Michael Savage – Border Collie

Michael Savage is the border collie for the “right wing extremism” faction of society. There will always be a far right and/or ethnic nationalist faction of any human society, and “Savage” was assigned to this “savage” area of society. Even his name gives it away. His job is to police the White “savages” before we go totally “off the globalist plantation.”

That’s the whole reason behind his radio name. He’s been assigned to herd the “savages” — us!

More specifically, Michael Savage’s mission is to preserve Christianity among the White remnant. He says “politically incorrect” things to draw the audience, even at times explicitly defending the White race, but I, quite inadvertently, set off all his alarms, and in doing so, got a look into his true motives. Kind of like when a scout plane breaches enemy airspace in order to see what kind of defenses are in place — e.g. radar, surface to air missiles, scrambled fighters.

It was totally inadvertent on my part, of course. I called in to defend cremation versus burial, and had no intent of talking about World War II. He brought it up, and so I figured since he brought it up, I might as well take the opportunity.

I have not yet perfected it, but this clip is an example of ignoring the Jew’s question and getting your talking point downrange. For example, when he had me talking about the death and dying class, I said, “we watched a lot of Holocaust movies, and I realized that Schindler’s List was shot in black and white so the dummies would think they were watching actual footage.” I also mentioned Henry Ford and his book, and he didn’t edit it out of the archived show, though he did edit out when I said links to real history web sites.

Anyway, what really offended Michael Savage was my saying that many things about Christianity such as burial, and not taking baths, and original sin and guilt, need to be discarded. Of course we take baths nowadays, but it used to be considered “unchristian” to bathe. In saying that Christianity should be discarded, I think Michael Savage heard, “A very useful mechanism of Jewish control over Whites should be discarded,” and I can see why he had the reaction he did.

Here’s the clip:

http://www.mediafire.com/?vo2yqqt2mymKievsky et al v. Savage


  1. Last night when you started talking about how Jews are, on average, more dishonest than gentiles I turned the radio off because I didn’t even want to hear the venom he was about to spew at you.

  2. Dude, you seriously need to work on your debating skill. Mikey was pretty much just slapping you around there.

  3. Last week Savage was going on about the Frankfurt School. He seemed to think Marcuse was a Maoist. He kept going on about Mao in relation to them instead of Gramsci or Marx. So, he’s not that informed, although I listen to conservative talk radio all day long and have never heard anyone discuss the Frankfurters. Savage’s son is the CEO of the company that makes Rockstar energy drink.

    The intellectual pope of the genre is Michael Medved. He interviews policy wonks and professor-authors and then opens the calls up to moronic housewives and ebonics speaking blacks so he can talk down to them like a kindergarten teacher, “Now, focus like a laser beam…” He’s a very condescending religious Jew in a sect that follows Abraham Isaac Kook, the first Askanazi rabbi of Israel who was a Judeo-supremicist warhawk supreme. Medved raises his voice occasionally, but his feathers can’t be ruffled and he never loses an argument. He constantly praises the American military and spouts patriotic shibboleths, but he never served himself (natch) and is most certainly a dual passport holder.

    “Form and Function” – Artist makes commemorative human bone china reliquaries). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX1oVqvwzMA

  4. You put in some good jabs but Savage, a lowlife relentless swine, won the first round. He’s a typical loud-mouthed, in-your-face, hypocritical Jew! And why patronize him with “Doctor?”

    I wish you would have mentioned the 6 million non-Jews Hitler slaughtered (is it 6?). Ask him why Jews never seem to mention those victims but run a monopoly for themsleves on everything Hitler!

    And now the major Jew & minor Gentile crooks on Wall Street are our saviors? Savage is delusional!

    I think he dropped the named Weiner because the attacks on it would be relentless. Savage fits his personality.

  5. “The intellectual pope of the genre is Michael Medved.”

    Medved is head and shoulders above other Radio Talkers in term of intellectual content!

    The other nice thing about his show is that he is so arrogant, and condescending and… Jewish… that he often-times doesn’t even realize when he is losing a debate! The reason why this is I think is is his call screeners don’t seem to be that stringent and he seems to think he really can best all comes.

    There are many times as White Nationalist I have learned something or other from Medveds show, but it is usually the folks calling in that I learn from!!

