Conservatives freaking out about Ron Paul straw poll victory at CPAC

The enemy feels it is losing control over the culture.

Boo hoo

Daniel Siederaski of the Jewish Telegraph Agency tried to get an interview with Paul, calling him repeatedly but not receiving any return calls. Wrote Siederaski November 9: “Ron Paul will take money from Nazis. But he won’t take telephone calls from Jews.” [Update] Finally on November 13 the Paul campaign responded. In a short interview JTA quotes Jim Perry, head of Jews for Paul describing his work on the Paul campaign along side a self-described white supremacist which Perry says he has reformed.

Finally on October 30 Paul’s campaign came back with a non-response. In a phone interview with the Lone Star Times, Ron Paul national communications director Jesse Benton was non-committal about removing the donations link from After a week of internet controversy, the best Benton could come up with is:
“We hadn’t thought of these options but I’ll bring up these ideas with the campaign director. Blocking the IP address sounds like a simple and practical step that could be taken. I doubt there is anything we can do legally. Tracking donations that came from Stormfront’s site sounds more complicated. I’m concerned about setting a precedent for the campaign having to screen and vet everyone who makes a donation. It is important to keep in mind is (sic) that we didn’t solicit this support, and we aren’t interested in spending al of our time and resources focused on this issue. We want to focus on Dr. Paul’s positive agenda for freedom.”
Perhaps frustrated by the weasel words, Lone Star Times asked Benton: “Bottom line- Will the Ron Paul campaign be rejecting the $500 contribution made by neo-Nazi Don Black?”

Benton’s response:
“At this time, I cannot say that we will be rejecting Mr. Black’s contribution, but I will bring the matter to the attention of our campaign director again, and expect some sort of decision to be made in coming days.”

On October 11 Stormfront Radio endorsed Ron Paul for President saying:
“Whatever organization you belong to, remember first and foremost that you’re a white nationalist, then put aside your differences with one another and work together. Work together to strive to get someone in the Oval Office who agrees with much of what we want for our future. Look at the man, look at the issues, look at our future. Vote for Ron Paul, 2008.”

As of November 11–the Ron Paul donation link is still up and active on Stormfront. No IP address has been blocked. Stormfront’s would-be stormtroopers are still encouraged to contribute to Paul’s campaign.

The white supremacists do more than raise funds. Blogger Adam Holland reports:
“one of Rep. Paul’s top internet organizers in Tennessee is a neo-Nazi leader named Will Williams (aka ‘White Will’). Williams was the southern coordinator for William Pierce’s National Alliance Party, the largest neo-Nazi party in the U.S.”

Pierce is author of the racist “Turner Diaries”. When the Lone Star Times exposed the $500 Don Black donation, Williams responded on the national Ron Paul meetup site,
“Must Dr. Paul capitulate to our Jewish masters’ demands?”

The mild responses to Williams’ MeetUp post make a sharp contrast to the hatred and invective with which Paul supporters respond to Medved or any other writer questioning Paul’s refusal to disassociate himself from his racist supporters. Any other campaign would presume Williams’ expression of anti-Semitism was a dirty trick by an opposing campaign. Williams would have been hurriedly denounced and booted out of the campaign. Not Ron Paul.

Williams has also organized at least one other discussion, “the Israel factor revisited”on the national Ron Paul MeetUp site. Again the measured tone of the remarks by Ron Paul supporters in the comments section contrasts sharply with the invective Paul supporters rain down upon bloggers who oppose him. Paul’s campaign relies heavily on MeetUp sites to organize. Over 61,000 Paul supporters are registered on MeetUp as compared to 3,400 for Barack Obama, 1,000 for Hillary Clinton, 1,800 for Dennis Kucinich and only a couple of dozen members for most other candidates.

On the white-supremacist Vanguard News Network, Williams links to Paul’s “grassroots” fundraising site and organizes other racists to “game You Tube” to advance a specific Ron Paul video to the top of You Tube’s rankings. Writes Williams, “Everybody here can do this, except bjb w/his niggerberry.” Holland points out, “BJB” stands for “burn Jew burn”. BJB’s internet signature is, “Nothing says lovin’ like a Jew in the oven.”

Williams is not Paul’s only supremacist supporter. “Former” KKK leader (and convicted fraudster) David Duke’s website, calls Ron Paul “our king” and cheers while “Ron Paul Hits a Home Run on Jay Leno Show.” Duke also includes a “Ron Paul campaign update” and plugs Ron Paul fundraising efforts. These articles are posted right next to articles such as “Ten reasons why the Holocaust is a fraud” and “Germans Still Remember their Historical Greatness”-featuring a map of Hitler’s Third Reich at its 1942 military height, just in case anybody doesn’t get the point. Apparently “Dr. Paul’s positive agenda for freedom” is attractive to those who ape the world’s worst tyrants and genocidaires.

