Watch the movie “Defamation”

Here’s where to get it:


I don’t have time to comment on it at the moment, but there are many excellent live quotes by Jews themselves that will surely be played on “This Week in Disorganized America” and other radio shows for years to come.

One great preview — Golda Foxman says, “We need to play on that guilt.”

He interviews some Jews in Russia who scoff at the very idea of “anti-semitism.”

Also, the psychological abuse of Israeli children in Poland, at “holocaust sacred sites.” The Israeli kids say, “Well, it makes us feel less compassion for Palestinians, since this happened to us.”

Amazing stuff. Another brick chipped off the Berlin Wall of Organized Jewry.

At 1 hour, 17 minutes, Norman Finkelstein does a stiff arm salute to refer to Abe Foxman and says, “Some people laugh.” The movie maker says, “you comparing Foxman to Hitler, it’s . . . kind of . . . ” then Finkelstein says with a sigh, “It’s an insult to Hitler. At least Hitler didn’t do it for the money.”



  1. In all of the social groups I have ever been in, whenever there were even two Jews in the group, they made sure they made themselves known. They are always the most disrespectful, the most liberal, the most multiculti, the most demanding that they get their way. They make sure that the group doesn’t even accidently turn all White through membership attrition. In a large successful group that is comprised of all Christian Whites, they will import more Jews and then plenty of Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, etc., until the group no longer functions. They rise to the top in any organization, like pond scum, and then work to destroy it by turning it into a vehicle of anti-Whitism. If you have even one in your group, you will be sorry, I guarantee you. It’s only a matter of time before your successful White group goes to the Marxist dogs.

    And they lie, lie, lie like cheap rugs. They are the kings of lies. They will call themselves “Christian Jews” but in action they are still deadly enemies of traditional European Christianity. They say “Christian Jew” so they can be either as opportunities present themselves. Wish these “Christians” a Merry Christmas and they will quickly shoot back a “Happy Channukah” and sometimes a Happy Holidays and Happy Quanza.

    The single thing that unites them is their hatred of all things European. I have seen dozens in action in my life, up close and personal. They scheme together — always scheming — thick as thieves. But if *they* are left out of any important meetings, even accidentally, they will let you know how anti-Semitic and unfair you are. Their guilt trips work very well, especially on the Jew-DayO!-Christian women. No wonder the Muslims want to kill them all.

  2. What an evil thing the Jewish adults in the first part of the film do, to work so hard to cultivate such a deep hatred and fear of the world into their own children. These wretched kids grow up into the hateful, paranoid, sociopathic adults we know and love who aggressively go out of their way to create the very hatred which they fear. They drink deeply and repeatedly the lies they are poured, because they love their parents and want to please them. This is pure evil.

    Finkelstein’s quotes are worth special attention: “The irony is that the Nazi Holocost$ has now become the main ideological weapon for launching wars of aggression. Everytime you want to launch a war of aggression, drag in the Nazi Holocost$.” And, “The best thing that can ever happen to Israel is if they get rid of these American Jews.” “American Jewry … is a curse.”

    Amen to that.

    Many of the people in the film are wrong on one particular point: there IS plenty of anti-Semitism, and it is growing. But it’s *all* self-inflicted. One Jew recognizes one good reason why, “We perpetuate death, and that’s why we will never become a normal people.” If Jews weren’t the most powerful and destructive people on the planet — ever –, I’d feel sorry for them.

  3. Israelis are as different from diaspora Jews as those diaspora Jews are from their host peoples. Israelis are fine with me, a lot more vigorous and normal than diaspora Jews, and a great many are intellectually honest and decent and normal like this film-maker.

  4. The best part of the film was the trip to Auschwitz. The kids were watched more closely by their “security” than they would have been by the Germans in 1944.

    At one point some Polish men try to talk to them. Oy gevalt! Panic!

    It was funny.


  5. You should read “Absurdistan” by Gary Shteyngart, especially the chapter toward the end about his plans for a Holocaust museum.

