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  1. “Care for a mud cookie?”

    Gee, for a propaganda piece intended to get Whites to feel guilty enough to send money, there’s an awful lot of well-developed-well-nourished-looking, obese, even, black people that accidently got filmed in that video.

    Geez, is there no quality control anywhere, anymore?

  2. It is fair to say that the same thing is in store for American Whites in the not so distant future. If you can get rid of Whites, you can get their money. Negro logic.

  3. I read William Pierce’s essay on early Haitian history, which I frankly found a lot less mean-spirited than many of the comments I’ve been reading on the earlier OD posting “Haiti Earthquake,” and at other WN sites. I am interested in learning more about the black massacres of whites…can anyone link to some good articles beyond the Pierce one?

    I, for one, certainly do feel bad about what is happening in Haiti, just like I feel bad when I see a stray, hungry or injured pet walking the streets. Compassion for living beings different from us is a trait very much associated with whites. What’s wrong with you guys? Not for the first time, several of you sound like a bunch of West Bank settlers.

    This is not to disagree with the view that demographics explain nearly everything about Haiti over the long term. Look no farther than here for explanation of disparities between Dominican Republic and Haiti, each sharing the same island, geography and climate: the Dominican Republic is 75% mixed, 15% white and 10% black; while Haiti is 95% black.

  4. Amazing what a difference some European blood and a small White Minority of 15% can make.

    Not that DR is a very good country to live in or anything, but compared to Haiti it’s basically paradise.

    Of course the alternative explanation is that the Haitians have it bad because God is punishing them for selling their souls to The Devil.

    We should give Robertson some credit, at least he’s trying to come up an explanation for what he sees with his eyes, and that makes him better than the self-blinding Liberals.

    It is better to see at all, and poorly, than to not see at all.

  5. The percentage of Dominicans who are white by American standards is close to zero. Most Dominicans would be considered black in the US, although they are actually mixed. A recent DNA study placed the purely European descended population of Puerto Rico at 2% of the total population. Dominicans are much darker and there are far fewer of them who look even vaguely white. What this shows is that even some white admixture can greatly improve a black population’s capacity for civilization. Even so, the DR is a third world country.

  6. Crypto-Aryan,
    The ADL should really pay us for doing their job for them. I believe Billy Roper won the grand prize for tastelessness with his SPLC-featured joke about starting a “Neuter for Nutrition” charity. Personnally, I’m supportive of the kind of help the international community is offering in the wake of this terrible episode.

    To Robertson’s credit, he wasn’t actually being rude. He was being a warped and confused old man. His nurses should really do something about televising him in that condition. It kind of reminds me of having Dick Clark doing the New Year’s show.

    One bright spot in all this is that Limbaugh tried to exploit the episode for cheap partisan points and Pat Buchanan called him out on it. I wouldn’t remind men like Limbaugh who get all high ‘n mighty about racism when it suits them (Harry Reid’s negro remark) but kick earthquake victims when they’re down to chew their food thoroughly.

  7. Why should we feel sympathy for people who descend from those who revolted against and massacred whites, who would probably do it again if the situation were the same and they had the opportunity, who are incredibly dysfunctional and criminal and show no sign of improvement?

    If you went to Haiti you would be in danger of being kidnapped, mugged, assaulted, raped and/or killed. A stray animal could never do any of this to you. I feel more sympathy towards a stray animal than I do for these people.

    Bureau of Consular Affairs:There are no “safe” areas in Haiti. There is a persistent danger of violent crime, which can be subject to periodic surges sometimes not obviously explained by other events or conditions. Haiti is among the four most important countries for drug transit to the United States. Law and order in Haiti has steadily deteriorated as a result. Kidnapping, death threats, murders, drug-related shootouts, armed robberies, home break-ins and car-jacking are common in Haiti.

  8. Even the Marxist historian CLR James documented the unbelievably savage atrocities committed against Whites by Negroes in the so-called Haitian revolution. According to James’ account in his book “The Black Jacobins,” Blacks would capture and gut White men so they would slowly bleed out and then rape and murder their wives and daughters on top of their dying bodies. It was animalistic butchery even by primitive Negro standards.

  9. I find it funny that the Dominicans, claim they are Puerto Ricans to gain illegal entry, or to stay in the United States once they have entered through some means. LOL.

  10. Mark,
    They rebelled against slavemasters hundreds of years ago. The majority of Haitians, the majority of humans, are generally harmless and sympathetic. I’m not asking you to rank Haitians one way or another. Such comparisons are silly. I’m not arguing about crime rates or whether they’re functional. I’m not advertising it as a vacation destination or even suggesting we should help.

    As a side note, we Great Apes are all inclined to inexcusably savage behavior. If your hypothetical “stray animal” were to be a chimpanzee, it might very well assault, rape, or kill you. We Whites are more intelligent and happen to be more domesticated at this point in time, but don’t delude yourself into thinking we’re less violent than Haitians. Under the right circumstances, in the right context, we’re capable of more violent and terrifying behavior than they are.

  11. Wiki,

    I’m beginning to worry about you. First a black hairdresser, and now defending Haiti. Don’t give in to the dark side.