There are others. In a You Tube video circulating the internet, Ron Paul is endorsed by Hutton Gibson, a leading Holocaust denier and father of controversial actor and director Mel Gibson.

Ron Paul is supported by Patrick Buchanan, whose website carries videos and articles such as: “Ron Paul epiphany” and “Ron Paul a new hope.” Buchanan has a long history of remarks some call anti-Semitic (see link). Ron Unz, editor of Buchanan’s American Conservative magazine, is a Paul contributor and may have helped raise money from Silicon Valley sources.

Ron Paul’s American Free Press supporters run literally from one end of the country to the other:
• A Maine Ron Paul MeetUp activist who once ran for US Senate describes himself as, “a 911 truth researcher & video documentarian, & a writer for The Barnes Review.” The Barnes Review is a Holocaust-denier magazine founded by Willis Carto.
• A Hawaii Ron Paul MeetUp organizer is pictured here pumping the Paul campaign and selling copies of Willis Carto’s American Free Press at a farmers market.

There is more to the Paul campaign than racists. The mis-named 9-11 “truth” movement has also been a big source of Paul support. The Detroit Free Pressdescribes the scene as Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani shared theferry ride back from a Mackinac Island Michigan Republican caucus September 21.

“According to one eyewitness, Giuliani was beset by dozens of Paul enthusiasts as he was leaving the island, some of whom shouted taunts about 9/11, including: ‘9/11 was an inside job’ and ‘Rudy, Rudy, what did you do with the gold?’ — an apparent reference to rumors about $200 million in gold alleged to have disappeared in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. Ed Wyszynski, a longtime party activist from Eagle, (MI) said the Paul supporters threatened to throw Giuliani overboard and harassed him as he took shelter in the ferry’s pilothouse for the 15-minute journey back to Mackinaw City.”


  1. I consider myself a conservative and I’m not freaking out at all about it and I thought CPAC was a neocon mouthpiece. I have a little bit more respect for them now. Maybe it should read “Jews and their political whores freaking out about CPAC straw poll”. That explains why Sarah Palin didn’t speak at CPAC. They were trying to spin it off as her snubbing them because she wanted to be a “maverick” and think outside the box. She was probably afraid her FOX media image would be seriously damaged when they booed her on stage. I hope this coming election and 2012 mark the end of neoconservative influence in America.

  2. As Wikitopian says, they are confusing money and influence for wealth and power.

    The culture is changing, and with it, the leverage is deleveraging.

    You aren’t free if you don’t control your own production. We are like mice that hit the lever and get the “product.” We can “grow our own clothes” locally by growing and processing hemp, and of course grown our own food. If we have control over our own production, we’ll have a very different culture of smarter, more politically aware people. Globalism and the “rat laboratory” society make us stupid and passive, like Idiocracy.

    Relocalization is what will really leverage a change in the culture, and I think we are going to be forced to do this to mitigate the effects of a ruthlessly contracting economy.

  3. All you need to know about Ron Paul is that he’s spent his entire time in Congress fighting against the Federal Reserve. That institution is a key nexus of control by the enemy. It has never faced so much public opposition in history; it’s never even had this much publicity before. Pre-internet the only anti-Fed dissent was Greider’s Secrets of the Temple and the Liberty Lobby’s Spotlight newspaper.


    If Ron Paul’s legacy is simply raising public awareness and skepticism of the Fed, he’ll go down in history as a great man.

  4. Ron Paul has all the charisma of a beached haddock, but a good man withall. Anyone who sees thru the Zionized, neo-conned Republicrats and wants to liquidate the kosher Federal Reserve racket is going to get some money from me, and my vote. As for all of his so-called “Nazi”, “holocaust denier”, etc. support., he need make no apologies. Liberal and socialist politicians routinely accept support and money from the (largely Jewish) campus communist crowd, and the MSZM never wants apologies from them. When you are involved in a desperate struggle against the ZOG, you take support from wherever you can find it, and good on Ron Paul for doing so.

  5. Speaking of people who probably don’t like Ron Paul, here’s a post I just submitted to Jobling’s site:

    “Positively excellent points Guy.

    The crazy thing about the Anti-EGI people to me is that they are actually parochial enough to hold up Modern Day Whites as some kind of proof that Evolution doesn’t favor Ethnic Altruism.

    But what they completely fail to notice is that Modern Day Whites are going extinct and having their lands taken over by Ethnocentric Racial Aliens!

    It would be like if someone had the theory that eating food is a good evolutionary strategy, but then someone came along and said: “But look at that guy over there! He doesn’t eat food practically at all!”

    But of course the guy not eating food will be in the process of dying, as are all races that fail to sufficiently practice EGI maximizing behaviors.”

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