  6. Yipes! They are all paranoid and Foxman has made a religion (and a business?) out of both his and the Jewish people’s paranoia! The Israeli Secret Service (hmmm…”SS”?) guy on the airplane with the kids was at least as scary as any Nazi camp guard would have been. Yes, they are definitely engineering their children to hate and fear (what is left of) Western civilization and Western Man. The only normal people in the film seemed to be the film maker himself , the Orthodox Jews and Norman Finkelstein (who I ended up feeling pity and empathy for; which is very hard for me to feel for an American Jew since I am basically a poor man myself and any American Jew that I know of is hardly wanting for anything).
    Truly, these people are fascinating; an entire culture of mentally unbalanced people. It is almost funny-they are successful, bright, talented and completely unhinged. Like children, they fear a boogeyman that exists only in their collective imaginations, but kids normally grow out of it-these people get worse as they grow older. My wife and I were always sad that we could never have any children, but now that we are old and see what these people have done to the world, we are glad that we at least don’t have to worry about leaving any kids behind in this cesspool that they have created. But these Jews; their offspring will have to live in it, and by their own design, they will be the only whites left in a world full of dark people that hate them to their very core. It will be a case of “what goes around, comes around”.

  7. Kind of a scary movie. Abe Foxman is the quintessential Semite; pushy, demanding, ever plotting and diabolically clever. Is there some way we could saw off New York, Florida and LA from the mainland and push those areas into the sea to get rid of these people? The movie did make me feel thankful for Israel, because that is where Jewish groups concentrate their efforts and resources. If they werent spending all that effort supporting the beleagured apartheid state, all that energy would be going to destroy the West as fast as possible.

  8. It was interesting to see the newer generation of Israelis being brainwashed not so differently from Americans, whereas the older generation had normal pride, i.e., what’s there to be scared of, we have our own country now, where we have the self-respect from doing real work. I thought the filmmaker’s grandmother was one of the more interesting characters.

    The Auschwitz trip and its optics–made-up fears of skinheads and mean Polish people–was a joke. Poles are perfectly nice. What if we took Americans on trips to Israel or Russia and warned them of the constant threat of Jewish Mafia or pornographers. It would be equally ridiculous.

  9. “The blacks degraded our high tech moon landing technology. It’s because they all did drugs in the 60s, like LDS.”

    Few blacks in the ’60s took LSD. Blacks generally don’t go for any drugs stronger than marijuana that induce advanced states of introspection or dissolve the personality (“character armor”). Psychedelic and entheogen use is a white thing although knowledge of psycho-active plants was first gleaned from tribal shamans. In the ’60s blacks went into space , too, but not inner space.
    However, Pittsburg Pirate Doc Ellis pitched a no hitter in l970 on LSD. So you see there are always exceptions to any generalization.

  10. This web site is interesting. It is a very hardcore set of Orthodox Jews in Israel who are totally opposed to the state, and wish to break off their own “Israeli-Free Ethnostate”. It reads a bit like a Covington novel, only the author and audience are already living in a nightmare dystopia, where as in the Northwest novels it’s the near future.

  11. I just watched it. It’s very well done of course. I think the most striking thing about it is the fact that Abe Foxman consented to participate and apparently consented to the final product.

    My guess is there’s been significant behind-the-scenes pressure from certain quarters of Jewry to get rid of Foxman and replace him with someone less abrasive, someone with less of Foxman’s trademark blatant in-your-face anti-Christian anti-Euro aggressiveness, and Foxman hopes his collaboration with this filmmaker will somehow soften his image, taking the wind out of the sails of the Jews who want him out.

    Whatever happens to Foxman, he generates serious ill-feeling toward the Jewish community among educated, unprejudiced, un-anti-Semitic Euros such as myself, ill-feeling along the lines of fed-upness, “oh the Jews complaining again? I can’t believe how brazen and self-centered they are,” “You know, the Jews never bothered me but they’re really overdoing it now, really sarting to get on my nerves bigtime,” “I guess a lot of the stereotypes about Jews were true after all,” sort of reactions. I would say Foxman has been an immense negative, a disaster actually, for Jewry in that he’s made a whole new class of people, this time educated people, completely fed up with the Jews.

