1. “Way better than the Imp.”

    But of course, Beck is a Kraut (so am I, so I can say that, see how that works?), Imp is a jagoff of as yet undetermined ethnic origin.

  2. I am not sure what you mean by NLP, but most people would refer to that as finding an “operative word” and as the use of verbal parallels to underline certain key themes.

  3. If it is true what Beck says, that if Conservatives are by and large against the Government, it makes no sense to compare them to Hitler and the Nazis given how Anti-Libertarian they was.

    Still, the real reason Conservatives are compared to Hitler is because of Race.

    Hitler took the side of White Germans against rival groups, even if he made serious mistakes in how he conducted his part of the conflict.

    In the same way, Conservative Americans tend to take the side of White Americans against rival groups, even if they make serious mistakes in how they conduct their part of the conflict.

    This is the similarity between Conservatives and Nazis that upsets the Left.

  4. What Beck is doing is discrediting the PC left among the masses. Sure he’s confusing them a bit, but that’s OK. One step at a time. People who watch Beck HATE LIBERALS. That’s a good start.

  5. I’ve watched Beck’s show a fair number of times now, and I certainly don’t see him as being anything but yet another obstacle for WN to overcome. He does a good job promoting aracial conservatism, and should therefore be viewed as an enemy. That goes for most of the “tea party” movement as well.

    Whining about “liberals” accomplishes nothing, nor does a superficial opposition to political correctness. These guys have internalized all the important tenets of PC, namely that race doesn’t matter, that whites have no right to organize as whites and defend their own interests, and that there is no problem with allowing all of our institutions to be dominated by Jews. There is no way to accomplish anything while working within that frame.

  6. Though he is a great rabble-rouser, I have a hard time trusting Beck.

    He seems to me to be ‘manufactured opposition.’ Did y’all know that the uber-Jew Joe Lieberman got Beck in to Yale through some kind of ‘special recommendation’?

    This makes me think stuff like: was uber-Jewry grooming Beck as a kind-of ‘manufactured opposition’ many years before he became famous? Why was Beck being ‘sponsored’ by powerful Jews back when he was just another unknown local radio host?

    Just some thoughts.

  7. Beck is a diversion who only serves to distract whites from what is really going on. He is also a smooth talking con-artist type whose demeanor reminds me of Ted Bundy. His overly strong eye contact, affected emotions and use of hypnosis inducing speech patterns are seriously unnerving.

    I can’t believe people keep falling for this stuff over and over. If someone talks about the problems, but proposes false solutions, it would be better if the people didn’t hear him at all. How could any serious pro-white individual who has been aware for more than a couple of years think that someone like Glenn Beck could ever help our cause? This is an exact reply of Rush Limbaugh in the early 90’s. Remember what good came out of the “angry white male” fueled Republican seizure of Congress in 1994? Yeah, that’s right — absolutely nothing. Immigration actually skyrocketed after that and by the end of the decade, racial issues were pushed outside of
    mainstream conservatism.

    We need to understand that only EXPLICIT racial advocacy can help us.

  8. Beck is clearly a controlled foil of the ‘inner party’ orchestrating the MSM. Watching him genuflecting before Netanyahu was nauseating, as is his phony kosher conservative play acting. He is there to deceive White people, and I doubt that he believes a word of his scripted mendacity. ‘Shabbos goyim’, like him, are being paid to confuse Whites, and deflect them away from the key to history, which is RACE. It is RACE that is the most important issue to White survival, and it is RACE that must therefore be discussed. At this point in time, everything else is a distraction, or is peripheral.

  9. To the casually loyal viewer Beck is ‘too good to be true.’

    To explicitly self aware European Americans, he’s a much ballyhooed balm of comfort, the cure to a single day’s worth of anxiety, which tastes good but actually does little to nothing.

    In fact I’d say Beck and Imm have both internalized much of same ideology related to one-way ‘racism.’

  10. What Beck is doing is discrediting the PC left among the masses. Sure he’s confusing them a bit, but that’s OK. One step at a time. People who watch Beck HATE LIBERALS. That’s a good start.

    It is not a good start. People who watch Sean Hannity hate “liberals.” Is that a good start? How about Rush Limbaugh? Mark Levin? Dennis Prager? Neal Boortz? Mike Huckabee? Bill O’Reilly?

    I think Pat Buchanan is pretty much the only conservative in the mainstream media who is positive for us.

    So Beck has on Jonah Goldberg to call liberals “fascists.” Brilliant. This may not be quite as pathetic as the morons at Free Republic, World Net Daily, and National Review who call liberals “the real racists” and say liberals “keep blacks on the Democrat plantation,” but it is certainly nothing to applaud, to say the least. Conservatives do score a goal by attacking liberals as “racists,” “fascists,” and “Nazis,” but it is an own goal.

    Aracial conservatism is doomed to failure. Conservatives have attacked “liberals” for decades and achieved nothing. The likes of Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity are not on our side, and their impact is very detrimental.

  11. ATBOTL – you are right. BEK is paid the Big Shekels, by his Kagans, to keep the Great White Herd from heading in the right direction. I listen to him every day. I KNOW he knows better – cause he slips up, sometimes.

