OD Stings R.E.A.L.

As many of you know, Jeffrey Imm issued an open challenge to White Nationalists to show up at his scheduled event in Kenyon Park in Washington, DC. He claims that White Nationalists are cowards who hide from public view in hotels and on the internet. He claims that we refuse to debate him in public. Well, I went to his little event this afternoon with Pip Pockets. We showed up on his own turf and videotaped the whole damn thing.

It was thirty something minutes of gutbusting hilarity. This mountbank harangued a busy street corner of annoyed non-White pedestrians with his corny message about love and equality. He passed out fliers about “hate groups” like Occidental Dissent and American Renaissance based in Virginia. Blacks and Hispanics came up to us and laughed at Red Jeffrey. In fact, one in particular actually called him an idiot. Imm couldn’t turn out one supporter for his event. Not even a single doped up antifa beatnik. My god it was hilarious.

We confronted him on camera. Imm gave his usual spiel about “love” with a priceless scowl on his face. He couldn’t believe that we would actually show up and challenge him. Oh man, he was furious. We’ve been having a good laugh at Red Jeffrey’s expense for the past three hours. The vanguard is in the area. We’re going to have some more fun this weekend. When I get back to Charlottesville, I will share the R.E.A.L. video with everyone on YouTube.

Jeffrey Imm and R.E.A.L. are a paper tiger. White Nationalists can take back Washington. OD has planted its flag in nearby Virginia. We plan to build a real world network of professional WN activists in the area. If you are in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, Kentucky, or Tennessee, get in touch with us.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the video! Be sure to write a letter to the hotels with a link to the video, to show them that they gave up good business because of a lone kook.

    It’s amazing they give that creature air time on the MSM.

  2. Denise, yes that is an interesting possibility. Perhaps the FBI would agree to profile the person who made the death threats? Sort of like the Ivins report they released today?

    For Ivins they said he was a loner, despite being married and having adopted children, that his life’s work was in face of ruin, that he had a variety of habits including mailing letters to a lot of people like senators and news organizations, etc.

    So what sort of profile are we looking for with the death threats? The FBI made Ivins sound disgruntled. Could the caller be someone who felt that he was being ignored? That his efforts were not working? Did he need to have an achievement like stopping the Amren conference? Was it someone who needed that for their life’s work to be satisfying? Did they need public attention? What sort of attention does the caller want? Did he want people to know it was him somehow?

    Why were the death threats repeated for each hotel one after the other? Wouldn’t a casual caller just do one and stop? Why would someone find out each hotel and make the same calls to each hotel? Doesn’t that show a level of effort and determination that goes beyond the ordinary?

    Of course, Mr Imm would want the videotape to be played as an audiotape to those who got the death threat calls so that Mr. Imm could be excluded. He can be asked if he would want that. He is after all an FBI agent. He can be asked if that would be standard.

    Those who are at JDO and the other organizations will want to make audiotapes of their voices making death threats so that their organization can be excluded as well. These organizations will want to disclose their finances to make it clear they were not in need of money or attention from this to motivate making calls in such a persistent manner.

    Nothing above, elsewhere or to follow is to implicate any specific person. These are just very preliminary questions at a very preliminary stage of this investigation.

  3. Hunter,

    So you caught ‘the Imp’ on video, huh? Ha ha ha!

    Did he at least have a HAIRCUT?!?

    *Imp, if you cannot pull yourself away from your 24/7 “crusade” (psychotic obsession) with us, I know an outfit of TRAVELING BARBERS that makes HOUSE CALLS –


    They specialize with hairstyling for Blacks — so this may be right up your alley — since you can throw a ‘love-in’ at your house with ‘da brudas’ and all get a HAIRCUT at the same time.

    ‘Two birds with one stone’, Imp.

  4. Another question for the FBI profiler. Wouldn’t the caller wanted to have shown up at the Imm thing? Even if just to be there and be silent? Does the FBI profiler think it likely that the caller is on the videotape? Just speculation and questions.

  5. There’s so much leverage with it all! Isn’t it awesome when you see behind the curtain and confirm the impotence and irrelevance of the weasels who strike fear into the hearts of respectable conservatives and elected politicians? We’re with you in spirit, Hunter.

