That which was hidden, is being revealed; as Bernays’ Belief Machine is breaking down; Whitenet is becoming self-aware

A Conspiracy Theory is just something that contradict the Bernaysian Belief Machine, the Propasphere. For decades, conspiracy theorists have been marginalized. The Machine was Too Powerful.

Now, ordinary people, Whites in particular, are breaking through. Jesse Ventura has a popular television show called “Conspiracy Theory.”

Because conspiracy theorists often feel isolated from and demeaned by the rest of us, they search out communities of fellow believers. Scholars believe that American conspiracy theorists tend to be predominantly white and male (no wonder Ventura’s show has done well) and rather well-educated, albeit narrowly so.

“As conspiracy theories get more complex, and particularly for people who are more actively engaged in it, it is an intellectual enterprise which requires a good amount of reading and concentration skills,” says Mark Fenster, a law professor at the University of Florida and the author of Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture. “You see a lot of people who have received high levels of institutional education. For this reason, conspiracy theorists may well be of somewhat higher than average income level and wealth.”

And Bloomberg has an article with the title Secret Banking Cabal Emerges from AIG Shadows

Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) — The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter. After this week’s congressional hearing into the bailout of American International Group Inc., you have to wonder if those folks are crazy after all.

Wednesday’s hearing described a secretive group deploying billions of dollars to favored banks, operating with little oversight by the public or elected officials.

We’re talking about the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, whose role as the most influential part of the federal-reserve system — apart from the matter of AIG’s bailout — deserves further congressional scrutiny.

The New York Fed is in the hot seat for its decision in November 2008 to buy out, for about $30 billion, insurance contracts AIG sold on toxic debt securities to banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co., Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG, among others. That decision, critics say, amounted to a back-door bailout for the banks, which received 100 cents on the dollar for contracts that would have been worth far less had AIG been allowed to fail.

Like antibiotics, Bernaysian propaganda does not affect every specimen of a colony. Every cycle of antibiotics leaves a few surviving specimens of the pathogen. However, these survivors usually don’t have enough of a critical mass to re-infect the patient.

Bernaysian propaganda has followed a similar trajectory as penicillin. Highly effective at first, and then diminishing returns, and with each cycle, there are more surviving specimens left over. Ideas that were formerly “beyond the pale,” such as Malthusianism, eugenics, racial reality, and frank discussion of the Jewish Question is going mainstream.

We have been on this trajectory before, such as in the 70’s; however, an economic BOOM saved them. They know quite well that they must BOOM at all costs, or we will inevitably make our come back.

Whitenet won’t be “hate groups” or even anything like Nazis. It will just be what we do in order to survive. It is emerging organically, by necessity of circumstances. However, common sense will be implemented — eugenics, Malthusianism. It will be the end of liberals, that’s for sure.

What’s very funny to watch is that those who most loudly proclaim to be opposed to the the Emerging Self Awareness of Whitenet are doing exactly the right things to accelerate it. And this has been true for decades. Only a frenetically expanding economy has suppressed this Emergence.

One big thing that’s going to happen is the Great Betrayal of the Pensioners. This is coming very soon, and will be the biggest news story of the 3rd Millenium to date. America’s retirees are going to lose their spending power, and it’s going to be ugly. Some who have fortunes will bequeath these fortunes to the next generation of Whitenet’s Mind Warriors.

Whitenet will not be like the Russian Nazis. There will likely be gangwar of all races, and one of those sides will be White, but the gangwars aren’t where the important action will be. The important action will not be televised.

White American workingmen still have a pretty good sense of the Anglo-honesty and cooperation. I’m talking about the service technicians and delivery guys and plumbers and carpenters, and the computer programmers and IT geeks. Honesty is built into our culture, and it will turn out to be a great strength. We will self-organize quite handily.

The most important goal of the US government is to prevent anything like Whitenet from influencing public officials. Public officials and the creation and daily enforcement of public policy must come from the Agenda Setters. But when they can’t pay the pensioners who “put in their time,” their legitimacy is toast. It was all about the money anyway. Everyone knows that.

