Mighty Thor Speaks to Us

Nordicreb’s piece on love inspired me to dig up Jost Turner’s wonderful essay, Love: An Eternal Law of Nature, which examines the ethno-political corollaries of love from a National Socialist perspective. I posted it as a comment on that thread, and I hope OD readers find it interesting.

While rediscovering some of Jost’s writing, I was struck by the lack of material accessible through search engines, and sad to find that many of the links to his essays that I’d bookmarked over the years were dead; in fact, I could not even access them through archive.org. In light of this, I have decided to archive some of Jost’s work here on OD from time to time. I decided today would be a fine time to post his paean to Donar; “over the whole earth, still it is Thor’s day!”

Mighty Thor Speaks to Us

By Jost Turner & “Teffy”

The snow was fresh that mystic night,
And sparkled in our fire’s light.
The scent and warmth of burning pine
Had eased the chill of winter time.
The moon was full and climbing higher,
`though dimmed behind our smoking fire.
The coyotes howled and barked and screamed,
And water rushed through rocky streams.
We sat around our fire and told
Of heroes and of days of old.
We taught our youth here on this ridge
Their cherished ancient heritage.
We spoke of music, art, and Folk,
Within that frozen grove of oak.
We talked of honor and of right,
Expounding courage, strength and might!

But then we spoke of nowadays:
Our long lost tribe and alien ways,
Of governments which worship gold,
Of leaders who are bought and sold.
But as we spoke of death and doom,
A northern cloud obscured the moon!
A frightful wind began to blow
Which caused the trees to bend and bow.
As thunder crashed beyond the oak,
A form appeared in wind-strewn smoke.
It was a giant of a man
Who held a hammer in his hand!
As he approached we came to feel
The proper act would be to kneel.
But as we knelt, our heads low bowed,
His angry voice now thundered loud!

“Enough of this groveling and cringing!” he said
“I’ve no holes in my feet and no thorns on my head!
Why do you think that a God is a foe,
A being who judges and brings weal or woe?
You should understand that a God is a friend,
Yes, someone who’s like you, whom you comprehend!
This bowing and scraping is not what we need,
So pick yourselves up! Take a drink of my mead!”

Upright `fore him we stood in awe.
A warrior tall and proud we saw,
With fiery beard and sky-blue eyes.
We now began to realize,
Before us stood the mighty Thor,
That God of old, so famed in lore!
The wind now ceased, `though clouds remained.
A dreadful mystic stillness reigned.
He poured us mead, then shook his head,
And with a fearsome growl, he said:
“What’s natural in life is what’s sacred to me!
So very few people perceive this, you see.
Just look at the forest and see all these stumps!
The oceans have all become chemical dumps!
The beasts of the earth are all getting so rare!
Just look all around at the state of the air!”

He gnashed his teeth and flexed his arms,
Then calmed himself and smiled with charm.
The atmosphere now changed from fear
To one which gave us joy and cheer!

“By living in harmony with nature, you see,
All people can prosper as well as be free
From all these afflictions which plague man today!
They’re one and the same: nature’s laws and my way!
The forces of nature must e’er be preserved
For all to survive, this is truth, take my word!
And that is why so many temples of yore
Adorned the deep forest or graced the sea shore!”

He grinned as he looked up and down
At starless sky and snow-clad ground,
then stood there staring for awhile,
Still on his lips a gentle smile.
His eyes were sparkling like two stars,
His stance relaxed, his gaze afar.
Then suddenly he stood erect,
With muscles bulging in his neck.
He raised his fist up in the air.
His voice rose like a growling bear.

“Eschew alien ways and the preachers they suit!
And look deep within for your spiritual roots!
Your values, your virtues, and what it compels,
Yes, that’s your religion! You need nothing else!
Your heritage, culture! In this you should delve!
You must understand your religion’s yourselves!
For you are the Gods and they’re you, yes indeed!
I’m just a reflection of all you should be!”

Then Thor relaxed and gave a smile.
He spoke again with earnest style:

“Your purpose in life, like all creatures on earth,
Is insuring ennoblement, virtues and worth,
And high evolution for your kind of man!
For this aspiration do all that you can!
By natural selection does all nature thrive,
Insuring the best in each species survives!
The next generations need planning and thought:
Intelligence, character, strength should be sought!
One thing you should learn now before it’s too late:
To exercise care when selecting a mate!
Besides procreation you should realize
Your ongoing purpose is to service the tribe.
There’s no higher virtue than such sacrifice.
Without selfless service there’s no joy in life!”

The voice of Thor now raised in pitch,
And thundered through that forest niche.

