Another sob story for a man with two countries

Have you noticed that we Americans are pretty much stuck with one country, while immigrants actually have two countries? This one, and their “spare” back home?

Native born Americans have definitely been treated worse and worse, with heavy immigration. There is definitely an attitude that we are easily replaceable. That’s life under what George Soros would call “an open society.”

Here in the “open society” we have the freedumb to sell our plasma to Cerberus Capital:

Cerberus Capital: Literally Blood-Sucking The Poor To Make Their Billions

The Plasma trade is illegal on most other countries. They call the US, the OPEC of the Plasma trade, the “Organization of Plasma Exporting Societies.”

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe reports a sob story about a Brazilian illlegal who needs a heart transplant. What, people don’t have hearts to donate in Brazil?

Marcello, get yourself to your “spare” country! Brazil has a population of 190 million! Air travel can get you there in less than a day! There’s 2500 Americans in line for a heart. Why should an illegal “jump the queue” a second time!

Immigration status creates complications for heart patient

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  1. Note that Cerberus Capital was founded and is run by “Stephen Feinberg” but that White Christian formerly political types such as John Snow and Dan Quayle have been hired for “executive” positions in the firm, i.e. as the public faces and figures for the firm.

    In short, guys like Snow and Quayle are part of the extended phenotype of Feinberg and his ilk.

    Note also that this one of the ways that the whole “WASPs run/control society” myth/meme still manages to get perpetuated and jammed down Americans’ throats. You keep guys like Snow and Quayle milling about and you can make such fantastic claims seem more credible and plausible.

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