Racialism and Education

White Americans I know will only discuss race if prompted, and will be reluctant to express an opinion one way or another.  Being as they aren’t passionate anti-racists, they’re probably the other thing, so their calculation is “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Europeans, on the other hand, are passionately one or the other.   They do take a stand, even if they keep it to themselves (Taqqiyah).  And in the minds of a lot of them, the multi-cultural experiment has run it’s course, and proved to be extremely undesirable and have no future one way or another.

A mulatto by the name of Joseph Harker is apparently a writer at the Guardian who is not pleased that BNP members are permitted to be teachers.

In a review which will shock many members of the teaching profession, not to mention ethnic-minority parents, Maurice Smith, former chief inspector of schools, concludes: “I do not believe that barring teachers or other members of the wider school workforce from membership of legitimate [sic] organisations which may promote racism is necessary.”

He reaches his decision because, in the last seven years, only four teachers, and two governors, have been found to be BNP members, and only nine incidents of teachers making racist remarks or holding racist materials have been uncovered. Banning BNP members would, he says, therefore be a “taking a very large sledgehammer to crack a minuscule nut”.

Two things here are breathtaking: one is that a man who held such a senior position in the running of Britain’s schools has such a one-dimensional and uninformed view of the issue of racism in our education system. Is he not aware of the underachievement statistics for many of Britain’s racial minorities, widely believed to be party fuelled by low teacher expectations? Is he not aware of the massive rates of exclusions and disciplinary procedures against black boys?

Does he really believe that racism is all about making offensive remarks, rather than promoting, openly or covertly, a system of inequality and injustice? If that’s the case, then, with people like him in charge, no wonder so little has been achieved in improving these statistics over the years.

The irony is that racialists are very likely to be among the best intellectuals and educators. We are inquirers into society. The difference between us and the multiculturalists, is that we dare to call the Emperor naked, we refuse to pretend multiculturalism “works” or is “good for us.” We refuse to be sacrifices to the multicultural ideal, and the activists are working to the day to end it altogether.

Gandhi said there is no religion without sacrifice. In a morally positive religion, sacrifice is about sacrificing immediate gratifications, practicing fasting, teetotaling, et cetera. In an evil religion, you sacrifice others, like Apocalypto.

Multiculturalism is a modern Apocalypto ritual sacrifice of White people. The multicultural priesthood can barely hold back their joy at things like the Wichita Massacre or the Knoxville Horror and the Nushawn Williams one man AIDS biowar against White schoolgirls, which they attempted to cover up while smirking uncontrollably. Multiculturalism is a religious perversion in the same way that there are sexual perversions. They attempt to sugar-coat this turd under the language of “human rights,” . . . or is it “human rites?”

We have to be like Jaguar Paw, and fight back against these priests of our death.

The priesthood of death is also committing ecocide, of course. The White race, the Livable Planet — they are going down together. If Whites are gone, the remnant will still use our technology to finish off the livable planet. Humans could very well go extinct.

The planet will bounce back quickly enough without us on it. New creatures will evolve. Who knows how many years before the plastic breaks down and the ocean de-plasticizes itself. We have dumped massive amounts of plastic into the ocean.

Multiculturalism, and the Pacific Garbage Patch, and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, and an economic globalization that impoverishes billions, all go hand in hand.

A real educator, born and bred in the bones, makes this connection. Joseph Harker, who only cares about what he perceives as his ethnic interest, does not realize that excluding racialists from teaching will exclude most of the idealists and real thinkers, and leave only people who are trudging toward the day when their “teacher’s pension” begins.

It looks like there is a faint spark of resistance in perfidious Albion, as they have decided to allow BNP members to be teachers, and vice versa.

To the mulatto Joseph Harker, it’s all about “economic sanctions” against people whose ideas he doesn’t like. He sees England as just a bunch of “spoils” or “economic niches” that are sponsored by the government. He has no idea of real education or real intellectual inquiry.

I believe that there’s a pilot light of resistance ignited in the European soul. Excluding BNP teachers would hasten the Third-Worldization, as if that’s not getting obvious enough already. Joseph Harker doesn’t realize that if he kills YT 2 much, no more economic niches. No more YT, no more orange soda.