    P.S. Medved is based out here in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle to be exact) and that is where I am so he is on all the time around here.

  6. Anyone who thinks Mikey was beating me is delusional.

    I never lost my cool, I mentioned the changing plaques at Auschwitz, Peak Oil, Henry Ford, and my line about Schindler’s List:

    “The reason Schindler’s List was made in black and white was so the dummies would think they were watching actual footage of the Holocaust.”

    Do you know how long I’ve waited to say that in some kind of mass medium? I’ve been saving that one up for years!

    But the most important thing I did was figure out why Michael Savage is allowed on the radio at all. he is the closest one out there to our view, yet Christianity is the third rail with him.

    So it made me realize that Organized Jewry regards Christianity as it’s trump card for controlling us. Christianity used to be hostile, but they managed to infiltrate so many cryptos into “church hierarchies,” now it’s their tool again.

    And Michael goes to play with the Savages, the Savage Nation, to try and keep us in the Christian playpen. Ha, good luck!

  7. By the way, after my call, Michael talked about how he took out his car and went and drove really fast down a country road. He talked about how he loves ENGINES, and going fast. He mentioned that someday people won’t be able to do this, and he hopes he’ll be dead by then.

    He had dismissed me when I mentioned “a contracting oil supply” but it was on his mind. I put a bug in his head about Peak Oil! LOL.

  8. It sounds like you did a good job of taking on the Savage. My congratulations! However, I would like to disagree with your defence of cremation. Compared to the hideous methods of earth burial that are common in the west past in recent years (embalming, concrete liners, pressure to buy a $4,000 casket, etc.), yes, maybe cremation has a slight edge. But it is not an either/or situation.

    “The idea that we should use fuel and create pollution incinerating human bodies (which are not readily combustible) to save space, is nonsense.” – Natural Earth Burial Assoc.

    The origins of all types of body disposing, incl. cremation, are ancient and generally based on fear:


    The fact that burial in the earth is a jewish custom is irrelevant, since they were not the only ones to practice this. I rather like the idea of a simple, non-chemical burial where you can slowly break down and add some mineral to all that sand & clay down there.

    I don’t feel as if the Jews are somehow damaging us if we are earth-buried (in a natural way). If Wiener/Savage defends burial and despises cremation, that does not bother me.

    The fact that whiter-than-white people burnt their relatives ten thousand years ago doesn’t impress me. One could just as soon dismiss cremation on the grounds that Buddhists burn bodies, and they are not white people traditionally (tho there are some white converts now).

  9. Wow, Kievsky, what a great phone call. I think your major victories were:
    1) Savage admitted the large numbers of jews in finance, and their over-representation in fraud. He even lost it a little trying to brag that without the Jews’s financial acumen, our economy would be third-world!
    2) You mentioned Henry Ford’s “International Jew”, which left Savage flustered, he had little to say about that. That was a brilliant answer to his question of where you had learned your anti-Semitism.

    I think the strongest evidence against the Holocaust numbers is the lack of cyanide in the chemical testing of the supposed gas chamber buildings. Also, the fact that they jail Holocaust deniers is powerful information. I hope that next time you will mention this.

    As far as the theory that Christianity is a plot to control Whites, I am in complete disagreement. Dr. MacDonald has provided very strong evidence that Christianity has functioned strongly as an ethnic defense mechanism through history (Christianity has a long history of anti-Semitism).

  10. Mr. Savage’s instincts were sound in this case. Kievsky is a Nazi sympathiser. We know that from his posts at OD and VNN. Savage spotted this immediately, even before the subject was brought up.

  11. As far as the theory that Christianity is a plot to control Whites, I am in complete disagreement. Dr. MacDonald has provided very strong evidence that Christianity has functioned strongly as an ethnic defense mechanism through history (Christianity has a long history of anti-Semitism).