It is Whitenet that will keep the power on and the food at the market, if it’s anyone, when the Government can no longer dole out the goodies to a dependent-loyalist population, and especially it’s two-legged German shepherds. Whitenet will pay the police. Whitenet will make the zoning decisions. Whitenet will dole out what there is to dole out. None of it will be televised.

Only brute force will be able to hamper this self organized emergence. Israelis with machine guns, going commissaring around the US. I don’t think they have the balls. I read Ostrovsky’s books. If Israelis had the balls to occupy a country and fight guerillas, they would have done it in the Middle East. The Jewish Communists in the early Soviet Union did have the balls, but they came from circumstances that gave them the murderous chutzpah to carry out the Kholodomor and the Red Terror. Living in Russia in the 19th and 20th century made people tough, and the Jews had a thermonuclear hate for the Slavs.

Life in Globalized, Judaized America is giving us the same sort of thermonuclear hate. It cannot happen otherwise. Those are the conditions, and unless they pull an economic rabbit out of the Jewish beanie one more time, things will proceed inexorably on the current trajectory.

Whitenet is going online. Even if you kill the Internet, it’s too late. The critical mass is reached.


  1. This reminds me of the old “Cholly Bilderberger” columns in Instauration. They really should be complied into a book.

  2. ‘Only brute force will be able to hamper this self organized emergence. Israelis with machine guns, going commissaring around the US.’

    You might as well link to the definitive 1982 treatment of commissars:

    On a more serious note, I think Blackwater/Xe and Triple Canopy might be the more practical boots-on-the-ground commissars. The individuals who staff those organizations are smart enough to do basic administrative task – logistics, balance sheets, scheduling. Israelis would not be required – WASPs who believe in some bizarre cultish ideology would serve as commissars.

  3. Great article, very grounded in reality. We’re living in interesting times, maybe the best of times as we truly have a chance to forge the future for our children. They have been saddled with an unrepayable debt the terms of which must be revised anfd corrected.

  4. ” One big thing that’s going to happen is the Great Betrayal of the Pensioners. This is coming very soon, and will be the biggest news story of the 3rd Millenium to date. ”


    I am eating this up! Let the Bolshevik Baby Boomers eat from the bitter harvest they have sown! One of my biggest fears has been that the Bolshevik Boomers will manage to escape from the Third-World-ization that they imposed on younger generations! NO! They shall live to see their mistakes in the broad day-light!

    ” Even if you kill the Internet, it’s too late. The critical mass is reached. ”

    Buy up some Jared Taylor books while one can, distribute them to ‘persuadables’ as part of ones White Nationalists duties.

  5. genXboi77, it’s nonsense to blame boomers for what Jews did. The Jews opened the borders, not our grandparents.

    Kievsky, you should write this way more often, fascinating.

  6. Earth to Kievsky. Have you been to a football or a basketball game lately? Do you really think Whitenet is replacing rap music or the World Series? Come on! That was an inspired essay, but you know you can only rant about Bernays and shit with us because your family and all of your friends believe Magic Johnson can cure cancer. If/when our plantation regulators admit to looting Social Security everyone will just scratch that much harder to buy tickets to the game. Whitenet critical mass has not been reached. Police! Put the X Box down and step away from the console.

  7. My family and friends don’t watch TV or follow sports. My kid plays a few computer games on the Internet after she does her algebra, physics and foreign language lessons.

    There’s enough of that as the conditions come in our favor, we’ll be able to replicate.

    It’s like MRSA sitting innocuously on the skin. The MRSA has been evolved from less virulent strains of Staph. Aureus. It’s just waiting for a wound to get into the bloodstream.

    We are MRSA.

  8. I wanted to add why we are analogous to MRSA. Staph Aureus is a pretty innocuous bacillus. It’s been living on our skin since the beginning of time.

    However, when a person takes penicillin or another antibiotic, or uses antibiotic soap, it “muscles up” the Staph bacteria living on the skin. It forces them to develop stronger pumps to pump the antibiotic toxins out of their cell.