Here in the US, the occupation of “teacher” has lost it’s dignity in modern life, as it became more and more bureaucratized and homogenized. Yet “professor” has all kinds of dignity, and tenure, and even “sabbaticals.”

I think that was on purpose, in order to cut off White American kids from running the country, and open it up to Asians and Jews who still had decent primary schools. Asian schools are not hobbled by diversity and multiculturalism, nor are yeshivas.

As cliched as it sounds, good primary education is the secret to taking everything back, and doing what is possible to stop YT-cide and ecocide. Homeschooling is even better than yeshivas and schools in Beijing, because homeschooled kids will be more creative and yet more practical, and just as scholarly, as government schooled kids. We have to fix our “primary schooling,” so our kids are competing with the Chinese students and the yeshiva grads.

As far as the Asians, they aren’t malicious. They see a chance to fill a niche and do so. Who wouldn’t? I don’t see Asians trying to manipulate the US political system or change the culture the way Jews are doing.

The yeshiva grads are. They are our rivals for control of the country. But there’s more of us than them.

Let me repeat that. There’s more of us . . . than them. Lots more.

All we need is decent schooling. We need a critical mass of well educated Whites who are competent and determined. We need our people to be motivated to learn stuff, and teach their kids. My daughter and I do algebra and chemistry from Khan Academy and the “Demystified” books almost every day.

Yesterday we were doing calculations of slope on a graph, the rise over run. Change in y divided by Change in x, with two sets of xy coordinates. It took her a few tries to understand that in 2,5 and 0, -8, the 2 and the 0 are the X’s, and the 5 and -8 are the y’s. It forced her to have a longer attention span. I said to her, “See the value of doing that? It forced you to go through a slightly more complex thought process.” She agreed.

Math is definitely weight-lifting for the mind. Then we started the chemistry videos at Khan Academy. The first video is about the atom, and Salman Khan talks about how an atom is mostly empty space, and that what we perceive as “solid” is mostly empty space. On the atomic level, there’s very little actual matter that is “solid” in the way we think of solid matter. We both found this quite fascinating.

From homeschooled education will spring projects such as replacing plastic with natural materials that don’t add to the Pacific Garbage Patch, organic farms, local trade, and the withdrawal of our economic activity from the control of the Central Bankers.

We have to undo several generations of television. It’s all about “attention span.” When our people have their attention span back, they will again have the ability to see multiculturalism for what it is — a hateful religion that uses us as its blood sacrifices.


  1. Lockeford,
    You forgot the best part of all…It increases Whiteness and aesthetic beauty with each passing generation.

    To select for sheer verbal intelligence while neglecting the qualities of leadership instinct, courage, vitality, creativity, and aesthetic beauty is to design yourself a Jew. That’s all the Jew is, biologically and traditionally, is a White man who’s been simmering too long in selection for mere intelligence.

  2. Matt,

    Aye. My main concern which may not have come through on my post is to avoid obsessive IQ focus. It’s only one part of the picture. On this topic I could easily go on way too long listing the benefits and many traits to enhance, including the physical and spiritual. I have to stop somewhere. 😉

  3. The nationalist parties in Europe, if they break through past a certain threshold of electoral success, can aid in advancing racial discourse in America just by being covered in the MSM this side of the Atlantic.

