Everything’s bigger in Texas. Especially the Israel Lobby.

Perry at the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce

The most famous Jew in Texas is possibly gubernatorial candidate Richard “Kinky” Friedman. He was born in Chicago but eventually moved south and became a student at the University of Texas. Later forming a band, Friedman would write a song making fun of Charles Whitman’s 1966 tower shooting spree. Friedman’s band was featured on the television show “Austin City Limits” but this episode was not aired due to its offensive nature. Friedman, noted for his western-style clothing and cigars, praised Jewish politician Joseph Lieberman, “…he‘s very—he‘s pro-America, unashamedly, and he‘s pro-Israel.” 1 2

But Friedman isn’t the only person in Texas to be a strong supporter of Israel. Governor Rick Perry told the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce that, “I want Texas to become the preferred location for Israeli companies doing business in the U.S. Like Texas, Israel has a long history of growing new technology companies through partnerships that include universities, government and private investors and entrepreneurs. Strengthening relationships between these two ‘Lone Star States’ will benefit our respective economies and increase understanding.” 3

Perhaps Rick Perry hasn’t heard about Israel’s organ harvesting? In 2000 Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who was head of the L. Greenberg Forensic Institute, gave an interview in which he admitted that the institute was harvesting bodyparts from the corpses of Palestinians and foreign workers without their permission. Israeli organ harvesting resurfaced in August 2009 when a Swedish newspaper published claims of Israeli harvesting of Palestinian organs. The Israelis claimed it was “a piece of blatant racism” and “medieval blood libel.” 4 5

Maybe Governor Perry feels that Texas needs a boost in its organ-harvesting sector of the economy? But surely Israeli companies have something else to offer Texas, right? Israelis also seem to be the cutting edge of the modern slave trade.

Israel has imported thousands of women from the former Soviet Union to work as prostitutes. These women are brought from Eastern Europe to Egypt and then smuggled across the border. They are sold at auctions for about $10,000. There is a three tier list maintained by the U.S. state department for nations engaged in human trafficking. Israel “… falls between Tier 2 and Tier 3. The US applies economic sanctions to those countries which fall into Tier 3, but as we have a strong economic relationship with the US, Israel was given a warning and placed in a slightly higher category,” said Lewkowicz, an advocate for foreign workers in Israel. 6 7

Regarding economic ties, the Texas Department of Agriculture maintains a “Texas-Israel Exchange Fund” which supports “agricultural research and development of mutual benefit to Texas and Israel.” The Department of Agriculture declares this necessary due to the “common interests” of Texas and Israel. The Texas Department of Agriculture defends its funding of Israeli science by saying that Texas and Israel have similar “geography…semiarid climactic conditions…” and a “rising demand for a limited supply of water.” Strangely, the department appears to have no such technological partnership with its southern neighbor, Mexico. 8

What’s next? Maybe when Jack Abramoff is out of prison he will be invited to Texas to help the state’s struggling “tax evasion and ponzi-scheme” industry.

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  1. The Lobby is strong here because Jew-DayO!-Christianity is strong here, and vice-versa. Every last one of our old social institutions in Houston (Masons, Rotary, Exchange, Boy Scouts, Chamber, Sons of the Confederacy, Scottish Chamber, you name it) has Jews and JDCs at the top.

  2. Radio Free Mississippi wouldn’t give a story like this any air time. This doesn’t save lives. Let’s focus on Holly Michael, Clara Creech, or Bryan Martin. Let’s bring it into discourse and DWELL on it.

    Because I don’t care who you are, you will find yourself in a Wal-mart parking lot one day.

  3. Umm… its just a ‘chamber of commerce’ , presumably meaning its just to link up Israeli businesses with Texas business. Is this really a legitimate example of Jewish misbehavior?

    This really isn’t on the same level as having Jews who goad our children to die for Israel and having our tax dollars spent on enraging and massacaring Arabs.

    I’m not so opposed to Jews that I would be against trading with them. I just don’t want them running my society.

  4. Donald,

    I never said that the Texas-Israeli Chamber of Commerce was a nefarious organization. (Even though, if you look at their board of directors, they have a member who represents the interests of Greenberg Traurig, the company Jack Abramoff assembled his “dream-team” of lobbyists from!)

