RE: Is This How Democracy Ends?

Pat has written a new column, Is This How Democracy Ends? The cool thing about being Pat is that your unique personal history, social networking, and tactful walking of the fine line between the respectable and the reprehensible empowers you and you alone to state the obvious. It seems like he and he alone has all these profound ideas. His deep thought of the day is this: America faces a crisis of democracy.

Pat BuchananThis is old news to our dwindling collective of Americans who don’t have a brain slug, but it’s a veritable revelation to Pat’s target audience of semi-literate Foxtards. To them, democracy is an idol of worship, the single righteous conclusion of history. To them, America’s the embodiment of whichever assortment of Masonic or Judaic ideals prove most useful in leading up to the next military campaign. To them, America is too big to fail.

But shortly afterwards, he goes from merely speaking at a level his audience can understand to being outright wrong:

At its heart is a fiscal crisis [Emphasis added]. After the 2009 deficit of $1.4 trillion, we are running a 2010 deficit of $1.6 trillion. Trillion-dollar deficits are projected through the Obama years, be they four or eight.

The economic dimension is merely the most easily quantified and least controversial dimension of America’s crisis, and it was disappointing to see him hide behind it. With individual poverty, the economic poverty is always the most transitive and least causative of the poverties. Before that, you have cognitive poverty, moral poverty, social poverty, and educational poverty. A regime’s poverty is no different. Our deficits, budget crises, and declining credit ratings aren’t the heart of the crisis – they’re emergent effects of America’s precipitous decline in cognitive and moral capital.

The tsunami of billions of dollars won’t make a dent in Haitian poverty, because economics aren’t at the heart of its perpetually wretched condition. For the same reason, America’s wretched condition wouldn’t be improved by balancing the budget. Pat knows this, but will lose his ability to influence the national conversation if he directly states it. That’s fine. But when he states the opposite of the truth, he negates his purpose altogether.

Paleos who stake out positions behind enemy lines have my respect and patience as long as they don’t try to gain credibility or respect by firing back at us. But clearly stating that a mere fiscal crisis is at the heart of America’s crisis of democracy is a disappointing compromise which undermines your life’s work, Pat. Nobody knows what your actuals views are, but I KNOW from what I’ve read that you don’t actually believe this childish simplification offered by the GOP elite.

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  1. Paddy O’Buchanan is the worst sort of Irish Roman Catholic blowhard politician.

    How many times have you read a story by Paddy O’,and then the next morning seen him say & state just the opposite on national TV? The Irish Catholic sack o’ shit does it every damn day. LOL.

    For you Holy Mary catholic boys, don’t forget Paddy O’ is personally worth a very conservatively estimated $100 Million Dollars plus not counting what he can raise from the tards who buy his books & send him money.

    Btw, Paddy O’s portfolio was posted on the internet the last time he ran for President—all bonds & blue chips. LOL.

    This guy has nothing to fear financially, with his money you could be on national TV 24/7.

    Buchanan is such a slime ball he makes the Jews look good…LOL.

  2. “This guy has nothing to fear financially, with his money you could be on national TV 24/7.”

    Watson has a point.

  3. Pat’s raised a tremendous amount of awareness on traditional conservative issues, including some difficult but important work in providing a more balanced perspective on WWII than the overheated mythic propaganda Americans are served. I would also like him to do more, to speak louder and more directly about what’s happening to our country. But he’s doing a lot and it’s working to a limited extent.

    It’s not like mindlessly and hatefully barking about the Jews is a guaranteed strategy that he lacks the courage for. It accomplishes nothing. One can argue that maybe Pat hasn’t really accomplished all that much with his strategy. You people act like we should be losing patience with Pat, but what about patience with you? I say we lose patience with monomaniacal obsessives who invest more time in attacking gentiles than Jews. I say we lose patience with people who think this is as simple as “naming the Jew”.

    It’s not that simple, Tom.