  12. Mark,
    I’m an advocate for my people, White Americans. I’m not a “hater” in the conventional sense. If White Americans are my family, then Haitians are some rowdy and illiterate people who live on the other side of town. I don’t care for them and I don’t care about them. But I don’t see the need to stomp on their glasses when they fall down.

    I can be staunchly opposed to Haitian immigration to the US and fully aware of Haitian criminality without getting all nasty about Haitians acting like Haitians while they’re in Haiti. I hope every single Haitian has a fantastic life IN HAITI. Nations are great like that. People can do whatever the hell they want…in THEIR nation. Same goes for Jews, too.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I should declare that I grew up with an adopted Haitian refugee in my class. She was (and remains) very kind and soft-spoken. She never once kidnapped me, car-jacked me, or put a tire around my neck and set it on fire.

  13. Must say that the Haitians I’ve been around seemed far too dopey and earnest to be harmful. Never been to Little Haiti at night, but I reckon I wouldn’t be anymore afraid than I was in San Diego or Paris at the same hour. Haitiennes are usually very sweet.

  14. Wikitopian,

    The sad thing is that most of the massacred Whites in Haiti probably thought the same as yourself before they were betrayed by France and killed.

  15. Sam,
    The sad thing is that the sort of dehumanization going on here is what lulled the French into enslaving the Haitians in the first place AND what drove the Haitians to slaughter far more than just the plantation owners. They’re humans. They’re fully human. I want nothing to do with them. Am I contradicting myself?

  16. I’m watching those happy Roman Catholic Haitians’ singing, and, dancing in unison on the streets of Haiti. Clap your hands. Shake your butt….

  17. What Haiti would really need is a full-scale, long-term recolonization. I don’t suppose anyone of any political stripe has the stomach for that.

    Regarding Dominican Republic, those Dominicans, whatever their shade, seem to be a rather racially conscious bunch:

    Once again, racial consciousness grows directly proportional to the degree to which people are made to feel threatened and uncomfortable in and around their living space. Your “jew free White ethnostate” will be full of limp-wristed anti-racists within a generation or two.

  18. As far as I can tell, Whites are the only race that doesn’t regard Blacks as being akin to animals, and Whites are the only ones on the planet who put up with Blacks raping and general thuggery. I think another race is likely to wipe them out or bring back slavery if Whites ever go extinct or get completely marginalized. Whites haven’t always treated Blacks fairly, humanely, or decently, but Whites have still done more for Blacks than any other race by a mile. It’s happening again in Haiti right now.

  19. “. . .Whites are the only ones on the planet who put up with Blacks raping and general thuggery. . .”

    Then why was there ever segregation or lynching?

    Of the aid groups that go to Haiti et el- how many get government monies?

  20. http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/mundo/ult94u679672.shtml

    that’s the link for a video and article – in portuguese – of the Haitian Consul in Sao Paulo, Brazil, saying things that would make Wikitopian tremble

    He says that “every place that has Africans is fucked (fudida)”, “Africans are themselves cursed” and so on

    That was pure James Watson, the raw truth fully exposed. He has recanted by now, saying that he mis-represented himself due to difficulties with Portuguese language. Believe in what a Portuguese speaker says, that guy has no trouble at all with this language.

    As I said in other blog, refined and sophisticated people may be offended when someone writes that “voodoo caused the Earthquake”. But remembr that a society of believers in voodoo cannot be a society able to build reliable buildings. In this sense, Pat Robertson is absolutely correct

  21. These people who bark all these crude and hateful things never accomplish anything. They pride themselves on being more “hardcore” than people who are less crude and hateful than they are. When they do act, it’s typically in some blowback-inducing act of impotent rage. When they speak like that in public, they strike decent people as sinister and pathetic, because they are.

    You can pretend that I’m some kind of trembling coward because I’m not as bigoted as thou. I’m not. White Advocate is as White Advocate does, and I’m working very hard for my people. My failure to spew bile all over a country that was just devastated by a severe natural disaster isn’t due to a lack of courage and it implies nothing about my commitment to our cause.

  22. It should be noted, I don’t want to harm the Haitians. I just don’t want to bring them into our nations, and/or give them high amounts of foreign aid when we are in a massive debt ourselves.

  23. Yes. They killed innocent White children…hundreds of years ago.

    I can’t wait to see that heart-wrenching drama put to film with top-notch actors. Unfortunately I think I’ll be waiting a very long time…

  24. I’m afraid you’re right, Mark.

    According to (Jew) Dave Zirin, (Jew) Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” is being put into televised form with an all-star Hollywood cast. It’s going to show how American Indians, African-Americans, and other groups bravely resisted the horrible encroachment of White civilization. “It’s must-see-TV” says Zirin.

    The cast:

  25. 31Yosemite

    100,000 less white-killing Negroes. Cry me a river.

    Good one, that got my funny bone. Leonard Pitts eat your heart out. In Haiti they actually would, Voodoo and all.