    Why has he been permitted to stick around injuring Jewry in educated people’s eyes for so long? It can only be because Jews have felt “on a roll,” have felt extremely secure in their power, so no need to worry if someone like Foxman spends decades turning educated, unbigoted people into Judeoskeptics who say, “I’m fed up with the Jews, I’ve really had it up to here with them”: what can they do about it anyway? Nothing can touch the Jews, they’re too powerful.

    Something like that has to be why Foxman hasn’t been forced out.

    But you can feel rising anti-Jewish vibes today that you couldn’t feel ten years ago, and I suspect pressure is being brought to bear to get him out of there and a less in-your-face-you-Gentile-scum! type installed in his place.

  12. Blacks did a lot of LSD in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They did a lot of everything. There was a period then when LSD was one of the most common street drugs after marijuana. All kinds of people were doing it then.

    In the later 70’s the supply shrunk due to stricter control of the precursors and that’s when PCP got big as an LSD substitute and cocaine got big similarly because the government cracked down on prescription amphetamines. In 1971, no one was afraid of LSD like they are now. All the stuff about “it will make you insane” started years after it stopped being available to the general public and these myths were able to grow out of proportion.

    George Clinton, who was probably the most popular musician of the 70’s among younger blacks was on the stuff 24/7.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure that LSD or “LDS” has nothing to do with the current state of America’s space program.

    On an aside, I’ve spent time on Storm Front arguing with people who think that the moon landing was hoax. Generally, that’s a leftist conspiracy theory. Many of the people on SF believe every conspiracy theory they read, no matter what the ideological aspects of it are.

  13. Yes, Joe Plumber, the TV is probably our worst enemy! I was of the first generation (baby boomers) that cannot remember a time without TV. It is the IDEAL brain washing tool! I know that sounds like ” consipriacy theorism”, but true non the less. Moms of that period were elated to have something that occupied the kiddies while they were “busy” doing wash, or whatever. At the time, the kids programs were innocuous; “”Captain Kangaroo”, Mr. Green Jeans, Buggs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, “Howdy-Dowdy” ( a clown), and later, Pop-Eye with his girl friend, “Olive-Oyl”, “Top-Cat”, and probably what may be the best all-around, all time kids cartoon show; “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show”. All this stuff was to get whites to accept the medium. These were friendly, entertaining and (in some cases) educational shows. Funny, innocuous, entertaining, and worth while to watch! Walt Disney was alive and well in those days, and for whatever reason, the Jewish establishment would not go up against him at the time. He kept things moral and sane. Then he passed away, and something new began, something very sinister… the bad guy and the “hero” became ambiguous-hard to tell apart from each other. Up to this point, back in the “cowboy” series and movie era, the “bad guys” were always very well-defined and characters to be “hated’ by the audience. Then, along came ” Clint Eastwood” as “the man with no name” in the spaghetti westerns. This became the tipping point, it seemed to me. Suddenly, it was OK for the “good-guy” to kill the “bad” for no particular reason : “just because”. And you got the definite feeling that he was no longer considered “in error” for doing so without the full sanction of societal norms and the law.
    It was a strange feeling back then. Completely new to those of us who can remember it well. I liked the Clint Eastwood movies at the time ( I thought it was ‘refreshing” that the “old moralism” was now gone, but I was a teenager then), it was not till much later that I realized what had been done to the public. This was the beginning of mental programming. This was the beginning of the acceptance of violence as part of daily life and amoralism as “normal”. The beginning of “moral particularism” as Kevin MacDonald describes it (for those of you who are not familiar with K. MacDonald, please, please ,please! read one or two of his works, for both your and your children’s sake!- he is vital to the education of our race!). But I am rambling, and I don’t want to be a bore to you folks. Still, it is important to understand how this all came to be, it was a gradual thing, brought in a little at a time, and TV was the tool that was used to “remake” the country in the image that the “elites’ sought. You would do yourselves a favor in researching it, if you aren’t old enough to recall it-then tell your kids. Then reflect on what is being done to these Jewish kids in the movie we are talking about here. This Journalist did us all a big favor- he gave us a window into what their intentions are- and they are sinister indeed. These are the kids who will grow up ruling, hating, and fearing, your children. I feel we should all send him our thanks, and thank Norman Finkelstein as well- it is a rare “American Jew” who will go up against his racial brethren when they are wrong, and sacrifice his livlihood in the process, even if he did not do it “for us”.