  4. @ Denise

    Exactly. Have you ever heard of Buchanan donating seed money for any political education effort other than his own? LOL.

  5. Whatever his flaws, Pat Buchanan is a great man who has done much to stand up for the White race. He wrote The Death of the West and many other valuable works that were NY Times best sellers, even if they were far from perfect by our standards (and I agree that they were). In case you haven’t noticed, Jews hate Pat Buchanan with a passion and have been working to destroy the man for 30 years. That ought to tell you something important right there. Jews despise Pat Buchanan because he has done more to oppose the neocon agenda and implicitly name the Jew on the national stage than any other commentator with a mainstream platform, which includes, in case you all have forgotten, media outlets actually viewed by millions of people. His single famous reference to Isreal’s “amen corner” on national fucking television was probably sufficient to help anyone with an IQ above semi- retarded to start putting the pieces together when it comes to Jews. That was certainly the case with me; had it not been for Buchanan, I may not have discovered Pierce and other more hardcore material. Buchanan has also stood toe to toe with cultural Marxists and done a lot to rebut their pathological hatred of Western Civilization, also in the mainstream. He is a great but flawed man who deserves respect from WN, not derision.

  6. Wikitopian has a good point. Pat challenges anti-white, anti-West cretins more than any other current day mainstream hack.

  7. All Buchanan ever does is bluster a little on TV. LOL. While contradicting himself at the same time—an Irsh Roman Catholic art form.

    How long until Buchanan joins his Irish Catholic blow buddy John MacLaughlin in Irish liars hell?

  8. Let’s have crosses (+) be attacks on gentiles and stars (*) be attacks on Jews for a little experiment. The following is an aggregation of Tom Watson’s recent statements. We’ll add them up and see who he attacks more: gentiles or Jews.

    Paddy+ O+’Buchanan is the worst sort of Irish+ Roman+ Catholic+ blowhard politician.
    How many times have you read a story by Paddy+ O+’,and then the next morning seen him say & state just the opposite on national TV? The Irish+ Catholic+ sack o’ shit+ does it every damn day. LOL.
    For you Holy+ Mary+ catholic+ boys, don’t forget Paddy+ O+’ is personally worth a very conservatively estimated $100 Million Dollars plus not counting what he can raise from the tards+ who buy his books & send him money.
    Btw, Paddy+ O+’s portfolio was posted on the internet the last time he ran for President—all bonds & blue chips. LOL.
    Buchanan is such a slime ball+ he makes the Jews* look good…LOL.
    All Buchanan ever does is bluster a little on TV. LOL. While contradicting himself at the same time—an Irsh+ Roman+ Catholic+ art form. How long until Buchanan joins his Irish+ Catholic+ blow buddy John MacLaughlin+ in Irish+ liars hell?

    Attacks on gentiles: 25
    Attacks on Jews: 1

    Note that the single attack on Jews is debatable, since he was claiming that Pat is bad compared to Jews, who “look good”.

  9. @ Wiki

    C’mon Buchanan is the biggest Jew stooge out there in TV Land.

    Buchanan has accomplished exactly nothing since 1965!

    Quite a record. LOL.

  10. I don’t watch any of those MSM commissars but if I had to choose one it would be PB. I’ve never understood those folks who have what seems like a visceral hatred of Buchanan, when he’s the closest thing on the televitz to one of us.

  11. @ Randy

    You must not watch much TV. Buchanan will contradict himself on TV everytime! Or he will do that Irish Catholic bluster thing. LOL. The guy has been around since 1965 and he has managed to accomplish nothing while filling his pockets with the money of honest White people.

    Are you old enough to remember how Buchanan’s Irish Roman Catholic blow buddy John MacLaughlin used to bluster?

