District of Corruption

I spent a long day touring DC with Pip Pockets and Jamie Kelso. We hit the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and Congress. The highlight of the trip was a private tour of the Capitol and getting to actually sit in the House chamber. We saw Mercury 7, Apollo 11, the Vikings Mars Lander, and Charles Lindbergh’s The Spirit of St. Louis. Later in the evening, we ate dinner with two White Nationalist comrades in Northern Virginia, whom I will tease by calling Patrick Bateman and Mr. Miyagi.

Pip Pockets shot an hour of video for the OD documentary. I shot a ton of photos with my cell phone. Jamie Kelso must have snapped hundreds of photos with a digital camera. We got a lot of good material which we will upload to YouTube and Facebook when we get back. Over the next two days, we plan to shoot video and pictures of the White House, Supreme Court, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National Archives, and U.S. Holocaust Museum. When we get home, we will edit the footage and add voice overs. Hopefully, we will have it all uploaded by next week.

Update: JewAmongYou has released videos of the AR Conference. We didn’t film it because we weren’t sure who wanted to appear on tape. Kelso also filmed it.

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  1. “Louis March speaks at the American Renaissance conference of 2010. Unable to engage in civilized dialog, or hold their own in debates, brown-shirts resorted to intimidation and threats of violence to silence us. Their efforts only serve to strengthen our resolve.”


    Why is that this jew pushes the meme that the socialists are the nazis?

  2. J.A.Y. isn’t the only one who engages in the (admittedly awkward) rhetorical game of comparing anti-fascist activists to historical fascism. I met him at the 2008 conference and he’s truly dedicated to White Advocacy. I appreciate the argument for exclusion and agree with it, but this is a guy who put in the time to travel, attend, record, and post speeches from AmRen. He hasn’t hidden his Jewishness or used it to pressure the organization.

    I appreciate his effort.

  3. The forumjews here in Norway keep pushing the meme Socialism=Nazism=Islam as their propaganda tool to get norwegians to hate muslims rather than brown people i general, and I see that the jews on your team tries to paint the liberals as the brownshirts.

    The forumjews here in Norway that is trying get us to hate muslims also tries to get us to continue to belive in the holohoax, and I assume the same is the case with jewamongyou?

  4. The forumjews here in Norway that is trying get us to hate muslims also tries to get us to continue to belive in the holohoax, and I assume the same is the case with jewamongyou?

    Actually, he is not that bad, Volks.

    I have seen his writing over at AmRen and at HBD Books, and he rarely ever talks about ‘Brownshirts’ or Jewish issues in general — or conflates the far-Left with the Right on any particular matter.

  5. I’m not suggesting that his interests and my interests are aligned. They’re not. AmRen welcomes Jewish support and JewAmongYou has supported it in a creditworthy manner. It’s absurd to start raving about the “holohoax” because a Jew provided some technical assistance. I appreciate the technical assistance and confirm that the systematic slaughter of Jewish non-combatants by Nazi Germany did, in fact, happen.

  6. There are plenty of “nice” Jews. Beware. Look how much good decades of Philo-Semitism has done for Jared Taylor.

    I’m just sayin’…..

    I’m still looking forward to your videos.

  7. In dealing with Jews we must be unfailingly polite, and yet recognize the fact of tribal competition. Same in dealing with Asians, or anyone who is not us. They are instinctively engaging in tribal competition. We are just new to the game because we don’t have a history of living in multi-racial societies. Tribal competition is not the same thing as “hate,” and this is the mental stumbling block that Whites need to get past.

    The Whites who “get” the nuance of tribal competition, will be the leaders of the White tribe. It’s like knowing a language that most people don’t know and are unaware that it’s even being spoken.

  8. Time out!

    Never do more than exchange pleasantries with a Jew. And even that may be going too far. You are better off just not speaking to a Jew.

    I learned the hard way in business. A Jew, even if he is only in the same room with you, will exaggerate your relationship if it fills some inner need of the Jew to inflate his importance or advantage.

    Even a Jew who you may like, or find amusing, is a loaded gun.

  9. There is no such thing as a pro-White Jew. It is a logical impossibility, like a square circle. Jews who support Taylor do so because they believe, unlike the majority of their co-tribalists, that Taylor’s approach is “good for the Jews.” Jews are by no means monolithic. While many pathological Leftist Jews like to rant and brag about undermining White Gentile culture and do everything in their power to make it happen, there is a smaller minority of smarter and wiser Jews who grasp that only Whites can build the kind of civilization in which Jews can thrive. Hence, these Jews work with Whites not because the rat’s ass about White survival but because they perceive helping Whites as the best strategy for Jews. Gottfried is a good example of this particular manifestation of the Jew, as are mostly likely any Jews involved with Amren (assuming these Jews are actually doing things to promote White interests and not just present to subvert and destroy another pro-White organization).