  4. Kievsky @ post 44 & Lockeford @ post 49 & Matt Parrott @ post 49:
    Do white racists need to beat Jews at their own game? Are Warren Buffett and Bill Gates socialistic capitalists who have learned their game from Jews such as Bernard Baruch and Ben Graham? Gates supports anti-white scholarships and Buffett contributed to the Gates Foundation.
    Are Jews and other anti-whites rapidly tightening the noose of censorship? According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Ford a libel lawsuit brought by San Francisco lawyer Aaron Sapiro in response to anti-Semitic remarks led Ford to close “The Dearborn Independent” weekly newspaper in December 1927. Aren’t white racists far worse off now?
    Honest, courageous fighters like George Washington, Daniel Boone, and Davy Crockett might be great against honest savages or chivalrous Europeans, but they might be completely baffled by high-IQ, manipulative, amazingly clever, guileful enemies. The cowardly enemy who appears to be a neutral, or even a friend, might simply out-think and out-deceive the courageous, straightforward fighter. The war profiteers who collect money from friends and foes might never fight but always win.
    Ten generations of selective breeding might create a super race. However, a super race might be outnumbered a million to one and could easily be overwhelmed or absorbed. Also, do whites have 200 or 300 years to work with?
    Consider 40 year intervals: FDR to LBJ to BHO to (someone like Zapata? or Mugabe?). Whites might have 40, maybe 50, or optimistically 60 years left before total anti-white global domination. Is this overly pessimistic?
    My concept is NOT a super race in 300 years but instead a white-derived superhuman species in about 40 years. This new hominid species might have more than 46 chromosomes and would probably not be interfertile with humans. The average brain weight of these new hominids would literally be about 3 times heavier than that of humans. These hominids might be like white-friendly super-nerds, totally dependent on whites for survival. In 1927 did people think an A-bomb was a crazy idea?

  5. cc @ 54

    We can beat them at their own game without becoming them. We don’t have to do things their way, in order to wage economic and cultural warfare. Take a look at this:


    JOURNAL: OSW Standing Orders (compilation)

    Here’s a compilation of the standing orders series for open source warfare from last year. Probably need to add some more.

    Break Networks
    Grow Black Economies
    Virtualize your organization
    Repetition is more important than scale
    Don’t fork the insurgency
    Minimalist rule sets work best
    Share everything that works

    Each of those summaries is a link at the original link, check that out.

  6. As far as the Asians, they aren’t malicious. They see a chance to fill a niche and do so. Who wouldn’t? I don’t see Asians trying to manipulate the US political system or change the culture the way Jews are doing.

    The yeshiva grads are. They are our rivals for control of the country. But there’s more of us than them.

    Let me repeat that. There’s more of us . . . than them. Lots more.

    Great points Kievsky, especially about the motivational differences between the Jews and the other non-White ‘higher performing’ groups that are vying for positions within our elites and within our elite professions.

    I concur, after being around many of these groups, that Asians and Indians are not really malicious towards us at all — rather, they are just taking whatever opportunities and, as you say, niches, that are being offered to them.

  7. Uh re: post 17 – I never said that Mestizos were going to “turn anti-Jew”, and become “one with our WN struggle”.

    I know they have been brought into the JewSA, by Jews, to destroy and replace the White Race.

    I believe I wrote that they were trickier to deal with, as they are vicious little Orcs, who engage in criminality and mayhem for the sheer fun of it.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t use their propensities for our benefit That’s what we should be doing – using every means at our potential disposal, at all times, to help in prying the Vampyre Jew fangs from our throats.

  8. Svigor, post 23 – ?

    No. We cannot. No Jews. Ever. We cannot work with them. Look at the WHOLE of history. We cannot work with them. They will always undo us.

    No Jews.

    Not now. Not ever.

  9. Kievsky! That Hexacopter on GG is so stunningly bad-ass I felt like I was 12 years old again witnessing my first radio controlled plane.

    Now that we know of these, we can go ahead and declare victory – we could close the border and send drones to chase out the invaders!


    First order of business – open a drone factory! Holy crap I am seriously going to build one of these. I can order a kit from CA for a thousand bucks! I wonder if the rep-rap can successfully make all the parts to a hexacopter?

  10. “Yes, but why? If he has Jewish and other nonwhite DNA, he is not part of the Dutch or European tribe and it stands to reason his brain patterns are not fashioned along the Dutch mentality nor will he look after their interests.”

    I’m always eager to see the results of DNA analysis of babbling race fanatics. (“brain patterns”?)

  11. FB – let’s see a study of your genetics. Where you aware of the fact that Jews have 4 times the genetic diseases, as any other Race/ethny?

    Usually resulting in lunacy, or cretinism.

    Yup. True fact.

  12. I see that the number of feverish, ludicrous, and monomaniacal anti-Semites hasn’t diminished on here, to the detriment of its quality and seriousness.