  12. Wikitopian, that was some brilliant deductioning you made about Watson being a troll and probably a kosher one at that. These vipers swarm to these sites to spread confusion and chaos and try to divide us whether it’s by religion, European ethnicity or politics. I like Pat Buchanan and bought one of his books on the decline of Western Civilization. You people out there that don’t think the jews are the main cause of our decline, I will simplify it for you. More than half of the elites in the country are now jewish. For the first time in the history of this nation we have a ruling elite that do not resemble the historical population of the US. Elites serve one of many functions including promoting and setting the standard for culture in a nation. Anyone who’s been alive for the past 40 years can tell that our nation’s European culture has morphed into a judeaized mish mash of multiculturism, negro worship and debauchery. These elites know they can’t consolidate their power until they reduce the White population to a minority. That’s why they push mass immigration, abortion, miscegenation, homosexuality, anything that reduces the White population. Yes, there are some gentiles out there doing the same thing and I’m not saying we shouldn’t be hammering them to but you have to look at the big picture of what’s going on.

  13. Tom,

    I’m old enough, and I don’t watch tv for many years now. But I did buy a few of Buchanan’s books over the years, and although far from perfect he is the best of that bunch. I can’t think of another one of those sob’s whose book I would buy.

  14. Tom Watson is a kike troll. He’s frustrated because he was sexually molested by his rabbi when he was very young which is very common in the Jewish community. That may explain why many Jews suffer from extreme paranoia and psychosis.

  15. Watson, can you name someone you admire who has accomplished MORE than Buchanan since 1965?

    He is pretty much the last Washington insider to give a damn about the future of white people in America. His judgment on how to push the envelope without stepping over the line is impeccable. And in the process, he’s gotten a LOT of people interested in looking into and studying a variety of important heterodox ideas, about the events surrounding World War II, about the need to reclaim an Old Right foreign policy, about the demographic peril that lies ahead, about a lot of things. This is a guy that managed to write in his column in the late eighties, just a few years before running for President and winning the New Hampshire primary, that he didn’t think the Nazis used diesel engines to kill people in the Nazi concentration camps.

    i only wish he could have picked a better years to run for President. During the 1992, 1996 and 2000 elections, it simply wasn’t as clear as later how bad things were getting in this country. His message would have had much greater resonance in 2004 and 2008.

    He’s in his early seventies and I don’t see no one else with his basic viewpoint, his way with words and his media connections in any position to take his place upon retirement or death. That really worries me. The newer generation of “implicitely white” pundits — Glen Beck or Alex Jones or whomever — think Jared Taylor is a leper, and wouldn’t know the first thing about Robert Taft’s foreign policy if their life depended on it.

  16. Watson is an Anti-Catholic prick – but so is Rabbi Ratzinger.

    Waston, I think, posts here to sneer at us – but he’s right about Paddy.

  17. PB could start a TV station, for WN, and praise Taylor, Duke, KEVIN MACDONALD, etc. He could. He has nothing to lose, at this point, in hs life. Nothing.

    He doesn’t though.

  18. Denise @ #19

    He certainly could but then he would lose his perch in the MSM, so is it more important for him to be pure and reach a miniscule audience or for him to tune his message to make it more palatable to a vast one?

    Between his books, column and TV appearances he reaches millions of people with a pretty good pro-White message which he would no longer be able to do if he followed your advice.

  19. Read Buchanan’s biography – his ancestry is mostly Scotch-Irish and German. He has I believe very minimal Irish ancestry, if at all.

    I’ve noticed this “Tom Watson” character commenting on various WN sites, always making attacks on Catholics and Catholicism out of the blue when they often have little or nothing to do with the post or comment thread. I’m not Catholic, and I’m not personally offended by his comments. But I suspect he may be a dissimulator of sorts trying to foment discord among us.

  20. @ 19 Denise:

    Extremely powerful and influential Jews at the highest levels have been trying to destroy Pat Buchanan since the Nixon years. What conclusion, if any, do you draw from that? As recently as six months ago that filthy kike Menachem Rosensaft blasted Pat Buchanan in the Huffington Post and demanded he be fired from MSNBC. And Menachem Rosensaft is no Jeffrey Imm; he is lead counsel for the World Jewish Congress. Think about that.