    And this situation isn’t personal, so we shouldn’t make it personal. I have no doubt this Jewish fellow at Amren is a fine individual. That is also entirely irrelevant. If you are a Jew, whether any of us like it or not, you are by default on the opposite side of the civilizational divide from White Gentiles struggling for survival among rapidly deteriorating racial conditions. It’s not our fault a hugely disproportionate number of your fellow Jews have been and/or still are promoting policies that will lead to White genocide. There of course exceptions to every rule, but that doesn’t change the general truth.

  10. @ Hunter Wallace

    Be very careful, if you do more than exchange pleasantries with a Jew. But, experience is the best teacher. LOL.

  11. Wiki,

    You have to get a grip. The holohoax is just that. Now, if you want to maintain that Jews were targeted as undesirables to the Third Reich and persecuted then interned, absolutely. Were more than a few probably beaten, starved and shot along the way? Probably for sure. So were a lot of others like queers, communists, gypsies, etc. The Nazis weren’t nice guys. But was there a plan called the “final solution” were millions were systematically gassed then creamated? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!

    If you buy that, we definitely need to do some business together, I have some real nice swamp land………..

    Hunter, all due respect, I admire you efforts, but anyone can be a “nice guy”. I have heard that so much in recent years by everyone about anything as though it is a serious character reference that I must choke back the bile in my throat each time it happens. You aren’t that naive are you? The fault of inexperience and youth perhaps?

  12. And I really don’t know what “raving about the Holohoax” means. Some people like to rave Holocaust deniers too, and I don’t what that is either except a Jew smear label for brave people with the courage to examine an un-PC subject. In my mind, subjecting writers to jail time like they do in Europe for merely looking into the issue is reason enough to be highly skeptical of the traditional figures. Why is there is a Holocaust museam sitting on American soil anyway, in, of all places in the country, the National mall area near monuments to Jefferson and Lincoln? This alleged event took place near Germany decades ago. Americans had nothing to do with it. You have to be a real paranoid kook to think there might be an agenda behind that. I mean really, what could be more urgent than injecting the memory of an alleged mass genocide of Jews that Americans did not commit into the American consciousness, along with the memory of the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

  13. Aservent,
    I never argued for the fully embellished and bedazzled version of events offered by Abe Foxman and The History Channel. So please don’t argue against that in a way which implies that I do. I asked David Irving about this in person and he confirmed it, referring to it as “innocenticide” and condemning it in broader terms.

    Andrew Anderson,
    He used the fact that a Jewish guy posted a YouTube video to claim that the Holocaust is a lie. It’s factually incorrect, socially inappropriate, and strategically retarded to do so. I’m totally for free inquiry and I support academic heretics with more than stale platitudes. But this is more like Tourette’s Syndrome than some sort of serious attempt to integrate a serious issue into the conversation.

  14. Done any reading of your own on the subject, or are you just acting like the one who say race is a social contruct, because that is what all the official authorities and the successfull people in society say?

    I thought we were empirists here, you know, where the truthfullness of information is determined by if fits with empiric knowledge?

    Wether Diesel exhaust can be used to carbon monoxide poison humans to death, is a scientific question, and since the answer here is generally no, it can not be the case that the Germans used Diesel-exhaust to kill 800.000 jews in Treblinka.

  15. Volk,
    I’m not going to waste time doing in-depth research of the Holocaust. I am relying heavily on trusted intermediaries because I don’t personally care about the issue. I don’t care about the Wether Diesel exhaust. I don’t care about the body count at Treblinka. There are documented cases of innocent Jews being slaughtered for their racial identities. The rest is statistical.

  16. I’m not suggesting that the visceral impact a statement has on the audience should be the final word. But I would like to show what people see when you interrupt unrelated conversations to deny the Holocaust…

  17. @ Wiki

    Yep. No doubt some innocents died with Jewish Communists in the East. But, they were not mass murdered by assembly line gas chambers.

    After WWII in the late 1940’s the Red Cross estimated that between 40,000 to 70,000 Jews had died in camps. But, that wasn’t a large enough pile of dead Jews to satisfy the Jews.

    People forget that the health habits of the Jews of eastern European were worse than terrible. Even left wing authors like John Reed have written of their disgusting health habits. Jews fleeing West brought their diseases with them, even Elie Weisel tells how he fled a “death camp” in the east, to another “death camp” in the west rather than be captured by the Russians. (and made to take a bath?) LOL.