    This is a tough issue that hasn’t really been resolved. On the one hand, it’s clear that Christianity did serve at various instances throughout history to marshal collective Euro identity. On the other hand, it also could be argued that it served to control and manipulate Euros to some degree. This appears to have happened when the technical infrastructure of the Roman Empire compensated for the naturally harsh conditions at the frontiers of that Empire creating an environment within which the universal altruism of Christianity was promoted among Europeans by Paul and the other early Christian Proselytes who were Jews. Jewish religious belief, however, retained its tribal character, expressing both reciprocal and kin altruism. The result was an extended period of Jewish success in diaspora among Europeans in competition with holders of indigenous niches involving religious beliefs and inter-tribal trade. This successful displacement of indigenous religions and trade niches has continued till this day (including recent innovations in religion such as Marxist economics, Rosenbaumian philosophy aka “Objectivism”, Boasian anthropology/sociology, Freudian psychology, etc.).

    Remember that Christianity served to protect Jews as much as it was antagonistic towards them. Jews were regularly protected by the Church and by Christians. Contrast this with groups of native Euros like the Cathars and some pagan Scandinavians who were often hunted down to extermination by Christians.

    I would say that Christianity has functioned as an “ethnic defense mechanism” at various times throughout history, but then again almost any kind of religion or ideology can presumably do so. Christianity has also served as a means to serve other groups, from its origins to various points in history to now.

  12. In India they incinerate bodies with electrical heating elements. If the electricity is generated from hydroelectric dams, this is both an environmentally sustainable, and from a public health standpoint, more hygienic method of caring for human remains.


    I don’t think that we should be browbeaten by the Holocaust. Like Norman Finkelstein said in the great movie, “Defamation,” Abe Foxman is worse than Hitler.

    I am not a Nazi sympathizer because I don’t believe in the death penalty. My political view is a clean break from Stalin, Mao, Trotsky, Hitler, and Pol Pot. I do not believe in granting a State, any State, the right to kill people. Savage uses the “Holocaust” truncheon on anybody he disagrees with. He’s a textbook example of Norman Finkelstein’s “Holocaust Industry” high priests.

  13. Mr. Savage’s instincts were sound in this case. Kievsky is a Nazi sympathiser. We know that from his posts at OD and VNN. Savage spotted this immediately, even before the subject was brought up.

    Ah, ‘Yo-Semite’ is at it again.

  14. Francis Parker Yockey, a man who witnessed the farce of Nuremburg from the position of an insider and was so horrified by the experience that he was compelled to give his very life in the service of Truth, provides some words of wisdom to those who attack others on the basis of “Nazi sympathy,” in his Imperium:

    The two great power-currents in the world before the Second World War were the centrifugal flow of power from the Western organism to the Outer Forces (especially away from the Continental European nations, since the obsolescence of the English national Idea led to the power-current England-America), and, then, the centripetal flow of the attributes that alone make power vital and lasting, from England to Prussia-Germany.

    To set forth these two power-currents as power problems – from the European standpoint -, the first problem was: How is European world-hegemony to be restored? And the second was: How is Europe to be imbued with Ethical Socialism, the only viable world-outlook and nation-building force in this Age of Absolute Politics?

    These two problems were the actual issues of the Second World War. Men and governments cannot create power-problems; rather, these arise when superpersonal organisms collide with existing power-currents. Both lie far beyond any human control. In navigating the seas, one can sail with the currents, or try to sail against them, but one cannot produce new currents. Thus it is with the Organic: The possibilities are given, and are not subject to alteration or dispute. One can either accept an organic possibility, or abandon oneself to disappointment, disease, and chaos. If a possibility is frustrated long enough, it will one day no longer be there to accept, for the Organic always has a duration of existence.

    The more important of the two power-problems in determining the form of the War was the first: The European Imperium voluntarily decided to give the problem of Europe’s world-position precedence over that of Europe’s internal constitution. It was hoped that solution of the latter problem could be postponed until a time when it could be resolved more easily and without endangering the European world-position. This decision not to occupy the English Island was the personal decision of the Hero who was custodian of the Destiny of Europe during the Second World War. From the time of that decision on, from June, 1941, the European Imperium’s invasion of Asiatic Russia was the real war. Europe expended its energy mainly on winning that war, wherein a victory would have secured the Destiny of the European Culture for the coming century.

    Now the War could not take its natural course, that corresponding to the organic power-problems, viz., England and Germany versus Russia and Japan, with America and the other colonies either neutral or allied to Europe. Instead, it was forced by the Washington regime into a distorted form: England and the European colonies attacked Europe from behind while it was struggling for its Cultural-political-economic-social-military-technical survival. Since the form of the War was unnatural, having stood in no relation to the organic power-problem posed by the power currents, its results were unnatural, too.

