easy for A3P to siphon off votes from Republicans, and keep Democrats in power for longer than usual, effectively stopping the fraudulent “seesaw politics” between Republicans and Democrats. Let the Dems stay in power wherever A3P is strong, until the Republicans scream for mercy!”


    Will never happen.

    The triangulation principle would be valid if the D’s and R’s were true adversaries – representing competing constituencies – and bringing opposing political solutions to the table. They both serve the same master. The Final Solution to the White Problem clearly trumps the interests of either of those parties in winning an election therefore the D’s will lose to the R’s rather than support A3P.

    The lessons from the David Duke election in Louisiana proves the point. The R’s chose a loss to the D’s rather than support Duke. This is how the Powers That Be command so both the R’s and D’s and every other institution in the kwa (at least to this point) follows suit.

    Still, this party is needed if for no other reason it EXPLICITLY states that it will serve White interests. We should expect no wins anytime soon but even getting on the ballot in the kwa is a step in the right direction.

  27. Although the white population of CA is low and declining and includes many liberals, there are probably proportionally more politically conscious white nationalists there than anywhere else in America. I’m talking about people who talk about “white pride,” not reactionary conservatives. There are more of the later in the South, but more people in CA are aware of some form of White Nationalism and understand that there is a difference between White Nationalism, White Power or whatever they call it, and Rush Limbaugh/Fox News/Patriotard/Fundamentalist bullshit.

    The white people in CA, especially Southern CA, are heavily descend from AR, OK, TX, MO and that area. So there are a lot of people who brought traditional Southern racial attitudes with them. There is a history of radical, non reactionary pro-white activism in CA with the Aryan Nations, WAR and other groups being founded there.

    There are a lot of skinheads in Southern CA, NV and AZ and the culture of young working class white men is influenced by skinheads in a way that isn’t true of anywhere else in the country. I’m sure some people here know what I’m talking about. White Power skinheads are seen as cool by most young white men in that part of the country. There are enough of them around that you actually see them in person if you live in a blue collar area of greater LA or Las Vegas or Phoenix. In the deep south, these same types of people still haven’t got the memo that wiggers aren’t cool anymore. You see more young white men who think they are black in places like Tennessee and Georgia now than you do in NY or CA.

    A lot has changed in the South since David Duke was active. That was 20 years ago. Since then, Southerners have really swallowed the aracial conservative line hard. A lot of the people who voted for the GOP 20 years ago because they saw it as being the pro-white party are dead now. Modern Southerns are desperate to prove that they aren’t racist. Whites in CA are already the minority and are being ethnically cleansed, so they have much more potential for being influenced by radical White Nationalism.

  28. @Willy # 30

    Politicians are eager enough to win to pay “walking around money” to third party types. If the Republicans are funding Ralph Nader campaigners against Democrats, Dems will likely fund us against Republicans. It all depends how desperate and greedy each side is.

    I’m betting on being able to use their greed and corruption, to step up a rung or two.

  29. Believe it or not , this party could get a significant non-white vote .
    You only have to show them that non-whites will not fare well in a multi-cult Zionist ruled America .
    People like to live amongst their own kind . The golden rule is that we respect all races freedom to live amongst their own kind and for self government .
    Nobody like to be fooled and pro-whites should tell the non-whites straight up about how we ALL have been fooled .
    Example :
    Vote for the third party , we will work with you to strengthen your distinct racial communities .

  30. The BNP used to get some votes from Indians and blacks even when it advocated forced repatriation of all non-whites. Bizarre but true.

  31. I think it is important that pro-whites keep in mind that what they stand for is moral and good for ALL races.
    Non-whites are not the enemy , it is freedom destroying totalitarinism “humanism” that is the enemey.
    ALL races benefit from living in strong functional and free communities . All races prefer to live amongst their own racial or ethnic kin . It’s as simple as that .
    Pro-whites should keep in mind that most everyone will agree that we ALL are best living in distinct communities or nations .
    The dark forces will not allow freedom of association , but insted it enforces multi-racial totalitarianism and that is the rallying point for ALL races to band together in support of a pro-white party . It is a live and let live deal . It is something that non-whites can have only if whites have it too .
    It is about freedom and self determination for ALL .

  32. ( Pro-whites should keep in mind that most everyone will agree that we ALL are best living in distinct communities or nations .)
    Or …
    I might like to possibly adjust this to say that most everyone would , at the very least , agree that ALL races should have the freedom to choose to live in racially distinct communities or nations .

  33. ” The BNP used to get some votes from Indians and blacks even when it advocated forced repatriation of all non-whites. Bizarre but true.”
    Not surprising , I respect non-white nationalists myself , even when they say derogatory things about my race .
    Some Indians and blacks must have respected that there was actually a bunch of white people with the integrity to stand up for themselves and they probably trusted that much more than the deceitful status quo multi-cult sellouts .

  34. The bnp did not advocate forced repatriation but voluntary incentives to encourage people who were not British to leave Britain.

    Their definition of white is “indigenous Caucasoid,” meaning that they of course don’t want a bunch of Russians or Italians coming in.

  35. hey , every political movement has it’s radical fringe.
    In these crazy times I think that some radicalism is veyr necessary .

    Just because the pro white movement has extremists does not change the very legitimate interest of white survival.

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