  14. Curt,
    My kid is a “post-television” generation. Of course there are many still being raised with TV, but there is a significant percentage of parents that don’t get cable.

    She watches snippets here and there via the Internet, but there’s a big difference between TV and the Internet. On the TV there is no “stop” or “pause” button, unless you use Tivo I guess. On the Internet she finds what she wants, watches a snippet, and does something else. And I have gotten her interested in smarter programs, like Derren Brown’s NLP stuff, like “Paying with Paper” where he puts the whammy on store clerks and pays for goods with blank pieces of white paper, and the clerks accept the blank paper as money. Another time he gets a woman to believe that her car is a different color than it is. He turns red into yellow for her, so she looks at her red car, but doesn’t think it’s hers.

    So she has asked me about how Derren Brown does his stuff and I said, “He’s always self-hypnotized, so he hypnotizes others.” So eventually she decided to try self hypnosis, so we watched this Igor Ledochowski hypnosis induction:

    Give it a try — tell me if you go into an induction. I did, and my kid said she did. It’s pretty interesting — a sort of “high” without external substances.

    So my larger point is that I think the Internet might reverse the dumbing down of the TV. You can largely self educate off the Internet, especially with broadband, and get a much broader array of stuff. Khan Academy to learn math and science, hypnosis inductions, youtube music lessons, foreign language lessons via skype.

  15. Yeah the Mission to Mars idea was the only good idea Bush had in eight years. Think about the new tech and knowledge we could have gained from that project. Whole new areas of the economy opened up. A New era. It will never happen until the multi-cult country is replaced with a White ethnostate.

  16. I love the old-school-diehard-Zionist grandma of the filmmaker, raving about Diaspora Jews as “money-loving crooks”, who are afraid of “real” work… ^^

    It is great to see the courageous Norman Finkelstein, every inch an angry prophet from bible days. Even the physiognomic contrast to Foxman is striking.

    The brainwashing of the Israeli children is sad and crazy. This holocaust death cult clearly perpetuates hate and an unhealthy, paranoid “us vs. them”, “kill them before they kills us” mentality. Antisemitism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. At the same time it is needed and provoked in order to strengthen Jewish identity. The filmmaker demonstrates this several times and is clearly uncomfortable with it.

    Great, revealing and open-minded movie, and a necessary watch for all those who fail to see that there are many reasonable Jews out there.

  17. Kievsky,

    I think you are onto something there with the internet substituting for TV. I didn’t even consider the “Khan Academy” ( though I have been there and I think it is a fabulous resource for everyone-wish it had been available back when I was taking Algebra and Trig in high school)- your child should really benefit from that! I have to look up Derren Brown, since I’m not familiar with his stuff; as to Igor- now that is very interesting! I watched, and though I did not experience an “induction”, I did find his voice exceptionally relaxing (almost “unnaturally” so).
    Yes, times have changed, and though I am somewhat “internet literate” , I am the product of a previous generation. Sounds like you and your child have found a way to escape the mind trap of TV.

  18. Foxman is a first class bully boy: Don’t you dare compare your genocide to our genocide! He tells the poor Ukrainians. What a narcissistic, ugly individual.

  19. Scrooby – it’s not merely Foxman. I’d say Jew Awareness, and Anti Jewness is far more engendered by the goblins of Golden Sacks, and all their thieving Kikenvermin SCUM ilk – the stereotypical Yids like Madoff. TNow there is a Jew’s Jew!

    Also – the Talmud. I began wading through that Satanic Bible approx 3 years ago – I Name the Jew all the time. I just hipped a Good Christian Lady ot the Jew. I got her. I’ll get her Church. I name the Jew all the time, and I have taken to openly defending the wonderful, valiant Nazis, and the Tragic Hero Adolf Hitler. For that’s what he was. Hitler was the GOOD guy.

    I say that all the time, People are shocked at first. I then explain. I give all sorts of details. I’ve gotten rather good at encapsulating consistent, verifiable histories of The Jew, and what Jews have done.