  6. The death threats would be from the spittle-bespattered mongrels of the OPP, and SPLC. — Denise

    Hey OA,

    I thought I would repost this for all to see and be reminded of in case they missed it on other threads –


    Why the Jewish Defense Organization Launches a Successful Boycott of a Hotel for allowing a Neo-Nazi Convention

    JDO launched a boycott against a hotel located in Virginia for daring to rent for a neo-nazi convention. It is true that JDO has launched and is continuing this important boycott and the effect is more than just local but national on various hotels across the US that have been asked by assorted Neo-Nazi and KKK misfits to rent for Jew-Hating and racist hate fests of the future, will think a million times over if they hear or read that not only were have been angry demonstrations at other hotels that rented to this neo-nazi outfit in the past. This local run by a despicable sleaze for renting to the neo-nazis but the Jews and others angry as well brought that Hotel to its knees with the additional weapon of boycott, meaning getting all potential customers to cancel ever using that hotel in the future.First, no greater justice can be done to the owners and management of the hotel.

    JDO plans on financially wrecking the hotel if they rent to these neo-nazis! This means effort and letting everyone also know the owners the manager be called and demand the neo-nazi meeting be cancelled immedaitely! This campaign is specifically aimed at the hotel, and its “rent to the Nazis” manager who rented unknowingly and eagerly to a band of neo-nazis that has hosted Nazi KKK pig David Duke speak about the “evil Jews” at its conventions. The neo-nazi that runs this group is one Jared Taylor. When JDO launched its campaign 8 weeks ago thousands called, and cabled Welliver to cancel this upcoming neo-nazi convention. Well, he allowed the neo-nazis in anyway. The only conscience the hotel has are its pockets, and if we financially wreck the hotel through a serious boycott every hotel will remember what JDO did to Welliver and his once proud hotel punished and brought to financial ruin by reaching out and getting every possible customer to cancel any parties planned there.

    The neo-nazi American Renaissance is holding their 9th biennial conference at the ??? on February 19-21, 2010 We just got word that the hotel cancelled the Nazi scum convention. Stop calling them, they did not know who they were renting to. Any info on where Jarad Taylor and his speakers will hold their nazi meeting would be greatly appreciated now that this hotel has cancelled. …

    (***Imagine that, Jared Taylor is, and is hosting, a “Nazi scum convention”! RM LMFAO 😀 )

    Moral of the story — Jeff Imm – ‘the Imp’ – is still a (window-dressing) WIMP.

  7. I sincerely hope that the professionals at AmRen will press charges and sue. As another poster said earlier, the discovery process alone would be worth it.

    Coming on the heels of the Hal Turner case, this is a vitally important task.

  8. Thank God someone is getting in that Hate-Statist’s face. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be getting physical with him and his weirdo Lovemongers. I can only hope that they come to the Chicago area. I am ready.

    Great job, Occidental Dissent! Let’s keep this going!

  9. HW:”White Nationalists can take back Washington.”

    Of course we’ll take DC back despite the mass-incursion of Jews, non-Whites, and the hordes of Yankee-Judean degenerates — DC is on Southern soil, territory of our Southland…we have to take it back.

    Looks like a lot of things are finally starting to happen on-the-ground, which is excellent. Too bad I’m stuck in the daily 9-5 grind and thus can’t contribute, write, or meet-up as much as I’d like to.

    I regret I haven’t had much chance to comment on here lately because I’ve been too busy…but I still try to read every post and comment when I can.

    “If you are in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, Kentucky, or Tennessee, get in touch with us.”

    Hey, don’t leave out SC!

    I’d definitely like to meet up with y’all sometime in Charlottesville or the DC area in the future. I’ll be in touch soon.

  10. Reality Check – I am relatively new to the WN scene, however, I have observed one thing – submitting to the Jew *never* works.


    Not ever.

    They despise you even more.

    Jared Taylor, who is a fine, intelligent, honorable man, tried to “make peace” with Jewry.

