Southern Homeland

In my commentary on the Northwest Front, I alluded to my own preference for a Southern ethnostate, but I didn’t expand much on this idea. The South has several advantages over the Northwest as the location for the White ethnostate. In the present political climate, I won’t argue that a Southern ethnostate is a realistic possibility, as I find that outcome unlikely to materialize. Instead, I will argue solely that it would be easier to carve out an ethnostate in the South than in other parts of the United States.

1.) Racial Consciousness

Southerners are far more racially conscious than Whites in the Pacific Northwest. There are still millions of Americans who cling to traditional racial values. The majority of them live in the South. In Alabama, I would argue that at least 1 out of 2 Whites are racially conscious to some degree. The rest have a high degree of “implict whiteness” that could be activated in the right conditions. More Whites voted against Barack Obama in Alabama than in any other state.

The strongest argument for the South is that racialists have a base in the region. The South is a fertile area for in reach activism. There are millions of Southerners who agree with us on race who have never heard of White Nationalism because of the media blackout. We have more human material to work with. We have more people who are potentially receptive to our message.

In some states, creating a racialist majority is not outside the realm of possibility. David Duke almost won some important races in Louisiana in spite of his Neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan baggage. A cleaner candidate with a professionally run campaign could conceivably become Governor of a Southern state. The Council of Conservative Citizens already have sympathetic elected officials in the Mississippi state legislature.

2.) Political Correctness and Multiculturalism

Political correctness and multiculturalism have invaded Southern college campuses. Every SEC college has an Office of Diversity and Multiculturalism or its equivilant. I would argue though that PC and multiculturalism have weaker roots in the South than any other region. Universities are commonly fortresses of liberalism, but Southern college students tend to be apathetic or apolitical.

It is not uncommon for Southern fraternities to ridicule political correctness. A huge controversy at Ole Miss is brewing right now over being forced to choose a new PC mascot. Contrast Ole Miss with UC San Diego. Outside the liberal college towns, White Southerners are even more likely to hold political correctness and multiculturalism in contempt. It would be easier to overthrow both in the South than in the Northwest.

3.) Liberalism

At least rhetorically, the majority of White Southerners are opposed to liberalism. They voted against Barack Obama and have since flocked into the Tea Party movement. In contrast, the Seattle-Portland urban corridor in the Northwest is a progressive stronghold. Washington and Oregon have voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 1988.

White Southerners get most of the conservative social issues: abortion, multiculturalism, illegal immigration, affirmative action, welfare, crime. In the South, White Nationalists still have to move the goal posts, but we don’t have to move them as far as in the Northwest.

4.) Culture

As everyone knows, racialism has deeper roots in Southern culture than in any other region of the United States. The South was committed to white supremacy for three centuries. Residual traces of that heritage still exist in the South. These embers could potentially be stirred up into a bonfire again. It would be easier to do this in the South than in the Northwest. We have more material to work with.

5.) Ethnicity

The South is unique in that the great waves of European immigration tended to avoid the region. The vast majority of European immigrants settled in the Midwest, West, and New England. White Southerners have deeper roots in America. The typical Southerner is more likely to be descended (in whole or in part) from the original White settlers.

Millions of White Southerners now identify as “Americans” on the Census. Their families have been in America for so long that they have “gone native” and shed European ethnic affiliations. Southerners are more patriotic because they have more invested in the United States. When your ancestors fought in the American Revolution, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WW1, WW2, and Vietnam, naturally, you feel a greater sense of connection to America, its history and heritage, and its destiny.

I have no doubt that Southerners are more willing to fight for their idea of America. It would be easier to persuade them to fight for a White ethnostate because they have more to lose. After moving from Alabama to Virginia, I can still sense that I am living among my own people. The accents and culture are familar. White Southerners are an ethnic group that occupy a huge contiguous geographic region. Virginians and Alabamians are blood relatives only a few generations removed from a common stock.

