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Stephen Piggot of Imagine 2050 has a new article about Alternative Right. This is what passes for “intelligence gathering” on the Far Left. Piggot’s confused article gets the most basic facts wrong. It is sad to think that this stupid hack probably gets paid to monitor us.

Alt Right is Richard Spencer’s new project. Peter Brimelow makes that clear in his VDARE post on the subject. Greg Johnson is the editor of TOQ Online, not Occidental Observer, which is Kevin MacDonald’s blog. Alt Right isn’t a “direct challenge” to Occidental Dissent. We support what they are doing.

The name “Alternative Right” reflects Richard Spencer’s stated agenda: Alt Right is presenting itself as a sleek new challenger to mainstream conservatism and libertarianism. In the introductory video, Spencer pokes fun at David Frum, a clueless neocon pundit. Alt Right was designed to appeal to a younger audience who reject the Left, but who don’t fit in on the stuffy or banal Right either.

The “post-paleos” tend to be more secular than their predecessors. They are more willing to challenge multiculturalism and political correctness; more libertarian on economic and gender issues; more opposed to third world immigration and affirmative action; more interested in men’s issues; more willing to flaunt racial taboos. There is some convergence with our ideas, but the “post-paleos” (Paul Gottfried’s term) haven’t endorsed a White ethnostate.

Richard Spencer is the William F. Buckley of this social movement. By that I only mean he is the acknowledged leader. It will take years of struggle for Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers to remove Buckley’s dead hand from conservatism.

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  1. Wow. Read that article. I am the Queen of Typos. There were basic spelling errors, in that article, as well as incorrect factual content.

  2. Denise, quite a number of factual errors. This guy Stephen Piggott is a grad school intern it seems. He did seem careful enough to only call us “haters” by indirect association, not directly. The group seems to be some sort of liberal/secular Catholic thing. I wonder where they get their funding?

  3. Brimelow’s money and networking skills fused with Spencer’s web design and and handsomeness skills guarantee success.

  4. Peter Brimelow and Paul Gottfried,’s senior contributing editors, have strong connections to white nationalist and anti-immigrant groups.

    Claiming that Brimelow is “linked” with anti-immigration groups is kind of like claiming that Marx is linked with Marxism.

    Virginia was the first English child, not White child. Basic research.

  5. Pigout writes:

    This [Alternative Right] marks an attempt to forge a new right-wing publication that is a direct challange [sic] to the more intellectual white nationalist magazines out there, namely Occidental Dissent, American Conservative and Chronicles. Brimelow clearly feels that the standards of VDARE were not intellectually up to par thus the need to create a new magazine.

    Let’s count the number of errors and misleading comments in just one paragraph:

    1. The imputation of a “direct challenge” is a transparent attempt to conjure up a conflict in our circles where there is none. Why would such a challenge even be necessary?
    2. Occidental Dissent is definitely a white nationalist publication. Chronicles and American Conservative are absolutely anti-white nationalist.
    3. Since Brimelow runs VDARE, if he does not think that the publication is intellectually up to par, all he has to do is up his standards. He need not create a new publication. Again, this guy is blatantly imputing motives without evidence, motives that don’t even make sense.
    4. “Challenge” is misspelled.
    5. The names of publications are not italicized.

    This is what passes for “intelligence” among our opponents.

  6. Imagine 2050 has a lot of references to the Center for a New Community

    Aside from a bunch of Imm-Speak like “builds community where the dignity and value of all humanity is manifest” there is some religious angle involved; they use terms like “congregation” and “faith traditions.”

    This is weird – there is a section called the “John Tanton Network” but wikipedia shows “John Tanton” as “activist [in] reducing immigration … first chairman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.” A simple name clash?

    Another link is to a pdf “State Legislators for Legal Immigration” – so maybe this is an “anti-illegal immigration” pro-immigration front?

    That’s just a cursory glance at the websites. But Imagine 2050 seems related to in some way or another. Happy Hunting!

  7. What a goof-ass site. Hunter, where the hell did you come across that?

    Anyway, they have a total of 3 comments on all articles on the first page, so it’s not exactly jumpin’ over there.

