Sinister Pepsi promo seeks to “Cast Amnesia” over Whites

Although it sounds as if they’re saying “catch amnesia,” the lyrics to the song (below) reveal that the far more sinister word “cast” is being employed. Make no mistake, Pinky: this will happen whether or not you consent to it.

One Tribe by Black Eyed Peas

“One Tribe, one time, one planet, one race
It’s all one blood, don’t care about your face
The color of your eye or the tone of your skin
Don’t care where ya are
Don’t care where ya been
Cause where we gonna go
Is where we wanna be
The place where the little language is unity
And the continent is called Pangaea
And the main ideas are connected like a spear

If I had an enemy, then my enemy is gonna try to come and kill me
Cause I’m his enemy
There’s one tribe ya’ll

One tribe ya’ll
One tribe ya’ll
One tribe ya’ll
We are one people
Let’s cast amnesia, forget about all that evil
Forget about all that evil, that evil that they feed ya
Let’s cast amnesia, forget about all that evil
That evil that they feed ya
Remember that we’re one people
We are one people
One people, one people
One people, one people
One people, one people”


  1. Actually it is “y’all” not “ya’ll”. As in “you all” not “ya all”. Sorry, I just really hate that for some reason.

  2. Watching is a second time it’s even more sinister – considering that Pepsi and the rest of the “cola” “soft drinks” and the rest of the crap are basically liquid candy bars – it’s just a less harmful drug than say, heroin. Maybe the Mormons are right to be suspicious of “colas” or whatever this junk food is called today.

    Pepsi is supposedly an Atlanta company, is that still true? Who has convinced Pepsi to run these sinister and repugnant ads? Perhaps three years ago there were some famous articles about the Pepsi company and their first “marketing campaign” against black people. They paid some high IQ and respected black men big money to promote caffeinated Pepsi junk food in black neighborhoods.

    The Pepsi corporation is doing this today in South Africa, and the so-called “elite” of South African blacks are begging Pepsi to “invest” in their countries by supporting “local business” – meaning Pepsi distributors.

    Even Leftist/Communist Jew Noam Chomsky says that globalist capitalism will be “anti-racist” because it wants to merge all people in the world into some generic “consumer” hipster “market”

    We need to start a serious White Boycott Campaign against Pepsi and all other globalist corporations that promote this filth and genocide against white people.

  3. I am an avid fan of Coca-Cola (can’t stand the chemical taste of Pepsi), but when I feel the urge, I try to buy so called “off brands”. Not only because I don’t want to contribute to multinational corporations that feed the enemies of my people, but also because the off brands are cheaper. The reason for that is that the off brands do not (generally) spend millions on advertising or (again) feeding the enemies of my people. I am a weakling, I do have to have my Coke at times, but trying to avoid the big “name brands” (no matter the product) is better for our people and I strongly recommend it.

  4. What I like about sodas is the carbonation. Without that it has a disagreeable taste. Try drinking a flat soda.

    I’m very fond of lemon water, refreshing and cleanses the palate.

  5. Of course Pepsi and other corporations promote universalism, there’s more profit in selling to everyone than just one ethnic group. They’re currently trying to ruin Asian tradition and culture.

  6. A perfect example of how Christian values undermine race, while flying in the face of natural science which was invented by the white race (Darwin etc.)

  7. I am disgusted by how debase the diet is in this country that no matter where you go you it is just assumed that you must accompany every bite to eat with ridiculously overpriced sugar water. I have a nasty cold at the minute and haven’t been eating well so for the first time in nearly a year I resorted to forcing down some McDonalds in order to get some calories into my system. I figured a filet of fish is probably one of the less malevolent items on the menu yet was astounded at just how much salt was in that meal. My hands were encrusted in salt crystals as prolific as when you take a shortcut through some weeds and get thousands of burrs stuck all over your blue jeans. Who in their right mind eats this garbage everyday?

  8. People who are too lazy and somehow don’t care about quality of food. I cook my own meals for the simple reason that the vast majority of restaurants serve garbage, not even talking about fast food chains. For many the effort to cook your own food, which is healthier, tastier and cheaper is not worth it. I do my own prep for the week before I cook so it’s not so much at once. I also enjoy cooking for others.

  9. I’d find it more convincing if it were beautiful Nordic women singing about being one tribe. Coming from ugly, degenerate negros and their obnoxious rapping, I find it unconvincing, actually proving the opposite. 🙂

  10. Yea, sooo evil! Forget about our physical differences! The audacity! Sooo sinister, muahahahaha! The pigmented are gonna take over the world partnered with the whites that run the corporations! U losers need a new hobby…

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