    As the Organic Laws of Politics show, such a distortion as the Second World War can result only from the intrusion of a Culturally-alien group into the political affairs of the host-organism. The Second World War was the most monstrous manifestation of Culture-distortion in the history of High Culture. The Culturally-alien group that conjured up the War could symbolize its triumph over the West through the infamous “tribunal” at Nuremberg, a year after the War, but its victory was as unnatural as the War itself.

    Nor can a Culturally-alien group occupy any kind of lasting political position within the host-organism. It summons forth its own opposition, Cultural antibodies, through which its power will eventually be dis-solved. Power, to be perfect, must be openly exercised; however, a Culturally-alien group can hold power only so long as it works through others, through individuals, organisations, classes, governments, and groups of every sort that it manipulates to direct their forces temporarily into its own channels.

    Likewise, Russia’s ascendancy as a result of the War is unnatural. It does not bring organic actualities to expression, but contradicts them. Europe possesses the true sources of power, which are spiritual-ethical; the Russian Empire is only a formless grouping of barbaric tribes with a purely negative mission. In this, its Imperial Age, Europe is simply not ripe for a long domination by barbarians.

    Thus it was a war of spent energies and lost power, of territory lost and cities destroyed, a waste of life, wealth, effort – a waste everywhere but in the realm of Heroism and the Spirit. In the spiritual domain, the great process of forming the Imperium continued unrelentingly, and one saw the curious spectacle of the Washington regime’s puppets, the Churchill’s, taking up the aim of the Hero they had helped Washington and Moscow to destroy. They began to talk about the “unification of Europe.” A few months before they hated the Europe that had been united – indissolubly united through blood spilt on the tundras and steppes, in the forests of Russia, and to destroy it they were prepared to betray their European Fatherlands and their own souls.

    After the War, the hottest-headed of the puppets shrieked in horror, in the style of his war-incitements, that Asia now stood at the Elbe. When the frontier was at the Volga and in the Caucasus, he did everything in his power, little as that was, to bring this frontier into the middle of Europe. The Heroic world stands infinitely above the economic-technical disjunction utile-inutile. Nor is the military test of “victory” valid in the realm of Heroism. It was Cromwell who inspired generations of leaders long after his death and subsequent disgrace, not the later Stuarts who had caused his body to be dismembered by wild horses. It was Napoleon who inspired a whole century of leaders after him, not Louis XVIII, nor Metternich, nor Talleyrand.

    About 1840, Napoleon triumphed, he whose name one could praise in Europe twenty years before only at one’s peril. Napoleon’s Idea conquered the spiritual-political realm, his personality the Heroic realm. Who would reproach him now with the fact of the lost battles of Leipzig and Waterloo? So it shall be with the Hero of the Second World War. He represented a new ethical type that will inspire and inwardly form all coming leaders of significance of the West. The bewailing of his “mistakes” after the Second World War was simply contemptible. Every journalist and every braggart knows better than the great man – they would not have made this mistake or that. Indeed, they would never have been in the place to do anything at all!

  15. I think your instincts are sound about Yosemite in this case, Landser.

    You are definately a very restrained gentleman here, Kievsky.

  16. Kievsky,

    You absolutely got a few great mentions in there. Your response when he called you a Nazi should have been longer. But you did not let him get away with it and that was great! Nazi and racist are the two words that shut whites up! And you kept your cool!!!

    Another note, what’s wrong with the death penalty? Confinement isn’t a deterrent! Who is supposed to support the crap behind bars? I’d pull the switch free of charge.

  17. Joanne,

    The State might use the death penalty against us. Also, we want to offer a clean break with regimes of the past. I think hard labor and/or deportation are better options than the death penalty.

    And you can see how handily I can neutralize the use of “Nazi” to try and shut me up.

    Hey Yosemite — at which ADL office do you work?

  18. Kievsky, I noticed how Savage kept asking which of your parents taught you to be a Nazi. It betrayed his fundamental animus towards White Americans, whom he considers as closet Nazis who need to be brainwashed into something harmless (and given the chance to blow off a little steam in controlled fashion).