    The AmRen Conventions used to be broadcast on CNN. Now – we are driven out “into the cold” – cast out like lepers. We aren’t even permitted to gather, in establishments that would welcome far less worthy groups.

    Behold the fruits of “accomodation”.

    I sincerely pray Taylor changes his direction. And he ought to get the H#LL Away from ZOG Central.

  11. Reality Check, that is a very good statement to repost especially since JDO took it down. As the lawyer pundits say on TV, JDO will want to have their voices taped saying the same threats and have the hotels listen to them to clear their name. Also those who contribute to these organizations will want to have the same chance to clear their name and assist the FBI. Jeffrey Imm would no doubt be happy to verify that is the FBI way of thinking about it.

    Also another question for the FBI profiler of the caller. Does the profiler think the person thought of themselves as a law unto themselves? That they felt above man’s law? That they were a fanatic determined to stop the Amren conference at any cost? Isn’t that consistent with the threats made? Just questions.

  12. Firstly, Imm is a government-SPLC operative. He’s paid well to act the fool and repeat propaganda.

    Secondly, I had guessed back in 2008 Amren would have trouble holding another conference becuz the org had turned crypto anti-Jewish:
    1) The huge turnout of Stormfronters
    2) the revelations that Jared Taylor is fan of 3rd Reich memorabilia
    3) the verbal harassment of Jewish attendees

    Had the Big Jews sought to cancel prior Amren conferences, they could’ve – believe it. They held fire, mostly. This year they let loose.

  13. OD readers take note:

    Jeffrey Imm of REAL personally challenged Hunter Wallace to debate him at his DC press conference. Although he could have been walking into a dangerous ambush at the hands of antifa thugs, Hunter attended the event and attempted to debate Imm on his own ground, under his own terms. Even with circumstances so unreasonably stacked in his favour, Imm refused to debate Hunter.

    Veritas Odium Parit…

  14. Part of Imm’s version of events reads:

    “I asked them [Hunter Wallace and Pip Pockets] where American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor was, but they had no answer – just like they had no courage to debate us on their ideas. One meekly said he stood for “white power,” then promptly stopped talking.

    My response was that myself and our supporters call, not for “white power,” but for “Human Power.””

    Jeffrey is claiming that Hunter Wallace refused to debate him and engaged in a half-hearted defense of “White Power,” a phrase which he does not employ; methinks the video shall reveal a very different story.

    Take note of the fact that Imm has stopped spamming OD with his nonsense since being met on the street by two of our activists. He is obviously very unaccustomed to being confronted with the truth, and I don’t think he knows how to handle it.

    Read Imm’s full account here: http://www.realcourage.org/2010/02/real-defies-hate-in-dc/

  15. This video will definitely go down in history, maybe even greater than Epic Beard Man’s.

    Impossible, unless Wallace gave Imm a beatdown like EBM did to the savage.

    I do eagerly await the video however.

  16. Take note of the fact that Imm has stopped spamming OD with his nonsense since being met on the street by two of our activists.

    Wallace said he was banned.

    It might be worth letting Imm respond at least for a while to what transpired there.

    I can’t imagine Imm actually debating anyway, other than regurgitating his trained responses and doublespeak catchphrases. He is a paper tiger, and a midget one at that.

  17. “JDO plans on financially wrecking the hotel if they rent to these neo-nazis!”

    Working to sabotage a contract between to parties is a federal felony in the United States. Claiming that you are going to do so, or inciting others to do so, is probably good enough for conspiracy charges.

  18. Errr….you fine gents seem to imagine that the FBI is going to do one bloody thing on our behalf.

    FBI is ZOG.

    There will be NO repercussions for the JDO. Via the “authorities”.

    Die Juden “held fire” becase they have bene patiently building infrasructure. Their House N!$$#r is now POTUS.

    We must base ALL plans on these FACTS.

  19. Denise,

    I don’t think the FBI is necessarily going to do a bloody thing on our behalf, but you’re absolutely wrong about the power of our opponents. Jewish power is built entirely on influence and alliances. To believe that their money is wealth or that their influence is power is to fall for the big lie.