    The funny thing about this information is that I found it purely by accident. I was looking at various state agriculture laws, especially possible grants and funding, and I came across the Texas-Israeli Exchange. Look at the Texas Department of Agriculture’s website. They don’t have any other similar exchange programs. They are providing funding to scientists from a nation that is engaged in human trafficking and organ harvesting, among other things. Then I typed “texas israeli” into google and it suggested “texas israeli chamber of commerce.” I didn’t even know Texas had one!

    Look at the double standard here. Iran has done nothing to the United States and we’ve got politicians clamoring for war against them because they’re a “rogue state.” Are they honestly any more “rogue” than the Israelis? I’d be willing to bet you anything that Texas governor Rick Perry wouldn’t be caught dead giving a speech to Iranian foreign interests.

  5. So did Insane Clown Posse.

    I don’t really know anything about them, their music or the Eminem controversy but I knew a kid when I was in the military who was a fan. He made me watch one of their movies called “Big Money Hustlas” and it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  6. Well this site is sure going downhill. This is the craziest Texas Conspiracy Theory I’ve ever read. Kinky Friedman (Jew on the radio) endorsing Lieberman (Jew in Congress) along with Rick Perry (Judeo-Xian governor) getting fat campaign contributions from the Israel-Texas (Judeo-Xian) Chamber of Commerce is somehow of significance? What, they are looking the other way at organized crime like sex slavery … and organ trafficking (for the times you don’t need a whole woman?) Then you bring up Jack Abramoff?

    Sounds like a mobster movie. Next you’ll be telling us the Jews run the banks and hollywood! This is just conspiracy nonsense. You just hate Jews. They are just like us.

  7. Friedman would write a song making fun of Charles Whitman’s 1966 tower shooting spree. … So did Insane Clown Posse.

    It’s almost religious, like ritual mocking of tragedy. One Jew said tragedy is when I cut my finger, comedy is when you break your leg.

  8. Oh, and I had almost forgotten about your “agricultural” conspiracy theory. Sex slavery, organ trafficking, and high-tech food production. I’m sure you conspiracy theorists will now throw in all sorts of nonsense about Monsanto, the effects of soybeans on fertility and hormones, and tie it all together with some “Jews run Hollywood” thing with the interracial and homosexual “mystic” symbolism on MTV. Who ever heard of a Jewish farmer anyway?

    You guys just ain’t that smart. It’s all religious conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo. Jews are just like us, it says so in the Bible in John 8:44.

  9. Do any of the Southerners on here have plan for reversing the hyper philo-Semitism and Israel-firstism among your compatriots?

    Don’t forget the Jewish organ trafficking network that was busted in NY/NJ last year as part of a political corruption and money laundering probe.

  10. Hey Rossy did ya know your jew kinsmen “Cable Rosenberg” runs the “Blacks on Blondes” site? Why is it that hundreds of your yentas dominate in interracial porn? You know, Bree Olsen, Whitney Stevens, etc….Yet your jewish kinsmen love to promote them as ordinary “white girls”. Or maybe its all just a “conspiracy theory”. Phft.

  11. Kinky Friedman on immigration (from wikipedia):

    “On illegal immigration, Kinky wants to increase the number of Texas National Guard troops on the border (from the current 1,500 to 10,000), impose $25,000 and $50,000 fines on companies that hire illegal immigrants and require foreign nationals seeking employment to purchase a foreign taxpayer ID card once they have passed a criminal background check. “Texas can no longer wait for our federal government to solve our illegal immigration problem,” Friedman said. “These are steps that Texas can immediately take to help stem the tide of illegal immigrants penetrating our border.”

    I’ll take him over any of the WASP open borders conservatives who have been elected in Texas.

    As for Israel’s internal issues with Palestinians, they’re none of our business. I don’t believe that anybody who reads this site honestly gives a crap about the Palestinians anyway – it’s just a club to bash the Jews with.

  12. Coldequation,

    Most politicians say they’re against illegal immigration. They don’t actually do anything about it. It’s all talk. I agree that the Israeli-Palestinian issue is none of our business, but then again so was Iraq and so is Iran. Yet the Israel Lobby is constantly pushing for more aggression in the Middle East. Their hypocrisy needs to be exposed.

  13. OK let’s consider the typical Judeo-Xian attitude towards Jews and Israel. For the non-religious set, “liberal” may as well be a code word for Jew, but they either just don’t know, or don’t want to know it (then they would be “racist”)

    For the Zionuts, it’s a little more complicated. They basically divide Jews into two groups, Tel Aviv (secular, liberal New York City lawyers, etc.) and Jerusalem (God’s chosen, rabbis, etc.) They oppose pretty much everything the Tel Aviv crowd stands for, forget them.