  19. Yes, Dasein, I decoded him. He calls Rush the Golfer, Hannity the wallbanger (disrespect for honest work), O’Reilly “the hemorrhoid with ears.”

    Savage is the Semitic Border Collie, trying to keep the Anaesthetized wolves from waking up to their true nature as wolves and not canine servants of Jewry, lest we trot off the Jewish plantation and forming a Pack of White Werewolves.

  20. Good show, Kievsky. I thought it was funny that, in the beginning at least, he thought you were an airheaded liberal. He clearly believed that he could just bat you around and show you up before his audience. He miscalculated. You kept your cool, ignored his jabs, didn’t play his game. By the last few minutes, you were landing haymaker after haymaker. Hilarious.

  21. Kievsky, Trust me,in the minds of most people, Savage made an ass of you. But I give you allot of credit for having the courage to go up against one of the most professional rhetoralic masters in the media


  22. Trainspotter,

    That happened once before


    Is Christianity Good for Jews?

    by Richard Poe · April 5, 2002 · 1 Comment

    “I DON’T blame Germany for the Holocaust: I blame Christendom for the Holocaust,” says Hyam Maccoby of the Leo Baeck Institute for Jewish Studies in London.

    Maccoby argues that Jews would fare better in a world without Christians. Many Jews quietly agree.

    With Christianity retreating before a blitzkrieg of secular schooling, parental indifference and ACLU law suits, Jews may soon have a chance to test Maccoby’s theory, exploring a new life in pagan America.

    They may be in for a shock. Moses’ people were enslaved not by Christians, but by pagan Egyptians. Pagan Romans annihilated the Jewish kingdom in AD 70.

    A recent incident in Hamilton, Massachusetts suggests further problems ahead.

    On Easter Sunday, the Rodkechar family * was driving home from church, when they saw demonstrators wielding anti-Israel placards, such as, “Stop the Jewish Holocaust Against the Palestinians.”

    Bill Rodkechar – a senior officer in the Naval Reserve, with 15 years of active service – was offended. “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East,” he says.

    Rodkechar accosted the demonstrators. “That land belongs to Israel,” he chided them.

    “The Arabs have deeds, signed and sealed,” retorted a demonstrator. “All that you have is the Old Testament.”

    “Don’t you believe in the Bible?” asked Rodkechar.

    “I’m not a Christian.”

    That stopped Rodkechar in his tracks. Born a Jew, Rodkechar had converted to Christianity seven years earlier, and was now a devout Baptist. Whether as Jew or Christian, he had always respected the Bible, and so did most people he knew.

    Rodkechar had never met anyone quite like these demonstrators. “They were derisive, mocking,” he remembers. “Something about them looked suspicious. They didn’t appear to be interested in the Palestinian cause. Their purpose was not to have a discussion. Their purpose was to provoke.”

    “I guess we don’t have anything to talk about,” said Rodkechar, and began driving away. (Ed note — he actually said “go fuck yourself” and peeled out)

    According to Rodkechar, the men shouted after him, “Sieg Heil! Death to the Jews!” (Ed note — NOT TRUE, we didn’t say “death to the Jews)

    It is alleged that, in the verbal exchange that followed, Rodkechar’s 18-year-old son Ed jumped out of the car with a baseball bat and began swinging at his father’s tormentors. (he swung a baseball bat at Kievsky and another guy in front of his daughter) No one was hurt, but Ed was arrested and charged with assault. (the police chief who had been observing from a hidden lookout, showed up and wrestled the bat from the spazzed out 19 year old Jewish kid who was screaming “I’m a white man goddamnit, Jews are White!”)

    Unwittingly, Rodkechar and his family had encountered members of the fast-growing, neo-Nazi National Alliance (NA). Across the Internet, anti-Semitic Web sites gleefully trumpeted the incident.

    “Lunatic Zionist Attacks NA Members,” cried the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network.

    “Jewish Youth Arrested After Attacking NA Member with Baseball Bat,” reported the anti-Semitic Overthrow.com – quite inaccurately, inasmuch as Ed is not Jewish (Jewishness is inherited only through the mother’s line, and Ed’s mother is not Jewish.)

