Political Theater of the Absurd; Pol Pot meets Lenny Kravitz meets J. Edgar Hoover in the un R.E.A.L

I don’t think Jared Taylor is too concerned.

Politicaly and social dynamics state that when something is redlined and highlighted and put in neon signs:

“Bad!  Bad!  Heretic!  Witch!  Nazi!”

It becomes much more interesting — even fascinating.  I can’t help but wonder if the R.E.A.L thing is some kind of stunt to promote race realism, and Amren specifically.  It’s exactly the sort of trick I would think up if I was a Psy-Ops spook.

Is it something like this?

Repeal the First Amendment

I did a version of this in Boston in 2002, standing outside an Anti-Defamation League rally at the Holocaust memorial, handing out flyers saying, “Help the ADL repeal the First Amendment.  As former ADL New England head Leonard Zakim said, ‘we don’t believe free speech applies to racists, fascists or neo-Nazis.'”  I got mostly negative reactions, and I did it right in front of an ADL employee who was standing outside the rally watching the crowd.  A Boston policeman jumped in between us and pushed me away when I tried to hand the ADL guy a flyer, but the ADL’er accepted the flyer (probably took my prints too).  He did say,  “we believe in your right to free speech.”  I wonder if they’d still say that.

So this R.E.A.L thing looks like a weird kind of Psy-Ops thing. It kind of came out of nowhere, didn’t it?  The way Imm is doing this operation seems to have possibly opposite intentions than stated intentions, and by the way, I don’t care if I’m “blowing somebody’s cover” by voicing my suspicions.  We should always be suspicious and never take something at face value, either way.  R.E.A.L. just strikes me as cartoonish and caricatured, the way it’s going about it.  It’s like they are saying:

Omigod, don’t look at this, it’s so evil and horrible, this is the worst thing in the world! And then tie it with a nice red ribbon and a 1960’s sounding slogan, “Love Wins.”  Well ain’t that special! I’m almost suffocating with laughter as I write this post.  You couldn’t do the cause of race realism and White advocacy a bigger favor than what R.E.A.L. is doing.

White advocacy has momentum, and any attempts to stop it (short of extermination or mass political imprisonment) will only increase the momentum.

Hopefully the confrontations in front of the establishment that does host Amren will be televised from multiple angles.  Let America meet people in person who want to take away free speech.  I’m sure Imm’s followers are sincere, whether Imm is or not.


  1. I think Mr. Imm is making a decent living with this shtick and massaging his big lovable ego at the same time. We have definitely entered the Post-Race Isn’t Real era. Race is real and white Americans are sick of having to pretend otherwise. Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct, and all the prayers and profound words these anti-white political agents conjure up can’t change that.

    Mr. Imm, your team spent the last 75 years and untold billions supposedly trying to build a multi-racial nirvana in the West. But its clear the real objective was simply wiping the white race from the planet. I don’t care what words you use Mr. Imm. We’re looking at what you are doing. Its genocide.

    The party is over. You’re not anti-racist, you’re anti-white.

    The truth is going to defeat you Mr. Imm, and that’s why you and your cohorts are working overtime to stop white people from regaining their voice.

    White people talking.

    Scary thought, huh Mr. Imm?

  2. Another possibility is he wants to provoke people into stalking or threatening him, ala Bill White.

    I probably don’t even need to say this, but I’ll say it anyway:

    Don’t take the bait. Stay legal, stay civil, and laugh at him. Because

    1. We are the good guys

    2. We are winning.

    3. Imm is nothing but a but a would-be rodeo clown. We however, are White men and not bull cattle-goyim. Let him wave his red banner all he wishes, until his arms get tired.

  3. It’s 1975, and a young Jeffrey Imm is passing the joint to the pretty Jewish girl and trying desperately to get in her pants.

    “It’s like this babe, love always wins. One day we’ll have peace all around the world, Russians and Americans and ban nukes. Finally, REAL equality! It’s in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Human rights baby, for the whole world. One world. LOVE WINS.”

    It was the best night of his life.

  4. I was thinking that he’s being forced to behave this way. That is, somebody is blackmailing him. His behavior is so illogical, bizarre, and exaggerated.

  5. Imm’s monologuing may appear less stilted and glassy-eyed if he were to say something like this:

    ‘What I stand for is freedom, equality, free market capitalism, the Constitution, in short, the American way. I consider the research I do, and those I inform of it, in this case the hotels that host the conferences of these extremists, to be a public service. What the hotels do with that information is up to them. None of this is not in keeping with the general principles I enumerated earlier. I am exercising my right to free speech, and the hotels, if they decide to act on the information I provide them with in a manner I hope all decent business owners and responsible citizens would, are fully within their rights to deny the use of their property to customers who would use it as a platform to espouse ideas they find abhorrent. Let the market place of ideas decide.’