  13. 51Matt Parrott
    That’s all the Jew is, biologically and traditionally, is a White man who’s been simmering too long in selection for mere intelligence.

    Okay so according to Matt, Jews are not only white, but whites that are too smart. Right…

  14. I don’t see Asians trying to manipulate the US political system or change the culture the way Jews are doing.

    No, but I see Asian females doing a great job shacking up with white men, notably the more intelligent white men. I consider miscegenation a form of hostility.

  15. CC @ 54

    Brains! More brains!

    Uhm, your plan is all very sci-fi and if you can make it work more power to you. Brains 3 x the size of what they are now?? Why stop at 3x ?

  16. East Asians and South Asians aggressively pursue their group interests, too. They just wear a smile instead of a scowl while working to displace and replace us.

  17. White Nationalism without Jew awareness is like a car without wheels sitting up on blocks. Your never going to get anywhere without it.

  18. “East Asians and South Asians aggressively pursue their group interests, too. They just wear a smile instead of a scowl while working to displace and replace us.”

    Certainly True.

    Here on the West Coast Asians are becoming a real plague.

    The China-man is known as the ‘Jew of the Orient’. Japanese have pioneered this characterization of the China-man due to their knowledge of Jewry supplied to them during the Axis Alliance period. Other Asians (particularly Filipinos) dislike China-men for coming into their own Countries and taking over Powerful Niches there (sound familiar?)

  19. If there is any poetic justice in the world it’s the fact that the Chinese that the Jews have used to replace white men in America and the West generally will be the first to turn their backs when the Jews are in trouble.

    Jews have a Golem Problem; it’s their own folklore, they create a monster to attack their enemies that eventually, inevitably, turns on them.

    I notice the story of Katrina Leung is forgotten – Chinese-American, high level Republican party fundraiser, involved in every conservative, pro-business network in California, and a life-time espionage agent for China. Her white conservative Republican partners loved her, some of them were life long friends.

    The whole story of her bust – three articles in the mainstream press and down the memory hole. I’m not even sure if I spelled her name right.

  20. I’m glad to see people using the term NICHE! Now you are zeroing in on the nature of the war we are in, the battle for economic niches.

  21. Harvard Hates Whites—Does America, Too?

    …Unz, himself Jewish, noted that at his alma mater, “Asians comprise between 2% and 3% of the U.S. population, but nearly 20% of Harvard undergraduates. Then too, between a quarter and a third of Harvard students identify themselves as Jewish, while Jews also represent just 2% to 3% of the overall population.” Not only was he so blunt about this, he took the step — rare in the mainstream media — of drawing the logical conclusion: “Thus, it appears that Jews and Asians constitute approximately half of Harvard’s student body, leaving the other half for the remaining 95% of America.”

    Of course “our” government is not interested in quantifying the relative decline non-Jewish whites are experiencing, but a few have done this independently. One researcher has used government statistics to graphically demonstrate how whites are penalized at all levels of intelligence when earnings are compared to others in the same IQ cohort. As he concluded, “A bright mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste, and it is the bright White gentile minds that are being denied educational opportunities at significant costs to our country.”

    Unz understood this, too, demonstrating how education levels play out over one’s career. What he found at Harvard about white Christian underrepresentation “is present to a greater or lesser degree at most of our other elite educational institutions: Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley and so on. And partly because these universities act as a natural springboard to elite careers in law, medicine, finance and technology, many of these commanding heights of American society seem to exhibit a similar skew in demographic composition.”


  22. Harvard’s admissions of gilt – The Boston Globe

    Can you buy your way into Harvard? Of course you can, if my friend Dan Golden’s new book, “The Price of Admission,” is to be believed. You can also buy your way into Duke — home of the notorious “development admits , ” where fund-raisers collaborate on admissions decisions — and many other top-tier universities in the country.

