1. Jeffrey wants to stand for the GOOOOOD, in all things. He is all about his Wordist Mantras.

    He’s really the ultimate Wordist. These are his words, his definitions, and they are by definition RIGHT because they sound good to him. The voices in his head sound really good to him, and how dare you disagree with the voices in his head!

    Against (the word, by his definition) SUPREMACISM. There’s no looking deeper to see if what he is calling SUPREMACISM might be people acting on a legitimate conflict of interest. A deeper understanding of the world is not what Imm is about. It’s not about the World, it’s about the Word; his Word. He’s about (the word) Love. He wants you to Choose (the word) Love, Not (the word) Hate, because (the word) Love Wins (persuades the simpleton).

  2. Seems to me that a lot of people who would laugh at Jeffrey Imm’s Islamo-ventilating now took it a whole lot more seriously back in 2002. The common sentiment among the well read, informed, and reasonable types was “of course Saddam Hussein has WMDs, and is probably building nukes too.” Along with a lot of “there are undoubtedly radical Islamist cells in every major city in America, just waiting to carry out more attacks.”

    The rhetoric efforts fails so miserably, even in the hands more competent rhetoricians than Imm, because fundamentally the people who are for gung-ho police states and kicking terrorist ass are generally not wetting themselves over “equality” and “love.” The ham-handed neo-con propaganda never worked that well on the people who had no problem killing Muslims abroad (bomb Mecca!) but just couldn’t understand why we weren’t profiling them here, if not deporting them and shutting down mosques.

    A whole generation brought up believing that these guys were real terrorists:


    Revolution Muslim is a radical Islamist organization and movement based in New York City that advocates the re-establishment of a structured Islamic state, terrorism both in the US and in democratic countries around the world, the removal of the current rulers in heavily Muslim populated nations, the destruction of Israel, and an end to what they consider “western imperialism”.

    The group of 5-10 members devoted to Abdullah el-Faisal was run by Yousef al-Khattab, born Joseph Cohen, an American Jew who converted to Islam in 2004 after living in Israel and attending an orthodox rabbinical school there, then returned to New York, where he is said to have worked driving a taxi, operating a pedicab, or running a restaurant. In December, 2009, al-Khattab said he would be temporarily outside of the United States during a protest outside his home in Woodside, Queens planned by the Jewish Defense Organization, after al-Khattab expressed support for Nidal Malik Hasan, accused of the Fort Hood shooting.

    There was even a humorous set of articles in the NY Post about Pro-American Lesbians vs. Muslim Street Preachers of Hate. This is all comedy gold but many Americans – most Americans – believed every bit of it didn’t they?

    Maybe Imm’s writers just got lazy after having it so easy for so long. Who knew people would stop taking them seriously?

  3. Oh please — this Zionist troll is only ‘against’ “Islamophobia” when its Christians or other ‘goyim’ who are doing the ‘phobing’.

    When it comes to Israel — the world’s largest open-air prison in the world — the vile little boy has only ONE stinking article on ‘Israeli extremism’, and it was a story already run – and vetted – from an Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, which reported that two Jewish thugs got 60 days house arrest for burning down a Mosque.

    *This is the interesting thing about Jews and their lickspittle shabbos goyim slave followers: The more they try to pretend to be ‘objective’ when questioned and pressed on how they *really feel* about Zionism and Jewish Supremacy — the more their hateful, black satanic hearts and motives show right through — no matter how they pathetically attempt to sprinkle a tiny little veneer of ‘truth’ on their steaming mound of lies and deception.

    I repeatedly asked (as did Svigor) ‘the Imp’ of his feelings on the Apartheid State of Israel — the Jewish state — and the little nerd did not respond even once, except of course by citing the Israeli article of the two Jewish arsonist-murderers who were sentenced to house arrest. How insulting!

    Well, like I and Svigor said on the ‘Thinkpol vs. AmRen’ thread — as the Lefties used to say, SILENCE EQUALS CONSENT — so the the Imp’s (and his handlers) ‘silence’ on Israel, Zionism and Jewish Supremacy in general is actually so loud as to be deafening.

    Yeah, ‘REAL (kosher) Courage’ there Imp — you cowardly little stooge.

  4. The apparent contadiction is easily explained.

    To Imm, Jewish interests are more valid than Islamic interests. Islamic interests, in turn, are more valid than the interests of Europeans such as the French.

  5. There was a report on RT (Russian Times, TV news from Russian perspective — good economic commentary from Max Kaiser, btw) anyway, it was about the Israelis forcing or using fear to give Depo Provera to the Falashas).

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