    In their disdain for the Bible, Rodkechar’s tormentors foreshadow the New Paganism looming in America’s future.

    “I despise Christianity and ALL it stands for,” writes one correspondent on the National Alliance message board. “It is, in my opinion, an alien and virulent influence on White society and one of Semitic origin at that.”

    Heinrich Himmler would have agreed. “We should not forget that in the long run, the Pope in Rome is a greater enemy of National Socialism than Churchill or Roosevelt,” he once said. Himmler encouraged his SS troops to worship ancient Germanic gods.

    The SS is gone, but adoration of Aryan deities still flourishes.

    When columnist Jon Dougherty criticized the U.S. military for appointing chaplains to conduct pagan ceremonies, his May 18, 1999 article in WorldNetDaily.com provoked a deluge of indignant letters from military pagans, including followers of the “Asatru” faith, which honors Nordic gods.

    “I remain loyal to the pre-Christian faith of my ancestors,” wrote Roy Tapio Kosonen, who claimed to have served for six years as an intelligence specialist in the U.S. Army Reserve.

    Asatru is a “warrior religion,” noted Kosonen. “We do not believe in `turning the other cheek.’”

    Of course, Nordic paganism does not always lead to Nazism. But, as the Rodkechars learned, interfaith dialogue has a way of breaking down when you remove the Bible from the equation.

    “Followers of the Christian Right are among the most philo-Semitic citizens of this country,” notes Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in his book America’s Real War.

    Rabbi Lapin’s organization Toward Tradition urges Jews and Christians to join forces against the coming darkness.

    “As a Jew, I am extremely grateful to be living in a country that… has legally granted me full religious expression,” he says. “I am worried that my grandchildren may not have the same freedoms, not because of Christians, but because of a removal of Christian values from this country.”

    The names of “Rodkechar” family members have been changed here to protect their privacy.
    Cross-posted from NewsMax.com 04.05.02

  23. Q,
    Savage has 10 million listeners. I don’t care about the dummies who think Schindler’s List is “actual footage of the Holocaust.” I was speaking for the perceptive minority who now know that Henry Ford wrote a book called “The International Jew.”

  24. Yosemite
    Mr. Savage’s instincts were sound in this case. Kievsky is a Nazi sympathiser.

    To antis and most jews anyone who defends white interests is a “Nazi.” Who cares what whites that far gone and our genetic enemies think? Kievsky’s approach, planting seeds of doubt in those few open minds listening, is the best that can be done under those circumstances.

    As far as my sympathies go, whose side should I take? Jewish America, Jewish Britain, the Soviet Union or National Socialist Germany?

  25. Kievsky: I was speaking for the perceptive minority who now know that Henry Ford wrote a book called “The International Jew.”

    Exactly, that was great. Not only was there good value in simply putting that knowledge out there, doing so also cornered Savage into mocking Henry Ford. Priceless. I guarantee that had an impact on some of the more perceptive types tuning in. Nice combination of broad value with a more narrowly tailored value.

  26. What a coincidence! My baby daughter (1 month old) can’t get to sleep unless I drive her around the block a few minutes. I never listen to Savage, but I tuned in and heard Kievsky and Savage duke it out on live radio in the car. How cool!

  27. I don’t listen to talk radio, but comparing Michael ‘Weiner’ Savage [JEW] to a border collie is an insult to those loyal, handsome, kind, helpful, and very intelligent dogs.

    The Jew Weiner/Savage is more like an ugly slobbering bulldog, maybe a vicious pug, or, most appropriately, one of those weiner dog.

  28. Kievsky:

    Since everyone is chiming in, I wanted to make sure you know that independent of content, you sounded energetic, confident, knowledgeable, and steady. This is very admirable and exactly what kind of leadership that attracts people. It quells anxieties over what a follower may feel, but is not prepared to articulate. The “perceptive minority” also know that the talk format is heavily skewed to let the louder host boom over the callers, and interrupt at will (in this case, to lob non sequiturs). Bravo! It will be interesting to see if there is a google trend spike for “The International Jew.”

    Congratulations, and good work! Mike

  29. Q:”Kievsky, Trust me,in the minds of most people, Savage made an ass of you. But I give you allot of credit for having the courage to go up against one of the most professional rhetorical masters in the media.”