    Imm, you dipstick, just what did you do at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence? Let me guess, shuffle papers.

  6. Wow, he looks like an MK Ultra case!

    The Imm-bot says, “PLEASE PRESS 1 FOR ENG . . . ER . . . THESE . . . PEOPLE . . . ARE . . . AGAINST . . . FREEDOM” Beep!

    I . . . AM . . . NOT . . . REAL. Beep!

    If you meet Imm and his group on the street you should all start walking and talking like robots, spouting platitudes about freedom and equality.

  7. Am I the only one that found it extremely amusing that Captainchaos did a better job at Imm’s job than, well, Imm did? If anything, the ADL should fire Imm and hire Captainchaos, at least they would be getting their money’s worth.

  8. The Reply Sent to Jared Taylor –
    Mr. Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance organization –
    Thank you for taking the time to write to me. R.E.A.L. and our supporters have frequent public events. For example, yesterday I was busy with a Chinese freedom group opposing Communist totalitarian hate. Our organization focuses on numerous threats to our universal human rights, including our promotion of racial harmony and our defiance of racial supremacism. But I wanted to take time to reply to you today.

    I believe that you confuse the idea that your freedom of speech to promote “white nationalism,” does not give me the freedom of speech to tell others, including hotels and commercial organizations, what your ideology represents and share what your own website says with others. Our freedoms are not mutually exclusive, however inconvenient that may be for your efforts at planning secret conferences.

    You believe that human diversity as a strength should be mocked; this is a point that you made in your VDARE announcement of your planned American Renaissance conference. American Renaissance has a history of articles that belittle the innate intelligence and human dignity of black Americans. These are choices that you and your supporters at American Renaissance have made. These are positions that you publicly espouse and promote. Our rights and our positions also come with consequences. The reason that your events were canceled at the Dulles Marriott and the Washington Dulles Westin have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you and your American Renaissance’s publicly stated positions. They weren’t assessing what I told them, they were assessing what you and your supporters have told the world. They found your views so hateful that they could not accept your money.

    You want to have it both ways. You want to say that you are seeking to promote your ideas with the public, just until companies where you seek to host events find out about the same ideas that you claim you want to promote. In fact, if AmRen had been successful, the hotels you booked conferences at would already know your positions. The truth is you don’t want them to know. The fact is that it is only by concealing the racial supremacist hate that is represented at your conferences that you even have a chance of holding them.

    Even now, you are afraid to state where you will move the AmRen 2010 event to. This is because the truth is you really don’t have the courage of your convictions. You claim to seek a public debate even while you doggedly seek to keep your planned location of the AmRen 2010 event a secret. What are you afraid of?

    As for Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.), we stand by the courage of our convictions. We have public events and we announce the location to the world. We don’t hide in secret conference rooms, or sulk around with pseudonyms or as you say on your website “nom de guerre.” We don’t fight a war of ideas in the shadows, but in struggle for universal human rights in broad daylight with our own names and in the public.

    That is what it means to be responsible for equality and liberty.

    Therefore, we have public events, where we announce our location and provide directions. We fear no evil. That too is what it means to be responsible for equality and liberty. In fact, while we have attended and held events at the Press Club, our preference is to have direct contact with the American public. This is why the overwhelming majority of our events have been on the public streets, in Georgetown, at the Lincoln Memorial, at the Capitol, at the Washington Monument, and in street corners and sidewalks around the United States and in Europe.

    One of those public events will be held on the street at 1355 Kenyon Street, NW, Washington DC on February 19 at 12 noon, at a park area on the corner of 14th Street NW, Park Avenue NW, and Kenyon Street NW. It is a few blocks away from the Capitol Heights metro stop. I have provided you with our public notice on this to the world below. R.E.A.L. will be addressing the challenge of racial supremacism and why we must choose love, not hate. We will also be urging the public to protest your American Renaissance conference. The public is invited to participate in all of our public events.

    So if you have something that you want to say to the American public, you are welcome to meet me on February 19 at 12 noon at the R.E.A.L. public awareness event below.

    In addition, you can be certain we will also have an event on April 4, 2010 (like we did last year) which will likely be at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Steps where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, gave his speech “I Have A Dream.”

    While Dr. King had a dream, R.E.A.L. understands that we have a responsibility. That is why we are – Responsible for Equality And Liberty.

    Choose Love, Not Hate. Love Wins.