“Remember your heritage rests with the youth!
So teach them these values, these virtues, this truth!
Your kinsmen of old placed much value in strength:
A virtue which should be considered at length!
For weaklings are creatures which never survive,
and that’s not just muscles, but all that’s inside!
Extol self-reliance, and pull your own weight!
Now make that your way or be slaves to the State!
Adversity’s seen as a challenge, you see,
So meet it with zeal, an adventure indeed!
Now fight to the death for what’s deemed to be right!
Your kinsmen of old never fled from a fight!
Live life to the fullest! Enjoy all the best!
And when you meet death, have a smile and a jest!”
He paused a bit and took a drink,
And then with sadness, said: “I think
That these days it’s
Just about gone out of mode,
But in olden times we lived by honor’s code!
We need to revive it and make it our way.
To live life with honor is needed today.
Aspire to this virtue,don’t let yourself fail!
It’s so very simple, here’s what it entails:

First loyalty to family, to Folk and to tribe,
In all circumstances, where’er you reside!
Of sanctity of word, let there ne’er be a dearth;
Don’t ever forget that your word is your worth!
Now fairness in dealings is truly admired,
Your honesty’s certainly always required!
Another requirement’s to squarely face life
With courage, no matter the trouble or strife!
Yes, loyalty, honesty, worth in your word,
And courage! They’re all what your honor infers!”

We ventured now to question Thor
About occult and mystic lore.
He laughed aloud and slapped his side,
His voice resounding far and wide.

“These matters were pondered by mortals for years.
The answers they gave produced torment and tears!
Don’t bother yourself with that hereafter lore,
There’s so much on earth to prepare yourselves for!
Leave questions like that to the whimpering kind.
Face death as adventure, fear not what you’ll find!
Forget all that dogma, it breeds only strife!
Observance of nature solves mysteries in life.”

Thor drank some mead and wiped his chin,
Then winked his eye and spoke again:

“Yes, truth lives in nature and this I must say:
Things only make sense when approached nature’s way!
By strength of the will and the power of mind,
You’ll understand all of the mysteries you find,
For mysteries of death and the mysteries of fate,
Your mind has the power. Explore and create!”

His voice then lowered just a tad.
His gaze seemed just a little sad.

“Now this is no secret but ought to be said:
Although I’m a God I may one day be dead!
If Gods were immortal they could not inspire
A natural life with its zest and its fire!
If Gods were immortal they could not know fear,
Or courage, how boring, the thought brings a tear!
Remember: I’m just a reflection of you,
Of all that you are and of all that you do!
And I only live for as long as my tribe.
As long as you’re living then I shall survive!”

But then he laughed and clenched his fist,
His hammer raised in smokey mist.
With beaming face, that mighty Thor
Elaborated still some more:

“Now each needs their own inspirational light
To guide them all on to those spiritual heights.
Some follow the warrior: to them life’s a war.
To others the virtue of love offer more.
It makes little difference so long as we feel
Inspired with joy and with spiritual zeal!”

He raised his horn up towards an oak,
Then shook with joy and blithely spoke:

“For spiritual experience I must recommend
An old universally uplifting trend!
In feasting and dancing there’s naught to annoy,
Since these are all expressions of joy!
For joy is a natural part of our being.
Experiencing joy is experiencing me!
So sing and be merry, yes, dance and have fun!
It’s natural and should be religiously done!
But spiritual joy should not end at the fest.
To realize joy is a spiritual quest!
Don’t ever be gloomy! Don’t ever be sour!
Be lighthearted always for spiritual power!”

We stood there silently entranced
And gazed at him with eyes that danced.
His inspiration had instilled
Determination, strength of will.
To us, he represented all
Our aspirations, great and small.
We saw within his sky blue eyes,
the joy of being strong and wise.
He now put forth one final thought:

The essence of those things he’d taught.
“You should realize though I have been concise
That all that I’ve said shows a great way of life!
Religion is something that binds you this way,
It’s needed and useful and joyful each day!
Your religion’s yourself, and you know what that means:
Your heritage! Values! The fruit of your genes!”

He offered one last drink of mead.
We knew ’twas time for him to leave.
He drained his horn and wiped his mouth,
As moonlight glimmered from the south.
We saw the clouds begin to clear,
The southern stars had reappeared.
But then a wind began to blow,
Again the trees did bend and bow,
And, as the thunder loudly spoke,
Thor faded back into the smoke.


  1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow crafted a very inspiring hymn to Thor:

    “I am the God Thor,
    I am the War God,
    I am the Thunderer!
    Here in my Northland,
    My fastness and fortress,
    Reign I forever!