    Finally – that Stare of the American Destruction Travesty, lest wekk, on Talmudvision? I’ve been saying, “There ya go! Did ya see that? Our *Government” is NOTHING but American-hating, Christian HATING, White HATINIG JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWS – and their Pet Darkies! That is what is WRONG!”.

    And ya know what- I’m getting all types of agreements.

    Now that Hebe Crypto Panetta has made those idiotic, deranged comments (Jews always over-reach, and get sloppy), re: “there wil be an attack. We can’t prevent it Oy!” – I intend to focus on that. The stunts that Hebes pull give WN like myself a GREAT deal of credibilty, and converts, among the UnAwakened. And it doens’t matter aht the Race is. Non-Whites are far more racist than Whites – and they tend to be very Jew-wise, since they are racially focused. And they will NOT defend the Satan Seed Jew.

    This time, for the self-created pogrom – it’s gonna be global. What a bummer for Die Judenraus! And centuries overdue.

    Finally – to All – Jews are NOT White. So STOP saying they are.

  20. Foxman is a first class bully boy: Don’t you dare compare your genocide to our genocide! He tells the poor Ukrainians. What a narcissistic, ugly individual.

    Sister Denise – and all,

    Take a look at this video of what the German soldiers came across during the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet (J)Union –

    *Look very carefully at exactly 9:00 minutes into the film when the German soldiers retrieved the dead bodies out of the cellars of the CHEKA-NKVD buildings.

    Pay particular attention to the corpses, and the condition they are in.

  21. I’m going to show the scene of Foxman telling Yuschenko that the Ukrainian Holodomor is not equivalent to the Holy Hoax to every Ukrainian I know, here and in Ukraine.

    That is something we have asserted, but we never had such solid videographic PROOF of, until now. When the Ukrainian victims testify about how the “Russian government” did this to them, the Russian government had been seized by Communist Jews such as Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and the head of the NKVD was Lazar Kaganovich and 60% of the senior officers (at least) of the NKVD were Jews.

  22. The meekness of the reaction of the Ukrainians was stunning. I was hoping that the Ukrainians would call Foxman on his arrogance and callousness: your life doesn’t matter, what happens to us is far more important.

    It would’ve been nice to see somebody for once walking out of a meeting with that toad.

    I guess they were afraid of Jewish power.

  23. It’s amazing that Foxman has been left in place so long. Forty years ago the Jews would never have allowed it. It’s not, for the most part, because they would have disagreed with him; rather, they’d have been petrified of the white reaction to such an abrasive, clumsy, undiplomatic, openly Christian-hating, Euro-hating, hateful Jew in such a leadership position. While fully agreeing with him in private, once they saw how incapable he was of keeping Jewry’s more shocking private attitudes hidden they would have immediately gotten him out of that position where he was daily exposing to the world Jewry’s true and very nasty feelings about Christians and Euro-race peoples. That the Jews haven’t bothered to oust this clumsy oafish imbecile representing them simply reflects the impressive degree to which, thanks to the Jewish Revolt known as “The Sixties,” Jewry now exercises hegemony over this country.