In other parts of country, that just isn’t true. Poles live among Irish, Germans, and Italians. Southerners are related by blood, soil, history, climate, and culture. They move less often. We have more in common than the disparate other groups who live elsewhere in the United States. It would be easier to mobilize White Southerners around a common political goal. There are less obstacles in the way.

I love that line from The Good Shepherd where Joseph Palmi says, “Let me ask you something … we Italians, we got our familes, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland; Jews, their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?” And Wilson responds, “We have the United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.”

6.) Tradition

The idea of a White ethnostate originated in the South. Specifically, it can be traced back to the Upper South in states like Virginia and Kentucky where Whites often lamented the presence of blacks and yearned for the day when they would be spirited off to Africa. The history of the American Colonization Society is well known in racialist circles. Maryland and Virginia colonized thousands of their blacks in Liberia. After the Civil War, there was a renewed push to deport blacks to the Belgian Congo led by Senator Morgan of Alabama. Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi pushed the idea in Congress in the 1930s and 1940s.

7.) Actual Examples

The South has a history of ethnic cleansing. Famously, the Five Civilized Tribes were deported to Oklahoma from the Southeast under the Jackson and Van Buren administrations. After the Civil War, the Ozarks region of Arkansas expelled its negro residents and became a de facto White ethnostate. In the Great Migrations, half of the blacks in America relocated to the North rather than endure segregation and white supremacy in the Jim Crow South.

8.) Geographical Proximity

How would Southerners thread the needle of Greg Johnson’s dilemma? You can’t have strong racial consciousness without multiracialism, but you can’t have a White ethnostate by including non-Whites? The answer lies in geographic proximity: if a White ethnostate was created in proximity to a negro ethnostate, it would define its own identity in opposition to its African neighbor, in much the same way that Germany defined itself against France. A Southern ethnostate would prove more enduring.

9.) Separatism and Secession

The South is the only region of America that has ever seceded from the United States, fought a bloody war against the U.S. federal government, and existed as an independent country. The Jim Crow South was essentially granted “home rule” for over half a century. No other region of the United States has such a strong independent sense of identity.

Southerners alone have an ethnic and national identity to fall back on. However attenuated that identity may be, it still exists, and in the right conditions could potentially be reactivated. Secessionist groups already exist in the South. A stronger feeling of anti-government sentiment prevails in the region. Given their heritage, Southerners are more receptive to the idea of secession than other Americans.

10.) Building Blocks

The South has the building blocks of a potential White ethnostate. I’m referring to the White Belts that exist throughout the region. In these areas, Whites are 90% of the population or more, but heavily black areas are nearby and the focal point of racial consciousness. Historically, the White Belts have been notorious for their aversion to blacks.

In the South, racial separatism could take the form of a migration of Whites from the Black Belts to the White Belts. The spine of a Southern ethnostate stretches down the Appalachian Mountains from West Virginia to North Alabama. Large portions of North Alabama, North Georgia, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia are relatively White. It would be sensible to salvage these areas. They would be easier for Southerners to relocate to than to the Northwest.

In an upcoming post, I will respond to some of the criticisms of a Southern ethnostate. These include Christianity, nationalism, economic dependence on blacks, the popularity of multiracial college football, devotion to the GOP, and the spread of miscegenation, multiculturalism, and political correctness in the region.

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  1. (The following I posted over on another thread, but meant to post it primarily here first) –


    Thx for the response, but, if I may respectfully say, please don’t conflate ‘Nordic’ with ‘Nordish’ – since they are not necessarily one and the same thing.

    Remember, the indigenous White inhabitants of the British Isles are Atlanto-Mediterranean, and this genetic type is still strongly represented in all the countries of the UK – albeit mixed with Nordic elements. (*Remember also as well that the continental Germanic genetic admixture of the Isles is no more than 20-30%.)

  2. Matt re post 246

    I’m curious about something. You said:

    the system won’t even allow the concept of a White American nationality to exist.