    Here amid icebergs
    Rule I the nations;
    This is my hammer,
    Miolner the mighty;
    Giants and sorcerers
    Cannot withstand it!

    These are the gauntlets
    Wherewith I wield it,
    And hurl it afar off;
    This is my girdle;
    Whenever I brace it,
    Strength is redoubled!

    The light thou beholdest
    Stream through the heavens,
    In flashes of crimson,
    Is but my red beard
    Blown by the night-wind,
    Affrighting the nations!

    Jove is my brother;
    Mine eyes are the lightning;
    The wheels of my chariot
    Roll in the thunder,
    The blows of my hammer
    Ring in the earthquake!

    Force rules the world still,
    Has ruled it, shall rule it;
    Meekness is weakness,
    Strength is triumphant,
    Over the whole earth
    Still is it Thor’s Day!

    Thou art a God too,
    O Galilean!
    And thus single-handed
    Unto the combat,
    Gauntlet or Gospel,
    Here I defy thee!”

    Many of you will be familiar with this hymn from the music of Blood Axis, who set this rousing poem to the thundering sounds of Prokofiev. Listen to it here:

  2. Robert, do you know where I can get a full-sized replica of Mjöllnir? I need it to hammer some of the swarthy skrælings around here.

  3. Thank you, Robert. Those two poems have explained more to me than a hundred essays on the same subjects. But would you also post Jost’s essay? I’ve Googled it but my ISP blocks those links.

  4. One can not really understand heathenry without understand the concept of “wyrd”.
    In monoteism, nothing really has any real consequences, since everything that has happened have consequences according to gods will, and not like in heathenry, where even the gods must pay the consequences of their actions, since without consequences according to laws, there would be no order in the world for the god to rule over.

    This is from a website that explains a little better.

    In the Anglo-Saxon Riming Poem, the narrator says of his life circumstances Me þæt wyrd gewæf, ‘Wyrd wove this for me'[3]. In the Icelandic Njal’s Saga, valkyries weave out the course of a battle on a loom made of weapons and threaded with human entrails.[4] Imagine a patterned piece of cloth being woven on a loom. The horizontal threads (the woof) are woven in in layers along the vertical threads (the warp). The horizontal threads represent layers of past actions. The vertical threads represent a time line. The colour of each horizontal thread as it is woven in will add to the pattern that is already established and influence the pattern that emerges. The threads already woven in cannot be changed, but the overall pattern is never fixed. Existing designs can be expanded into new forms. New designs can be added. Everything we do adds one more layer to the pattern.

    One ramification of wyrd in personal human terms is that our past (both our ancestry and our personal history) affects us continually. Who we are, where we are, and what we are doing today is dependent on actions we have taken in the past and actions others have taken in the past which have affected us in some way. And every choice we make in the present builds upon choices we have previously made.

    The philosopher Schopenhauer voiced the notion that “our lives are somehow irresistibly shaped into a coherent whole by forces beyond our conscious will”.[5] He believed that neither chance events nor inborn character were enough to explain the consistency and direction in the life course of an individual, and so he postulated “the intention of Fate” to explain this controlling force in our lives. Many people have equated the notion of wyrd with this sort of “fate” concept, and the Norns with the Moerae or Parcae, the Greek and Roman Fates. However, to do so is to ignore the constant interplay between personal wyrd and universal wyrd and the role we each play in creating our own destiny.

    The key Schopenhauer seems to have missed is that what he calls “the intention of Fate” is itself created by an interplay between the events that happen to us and our inborn character. We interact with wyrd (that which has become) to create certain personal patterns which affect and are reflected in universal patterns. Those universal patterns, in turn, exert forces which shape our lives.

    For example, say I happen to find myself in a situation where someone insults me. I can “freely” choose any one of a number of immediate reactions, from ignoring the person to slapping her. But my choice at that moment is obviously going to be constrained by a number of patterns of wyrd already in place, including my inborn personality characteristics, my social conditioning, my past experiences with being insulted, my relationship with the person who has insulted me, even my hormone levels.

    To the extent that my reaction is determined by these patterns, wyrd is shaping my life at that moment, and my reaction may feel to me as though it were predestined (if I want to deny responsibility) or the only “right” choice (if I want to claim responsibility for it). To the extent that I am aware of certain recurring patterns in my life, I might feel as though the person was fated to insult me at that moment. But no matter which way I chose to react to the insult, my reaction will add to the patterns in place and constrain my future actions (if I’m insulted a second time, my reaction will be determined in part by how I behaved when I was insulted the first time.) So, at the same time I am caught up in experiencing certain patterns of wyrd, I am creating them.