  24. Joe Plumber, Sister Denise, and Kulaks;

    Yes, I remember it all. I was in high school at that time- that was back when the space program was still meant to further the acquisition of technology meant for use as both a spy tool and the ultimate weapon against us serfs. Sorry, Joe, but that is how I see it, from the perspective of hindsight. You will note, that once the technology had flowered into full bloom, the military took over it and it was no longer intended to be a populist program for the masses to wonder at. Kinda like this: “One small step for Man, one giant step for Kosher power”. Did we benefit from it? Well yes, some did; now Howard Stern can spew his filth all over the world, Tom-Tom can get you to where you want to go (assuming that the NWO gov. that will be installed in the future will allow you to go there-we might just get regional ID cards with travel forbidden to us serfs at some point in the future-that is what happened in the USSR, you know). Who owns companies like Tom-Tom, Mapquest, Garmin, I wonder?
    I guess I am saying that the technological benefits to the space program are a beneficial side effect (also a double-edged sword) but that benefits to the public was NOT its prime intention. They knew from the start that space exploration was both impractical and virtually impossible because of the distances involved. For example, it would take several lifetimes to reach the nearest star system (Alpha Centauri) from our little corner of the Milky Way. No, the space program was intended primarily as a military weapon and a world-wide surveillance tool. If the weather allows; the military can zoom in on you and focus close to the ground to see what you are doing. I recently looked at a small property that I was interested in, in Alabama-we are several states away from Alabama.
    Yep, Joe- old “Tricky Dick” was quite a guy. He was guilty as sin, of course, but his only real flaw was that he employed the wrong goons for his burglary mission. They were incompetent. No, I am not sympathizing with him, just saying all he did wrong was get caught. He had not been doing anything that had not been done before. This is a criminal government and has been so since Woodrow Wilson sold his soul to Jewish bankers in 1913 and allowed the Federal Reserve to be established (it was planned at the then vacation resort spot of Jekyll Island Georgia) and brought into being under the cover of darkness (while Congress was on “Christmas Recess”). Wilson was far worse scum than Tricky Dick ever was.
    Kulak and Sister Denise; that film from WW2 was very revealing. The spot that Kulak is talking about in the film, where the German soldiers discovered the Ukranians bodies- the film narrator is saying at about that point, that those Ukrainians were killed by Bolshevists, and goes on to say (I speak and understand a little German) that those Bolshevists were mostly Jews. You will note in the film that the bodies were severely mangled and shot to pieces, and must have been left to rot there for quite some time, judging by the German soldiers holding their handkerchiefs to their noses. At first I was amazed to see this on YouTube (a Jew is in charge of the company now), and then I realized why; the dopey Americans posting to the site seemed almost joyful and congratulatory about “their victory” over the “evil Nazis”. They didn’t get it at all. This is why I have always been so suspicious of “history”. You are only going to get the victors side of the story in any battle, and the historians are censored by the goverment in any case.
    Sister Denise; I understand what you are saying, but people tend to be too focused on the fact that Jews are in power and destroying civilization all the time. We can not win back the USA from them. The best we can hope for (IMHO) is to separate ourselves from them and the “dark ones” they are bringing into our societies. No, I don’t have a “plan” or any idea how to go about implementing this idea. I only know that there is safety only in numbers, numbers of our own kind and who think like we do and who want to live apart-separately from these evil people. I don’t know if that is possible at this point, and I am especially despondent any time I see a white kid trying to be a “Whigger”. Good Lord, what a shame, what a waste, what an idiot (and usually the fool does not have the slightest idea that the black he is trying to “partner with” are laughing at him behind his back for trying to be a “homie”). Oh; there I go, rambling again. Sorry about the long post.

  25. Kulak and Sister Denise; that film from WW2 was very revealing. The spot that Kulak is talking about in the film, where the German soldiers discovered the Ukranians bodies- the film narrator is saying at about that point, that those Ukrainians were killed by Bolshevists, and goes on to say (I speak and understand a little German) that those Bolshevists were mostly Jews. You will note in the film that the bodies were severely mangled and shot to pieces, and must have been left to rot there for quite some time, judging by the German soldiers holding their handkerchiefs to their noses. At first I was amazed to see this on YouTube (a Jew is in charge of the company now), and then I realized why; the dopey Americans posting to the site seemed almost joyful and congratulatory about “their victory” over the “evil Nazis”. They didn’t get it at all. This is why I have always been so suspicious of “history”. You are only going to get the victors side of the story in any battle, and the historians are censored by the goverment in any case.

    Hi Curt,

    Appreciate your comments and feedback. I am glad that someone watched the movie — sometimes people here get so caught up in conversation they overlook gems like that one.

    Yeah, it was the first few weeks of Operation Barbarossa in the summer of 1941 when the German Wehrmacht captured the Ukrainian city of Lemburg, or Lviv. Remember now that Lemburg was only under Soviet rule for two years, since this was formerly a part of Poland that was annexed under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939.

    Most poignently about that film is (which you can exactly notice at the 9:02-05 mark) that many of those bodies were decapitated, and many also had their limbs missing as well. Check again if you didn’t already notice

    Reports from the German Army stated when they went into the CHEKA-NKVD cellars, they found nearly 10-12 centimeters or more of blood in some of the rooms.