    If you are the superstitious type, Zionism is a powerful mythology because it connects the recent past and present with their oldest, most authoritative tradition, the Bible. You can watch TV news about events half way around the world and put it all in context. You have to change the mythology is some way, the Bible is necessary but not sufficient for modern Zionism. The Zionist preachers are getting paid, and I mean that literally, they get paychecks from various Jew run Zionist groups.

    These Christians believe that religious Jews follow the Old Testament, and all they have to do is accept Jesus and then they are a Christian. They don’t know about the Talmud, the “satanic” Kaballah, Jews spitting on churches, Talmud saying Mary was a whore, etc., etc. Publicizing that stuff may work somewhat.

    Of course, there is also the big elephant in the room no one is allowed to discuss because it’s a “conspiracy” – the Jews did 911, along with the “Masons” (WASPs in the CFR, Cheney, etc.) Since you have to pretend that Muslims with plastic knives took down three skyscrapers and hit the Pentagon, you have to pretend that Muslims did it, therefore Islam itself is the enemy. Without 911 – believe me – they would not be as fanatic.

    So when you are allowed to say the Jews did 911, and people start to realize it, support will go away quickly I would think.

    But see now I’m all talking crazy, Jews had nothing to do with 911 of course, it was the Muslims.

  14. Do any of the Southerners on here have plan for reversing the hyper philo-Semitism and Israel-firstism among your compatriots?

    Yes. Marrying them off to Zionist Jewesses.

  15. Ross,
    Stop being all passive-aggressive. If you think Jews Did WTC, then come out and say it and make your case. From my own research, it looks possible that Israeli intelligence may have known about and maybe even shadowed the terrorists, but that’s it. It was certainly in their interest for the attack to occur, but motive is insufficient for guilt.

    Your zinger about dudes with box cutters is insufficient. It’s amazing what a man can accomplish with sufficient effrontery. Watch the movie Borat or Catch Me If You Can if you don’t believe me. Those two tards who crashed the White House dinner are another example.

    But most importantly, it wouldn’t matter even if it were shown to be the case. Jews can get caught dressed up like Arabs and trying to kill Americans, attack our naval vessels, and ram boats carrying former congresspersons. When they do it, it’s not a big deal. Fox News analysts don’t get interested. Newspapers find more important stories to investigate. There’s not some sort of magic fact that’s going to topple their power structure.

  16. Sam D,

    Nearly all politicians claim to be against illegal immigration. Very few of them advocate specific, workable plans to prevent it like posting the National Guard at the border and heavily fining employers of illegals. Jewboy is better on this issue than the great majority of elected Republicans.

  17. But most importantly, it wouldn’t matter even if it were shown to be the case. Jews can get caught dressed up like Arabs and trying to kill Americans, attack our naval vessels, and ram boats carrying former congresspersons. When they do it, it’s not a big deal. Fox News analysts don’t get interested. Newspapers find more important stories to investigate. There’s not some sort of magic fact that’s going to topple their power structure.

    If there is such a “magic fact,” it might be, as elements of the honest Left and others correctly understand, that the aircraft, by whomever piloted, *did not* bring down the three WTC structures.

  18. Wiki, 911 was an inside job. There, I said it. Can I prove it in a court of law? Of course not. But I can’t prove the moon isn’t made out of green cheese either. I’m passive aggressive because I nearly got killed and everyone has been lying to my face ever since. Dude with bombs in his undershorts part of the Yemen group being directed by Israel, and now we have to have body scanners. You’re right, it hardly matters, they could come out and admit it and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    What’s the point? Have you ever read the 911 Commission report? And you think I make up conspiracies? Both directors of the 911 Commission have said that NORAD lied to them. The majority of New Yorkers think the government knew in advance and didn’t stop it, so I’m hardly alone here. I don’t know if they used bombs but if they did I know exactly when they put them in, the one and only time all electricity and cameras are off in both towers mere weeks before. And I *would* be able to prove that if my mail server – and the backups – hadn’t have been hacked and everything deleted shortly thereafter.

    Yes, I’m a little bitter and touchy and passive aggressive about it. The fucking kikes did 911 and nearly killed me. Let’s put it this way – the government hasn’t proven one damn thing about the official story.