    Multiculturalism has been a steady and unnecessary attack on us, like germicidal soap is on the Staph living on the skin. The microbiologist at the link below says that even germicidal soap can contribute to evolution of supergerms,and it’s not even any more effective than regular soap.

    The big question is, are we as a people adapting and strengthening in opposition to that which bleeds us out, or not?

    I think we are adapting. We are biological beings after all. We react to our environment. We evolve. And we are writing the blueprint of our emerging evolution on this blog, among other places. What will evolve out of these times will be a new religion that is designed with our version of Mind-War.

    We are in a sort of transition moment where the old religions are dead to us, but nothing new has been established. These hardships are because we have lost our way, and we are being led by the nose by enemy alien religionists. From these hardships we will come up with a White religion.

    The Mind-War is being waged at us from organized monotheistic religions. Synagogues, churches, mosques are the military bases of mind-war.

    We have to pay attention to religion, even if just to talk about it and criticize the existing ones that are waging Mind-War on us. We need to talk about the religious strategies of the invasives — taqiyah jihad chutzpah crypsis asabiyah.

    I think the new religion will appear when economies are relocalized again, and we all have to get to know our neighbors again, or go find White neighbors. Economic contraction and population displacements are going to make people ripe for a new religion.

    I think 2010 is going to be a pretty intersting (sic) year.

  9. We are also assembling a set of plasmids from hostile (Putnam) and friendly (MacDonald) strains and species that can be transmitted horizontally to our racial brethren. It’s a good analogy.

  10. @Dasein post 13

    You watched the video with the microbiologist babe! I like brainy women. Good breeding stock.

    Yes, I didn’t go into the details about how plasmids are transmitted to us. I like your angle that it’s from K Mac and Putnam.

    My view of the plasmids is that we are getting them from the Muslims. Doctors in the 1800’s noticed that milk-maids didn’t get small pox, because they had been vaccinated by cowpox. Muslims are like the cowpox that will make us resistant to the Jewish smallpox.

    When you talk to people about Jews, always emphasize the similarities of Islam and Judaism, especially the way dishonesty and sneakiness is encoded into both religions, which is why they are so powerful and aggressive. Islam and Judaism are political religions, they aren’t just about “faith.” And both of these religions are alien to Western civilization, but unless we evolve and learn how to resist them, they will overwhelm us and our native ways of thinking and doing things. Heck, it’s already happening, though we could get it back.

    @ ben tillman post 14

    I have read summaries of the Muqadimmah. The Muslims would all betray each other, so any group that was able to instill loyalty “asabiyah” would be able to raise an army and destroy the incumbent dynasty and take over. After a generation, that dynasty would grow soft, and all their “loyal followers” were just “in it for the money,” and the next batch of nomads would conquer them.

    Whites are able to muster more loyalty and honesty than Semites. This is our advantage over them, and it’s a strong advantage. We are more idealistic.

    Read the Ostrovsky books “By way of Deception” and “The Other Side of Deception.” The Jews are just as bad as the Muslims, all infighting and in it for the money. Very little real loyalty or idealism.

    We need to leverage our native advantages better. But most important, we need to fight the war that is being fought, and not the war we’d like to fight. We cannot choose the field of battle. It is there waiting for us, it has been selected for us.

  11. I agree with the others here that this was a good essay Kievsky.

    However, I disagree with your comment above that “We are MRSA.” It seems to me that you’ve got that reversed…or maybe I am not quite understanding exactly what you mean?

    The multicult Judeoplutocracy is the infection or virus that is spreading within and ravaging our race and our White nations — conversely, we are the antibodies or leukocytes (white blood cells) seeking to stave off the Judeoplutocratic/multiracial infection in order to keep it from becoming critical and eventually fatal to our race and our nations.

  12. White Preservationist,

    While there may be moral advantages to your metaphorical framework, I think Kievsky choose the MRSA analogy because both it and we have been subjected to toxic selection pressure in very recent times.

    For example, back in the days when most White Women had children (even the horse faced lesbo Eleanor Roosevelt had a fairly large brood), there was very little selection pressure for maternity and marriage preference, and for behaviors like assortive mating that increase fertility.