    The Bolshevik bastards were literally wading in blood, the blood of the innocent and the righteous of the best of the Ukrainian People. This is why so many of the Ukrainian girls threw flowers at and befriended many a Deutsche Landser (German soldier), whom they greeted as their liberators from Judeo-Bolshevist hell.

    *If you are further interested in this Curt or anyone else, read Frank L. Britton’s book Behind Communism

    It is one of the best primers on the full magnitude of the terroristic aspects and near-satanic inhumanity of Communism ever written.

    Speak to you later, Brother Curt. (BTW – just call me ‘Kulak’)

  26. Curt – we will separate. I don’t believe we can “take the country back”. The economic dominos are falling……people wil re-align.

    We Awakened just have to get the word out, and survive, The foolish and deluded are in for absolute horror. The Racially Deluded wii see enough of their relatives and pals attacked and hurt, and/or killed by Muds. The remaining ones will wake up, or die. They WILL return to Whiteness, if they want to survive.

    We need to keep talking, and talking, and letting them know there are “places to go”. We MUST tell them that they MUST become Racially Exclusive, in order to re-create anything resembling a Human Civilization.

    Now – it’s easy for Whites to see that Blacks, and Mestizos, etc, are not White. The reason I focus on the Jew is that MANY Whites are not aware that Jews are NOT White, and that Jews are the absolute ENEMY and destroyer of the White Race.

    WE NEED to make Newly Awakened understand that we cannot not EVER allow Jews around us again.

  27. Hello Kulak, Denise and Mark;

    Kulak, thanks very much for that link – I bookmarked it and I will study it thoroughly, but that of course will take some time as there is much information there and it looks very educational. Yes, I did notice that many of the bodies had been decapitated; with regard to that, I also recall having read somehere that Jewish Torah lore has it that decapitation is the ultimate form of bodily desecration- it was probably their ritual way of showing contempt for the poor Ukrainian victims ) . Mark, thanks for that link, I knew that cannibalism was still practiced there in Africa, but I had no idea that it was like this. Liberia will be coming to our neighborhood soon. Interestingly, AIDS takes a lot of these “people” through death’s door, but they seem to replicate faster than nature can deal with them. Unfortunately, our technology ( petrochemical fertilizers, modern farming, insecticides and all the other beneficial things that whites have brought to the world) is what has made it possible for them to overpopulate that corner of the world. If we make it through this chaotic era and into the future, we need to take a page from the original Star Trek series and adopt the “Prime Directive” – do not interact with the native populations.
    Denise – yes, physial separation from these hominids should be our prime priority. We need to come together in white “communities” some how, some way, and it can’t be too soon. Believe me, I do talk to others about it, and I also do see more whites becoming aware, but the time for talk is passing and the time for DOING something is immanent. As stated in my previous post – our only defense is in numbers – “colonies” of whites living together, helping one another, and protecting one another. The old ” rugged individualist” notion of going off into some isolated place like the Pacific Northwest area and living “off the land” alone is pure BS! ( remember what happened to Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge?). Your statement about Jews is true, and that whites regard them as being “white, just with a different religion” is also true. Yes, those whites who believe this are fooled by their chameleon ability. They have used their pale skins to move unhindered among us for centuries, if not millenia. Yes, the Jews are both a race and a religion, but when it has been to their advantage they have maintained that they are “only a different religion”.B ut how do you “lead a horse to water”? This information is out there, all that is needed to see the truth is an open mind. As a matter of fact, nowadays many “prominent” Jews are openly referring to their people as a “different race”. So why are there so many deluded whites? I don’t know, but maybe it is because they don’t want to hear the truth?There is only so much you can do before you realize that you are wasting your time on this subject with some white folks. For whatever reason, you will not find anywhere near this kind of level of ignorance on this subject among Russian and Eastern European peoples. This is almost exclusively a “Western” phenomenon.

  28. Oh! By the way; In Marks linked video (see above), I did not see any animal life anywhere where these guys went, you know, normally you will see a pet dog or two, a cat, a pig or a chicken, NOTHING! So I guess that they must have taken to eating everything alive before they decided to start eating one another. Or maybe the animals were used as a side dish.

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