  26. White people died too. Like this beautiful young girl, who gave all at 22, doing what she wanted to do:

    I know many of you wish whites, when it comes to caring about non-whites, would behave more like Orthodox Jews at Purim. But this sort of altruistic behavior is something that comes very naturally to many whites. And to many non-orthodox Jews, as well. Much less so to other races.

  27. Molly did the right thing, she should be a model for all do-gooder liberals, move to the third world and don’t burden the rest of us with your pathological egalitarianism by importing them to our countries.

    My condolences to her family, but frankly I don’t see why they are so proud that their daughter perished at the age of 22, in her prime, in some third world cesspool, helping people that will continue to live in abject poverty. She could have had a beautiful white family and children to carry on her heritage.

  28. 15 Jan 2010 at 6:24 pm20Wikitopian
    ” They’re ( the Haitians ) humans. They’re fully human. ”

    Nope, they’re not fully humans.
    ASPM and MCPH1 are absent in negroes.
    Then read: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091221212732.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+sciencedaily+(ScienceDaily:+Latest+Science+News)&utm_content=Google+Reader
    Google: ASPM
    Google MCPH1

    39 weeks gestation period for negroes. http://ije.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/33/1/107

  29. Right. The thing is, going down to Haiti for a year before graduate school to work in an orphanage seems more rewarding than hanging out with one’s spoiled white friends in Portland Oregon, doing whatever crass, stupid things 22 year old white college graduates do today in America, while getting ready to go back to school to join “the professional class.” It is hard to find a good outlet for one’s idealism here among fat spoiled whites shopping in their insipid malls and dancing in their insipid clubs. This whole nation — white and non-white — is full of vanity, indolence and body fat. Thank God for this recession, wish it was worse!

    I recall Revilo Oliver, in his NYA promotional film “After 50 Years,” made the same point, that he could understand why college students of the late sixties weren’t eager to embrace the empty materialism, careerism and hedonism embraced by their parent’s generation. I believed he mentioned “martini lunches and wife-swapping.”

    Also, I noticed a few nasty comments at this girl Molly’s website, including one about niggers needing to die. I really hope it wasn’t some WN jerk who first heard about her here in my comment last night. I don’t think the regulars here would have sunk that low.

  30. I’m interested in holocaust diaspora demographics because I think we’ve been lied to about how many Jews actually entered the USA
    before, during, and after WWII. Undocumented Mexicans pouring in today while the gov’t looks the other way is just like falsely documented East European Jews slipping into the country with the aid The Joint Distribution Committee and hardcore dispensationalist Christian Zionist churches like The Christadelphians back in the day.

    One entry point for these refugees was The Dominican Republic. Notice that Productos Sosua still provides the country with most of it’s meat and dairy products. Do you think the Jews that started it handed it over to the Dominicans as they moved on to NYC? Also, wasn’t the Dominican Republic, like pre-Castro Cuba, colonized by Kosher Nostra crime boss Meyer Lansky?

    The Dominican Republic’s Haven
    for Jewish Refugees
    By Lauren Levy
    In 1938, when no other nation would welcome Jewish refugees, Rafael Trujillo, the Dominican Republic strongman, offered to take in 100,000. Between 1940 and 1945, 5,000 Dominican visas were issued, but only 645 Jews actually made their way to the Dominican Republic. The refugees settled in the tiny seacoast town of Sosua, then just jungle land, that Trujillo had established with funding provided by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

    Upon arrival, every new Jewish settler was given 80 acres of land, 10 cows, a mule and a horse. Although most of the settlers were German or Austrian Jews and had professional or craftsmen’s backgrounds, they quickly picked up the agricultural life offered by Sosua and established a successful Jewish cooperative—Productos Sosua—that today produces most of the county’s meat and dairy produce.

    Trujillo’s generosity probably stemmed mainly from his eagerness to have the Western nations overlook his brutal massacre of 25,000 Haitians in 1937, and his desire to “whiten” his race. He believed that the young European men would marry Dominican women and produce light-skinned offspring. He was correct in this in that most settlers were single young men who did marry Dominican women. The children usually considered themselves Jewish and many stayed in Sosua.

    Today, only about 30 of the original Jewish families remain in Sosua. By the 1940’s, most of the nearly 700 inhabitants had moved to either New York or Miami. Although no longer in the Dominican Republic, the Sosua Jews have maintained a tight-knit community. Until 1980, the town was still entirely Jewish; however, with the opening of the international Puerto Plata airport four miles west of Sosua, the village has turned into a major beach resort.

    Today the town has 3,000 full-time residents, with about 70 Jews. Those who did remain in Sosua and held onto their land, have made a fortune. Erik Hauser, an original settler from Vienna, now owns an entire block of the lucrative downtown area, where hotels and restaurants were built on his original 80 acres. He is Sosua’s wealthiest resident.

    Sosua has one functioning synagogue that holds services every other Shabbat and on the High Holidays. Passover Seders are held in community members homes and an annual Purim carnival is a major community event. The small Jewish community also has a museum dedicated to preserving the history and story of the town’s original Jewish settlers.

  31. Remember,

    those whites killed by blacks, brought them there to do “jobs Americans wont do” in a sense.

    Sound familiar?

    Blacks back to Africa, and no more injustice to either race.

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