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Cloee Cooper is claiming (without evidence) that White Nationalists invented the term “illegal alien” to poison the well of mainstream political discourse. “Language constructs reality.” Therefore, “anti-immigrant advocates” must abandon the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant” and substitute “undocumented” or plead guilty to perpetuating “a racist framework.” Another lame PC fantasy.

Imagine 2050 looks about as popular as Air America. This website has over 16,000 comments. Most of the blogs over there fail to generate even one. Few White Americans want to listen to PC when they have the option not to. They get enough of that in the workplace. Our biggest problem is not our ideas. It is the difficulty we have trying to reach our target audience. If White Nationalism ever got on television or radio, it would quickly develop a huge following.

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  1. I tried to comment there but it never got approved.

    They only want to approve comments from “the choir,” but their choir is vanishingly small.

  2. White nationalists must certainly be powerfull because, if Cooper is correct, they got the Library of Congress to create the subject heading Illegals–United States that lists some 3,354 items cataloged with that subject listing. Are we to assume now the LC is a white nationalist organization?

  3. “undocumented”

    They are not undocumented, they have documents from their own country.

    “Now we just have to replace “Legal Immigrant” with “Foreign Invader”

    I suggest: doubly-documented, white-replacing, welfare sucking, foreign invader.

  4. “Our biggest problem is not our ideas. It is the difficulty we have trying to reach our target audience.”

    The problem is that common sense is banned from the media by an influential minority. We do not have a particularly clever message that we want to put across. Normal people think the same as we do. The only difference is that we are more vocal and spend more time ruminating the issue. People’s freedom of speech is limited by the intimidation and censorship. If not for censorship, almost everyone would say that the race-replacement policy is crazy and criminal, that it must be stopped and reversed. People would not need help from white nationalists, they would be white nationalists themselves.

    “If White Nationalism ever got on television or radio, it would quickly develop a huge following.”

    The question is whether we need to develop a huge following before we can get on television or radio. If White Nationalism was allowed on TV and radio, the main effect would be to indicate that the censorship has been lifted. People would feel free to speak their minds, and would realize that most white people share the same view.

  5. The level of hatred, intimidation, ritual shaming, and harassment that Whites face when they attempt to stand up for their ethnic interests always blows me away. No other group faces this type of a reaction for doing the exact same thing. On the contrary, when Puerto Ricans, Blacks, Thais, etc. engage in ethnocentric activity they’re given office space and access to media and financial resources and are encouraged and lauded. Compare that the absolutely insane treatment reserved for one, lonely White woman, Natalie Sonne in a campus numbering in the tens of thousands (one is one too many!):


    I’ve come to believe that until Whites fight back and reply in kind these sewer rats will never stop but only grow emboldened and increase their agitation – as when attacked by mad dog thugs, if you just stay on the ground while getting kicked and don’t fight back, your assailants won’t stop, they’ll just start kicking harder.

  6. If we now have to say undocumented worker instead of illegal alien, does that mean we should also say unlicensed pharmacist instead of drug dealer?

  7. The rhetoric isn’t strong or accurate enough. It should be illegal alien and documented alien. Third worlders are merely squatters or denizens who occupy our land.

    Non-whites shouldn’t have full citizenship in white countries, period. They shouldn’t be able to own land or contribute politically, and anti-miscegenation laws should be restored. A3P’s white standard of no more than 1/8th Semitic, and 1/16th Mongoloid (Pocahontas exception) and the one-drop rule for Negroid blood is a good start.

  8. MARK:
    First off I’ve looked at the A3Ps web site and do see anything remotely like the discussion of race and mixed race percentages you quote. And who among us can name our great-great-great-grandparents, all 16 of them. If you can’t then how will you document your purity?

  9. If we now have to say undocumented worker instead of illegal alien, does that mean we should also say unlicensed pharmacist instead of drug dealer?

    An “illegal alien” is just an undocumented migrant in the same sense that a burglar’s just an undocumented homeowner and a rapist’s just an undocumented husband.