  8. Check out this gem:

    One of the high privileges of being white in America is to be able to speak of race in coded terms and language…

    Not being able to discuss race directly is now a “high privilege”!


    Lawrence Auster and his sycophants do not like Alternative Right.

    “N.” informs Auster that he found an “anti-Semitic comment” and says “hatred of Jewish people, at least among the readership, is a feature of the site.”

    Lisa says Alternative Right is “blaming Jews for the ills of this world.”

    Auster then replies by saying Altenative Right is “nothing more than the usual paleocon/Buchananite moral swamp.”

    Originally Auster said he wished Spencer success, but later changed his mind and said, “I take back what I said earlier about wishing Richard Spencer success in this site.”

    Richard W. says the title Radical Traditionalism “belongs to VFR, and VFR only.” He also says that Alternative Right is “an attempt to piggyback on the success of VFR.”

  10. Sounds like Auster is having another “Jared Taylor moment.” First wish them success, then take it all back and attack them.

  11. “What is VFR?”

    My guess would be shorthand for Auster’s attempt at co-opting White advocacy for Jewish interests at his site View From the Right. Voluntary Forfeiture of Rectum is less likely.

    Hopefully the salvation of us untermenschen is well nigh, as we will no longer be burdened thence with such weighty matters.

  12. Intelligent readers wants to comment on stuff they read, so my guess is that websites like Auster’s will die slowly.

    Same goes for news stories, where the sites that allow anonymous comments will survive, while the ones who want to control what their readers is allowed comments on will die in the competition.

    The rightists, the racists, or other publicly humiliated groups, can allow any comments on their websites, since they no longer have any lies that the opposition can use to discredit them or their cause, that is not based on lies and distortions.
    Rather since they have no social status to salvage, their most important defense becomes the truth, and the truth is best found out, if everybody is free to say what they see as right.

    The PC crowd however, can not allow everything to be commented on by all, since that would make the house of lies and distortions come falling down.

  13. So what’ s wrong with being anti-immigrant..especially if they are non-white. Zenophobia in this day and age is justiifed. Everyone on the planet is zenophic. Zenophobia is healthy and normal.

    I hope Peter Brimelow does not give the vapidly wonkish:”We are not anti-immigrant. Acording to George Borjas…yawn.

    Here is What the Brimelow should say: I want the predatory hindu scum out of America.
    Speaking fro myself: I hate the hindus,sihks,pakis,chinese and koreans-most of them at least-in my AMERICA. I want the fuckers out..deported.

    David Frum is a fucking kike forieigner from Canada. Kick his kike ass back to Canada!!!!

  14. The racism charge should always be tossed back at the “anti-racists”
    Accuse them of hating NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS…do this and you will have defined the terms of debate.

  15. Spencer has quoted and linked to this blog: hallelujah, I have seen the glory and the coming of Odin.

  16. Man, they (Brimelow and Spencer) even stood their ground against the Frum Fags when interviewed by the latter.

    Death to Takimag! Death to faileoconservatism!

  17. It is absolutetly crucial for the Patriotic conservative-Alternative-White Nationalist movement to become highly interconnected. Greater potential for future growth. There is probably a mathematical theorm or two that would back this up in the field of social network theory and some solid numerical simulatins to boot.

    The best defense is a strong offense. Now is the time to start calling the likes of Frum,the cockroach Potok-he looks like one-ADL,APAIC and others racist. Enthusiasts for the race -replacement of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS at the hands of post-1965 predatory asians should be called racists who harbor genocidal intentions towards the Native Born White Americans. I have shown how to argue this for the three years that I have been posting on American Renassaince. I hope Jared taylor has been taking notes. These days,my posts aren’t getting through at that Amren website. I wonder who is doing comment control over there.
    WE must frame the terms of debate.

    Get the core memes.repeat them over and over again. Let them go viral. Let the phase transition happen.

  18. Here are some stats from Alexa:

    Occidental Dissent:
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    View From the Right:
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