TV makes dumb people a little smarter, but smart people a lot dumber

Reading the Lefty press is very entertaining because it’s writers are well paid, and have the luxury to explicate very silly, wrongheaded ideas that make great fodder for White Advocacy discussion.

The rise of television and it’s manufacture of so-called “youth culture” is what gave us the massively dumbed down, frightening situation we are in now.

When “youth” are their own culture, they get cut off from the prior generation.  This was an amazing and diabolical waging of culture war by the Jewish media.

Look at the popular magazines of the 40’s and 50’s, all about technology and science.  Of course they were very naive people, but they had a culture of practical learning.

That culture of learning was vastly diminished, owing to the creation of TV and the anarchy known as “youth culture.”   Maybe that was a necessary moment of our history.  We needed to learn to appreciate the “culture of learning,” by losing it for a generation or two.

I think that the larger group of Jews have inertia of the “culture of learning weapon” working for them.  But at the same time, it’s kind of run it’s course. A lot of them lost the enthusiasm for it. They are having a lot of fun with their mass media/culture production industry, and sheltering themselves from the wider world.

The harsh conditions of globalism will force us to create a new culture of White learning.  A culture of learning is exactly what will help us undo Jewish rule.  It will be like an unraveling, rather than fighting.  There’s more of us than them.

Economic globalism took years to unravel our national economy, but the process is about complete. No more do we get to be “company men,” or “union men.”  Now we get to be farmers and second hand traders and foragers.  A culture of learning will arise among this quite naturally.

Anyway, back to the lefty television article:


But it’s fair to say that some comedies, dramas and soaps can bust prejudices better than any type of earnest educational campaign, they can raise awareness and create discussion about hard-hitting social issues better than most other attempts, and they even actually improve people’s lives here and in developing countries. Why? Because they’re entertaining. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine popular.

1. Prejudice-busting

I remember one elementary school teacher who frequently showed us educational videos with Strong Social Messages (that appeared in bold type on the screen, in case we’d missed them) about how all people are equal, and racism is bad. I’ve always been very interested in social justice, but I remember writing notes to my friend Kim during each of those. But I caught almost every episode ofThe Cosby Showand loved it

You see what “youth culture” has become. The culture of TV. The culture of dumb. It cultivates the insectile mind, in a bad way. Remote control of the insectiles, to their death.

TV created “youth culture,” or a new culture of White learning? One must displace the other, they cannot co-exist. Take your pick.


  1. Television is the very worst thing to happen to the minds of the white masses in America. You hardly need to go back to Walden Pond or the Enlightenment or the Christian conquest of Europe to understand our current plight, just go back to FDR using the radio to get elected, leading directly to WWII. At the talk about the 60’s Revolution but hardly any discussion about how TV – now in everyone’s homes – gave favorable PR to anything anti-white. Radio/cinema/TV (and their control by a hostile elite) was the real game changer, no egalitarian Quaker could have changed white racial opinions and morals in a generation or two.

  2. TV is a disgusting waste of time and it has become nothing more than a 24/7 anti-White propaganda machine for the international Ashkenazi/Jewish plutocracy.

    Turn off your TV y’all and do more constructive things with your time.

  3. Beter yet, sabotage the televisions in your home…sabotage the televisions in your family’s homes…sabotage them at your work, in the airport….and subject those who watch television to as much withering ridicule as you can muster….

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