  10. Zeke, it’s some of his older work, look up the Pace Amendment.

    It’s not impractical to go back 3 generations, which will reveal recent admixture. For older or ancient admixture genetic tests are useful.

  11. Not sure about “illegal alien,” but the word “alien” was often used in the past. The Immigration Act of 1924 used it many times.

  12. Likewise, I tried commenting at Imagine 2050 but my comments weren’t approved. I didn’t even say anything inflammatory, I just pointed out that Lou Dobbs isn’t a racist – he’s married to a mixed-race woman.

  13. Do y’all think that Imagine 2050 is funded by grants from the U.S. Federal Government (White taxpayers financing their impending race-replacement), or by a far left ‘think-tank’ likely engorged by funds from one or more Jew Wall Street-vampire mega donors?

  14. If White Nationalism ever got on television or radio, it would quickly develop a huge following.

    You’re describing checkmate. Yes, an honestly white ethnopatriotic national broadcast channel would make Fox look like PBS.

  15. I’d be happier with “demographic bombs,” “genocide bombers,” “genetic weapons,” etc., than I am with “illegal alien” but sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.

  16. “Arnold Toynbee, whose massive A Study of History remains the most comprehensive study of historical cycles, has a great deal to say about what he calls “the schism in society.” As civilizations tip over the brink into decline, he suggests, one of the core symptoms of decay is a split between the dominant minority and the rest of society. The dominant minority has lost whatever capacity it once had to inspire loyalty and emulation, but its hold on the institutions of power remains strong enough that it can’t be unseated; the rest of society, alienated from the values of the dominant minority, becomes an “internal proletariat” ripe for alternative values. When those new values emerge, usually in the form of a new religious movement, they become the framework around which new social patterns begin to coalesce – and about the time this gets well under way, the old social framework of the dying civilization, abandoned from within and assailed from without, comes messily apart.” – http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2010/01/this-presupposition-of-passivity.html

  17. #8

    It is true that it is our silence that is demanded, and that speaking up will be punished in response. However, there are ways to say whatever needs to be said so, for example, when we met an Hispanic deluge of letters & editorials recently demanding an end to the use of “illegal immigrant” along the same lines as the Spring 2005 campaign to end the use of “illegal alien,” we checked our records over the past three years for Hispanic published usage of “guerro” and “gringo,” and fired back here and there that we were waiting to see commitments for a slur-free society by those advocating the end of “illegal immigrant.” Those attempting to coerce us into using their version of the language were silenced, and we provided others in San Jose with a rationale for resisting this PC onslaught.

    Unsurprisingly, this requires that someone pay attention to the naming (slurring) and labeling (stereotypes) that have been going on against us, thus once again demonstrating the value of some kind of anti-defamation operation on the ground.

    There is no claim, question, or historical fiction that cannot be addressed, one way or another, to relieve or reduce the effect to our children of the campaign of defamation waged against them.

  18. Until they appoint an Equality Task Force to devise new language “illegal alien” remains the correct term:

    a search of the entire U.S Code at the Cornell University Law School’s website yields 59 hits. So “illegal alien” is certainly there, copiously, within the Code.

    Here’s one example, with the disputed-by-the-ninnies phrase italicized throughout:

    Title 8, Section 1365. Reimbursement of States for costs of incarcerating illegal aliens and certain Cuban nationals

    (a) Reimbursement of States
    Subject to the amounts provided in advance in appropriation Acts, the Attorney General shall reimburse a State for the costs incurred by the State for the imprisonment of any illegal alien or Cuban national who is convicted of a felony by such State.
    (b) Illegal aliens convicted of a felony
    An illegal alien referred to in subsection (a) of this section is any alien who is any alien convicted of a felony who is in the United States unlawfully and—
    (1) whose most recent entry into the United States was without inspection, or
    (2) whose most recent admission to the United States was as a nonimmigrant and—
    (A) whose period of authorized stay as a nonimmigrant expired, or
    (B) whose unlawful status was known to the Government,
    before the date of the commission of the crime for which the alien is convicted.


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