  5. “Robert, do you know where I can get a full-sized replica of Mjöllnir?”

    I’ve seen serviceable 2 pound sledges at the hardware stores.

  6. Volksverhetzer, that was interesting to read.

    As someone said, we are each of us little waves on the Ocean of Universal Will. I would say that “free will” is an illusion. It may have evolved in order to force us to face hardship and develop further.

  7. Robert – brilliant! Touching, stirring, wonderful.

    This is what the Genius of our Race creates, whne we CAST OFF ANMESIA!!!!!

  8. Christian Spirit Water Blood Website hates fellow whites of Occidental Dissent for posting a poem about Thor–They say they are ‘covenant breakers’ , comparing them to ‘the serpent’ and that they promote ‘verbal excrement’ . Without christianity there would never be “devoted wives and mothers”, or so says Spirit Water Blood website. (see it’s Give me Christ, or Give me Hiroshima blog post of Feb 28)

  9. Hmm. There were devoted wives and mothers in Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and Greco-Roman Europe before Christianity. There are plenty of devoted wives and mothers in non-Christian Japan.

  10. If Christianity is the solution to all our woes, why are so many Christians getting divorced in the Bible Belt where I come from?

    It’s called hypocrisy. Also, we’d have to question whether the Christianity itself is genuine if it is resulting in such a high divorce rate.

    Don’t think that there won’t be or aren’t any White Nationalists that engage in the practice.

  11. I have a lot of respect for both parties involved here. But the poem here was obviously a provocation. SWB retaliated.

    The more I learn about heathenry, the more I learn that it’s one big hatefest against Christianity. I know there are exceptions and I know that I’m just adding fuel to the fire, here. But I just really don’t think there’s enough left to reconstruct anything worthy of adopting.


  12. I wouldn’t worry too much, Wiki. Jebus is as imaginary as the Norse god – so it evens out in the end.

  13. Cap’n,
    Whether a myth or ideal is materially factual is independent of its immediate impact on the adherent. The Religious Question is ultimately more important than the Jewish Question because the profundity of the challenge before us requires the submission of the ego to a higher ideal. The “stuckment” has a whole generation of people who understand the Jewish Question as an academic exercise yet remain barren, pursue the respect pellets apportioned by our overlords, and wade carelessly through a fever swamp of modernity that they ought to be draining.

    The two goals aren’t mutually exclusive, and I’m not trying to imply that they are…but a White nation ignorant of the JQ but devoted to preserving their ideals for future generations is preferable to a White nation nursing a monomaniacal obsession with Jewry but incapable of envisioning or erecting an alternative order.

  14. “Whether a myth or ideal is materially factual is independent of its immediate impact on the adherent.”

    What is the utility of x for the genetic continuity of population y? Yup.

    “The Religious Question is ultimately more important than the Jewish Question because the profundity of the challenge before us requires the submission of the ego to a higher ideal.”

    The Jews stand in the way of implementing the program of indoctrination of our choice. No way out but through the Jews.

  15. Hmm. Not that I want to open up the ol’ debate again, but this seems like an appropriate place to note again that original polygynous Mormonism was the most effective religion for Whites to increase their birthrate and build a community.

    The answer is right there, staring everyone in the face. But of course the truth has to be accepted and may people can’t handle the truth.

  16. Thor and Christ were both useful parts of Western civilization and history. Why either should be pitted against the other is beyond me.

    They had their time and for some people either option still works. What are we going to have, a battle of the Gods?

    For many if not most people they are seen as myths, not living realities. Saying they could become more does not make it so.

  17. Cap’n,
    There’s no way out but through a lot of things, not just the Jew. In fact, there’s no way out but through the monomaniacs. There’s no way out but through YOU, too.

    That answer requires humbling myself, making real sacrifices, and dramatically changing my lifestyle. Is there some way I can save my race with a text message to the number on my screen?

  18. Is there some way I can save my race with a text message to the number on my screen?

    Lol. Let’s work only on that. Anything else is clearly unrealistic.

    Once you can buy saving your race beside the pop n chips at the corner store you’ll know you’ve won. I want the packaging with 1950s white folks on the label of smokes, thanks. And a glass bottle of coke.

  19. Polygamy is not any sort of answer. Polygamy destroys the patriarchal, high-male-investment society that is fundamental to anything other than stone age grass huts. You choose polygamy, you’re choosing the stone age, and you are my mortal enemy.

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