Strategic concessions and the cultivation of the reptilian brain

I play my game, my way. I’m not like Bill White. I’m willing to make a strategic concession here and there. I’m the kind of guy that if I got in a fight with you and won, I’d give you a couple of Percocets after and say “bygones, you got your whole life ahead of you.”

My goal in winning is simply to win, not to rub it in or destroy the other person, if destroying the other person is not necessary to the victory. If someone gets hurt out of necessity, it’s nothing to regret, but I won’t hurt anyone for the sake of vengeance. My mind is focused on victory rather than vengeance. I think being cold blooded and reptilian about it is more useful than hot blooded and mammalian. The reptilian brain is where rage responses come from; but when you meditate on the reptilian brain, you are able to shut down rage response if it is not useful. An unrequited rage response leads to ill health and unclear thinking. The reptilian brain needs to be reassured that the frontal lobe is “taking care of business.”

I would encourage you to consider this way of looking at it. Hot blooded types end up doing stoopid things and losing. Vengeance and violence is a more mammalian way of doing things, and it has its place. But the fight we are in requires a more reptilian attitude, and I think I am in touch with my reptilian brain (don’t tell David Icke).

Anger blinds you. One who has cultivated the reptilian brain is able to see vulnerabilities in the enemy that a rage response, vengeance oriented person might miss.

Taqqiyah is a very good spiritual practice for this. It’s an example of the Muslims discovering a very useful psychological tool/weapon. We are being ruled by Semites now, and their rules of the game include Taqqiyah, or winning by deception and dissimulation. It’s not so simple as lying as a daily practice; rather, it’s about hypnotizing yourself to show a different face to the enemy, than your real face. Taqqiyah teaches you to shut down the rage response, and let the frontal lobe/neo-cortex “take care of business.”


  1. Brilliant observations. Observe the first rule of Jewish discourse: never talk about the Jews. The enemy who cannot be seen, cannot be resisted. Heavy-handedness inspires fear and resistance. Especially for a despised minority, such a path cannot lead to success.

  2. I have my doubts about Whites ever beating the Jews at dissimulation and money-making, the games the Jews have been playing for thousands of years. And if winning means becoming a Jew, what’s the point?

    The knock against the bourgeoisie were there similiarity to, well, Jews. The Romantic movement was a reaction to the phoniness of the bourgeoisie. The Romantics, in contrast, were sincere. The movement produced Balzac, Beethoven, Goethe, Scott, Burns, Chopin, Wagner, Goya, Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, etc. Could the Semitic race ever produce such genuis?

    I don’t mean to demean the suggestion. If you’re not willing to become a martyr (and how many of us are?), then it’s probably the only alternative.

  3. Have you won? I am not convinced this saga is even over. And if it is, there are still thousands if Imm’s to contend with- people that want to destroy you.

    Pride blinds, not anger.

    It is easy to simply tell people not to be stupid, to crystallize understanding, meaning, and to make sense of the world is the hard part, as is protecting them. We have all been stupid at times, and unless criminal activity is involved, it is not a crime. We have no other way to grow unless we can reflect on our own stupid errors. And a reptile does not reflect, it fights, freezes or flees. We are not reptiles. Only we have the ability to reflect, it is why we are unique and is what ultimately gives all meaning to life.

  4. I like the ideas expressed here by Kievsky. I think we could put the Taqqiyah issue into a different context if we separate its elements into two parts (assuming I understand it correctly, I may not). One part being the conscious deception and dissimulation thing which doesn’t part too much company with the “noble lie” taught by Leo Strauss, and the other part being a careful, mature consideration about how we speak, especially to newbies and reporters.

    It is terribly tempting to conflate the sense of urgency we feel about living in a shadow empire (in which we are viewed as cattle) with the demand to use that level of rhetoric and anger with newbies and reporters.

    Another way to look at it is to consider white activism as expressed in concentric circles like almost all lodges, service clubs, military personnel, and religious organizations. The outer ring knows something is very wrong, may not know what it is, and may not know how to talk about it. With these people we can easily use the white voice with white-centric issues on a neighborhood or school board level. The next inner ring can learn more about issues, and of course the inner ring would have to have a very complete understanding about the shadow empire we are subjected to, as well as things like the Fed, campaign contributions, and power centers that mean us harm.

    Some white activists want to introduce newbies to the most secret truths about the shadow empire, its sources of power, and its loathing & hatred of us and our children. But to start off with the inner secrets is to push newbies away, not attract them.

    I’ve addressed various issues in the past that can provide local opportunities to model white behavior to newbies through using the white voice in the context of local white-centric issues, and there are hundreds. We don’t need to start with the most apocalyptic.

  5. Travis,

    We don’t have to repeat what the Jews did, we just have to throw a monkey wrench in their activities. That’s what I envision when I see us playing the Semites game on their field.

    For example, when we get some influence on the culture, we agitate for laws that will restrict Jewish financial shenanigans. The Jews got these laws overturned about 190 years ago, with the beginning of the age of Rothschild.

    So if you want a concrete goal, it’s this; turn back the clock 200 years on financial regulation; alternatively, we might not have a functional global trade system, in which case we make sure they don’t seize control of our local trade.

  6. Interesting post, Bo. Unless you’re a very fast learner, it takes years to enter into the inner circle, and even then it’s filled with hazards. You begin to see the vastness of it all and begin to wonder if the battle is already lost.

  7. I’d like to know what you few are talking about. Do you mean to do us White people harm? Is that what you’re talking about? You seem to believe that we’re against Jewish people when infact, the Jewish are one of our most sacred friends. Adolf Hitler was one man. If not for him being one man, you would not be in Europe or America today. In politics, the Jewish man is always by the White mans side. We’re like brothers. Two chosen groups, oh did you know? We’re also of the chosen. Do a little research and perhaps you would know what I am talking of. It is our job to keep each other around and running. I hope you think about this. If any group threatens our people well… I’m sure you know what happens to threats.

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