    The Jews are afraid to let any historians do any real research, that’s why they have prosecuted numerous historians who have tried to tell the real story.

    My guess is that the Jews being in camps suffered fewer casualties than any other ethnic or religious group living in Europe. Have you ever seen pictures of the German cities after WWII???

  18. The jew posted the video and compared those that had the Amren festivities cancelled to brown shirts – Nazis, you know, Germanic White people. It was a low brow, totally false, tired and stupid comment and Volkver was merely pointing that out – along with questioning the validity of the sadistic holocaust fantasies. It is the jew that evoked the Nazis in the first place, yet you attack the White man, and defend the jew. With friends like that we do not need enemies.

  19. CA,

    That picture appeared on WN sites like WhiteNewsNow.com. I assume they lifted it from there.

    Bertucci’s is a nice little restaurant (we lunched there during a lull in the 2008 conference), but I’d hate to have an entire conference there. That restaurant was right next to the hotel (Crowne Plaza) where we had the conference last time, so it was a very visible sign of our displacement.

    There were absolutely no problems at the 2008 conference. All of the attendees were extremely well behaved (even Bill White didn’t make a scene when he appeared in the lobby, sans costume) and the hotel employees were treated well. Clearly, their decision to drop the conference is all about the financial pressure brought to bear on them.

  20. “…Given the repeated threats against protesters by members of Stormfront and other “white nationalist” groups, I asked some supporters to hold back from this event…” — ‘Imp the Wimp’

    This is the justification the little Red Rodent gave for him being completely alone — the only fool in attendance at the ‘REAL’ [sic] “rally” on Friday, February 19th.

    You are a one-‘man’ show Imp — a legend in your own marxist ‘mind’!

  21. Lena,

    When the Jew is a man who is doing productive White Advocacy work and the White Man is going out of his way to give him grief about the Holocaust entirely out of context, then I’m in a situation in which I agree more with the Jew than with the White. I didn’t defend the use of “brown shirts” in that context and still won’t. It was more than awkward, and may have even been a deliberate attempt to re-frame.

  22. From what I’ve read on the Amren.com comments section, Jewamongyou comes of as reasonable and sincere. I would not put him in the same category as Auster and his cronies.

  23. Wiki-

    If you care so little about the validity of the holocaust then why respond at all and just let the white man have his say? You said so yourself, that you do not care about the validity of the holocaust. The White man’s comments were not out of context, the jew’s was by evoking Natzi’s.

    It is oxymoronic to suggest that a jew is doing white advocacy work by evoking Nazi’s and holocaust fictions to compare them with fanatic anti-racists. Do you not get that? Why is the jew dictating terms to you? Why won’t you tell him to put his comparison in proper context and compare the antiracists with Bolsheviks!

  24. “It is oxymoronic to suggest that a jew is doing white advocacy work by evoking Nazi’s and holocaust fictions to compare them with fanatic anti-racists. ”

    Lena: Why do you care? He was accepting his Jewish heritage as his White heritage. What’s so bad about a Jew identifying as White?

    (I am not even saying we must accept him; I am merely asking what’s so wrong with a little sympathy from a Jew.)

  25. Lena,
    I care about how raving about “the holohoax” cripples White Advocacy efforts. Even if it were a hoax, the issue is one big morbid distraction from the real work to be done.

    I see how you twisted my praise of J.A.Y.’s technical assistance into praise of his presumed attempt to denigrate National Socialism. You see this as just one more opportunity to foam at the mouth, to “name the Jew”, to HATE.

    I saw an activist offering AmRen some much-needed assistance. You saw an opportunity to vent some hate. I “hate” to use that jewy word, but I don’t know what else could be used to describe a singular fixation which blocks out every other consideration, including J.A.Y.’s practical activism.

  26. “the issue is one big morbid distraction from the real work to be done.”

    IS it? The Holocaust marketing is how the Jews managed to get deracinated White America to feel sorry for them, and therefore to shut up when the Jews howl the shut-up word “Anti-SEMITE!” And so, by having gained Whites’ sympathies, and use that sympathy to leverage themselves into being America’s hostile elite.

    IF the Holocaust did NOT, in fact, play out as Eli Weisel, et al., has maintained, if IN FACT (if, if, if, if) several hundred thousand Jews died of starvation in the camps because Germany had no food due to being bombed, as opposed to being systematically exterminated by the million by sadistic means, as Holocaust revisionists claim, then deracinated White Americans might come to feel Germany was falsely accused, and THEREFORE, the Jews are no longer entitled to a free pass for their own misdeeds, and Whites are not crazies who go whomping Jews for no reason.