    So let’s all just keep playing pretend and automatically assume the government is truthful, unless we can make some airtight case with evidence they purposefully destroyed. Notice YOU people don’t have to prove your case, just those of us who don’t buy the kike bs. You PROVE to me the silliness about the Muslims and all.

  19. Does anyone really think it was an accident they flew directly into Cantor Fitzgerald and killed all their employees? I mean really. Just a coincidence.

  20. Ross,

    I found the events surrounding 9/11 to be extremely suspicious but I don’t bother denying the official story. Our government’s response to that incident is just as damning as any proof of a conspiracy.

  21. So what I am saying is this. I assume the NSA/FBI/ADL etc is reading everything I type, I’m under no illusion that they don’t know who I am, and I assume surveillance. I am an eyewitness, I don’t have anything that anyone doesn’t already know , but if someone like Paul Craig Roberts needed any info I had I would be glad to help and can put him in contact with others. Anyone can easily prove my identity. It may or may not be useful.


    The guy’s father in this movie is like me except thankfully all of my friends were able to get out in time. I don’t know why more isn’t being done. Whatever really happened, we’re not being told the truth, that much is obvious. Are there ANY heroes left? Paul Craig Roberts and Catherine Austin Fitts are two former high ranking Republicans who have at least asked the right questions. wtmann@rocketmail.com I can provide my id, ssn, and employment record and other proof and introduce you to other people, I can show up in person in NYC.

    All you fancy talkers with your aristocratic class based societies are over my head, but I’m middle class and would follow a general if we had one.

    Kevin MacDonald talks about controlling historical memory and Kiev has talked about “conspiracy” and religious topics. I have been trying to fight this new “911 religion” for 10 years now, in my own mostly anonymous way. I’ve made posts and videos. Whatever ultimately happened on 911 we obviously aren’t being told the truth and it’s obvious they stage terrorist attacks – and propaganda like Hal Turner.

    So who has the balls? Anyone? If you are some writer for some blog making some money trying to be “respectable” and not getting into “conspiracy theories” because you’ll be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” you’re all a bunch of cowards, frankly.

    You are leaving the job to Alex Jones. Thanks a lot guys, that’s the best we can do, Alex Jones. I’d trust Jim Giles before Alex Jones.

    So where are you, you “elite”? You “vanguard”? You ain’t doing shit.

  22. Wiki, none of that was directed at HW, it was more directed at you, you “street level activist”

    I guess we can all talk about white vs. black hairdressers but I don’t think that’s a particularly important topic.

    If you can’t tell the truth about 911 than what good are you?

  23. I’m willing to go on record, anyone else? I’ll join a party, or sign a petition, or give testimony, or similar. I don’t know anything anyone else doesn’t already know but I’m ready to step forward for whatever LEGAL actions can be taken. The worst I can suffer is losing my job.

    I read these blogs because you all are smarter than me, we need leadership. Any credible leader who will talk about 911, the “war on terror” false flags, etc., who is not some conspiracy nut/Hollywood actor like Alex Jones, et al, I will do whatever I can to support.

  24. I am ____ fed up to here with the ____ Israel Lobby. ____ the Israel Lobby. ____ the ____ Jews. Go ____ yourselves you ____ Jews.

  25. Giles, like everything else he does, is shortsighted and can’t see the big picture. Negros are symptoms of a sickness. Jews, and to a significant extent Whites, those whites who are at this very moment raising money and sending tons of relief to Haiti while bringing back negro kids by the plane load, are the disease.

    If you feel so uncomfortable belling the jew, Giles, then expose the white traitors amongst us. Start with Alex Linder and work your way up. That might help you to see the forest for the trees.

  26. “Yes, Hunter. I demand that you stop being in this for the money and respect that goes with hosting an anti-semitic blog.”

    Don’t forget all the Sexy Girls who crave them some White Nationalist Action!

  27. “If you are the superstitious type, Zionism is a powerful mythology because it connects the recent past and present with their oldest, most authoritative tradition, the Bible. You can watch TV news about events half way around the world and put it all in context.”

    Well, a made-up bullshit context, at least.

    Yes, Pat Robertson, Israel will have a War with Iran and/or Russia that will lead to Armageddon. But please just start taking these pills and I’ll leave you to your Books on Eschatology.

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