    Given the examples you use of Nordics, Italians, and the rest having no problems… would the system allow the concept of an European American nationality to exist?

  3. Landser,

    I’m not sure if Atlanto-Mediterraneans were the original, indigenous White inhabitants or comprised them entirely. I believe that Central Nordish elements, namely Brünn, were present early on as well.

  4. Here is a hilarious “explanation” of why Jews are leftists at the Ice People link above:

    “There is a lot of speculation about why today’s Jews are mostly leftists, when left-wing antisemitism is so widespread and leftist principles are diametrically opposed to all the tenets of Judaism. My opinion is, we know that Democrats have the real power in this country and will eventually control it completely, and we’re hoping that if we show ourselves to be loyal supporters, we won’t be rounded up and exterminated or locked into ghettoes or anything this time. It’s futile; Democrats will throw us under the bus the minute they don’t need our campaign contributions anymore.”

    If you think “left-wing antisemitism” is “widespread” and Democrats are itching to round up and exterminate Jews, you are completely delusional and pathologically paranoid.

  5. This is a very interesting subject that I’ve been reading about a lot lately. I realized that there was something different about me than a lot of the people I grew up with and the general media imposed culture at large. I am an American, and I can tell who is and who isn’t now. We have been invaded by a Trojan Horse of sorts, both literally from South of the border and figuratively in our culture. We have to confront it one way or another. I guess the term is “liberal elites,” the ones that impose on us ideals and lifestyles that are not our own. They use terms like “homophobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia” in an attempt to make us feel ashamed of our backwards, archaic ways, and to prepare us for this new post-American era we are living in. These people are using our Constitution against us like they always have. They think we’re stupid, but we are simply hospitable, generous, and loving people who are being taken advantage of. We have to put up a shield. I like the idea of an ethno-state, but I don’t think it’s possible outright and in the open. We can, however, at least be more private and conscious of who we are and practice our second amendment rights. I think we are becoming more and more outnumbered everyday, and I think we may have to simply de-invest from our present day society, isolate, rediscover and then preserve who we are. We need this at least as a cultural epicenter that our community can call their homeland.
    I think getting back to our agrarian roots in some manner would be ideal. We don’t necessarily have to make a living off agriculture, but at least a sort of garden, plus fishing and hunting. We need to be as self-sufficient and decoupled from the global economy as we can be, and we must reinvent the rural lifestyle for the youth, who will most certainly continue to find themselves to be ever more unwanted strangers in their own country, which they will not recognize as their own in their lifetimes.
    We have to get out of this corrupt society to a certain extent. I know this is right for myself at any rate. We also have to admit that we are a broken people in various ways and degrees ourselves. Realizing who we are and coming together through rejuvenated faith and identity will cure this soon I hope though. Education, especially the history, literature, symbols, and folklore of our people are also very crucial to this movement, which I will call Nativism. We will also have to cleanse our minds of all the rubbish we’ve been fed for so many years.
    The Trojan Horse has sprung its trap, and its soldiers are attacking us, and most of us are not aware of it. We have laughed at it for too long. It’s getting serious now I believe. We are being replaced. We find ourselves in an existential crisis that has us caught like deer in headlights.
    As patriots, the only war worth fighting now is one for our own country, and that is hopeless. Every war after the last good one has been a crime and abuse of our people, and we need to realize that our patriotism is no longer so easily won. It is our natural, knee-jerk reaction; however, we need to be educated and solid as a community. We need our own leaders now. I am sure that good men will rise.
    Like you said, we have “gone native.” We should form some sort of tribe wherever we are and preserve it from further outside, corrupt influences. Fortunately, I have realized this at a young age, and it will continue to be very important throughout my life. Unfortunately, a lot of us are severed from our people. We are scattered, lost, and embedded in this new America. As one of the dwindling few “real Americans,” I must keep the dream alive in some way. I will fish for such men I presume. Thank you and God Bless.

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