    If in fact the truth is as the revisionists claim, then perhaps proof, widely disseminated, might be the triggering factor to White Americans’ getting a spine. I think fear of exactly this happening is why Jews work actively to get laws agains Holocaust-denial passed and to have revisionists jailed.

  27. I think the issue of the Holocaust and the actual facts of it — is it a hoax or a true description of real events? — are relevant for just exactly as long as Jews continue invoke the Holocaust to deflect criticism for their own, current, misdeeds.
    If Germany’s guilty then the Jews will continue to be successful indicting all Whites as latent homicidal maniacs and Whites will continue to believe the accusation.

    If Germany’s NOT guilty of deliberate, sadistic, mass homicide, then Whites will realize we’re NOT the lunatics here.

  28. barb,
    Thank you for being respectful while disagreeing. I encourage you to read Kurtagic’s latest essay on the futility of rational debate.

    Lindbergh’s experiences while attempting to oppose entering WWII confirm that the steady increase in Jewish influence over America’s major instruments of power projection predate the Holocaust.

    To the extent that it has been effective, it has an expiration date, one which is fast-approaching. Somebody born in 1945 is 65 years old. When the victims are gone, it’s blood libel.

    I wish this were all as easy as merely winning a debate on a specific topic. But I don’t believe power and politics work that way.

  29. Barb is stating exactly what I maintain; the issue of the HoloHOAX is completely relevant. Critical in, in fact – because this monstrous fraud is the mechanism by which Jews maintain their hold.

    Hunter, I realize that you are a Southern gentlemen. We have not yet met in person (and I am sorry I missed the gathering, this weekend. The kicker is that my workplace was dead, all morning. Got busy in the PM, though….). You seem as though you are hip to the Jew. Your Anti-Semitica blog, ‘n all. I feel that tohers here are simply attmepting to warn you, to not fall into the “Well – that one (fill in the non-White blank) seems pretty nice.”

    I’ve read JAY’s posts, in the AmRen Comments section. Yes. He’s nice and reasonable.

    Think about this though. His Nom de Computer is “Jew Among You”.

    Let’s break this down, folks.

    He asserts his identity with his first word – “Jew”. He identifies as, and idnetifies himself *as a Jew* He is a Jew. “I, Jew”. Not an “American who is Jewish”, or “Jewish Guy”, or “Jewishy Guy” – but “Jew”

    JAY is JEW

    He is among us.

    There is a distinction between him – Jew – and “You”. Us. “Not Jew” We are not Jew. Forever divided. Not assimilated. Not “one”. “Jew” – and “You”. “Jew” comes first.

    He – Jews – is “among” Us. Not “with”. Not “one of”. “Among”.

    Jew Among You.

    Think about it.

  30. I Hate? I do not deserve to be accused of “hate” or to be abused in this manner.

    When did I write that I hated anyone, ever? Obviously, it is more important to rabidly and fanatically defend jews so their precious feelings aren’t hurt by mocking and belittling White women who are mothers of future Race. You don’t know me, nor do you know how I live or what I do.

    “Racism” and “HATE” are imaginary crimes, like “witchcraft.” In the case of witches, material evidence of a crime was often lacking. The trials and ultimate burning alive of mostly women, but included children and men as well, were based on witness testimony, various methods of entrapment and torture. The witch persecutors, the Hangmen, were businessmen with professional pride supported by a mercantile elite and their anti-folk, anti-magico ideology. They sought to demonize folk healers, midwives, gardeners, and innocent widows. The burnings provided a scapegoat and also entertainment. The judges’ wives lavishly arrayed themselves in silk robes, rode on beautifully harnessed horses or in painted carriages. A considerable amount of wine and food was consumed by the Hangman’s assistants during the trials.

    The war waged against the people was a manifestation of avarice and selfish material interest.

    Modern day alchemy transmutes the blood of whites into silver and gold for non-whites in much the same way.

  31. I thought about it already. I’m tempted by the false hope of Jews, proudly and explicitly identifying as Jewish tribalists, allying themselves with White American interests. Jew Among You is modeling that pleasant but unrealistic scenario. The Jews that give me indigestion are the ones who conceal their heritage or attempt to play games with tribal identity (a la Auster).

  32. From “superhuman”:

    Our Exterminationists are at great pains to deny that any irregularity of evidence or legal procedure can be said to be true of the HoloHoax and the Nuremberg Show Trials. But it is the case that they could well argue that those who were prosecuting Nazis were merely planting evidence on the perps so as to facilitate the administration of justice. They could easily concede that any number of documents and testimonies were forged and extorted, and still maintain that millions of irregular deaths occurred in Nazi-land.

