1. Good video Robert. Thanks for posting this.

    The messages contained in videos such as these are important in that they’ll help us to reach more White environmentalists, anti-consumerists, and even more than a few ‘leftists.’ These people are implicitly White through and through, and despite of all of their supposed intelligence and liberalism they just don’t see it. So let us work to help them see it. I mean the type of crowd that reads sites like Adbusters – https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/88/nazi_chic.html – “Corporate logos have become sites of semantic warfare, subtly scripted with anti-Semitic messages. Helly Hansen’s “HH” is now code for “Heil Hitler,” and Lonsdale a nod to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP. This co-opting of mainstream clothing allows racists to allude to their political affiliations in public without risking arrest or fine. Berlin police officers have even been banned from wearing ten popular upscale brands – including Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Lonsdale, ACAB and PitBull – to avoid looking “too Nazi” on duty.”

  2. @White Preservationist
    Toivottavasti tapaamme pian uuddestaan!
    Hyvää jatko! Halauksin!!!

  3. I have long admired many French occultists, Martinists, and Swedenborgians, but Rene Guenon’s voice is a voice that the modern world particularly needs to hear.

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