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  1. Botswana’s stats aren’t impressive.


    Death rate:

    8.52 deaths/1,000 population (July 2009 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 92

    Infant mortality rate:

    total: 12.59 deaths/1,000 live births
    country comparison to the world: 141
    male: 13.43 deaths/1,000 live births
    female: 11.73 deaths/1,000 live births (2009 est.)

    Life expectancy at birth:

    total population: 61.85 years
    country comparison to the world: 178
    male: 61.72 years
    female: 61.99 years (2009 est.)

    HIV/AIDS – adult prevalence rate:

    23.9% (2007 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 2

    Is this as good as it gets for Botswana with all the natural resources at its disposal, Protestantism as the main religion, and a sizeable White population? Are we supposed to be impressed? Forgive me for viewing Botswana’s valiant efforts in the same light as the English wit Dr Johnson viewed the offerings of women preachers – “Sir,a woman preaching is like a dog walking on his hind legs. It is not done well, but you are surprised to find it done at all”.

  2. Botswana economy is dependent upon diamonds, and most of the people have the same standard living as the average Mexicans. Botswana does not really produce anything, but some agricultural products.

  3. 1. I’d like to know more about Botswana and Senegal, which according to a commentator to Knepper’s post are supposedly the nations that prove sub-Saharan Africans can self-manage and grow economically provided they reject socialism and embrace global capitalism. If that’s the case, great. Good to find something that might help the people there. It’s still not an argument for indiscriminate racial mixing or dismantling welfare states everywhere. But who knows, maybe a strong argument can be made that socialism is particularly pernicious for non-whites. In any case, a quick look in Amren’s archives indicates a few mentions of Botswana as a potential exception to the rules in Africa, but no extended investigation. Nor of Senegal. It’s something worth studying because anti-racialist conservatives, to the extnet you can even get them to pay attention to your views, are probably likely to bring up these nations as rejoinders to your argument.

    2. reading Knepper’s column, and the commentators supporting him, I just can’t understand the moral opprobrium applied to whites who bring up racial issues. Radical inidividualists often take on those whom they see as “collectivists,” but they characterize their opponents as moral, albeit stupid and misguided people. But any sort of national collective attitude is immediately characterized as not only misguided, but EVIL. One commentator writes, in response to someone who says Jared Taylor would be an intelligent person to argue with, “why would I want to talk to Jared Taylor except to say “fuck you”? Do radical individualists have same attitude towards members of the Green Party? I doubt it.

  4. sorry, i posted above before i saw Matt’s comment concurring with mine, and fb’s reply to him. it would still be good to know more about Botswana, relative to the nations around it.

  5. I don’t see how any nation infected with AIDS at a rate of close to 1 in 4 can be labelled a success. I have a number of friends whose work takes them to Africa regularly. Most of them are solid liberals, and all of them, to a man, are deeply depressed and disturbed by what they see around them. Of course, unlike most liberals, they have to live there–with their families–so they cannot afford illusions, though most remain firmly liberal and vaguely hopeful about the long-term. (I have no idea how they do this.)

  6. “One commentator writes, in response to someone who says Jared Taylor would be an intelligent person to argue with, “why would I want to talk to Jared Taylor except to say “fuck you”?”

    He likes to keep an open mind. On race, neocons and Left-liberals sing from the same totalitarian sheet.

  7. [In Botswana] There are furthermore not strong ethnic/tribal tensions as in the rest of Africa.

    That is interesting. One of the claims for failure in Africa is that colonial powers arbitrarily divided up the countries instead of dividing them based on tribes. The long simmering tribal grievances come to a head when they are forced to live together in the same country.

    If true this could be an excellent argument in support of voluntary segregation and ethnic confederation. If even in Africa they do better by being with their own kind it would work equally well or even better elsewhere.

  8. “But who knows, maybe a strong argument can be made that socialism is particularly pernicious for non-whites.”

    It’s dysgenic for any race that doesn’t have a strong work ethic. But charities should be private in any case.

  9. Neoconservative ideology owes much to Trotsky, i.e. left-bolshevik (certainly the anti-racist and imperial-democratic pieces at least); viewed in that light it’s hard to fathom why it is accepted in ‘conservative’ circles at all. Trotsky was considered so radical that even Stalin shunned him. Calling adherents to such an ideology ‘conservative’ in anyway is a joke, clearly this use of doublespeak was a deceptive way of sneaking an alien viewpoint into the American political mainstream.

  10. This is a very amusing entry, and thread. It’s actually funny.

    Spencer is a big butch scary man, compared to Alexis. My 9 year old nephew is a big butch scary man, compared to Alexis.

    Now – I seriously dobt Spencer sidled up to Alexis, and started hissing threats. However, if this did occur, Spencer is not ever ever ever ever gonna lose Alexis. Alexis will troll and stalk Spencer til the day one of them dies. Because, if this did occur, Spencer just gave Alexis the thrill of her lifetime. Alexis will want more. Maybe even a punch in the face, or a whipping……

    Ewww. Poor Spencer.

  11. Yosemite–in the Pre-Vatican II Catholic milieu, “trad” “rad-trad” and “pseudo-trad” are common terms and where one falls on the spectrum is usually indicated by which Mass one attends and who celebrates it.

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