    So why don’t they make the appropriate concessions – i.e., that yes, the Bischoff “Vergasungskeller” letter is a clumsy forgery, Hoess and Broad were extorted and gave synoptic false testimony at trial as a dead giveaway thereof, Baer was telling the truth about the absence of homicidal facilities at Auschwitz, that there were no gas chambers anywhere, etc. – but, nevertheless, a whole bunch of people were shot in the East. One suspects that they fear the exposure of the vast context of lies within which these frauds were perpetrated – and perhaps they fear derivative justification of the Nazis in their attempt to be rid of the Jews.

  33. Bravo ladies! What well spoken and incisive comments! Revilo Oliver, you are vindicated, there is intelligent life on earth after all. I love these learned White women here, and would hug them all if I could. Klag an Voksgenossinen!

  34. Comment #36, Denise: “Think about this though. His Nom de Computer is “Jew Among You”.

    Let’s break this down, folks.

    He asserts his identity with his first word – “Jew”. He identifies as, and idnetifies himself *as a Jew* He is a Jew. “I, Jew”. Not an “American who is Jewish”, or “Jewish Guy”, or “Jewishy Guy” – but “Jew”

    JAY is JEW

    He is among us.

    There is a distinction between him – Jew – and “You”. Us. “Not Jew” We are not Jew. Forever divided. Not assimilated. Not “one”. “Jew” – and “You”. “Jew” comes first.

    He – Jews – is “among” Us. Not “with”. Not “one of”. “Among”.

    Jew Among You.

    Think about it.”

    Let’s not over-think about this, Denise. Taking him at his word, Jew Among You does not present a threat to our people. I have seen other White Nationalists celebrate their respective ethnic groups-at least a few even using ethnic group “nom de computer’s” and/or avatars.

  35. I get this feeling that we’re going to spend the first half of this revolution struggling to awaken our women and the second half struggling to keep up with them.

  36. Lena – re: post #37 – WOO-HOO! You go girl! EXCELLENT post! That was wonderful. Well-written, fact-filled, dramatic, lively, vivid….you are a TRUE Diva! I love that!

    The scenario I envision, inspired by your post, is the lot of us, in a drawing room, after dinner, late at night. We have all dined on an exquisite and sumptuous feast. We are now sipping red wine, and brandy, in a beautifully-appointed, elegant, Neo-Classical drawing room.

    We are dressed in evening clothing.

    We have discussed everything, and nothing. The wine, and brandy, are permeating our systems, and having an effect. Some of the fellows are mellowing, and their natural male arrogance, and intellectual superiority, are becoming a trifle….self-indulgent. Boys being boys, eh what…..

    Their prattle is wearing on your nerves. The wine, instead of dulling your senses, has sharpened [them] The conversation is becoming irritating, to you. You’ve heard one to many patronizing little quips, and jests. Your patience grows more brittle by the second…..

    You are an elegant, passionate, cultivated brunette. Your skin is very White. Your hair is dark and sleek, parted on one side, and falls like a obsidian waterfall, down your shoulders, and back. You are wearing a strapless evening gown, made of blood-red velvet. And you have had enough.

    You suddenly rise up out of your chair, and hurl your crystal wine glass straight across the room, contents spilling in an arc, perfect little droplets of deepest garnet, sparkling, then trembling, in the half-light, before they drop to their targets. The glass bounces of the poor, hapless male, that uttered the final, intolerable thoughtless remark (Wiki- that’s you. You look very nice in that tux, and your expression of perfect innocent amazement, at Lena’s Grand Gesture – well – it’s priceless, and rather endearing) -and shatters on the floor.

    You are inflamed. You are a Dark and Terrible Goddess, giving vent to Majestic Fury.

    That post – Post 37 – that is what you SAID!

    After your deliver your Denunciation – your turn, on your elegant and shockingly expensive heel (we females know that the most flimsy and minimal of female footwear fripperies, commands the highest of prices.), and stalk out to the balcony. You fling open the French doors, and find support on the marble walls. The cool, sweet moist night air soothes your jangled nerves. The delicate scent of jasmine unexpectedly climbs up, to offer a reviving and friendly olfactory kiss…..

    That is what I saw. Thanks! I haven’t had a “vision” in ages. Thanks!

  37. Wow, Denise! Thanks. I am clumsy, blonde, and big breasted, the brunt of all jokes, so that was the best compliment I have ever had! You really should consider moving to New Zealand. A romance writer here is 120 on the American best seller list! I read a bit of it and you are way better, babe. Seriously, White Nationalist Romance, I LOVE IT!

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