    Yours in Equality and Liberty,

    Jeffrey Imm

  9. Imm is a jagoff whose pusillanimity knows no bounds. The world will not be made fit for ‘G-d’ to enter it if Imm has anything to say about it, owed wholly to his fumbling, and not for any lack of the most desperate sort of effort.

    Imm, you jagoff. The Jews are in desperate straights if you are the best of the shabbos goyim they can find.

    P.S. Tell Robert Spencer I said he is a piece of shit. Love and kisses.

  10. “Captainchaos” condemns a group willing to meet in the open public using our real names for “pusillanimity” (cowardliness), while he defends a group seeking to meet in secret that use pseudonyms. Just like “Captainchaos.”

    To those of you who thought R.E.A.L. was afraid of meeting Jared Taylor, I notice that you have nothing more to say on the subject. We are still waiting to hear from Jared Taylor.

    We have the courage of our convictions in support of our universal human rights. We urge our fellow human beings to respect the human dignity of others, and reject the racial supremacism and derogatory remarks belittling the intelligence, character, and innate abilities of Black Americans that are found on American Renaissance and other web sites.

    Choose Love, Note Hate. Love Wins.

  11. We have the courage of our convictions in support of our universal human rights.

    Sounds like not a lot of courage is involved, since talk of metaphysical “rights” is just so much hot air that threatens no interest capable of responding otherwise.

    We urge our fellow human beings to respect the human dignity of others,…

    No, you urge them to delusionally project a uniform dignification upon others, where others’ entitlement to such regard is highly variable and non-existent in some cases.

    …and reject the racial supremacism and derogatory remarks belittling the intelligence, character, and innate abilities of Black Americans that are found on American Renaissance and other web sites.

    Despite the truth value of such remarks, of course – for the sake of forwarding a delusional and ultimately degrading ideological agenda.

  12. Cap’n, you must admit that the prospects don’t appear too bright at the moment if excrement like Jeff Imm can feel free to perpetuate their ridiculous lies and obfuscation “in public” without fear for their safety.

    Now, that you’re an a-grade asshole, Cap, I think is well established. But I’d fight you not for that, but for the right to snap-kick this creep Imm’s nose through the back of his skull.

    Imm, it doesn’t say much for the intelligence level of loopy “anti-racists” if you think describing the promotion of establishment positions “in the open public” as requiring anything in the way of courage will impress your minions. Even sillier is the idea that any time a group of people wants to discuss anything — eg a conference — they need to do it in front of the whole world else be condemned. Look bud, if you’re struggling for anti-racist rhetoric I could dream up ten better lines of attack for you in ten seconds — I only share minimal common ground with the cast of villians here — but if you insist on inanity, well, don’t let me stop you.

  13. Dear Mr. Imm,

    No doubt the brotehrhood and sisterhood of human rights in South africa would welcome you… those who gave up their secret conferences of justified supremeacims, and have joined the liberal brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity that celebrates among others the following human rights:

    * cutting of children’s vagina’s and penisses, while they are still alive, for brotherhood human rights muti purposes

    * inflicting torture upon children so that they scream with pain and horror, prior to killing htem from bloodloss, for more brotherhood human rights muti purposes;

    * killing animals slowly and painfully, with their bare hands, by ripping off thier penises, to prove thier manhood; its culture dude!!

    * electing a man who has so far married five women, rape his one friends daughter, and bred a bastard child with another (while married to 3 others); and so far has 20 children, that the voters are aware of, who instructs the world that a shower can cure you of AIDS;

    * raping of babies and grannies.. according to your black brotehrhood brethren, gang raping of babies and grannies is great fun;

    * raping of white grannies, according to them, also is great fun, and then the use of broken bottles shoved up into their vagina’s and then to take the blood and smear it on the walls, saying ‘kill the farmer, kill the boer’ this is all part and parcel of your brotherhood’s Rainbow nation of brotherhood and liberal love…

    Their brotehrhood of human rights also practices that special brotehrhood right where it is not allowed to offend anyone who is black or coloured, becuase we all know they are inferior and incapable of the emotional capability of handling an offensive remark, so we demand that everyone treat them like kid gloves and never point out their negative traits, because they have no negative cultural traights, or in fact anything negative about them…

    Personally, i consider aforementioned behaviour of your fellow brothers and sisters standing up for their rights to be savages, to be well – savage. No doubt I am confused for considering myself to be superior to such savage behaviour, because I wouldn’t rape a granny, if you stuck a gun to my head.. but nonetheless.. that is my belief, stupid me, for being so supremacist, that I can not lower myself to join you and your brotherhood of gang rapists.. and if you think that belief makes me a racist, and supremacist, so be it.

    But I do not practice baby and granny rape, and call it love! So THANKS, BUT NO THANKS to joining your gang raping brotherhood…

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