    Look at how the NSA smacked down the build-up to the invasion of Iran with their report that there wasn’t a nuclear weapons program. Look at how Jimmy Carter came out and accused Israel of racism and oppression. Look at how this site remains up, how David Duke gets on cable from time to time. The situation is indeed dire, but to believe they’re as powerful as you suggest is to invite a defeatism and desperation which isn’t appropriate for our situation.

    Look at Jeffrey Imm as an example. He’s been striking terror into the hearts of hotel managers throughout the capitol region. But how powerful is he, really? He’s not at all. It’s based ENTIRELY on influence, assumptions, and chutzpah. I believe that Jewish power is built on the backs of anti-semitic cowards, on the hotel managers who shut down the conference because they think the JDO runs the world. I think talk like this gives them an excuse to piss themselves and roll over.

  20. OMG!!! Wiki – I am very sorry that my post comes across as “defeatist”.

    My meaning is anything *but*.

    I simply meant that we must advance all tactics based on the fact that we are the Outeliers. We are being hunted now. The “authorities” aren’t going to do a thing to help us, and will work agressively against us. That’s OK; we shall overcome!

    I’m a Celt, darlin’ – this is where our best gifts emerge. You know we are the Creative Race.

    Most Americans know nothing if this whole debacle. We do. We know how dire the situation is.

    History is calling our names. Fate blows a Clarion Trumpet. I feel that our strats will inspire the greatest energy, talent, and imagination from our Volk. The White Race *will be* reborn – from our Ranks.

  21. OMG – I can’t wait for the video! I am a chick; I’m not really *into* porn – but this will be SO MUCH BETTER than porn!!!!

  22. “Jewish power is built entirely on influence and alliances.”

    That statement was true 100 years ago, but not at present. They have within their fist the controls of the State.

    “Look at Jeffrey Imm as an example. He’s been striking terror into the hearts of hotel managers throughout the capitol region. But how powerful is he, really? He’s not at all.”

    Imm, a visible tentacle of ZOG has successfully thwarted and humiliated Jared Taylor & Amren. Consider that he knows everything, and immediately. The ADL/SPLC have access to Total Information Awareness databases, and that’s why he exercises precision control.

    (Btw, I suspect the ADL/SPLC “founded” REAL merely to avoid further bad press.)

  23. Denise,

    I wasn’t accusing you of being defeatist. I admire your energy. What I’m trying to suggest is that for every courageous anti-semite, there are at least a dozen cowardly anti-semites: hotel managers who get a call from ‘the jews’ and scramble to cancel the event and make a generous donation to AIPAC out of mortal terror. Foxman speaks in depth about this in Defamation and I believe him. A huge amount of Jewish power is a bluff, one which is strengthened when we overstate the scope of Jewish control.

  24. Great work Hunter challenging that fool on his own terms and exposing his cowardice. My hat’s off to you.

  25. Wiki – that is why we must be vociferous, relentless, and merciless at outing the Jew. At all times.

    I am going to complain to Hotel Mgmgt – at every hotel. I will NAME THE JEW (on Monday.)

  26. Mark,

    Imm is not banned. We deleted some of his more obnoxious posts, but we decided not to ban him.

    We were hoping he would come here and defend himself, but obviously not…

  27. This was our first little activist event. We really just went there and laughed at him for 30 minutes. In hindsight, it could have been done much better. Fortunately, there will be further opportunities in the near future.

  28. “We really just went there and laughed at him for 30 minutes.”

    Then put the video up so we can share the laughs. It’ll be good for morale.

  29. “We really just went there and laughed at him for 30 minutes.”

    There can be no debate with him. Imm is a moron. Laughing at him is good and is just as effective.

  30. “Pip Pockets knows how to do it. He will put it up on YouTube when he gets home.”

    Fuckin’ A, er, I mean, most agreeable!

  31. “Foxman speaks in depth about this in Defamation and I believe him. A huge amount of Jewish power is a bluff, one which is strengthened when we overstate the scope of Jewish control.”

    The Jews do have a nation-wide network, keep black lists, operate the CIA-NSA-FBI, have Mossad and its assassination unit Kidon behind them. They don’t bluff. They threaten, but the threat is real.