    Jews don’t debate fairly or honorably. Remember that the Jewish mind is not European, but rather Semitic — thus they talk, debate, and think like Semites, not like Europeans.

    Jews use their slick tongues to lie incessantly (Jews = “Great Masters of the Lie”), to run circles around people, to deliberately confuse and confound and verbally intimidate well-meaning honest people. They interrupt constantly (they’ll rarely let you finish your sentence), change the subject incessantly, talk over people; then when they start to lose the debate they begin to smear people with ad-hominem attacks (“racist,” “Nazi,” “fascist,” “White supremacist,” etc), then they start to raise their voice and throw a temper tantrum — when they really start to lose they’ll storm out of the room with shouts of “Nazi” (isn’t that right Yo-Semite?).

    Jewish debating tactics are just as dishonest and corrupt as Jewish morals in general. Frankly, after around 2,000 long painful years of putting up with never-ending Jewish lies and verbal bombast, the best thing Whites can do to shut Jews up is put their foot down when they need to (both literally and figuratively): Jews are physical cowards, and all it takes to shut the Jews up is for Whites to show them who is boss. Humans still live in a state of Nature, and most often in Nature it is very often the physically strongest and boldest who survives (not necessarily the cunning cowards). This goes back to my analogy a while back that Whites are like lions, while Jews are like hyenas. Study the dynamics between those two species in Africa and the comparisons become more and more clear – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pda4zULB3EA

  30. “…when they really start to lose they’ll storm out of the room with shouts of “Nazi” (isn’t that right Yo-Semite?).”

    The really interesting thing is whether ‘Yo-Semite’ actually thinks anyone here on this site really is interested in anything he has to say… or gives a shit about him one way or another?!?

  31. What? He started off on some rant about you supporting the Obama regime killing old people at a certain age? That kind of thing would fail a high school debate club.

    This is a perfect example of why the “grassroots movement” strategy probably won’t work. Most white people are dumb, dumb white people get their info from radio talk shows and FOX news, and stay so dumbed down they think that accusing you of wanting to kill old people – because you support cremation.

    So, instead of a “grassroots” strategy trying to wake up the sheeple – which is hopeless without control of the media – we need the vanguard/professional strategy. One tactic would be to try to get white-brainwashers like Savage Weiner here off the air. The left has been partially successful at getting Dobson off the air and Beck losing advertising in Europe. Or some other more direct strategy, against the enemy, not trying to wake up the tards.

    Because I have no idea how you are going to reach people that think cremation = forced killing of old people. Really, how do you work with that?

  32. Jews don’t debate fairly or honorably. Remember that the Jewish mind is not European, but rather Semitic — thus they talk, debate, and think like Semites, not like Europeans.

    Jews use their slick tongues to lie incessantly (Jews = “Great Masters of the Lie”), to run circles around people, to deliberately confuse and confound and verbally intimidate well-meaning honest people. …

    Good points WP.

    Remember one thing as well about these ‘tactical tools’ of the Semitical ‘semantical tool box’: To them (not all, but many),

    it is not really ‘lying’ to the ‘Other’ —

    it is merely ‘outsmarting’ him —

    which makes this problem of inter-ethnic tribal competition all the more intractable and inscrutable to us Aryans, since we consider this behavior, on average, to be low-brow and pathological…

    and, of course, we think that all ‘mankind’ is just like us, or wants to be just like us.

    Ahh, the mysteries of the universe….

  33. Savage is just a Jewish blowhard who is probably laughing and crossing his fingers with every word. Most Christians I come in contact with are fanatical supporters of Israel and all things Jewish, and the contemporary version being preached to the masses has morphed into a form of gentile mind control.

    Sadly, there will be people that reason since Savage is a “good” sort of Jew and that there must be more like him, so anti-semitism serves no useful purpose. Wrong. I believe Jared Taylor attempted to get on his show to discuss race but was rudely given the brush off by Savage. This can only mean that Mikey doesn’t want his listening audience thinking seriously about race and racial differences.

  34. “Your soul is trapped in the earth…”

    “Dr. Kevorkian is a great humanitarian…”

    Frankly you did come off as a bit kooky.

    Savage’s style is typically Jewish, always the aggressor and accuser, keeping the goyim in a defensive position and backed into a corner.