  21. Good work guys outing an anti-White dissimulator like ‘tom watson’ — especially you Wiki!

    Excellent, coordinated teamwork gang — You all did a fine job on your “TROLL PATROL”! 😀

  22. I think Buchanan’s Catholicism helped give him important insight into the true nature of the Jew. Buchanan was raised as an old fashioned traditional Catholic and thus was never exposed to the liberal garbage that gets peddled in the Catholic church today. It also helped that he worked for Richard Nixon, probably our most Jew aware president. Nixon, of course, got wise to the Jews in the 40s serving on Joe McCarthy’s House unamerican activities committee where Nixon couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the Communist spies, infiltrators and agitators operating in the United States during the FDR/Truman era were Jews, with the WASP Alger Hiss being the exception. Alger Hiss has probably gone down in history as one the most famous Communist spies to divert attention from the fact that most of the Communist espionage was carried out by Jews.

  23. It was Senator McCarthy, with the Army-McCarthy hearings. HUAC did not exist. It was HCUA- House committee on Un-American activities. HCUA was created so that the committee would be perceived as “Un-American.” The Senate and the House had different hearings.

  24. I meant to say HCUA was called “HUAC” so “Un-American” would modify “committee” rather than just “activities.”

  25. Pat Buchanan is awesome, hands down. With Sam Francis’s passing, Buchanan is perhaps the greatest main-stream pundit out there today (there are better pundits, but few of them main-stream). His “Death of the West” should be required reading for those on the path to White Nationalism. This was a very important book in my own awakening. He has done a tremendous job bringing the great civilizational crisis our nation faces into the daylight with his well-written and persuasive books. Buchanan sees much, but does not see all. He has some blind spots. Yet in spite of his warts, he is a beauty, if I may use the analogy.

    Dilberts like Tom Watson have no right to even invoke the name of this towering personality, much less criticize him, especially in such a childish, vulgar manner. I smelleth a troll.

  26. Yes, Watson is either Jew or shabbatz goy, a Troll by any other name. Within the parameters of the MSZM, Pat Buchanan is as about as good as its going to get: many a time, he’s come within an inch of Naming the Jew, then drawn back, because he has to in order to avoid expulsion. Actually, Limbaugh might be marginally better here: bigger audience, less fearful. Awhile back the ADL called him an “antisemite” for talking about Podhoretz’ book on Jews and Liberalism; RL fired right back. Then the SPLC called him a Nazi, and he’s been getting on their case too. And AmRen recently learned a salutory lesson. Alternative media audience keeps widening, MSZM’s keeps shrinking….all sorts of good things happening.

  27. Seadragonconquerer, Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a mouthpiece for the neocon Republicans and is nowhere near the calibre of Pat Buchanan. When is the last time you ever heard Limbaugh talk about Western Civilization, legal immigration, black crime, etc? All I ever hear is the usual partisan politics and cheerleading for Israel’s wars. Michael Savage (Weiner) the jew talks more conservative than Limbaugh but don’t be fooled, his overall goal is the support of Israel.

  28. “You people out there that don’t think the jews are the main cause of our decline, I will simplify it for you. More than half of the elites in the country are now jewish. For the first time in the history of this nation we have a ruling elite that do not resemble the historical population of the US.”

    You’re right, Rodger. We saw what the Jews did to Russia when they ran the show. We should know, by now, what they’re capable of doing. Their direct descendents are assuming power, here, right now, under our very noses.

  29. Seadragonconquerer, you must not have heard what Limbaugh actually said if you think he was criticizing Jews in any way. He mentioned that fact that Jews tend to be wealthy while trying to suck up to them. The Jews are so paranoid that they attacked him for this. Limbaugh responded with more sucking up. Limbaugh is a completely insincere fraud and intellectual lightweight who has always made every effort to confuse his listeners and point them in the wrong direction.

    The Foxtards hate Buchanan because he was against the Iraq war.

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