    A few months ago, he began talking about the facotrs that led ot Nazi Germany. He spoke of th Treaty of Versailles, and about how the reparation demands placed on Germany were doomed from the start. That the demands were punative beyond Germany’s, or any-one’s ability to satisfy these demands. That EVERY-ONE there, at the time, KNEW it. That the conditions created at the Convention were implemented anyways. Bek spoke of how Germans suffered, and were starving. Bek spoke lucidly, calmly, rationally, and logically. (Bek was speaking of the completely unfair and unjust suffering of those that are allegedly his “own people”. He TRASHES Germans all the time, FYI). He then led up to Hitler- and Bek “remembered” himself. He then began ranting about how “Hitler was a madman”, as per the Talmudic play-book.

    Bek KNOWS the truth.

    He is a TOTAL willing whore of the Hebes. He’s an ex-drunk. I don’t think there really is anything like and “ex” addict. Junkies just subsitute one addiction for another. Bek’s addiction is the Jew, and Jew Money. He get all weird around Jews. He gets this far-away, yet intensely FOCUSED look in his eyes. It’s like some demented 13 year-old, teenaged girl, on the drugs they give to teeneagers, these days, meeting her Pop Idol. Watch his show sometime, when some Big Jew is on. Bek is practically DROOLING.

    I just met a Survivalist guy. He has planned his little refuge, very, very, very well. He knows a great deal about Race issues. This guy is an “ex” alchie. He “empathizes” with BEK – cause BEK “used to be an alcoholic, too”. We got into a debate about Bek, last week. I maintained that Bek is deliberately misleading his audience, and that if he did Name the Jew, and Bek’s plug was pulled, his MILLIONS of listeners would sit up and take notice. That Bek has IMMENSE power to set things right – but does not.

    This Survivalist Guy went mental on ME. He started ranting, and attacking me. I stuck by my position. This Guy kept defending Bek, and was enraged because I offered sources ,that he could research on his own, to prove my words. He kept YELLING that “It doesn’t matter” – meaning the history of Communism, and the malevolent take-over and subversion of White Society, by the Jew – and Bek’s willing aid and comfort, given to the Jew, against the USA. This Guy YELLED at me for using the name “Communism”, instead of “Progressive” – the name that Bek uses for Communists. Whatever Bek says is RIGHT. And mustNever be Questioned, and Must BE OBEYED as Canon Law.

    I doubt we will speak again.

    It’s sad. Really sad. That a White man, with so much potential, is so desperate for a Hero, and a Leader, that he blindly accepts the Lies of a False Prophet like Bek. When he knows better.

  12. Denise, that’s called willful ignorance. They are duped by a TV talk show personality because he’s a “celebrity”. This is what clueless tards do, full stop!

  13. You do what you have to do to get power. People like Beck and the rest of the Zionized cons and neo-cons can be useful in specific circumstances, and on some issues. Think: AH made an alliance with the Reds to bring down Weimar. He got it right, and then, when in power, liquidated the left.

  14. Beck and Savage, and occasionally Rush, play a game of chicken, seeing who can get closest to the truth without actually telling it. They work for the enemy, so of course they’re never going to just blurt out the truth, though you can hear they sometimes are strongly tempted to.

    The fruit of the talkshow hosts is sweet but nutrition deficient. I live in Texahoma, surrounded by die-hard RedTeam fans. Most family and co-workers seem to think Beck is cutting edge, and yet they still haven’t a clue on anything. These naive voters still believe, that “If we could just get one more justice on the Supreme Court … if we could just get the voters to turn out … if it weren’t for that Pelosi …. OH! Rats! Those Democrats!” They believe Ron Paul has recently changed his politics to better fit in with the RedTeam plan. They believe Palin is a good old fashioned conservative, and that there is still a huge difference in the RedTeam and BlueTeam outcomes. They believe that the financial meltdown is solely O-Banana’s fault, and that terrace are everywhere and we need to support Israel no matter what (OK, a few are not as sure about this last one). They are more multiculti than 1960’s radicals. Their children are race-mixing like crazy and they don’t even care. They are all receiving several government handouts, send their children to government schools, yet blame the BlueTeam for widespread socialism. They will use on you every talking point from the GOP as though they had actually thought through the whole thing all by themselves. Their societal and poltical memories are fuzzy and less than a decade long.

    Beck, Limbaugh, et alii, just play to these conservatives’ new-found sense of paranoia, which has risen steeply since the financial meltdown and since these rubes discovered sites such as InfoWars and Rense.com. Beck, Rush, Wiener, Insanity, and O’Reilly ain’t telling ’em much of anything that would actually threaten the existing con game. Why should they?

  15. For the people who keep saying stuff to the effect that Glenn Beck will be a gateway drug to better things, just look at the history of similar figures. The past tells us that very few of Beck’s followers will progress significantly towards the truth and that his influence will not have any measurable benefit for whites.

    Rusty makes a good point: just because conservatives are more paranoid now than they were a few years due to the two parties having switched positions does not mean that these people are on the verge of becoming white nationalists. People like Glenn Beck are there to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

    Many of the posters on Stormfront are enamored with Glenn Beck and other similar anger/conspiracy driven commentators. They don’t distinguish between hostility towards the government and being pro-white. It’s like a mirror image of what the left does when they say that Ron Paul supporters are domestic terrorists or opposing universal health care makes you a racist. If only it were true.

  16. Mega bingo Rusty and ABOTL !! Beck is a foil of Jewry, a palliative and a distraction, put there to keep the White bunnies from thinking in RACIAL terms. The damage that shabbos goyim like these do, is much worse than any gateway value that they might offer. The blind tomfoolery of the patriotards that I see and interact with daily, is directly driven by these media hacks.

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