    Now that we must be having that selective pressure, as so many White Women have been reproductively felled by the toxicants called Feminism and Sexual “Liberation”, there’s a chance for evolution to change us, both on a genetic and memetic level.

  13. This is a wonderful essay. I live in an NorthEastern State, that is predominately White. The males aren’t too bad – instinctively Racialist – but the White females are pretty hopeless, thus far. They believe EVERYTHING Talmudvision tells ’em.

    I speak to people in Mexifornia all the time. It’s a lawless place. Racialism is completely out in the open. There is no place left to hide, and pretend, anymore. I get Tales of the Racial Frontier, on a regular basis. My WN pal talks Race almost every waking moment. She talks with EVERY-ONE. She’s a good-looking blonde. She calls every White man, she deals with, her “White Brother”.

    She says they look absolutely STUNNED, at first – but then – they are on board, immediately.

    She helped work a gun show, this past weekend. She told me what was said, by all sorts of attendees. I honestly cannot repeat what she told me, on this forum. She Names the Jew openly. A LOT of the guys there Named the Jew BACK. She just Named the Jew to a rather highly placed Jew. She said he looked stunned, and to use her colloquialism, he, “…looed like he was gonna s#!t himself”.

    O Jew! What has thou wrought? Thy undoing was by thine own hands…..

  14. Great stories, Denise.

    I see us as MRSA. Penicillin, like equality, was massively overused as the “magic bullet for everything.” Antibiotics are used for nutritional deficiencies, as the old saw of “inequality” is used when IQ deficiencies are the problem. They even use antibiotics on CAFO livestock.

    When antibiotics are overused, every bacillus in the body gets affected, even though it wasn’t causing any problems. So these bacilli end up evolving against these antibiotics.

    Then you happen to get an open wound, Staph gets in the blood, you find it’s resistant to Methicillin. Uh oh.

    Likewise, the US government is going to find that it needed loyal White men, but all it has is “paycheck loyalists,” apathetics, and outright enemies. They had our loyalty until they declared war on us based on what we are.

    Now that I’ve been out of the US Army Reserves for a dozen years, it’s safe to tell this. My NCO’s, even the First Sergeant, were all hard core racists. They didn’t name the Jew, but wow did they hate Blacks! Most of them were prison guards in their civilian life. I remember riding in a Humvee with two high ranking NCO’s, an SFC and an SSG, and the SFC said to the SSG, “I think Nicole Brown got what she deserved.” This was 1995. I was amazed. They looked at me for my reaction and I smiled and nodded, but I wasn’t sure what to say. I was afraid maybe it was a setup or something, but in retrospect, this is how they are.

    I’m pretty sure that’s the whole culture of paychecked up kwaps. No paycheck, no loyalty. Perhaps even “no paycheck, collaboration with Whitenet.”

    I’m thinking that maybe we should use this new coinage “Whitenet” to talk about the loose collective of White loyal people. It’s not an organization; there’s no membership lists; no leadership; no HQ; our mission is encoded into our DNA; we are everywhere. Two syllables, can be used as a noun or an adjective. “Are you Whitenet? Yep.”

  15. I get Tales of the Racial Frontier, on a regular basis. My WN pal talks Race almost every waking moment. She talks with EVERY-ONE. She’s a good-looking blonde. She calls every White man, she deals with, her “White Brother”.

    Reminds me of the elderly lady who came over to our table at lunch, many years ago, and without pretext declared that, “the Jews run everything”.

    Since my wife and I were sitting with Mr. ex-Hitlerjugend and wife, we applauded her remark and naturally asked whether she tells all the folks she meets, unbidden, this remarkable truth.

    “Yes,” she said. There was nothing that could be taken from her for telling it like it is – so why not pass along this bit of wisdom as she lives out the rest of her life.

    She helped work a gun show, this past weekend. She told me what was said, by all sorts of attendees. I honestly cannot repeat what she told me, on this forum.

    Would you please recite her script, and the replies, in a comment over at the less delicate venue, “superhuman”?

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