    This can only mean that Mikey doesn’t want his listening audience thinking seriously about race and racial differences.

    His show is comedy, it’s like a political Jerky Boys.

  35. Way to go, Kievsky, you chipped one of Weiner’s venomous fangs. How anybody can stand listening to this deceitful, frothing, neurotic, kooky Shlomo, is beyond me.

  36. Q ” But I give you allot of credit for having the courage to go up against one of the most professional rhetoralic masters in the media.”

    You are kidding right? Weiner usually abuses his call in opponents. Nothing classy about his act at all. Plus he’s a boring narcissist, as are they all. The guy is a vaudevillian with intellectual pretensions. Border-collie is a pretty apt description.

  37. While I did think Kievsky got in some good “doubt time bombs” on to the airwaves, talking about cremation “freeing souls” and needing to reduce the human population through Kevorkian-like euthanasia aren’t topics you can expect to make short sound bites of on air without coming off sounding kooky. Still, better to have planted the seeds of doubt than nothing at all.

    Also, when Weiner/Savage does his “have you stopped beating your wife” routine, the best strategy is counterattack to throw him off balance. Hit him wear he hurts: ask him when he stopped diddling little boys. Ask him about his letters to the pedophile poet Ginsberg. That’ll probably make him so angry he’ll lose control and make for a very hilarious recording (be sure to record it from your end as well so he can’t “disappear” bits he doesn’t want to be out there on the internet).

    Weiner/Savage is so fraudulent it is comical – these chameleons change their political views to fool the tards – and it works. It’s transparently obvious to us, but if you haven’t opened your eyes to the Jewish question these political shapeshifters look like the genuine article.

    And yeah, Christianity has always been a tool of goy control; the only difference was that for a while it slipped out of the control of Jews, just as Communism did. That doesn’t mean that Christianity or Communism were good things just because for a while they were not under Jewish control. As long as that apparatus of control remained, the danger of Jews reasserting control remained – which is what happened.

    Ask yourselves, why Jews are still around, when all the many myriad non-orthodox varieties of Christianity were hunted down and exterminated by the Church? Why was the Church so protective of the Jews, even while it was exterminating paganism? Why were the Jews the only non-Christian group granted the permission to survive in Christian countries?

    It’s like the Church was a computer AI program whose prime directive was not to hurt the Jews. Sure, the Church suppressed the Jews to some degree, but not anything like what it did against other faiths. It could not disobey its own internal programming and remove the Jewish threat once and for all. So Jews were allowed to exist within Western countries, and often thrive, until they finally had their opportunity to take over, which they took.

  38. “Mr. Savage’s instincts were sound in this case. Kievsky is a Nazi sympathiser. We know that from his posts at OD and VNN.”

    You say this as though this s a bad thing?!?!?!

    Can you explain why Slavs, to this day, like to erect memorials to honor Waffen SS soldiers?

    ” TIMOTHY JACOBS, Associated Press Writer
    AP Worldstream
    Dateline: RIGA, Latvia
    A new memorial to Latvians who died fighting in Germany’s Waffen SS during World War II has drawn angry criticism from Israel and Russia _ who say the state-sanctioned, marble-built monument is an affront to millions of Nazi victims.

    The 40-meter-long (yard) memorial includes the names of 11,000 men who died in battle against the Red Army etched in stone, plus an inscription reading, “We’re waiting for justice to be resurrected.”


  39. “Mr. Savage’s instincts were sound in this case. Kievsky is a Nazi sympathiser. We know that from his posts at OD and VNN.”

    You say this as though this s a bad thing?!?!?! — Heinous Henry


    Don’t take anything that ‘Yo-Semite’ says seriously.

    He is a dissimulating Zionist troll who will say anything – and everything – if its helpful to or ‘good for the Jews’.

  40. I’m not a Zionist. I’m just not an anti-Semite. I don’t believe that the Jews should have been allowed to enter the United States, but I say the same thing of the Irish, the Italians, the Huns, and other non-Anglo-Saxon white minorities. By Jewish standards, that makes me antisemitic; by my own standards, that just makes me a traditionally Anglo-centric white nationalist à la [I]wilmot robertson[/I].

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