  32. I should note, the ADL (Foxman’s home) is but one organ of the B’nai Br’ith secret society. So you’re seeing one visible operative of the sub-water Jewish Octopus in front of you.

  33. You go Hunter!

    You are right Jeffrey Imm is a tissue tiger, but he is good practice. Jeffrey is a good way to practice up your skills and ability to approach someone in public in a confrontational way, yet not get violent or lose control. Jeffrey is nobody. For $200 to buy a web site and a cell phone you too can be REAL!

    Daryl Lamont and the JDO have also taken claim to have shut down AMC. You are going to find they are not going to just roll over and let you walk away feeling so warm and fuzzy. They know how to push your buttons. They know how to provoke you. They know exactly what the legal boundaries are to push you over the edge. And even if they step over into the fuzzy area of the law, they have the sympathy, better PR, and lawyers who will make sure they come out smelling like a rose and you stink. Also, it does not matter that YOU think you won. ALL that matters is this: Did one person watching come to believe the truth. Did just one person step on your side of the line and make a decision that the White Man is right? Did you win in the public’s eye? This is a PR war and nothing else.

    The ONLY way you can confront these people and come out ahead is: 1- Never confront them unless it is videotaped. 2- Never use profanity and derogatory words- your strongest support will always come from religious people. 3- Never threaten to do harm. 4- Remember you can never beat them at their game because you are not like them. 5- Learn their arguments and mindset before you confront them. 6- Practice, practice, practice. 7- Be prepared to take a beating from time to time with no recourse. 8- Let the lone wolves do your dirty work.

    Currently we are reactive. They are proactive. We are running. They are chasing. We are thinking about how to argue with them. They are defining the argument for us. This makes us losers. We must be proactive. We must chase. We must define the argument.

    Best Regards,
    Sherwood Smith

  34. The enemy controls the “social contract” and therefore has the power to deny you every benefit that comes from your dependent adherence to it. Of course, you are free to continue the futile search for obscurantist means to “work within the system,” “confront” the enemy on his territory, and “play by his rules.” Or you can change your mindset, reject the system to the greatest extent possible, and undertake the task of building a new one. I consider the following to be a step in the right direction:


  35. “…Laughing at him is good and is just as effective…”

    Use of ridicule to humiliate one’s enemies is a tactic straight out of the lefty bible–alinsky’s handbook Rules for Radicals:

    Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

    We must use more of it as it is used against us.

    As the FBI, Justice Dept. and any other ZOG agency will not defend, rescue or allow redress for Whites, we must start using their tactics against them.

    Ridicule allows your opponent to be branded a loser, forced to grovel and defend himself (making the situation much worse), humiliated, and ashamed. Ask John Edwards.

    We hammer and heap ridicule on useful idiots such as the odious ‘red herring’ that is imm, who is too stupid to believe how expendable he is. ZOG will eventually be done with him, he will meet an untimely demise at ZOG’s hands of some sort and ‘White Supremacists’ or Neo-Nazis will be blamed, as usual, reported 24/7 in the msm.

    You can bet the FBI and Justice Dept., after a lengthy investigation will blame ‘White Supremacists’ as they’re trying to convince Americans their greatest threat is Whites and/or Arab terrorists–when nothing could be further from the truth.

    ZOG is building a case right now of hatred directed at imm so it will be easy to pin blame on AmRen, Stormfront, Duke’s outfit, Linder, probably all of them when the time comes.

    You can count on it

    And wiki writes:

    “…To believe that their money is wealth or that their influence is power is to fall for the big lie…”

    Here are a few pertinent strategies from the alinsky bible that addresses what you and other have written about ZOG’s perceived power:

    “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

    ” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.” (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)

    “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

    “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

    Recognize any of these? Perhaps all of them?

    Yes, we must use THEIR tactics against them, as they understand our psychology better than we do and have triangulated against Whites and Western Civilization using the fraudulent Freud, the hateful Frankfurt School, the racist, anti-White idiocy of Boasian anthropology.

    Study and Understand the Rules. Here is a link where they’ve been condensed:



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