    The most egregious example of pay-for-Crimson – play is that of Jared Kushner , now the youthful owner of The New York Observer. While Jared was applying to colleges, his dad, New Jersey billionaire developer Charles Kushner , pledged $2.5 million to Harvard, to be paid in installments. (Kushner pere pleaded guilty to tax evasion and other counts in 2004 and recently completed a prison sentence.) An official at Kushner’s high school told Golden: “There was no way anybody in . . . the school thought he would on the merits get into Harvard. His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it. We thought, for sure, there was no way this was going to happen.” Kushner graduated from Harvard in 2003.

    A modest proposal
    There is another rich people’s preference that I would like to see abolished: the use of high-priced consultants who sometimes manage high schoolers’ careers, and then more or less complete the college applications for them.

    College admissions types like to play down the value of these consultants. Could that be because one of the few lucrative job opportunities for former admissions officers happens to be as a $500-an-hour college admissions counselor? Just asking.

    Yale dean of admissions Jeff Brenzel addressed this question at some length. He pointed out that applications used by both Yale and Harvard require the student to certify that the submission “is my own work,” and added: “It is unfortunate that these consultants have gotten a foothold due to parental anxiety among the affluent. If parents are willing to have their children’s high school careers managed on the basis of a false notion of what might appeal to a handful of selective colleges, then there’s something seriously awry with the parental outlook.” …


  23. “I don’t see Asians trying to manipulate the US political system or change the culture the way Jews are doing.”

    No, but I see Asian females doing a great job shacking up with white men, notably the more intelligent white men. I consider miscegenation a form of hostility. — Mark

    What Japanese women want: a Western husband / The Christian Science Monitor – CSMonitor.com


    The Japanese government wants women like Taeko Mizuguchi to get married and start doing something about the nation’s plunging birthrate. But she’s not interested.

    At least, not if her prospective husband is Japanese.

    A growing number of Japanese women are giving up on their male counterparts, and taking a gamble that looking abroad for love will bring them the qualities in a partner that seem rare at home. Mr. Right, as the hope goes, is often an American or European, a man appreciative of a wife’s career and more of a partner in daily tasks.

    Underscoring that Japanese women are losing hope with the local boys, dating agencies to help snag a Western husband have sprung up in Tokyo, some with branches in the US and Europe. Such companies rigorously vet their clients, screening for education, family background, occupation, and life goals.

    Having ruled out an old-fashioned Japanese husband, many women here think the solution is a Western man. Indeed, some seem so enthralled with the idea that they are willing to spend thousands of dollars to inspect the wares personally. Of the more than 2,000 women on the books at one large matchmaking agency, about 200 travel to the US or Europe each month to meet prospects.

    In 2003, Japanese women marrying American or British men outnumbered Japanese men marrying American or British women by 8 to 1. The total proportion of Japanese marrying foreigners each year has crept up from around 3.5 percent in 1995 to just over 5 percent. Japanese men are actually more than three times as likely as the women to take a foreign spouse, but this is mostly rural men marrying less well-off Chinese and Filipino women. “Such cases are elderly farmers not popular among young Japanese women,” says Yuriko Hashimoto, a local government employee in the remote northern prefecture of Iwate. …


  24. Friedrich Braun (FB) is in no position to be calling other people fanatics. He used to be a Hitler worshipper, monomaniacal anti-Semite, and Third Reich fetishist.

    Previous quotes from Friedrich Braun

    “Happy Birthday, Mein Führer! You will live on in our minds and hearts forever! We will always love you!”

    “Do you think Adolf Hitler was a manifestation of God on earth?”

    “Are Jews sick, twisted perverts and liars? Yup, sure, you bet!”


    “A White man who does not love Adolf Hitler with all his heart and soul cannot be called a White man!”

    “Are Jews sick, twisted perverts and liars? Yup, sure, you bet!”

    “Typical kike behaviour”

    All these quotes and more can be found at the Internet archive. Here is one page containing a few of these quotes.

  25. “As he concluded, “A bright mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste, and it is the bright White gentile minds that are being denied educational opportunities at significant costs to our country.””

    So true!

    Tested in the top percentile in English in my State, was taking college level mathematics in High School… didn’t even bother taking the SAT because I knew with Affirmative Action that Higher Education wasn’t in my future.

    Went to a vocational school instead.

    Screw contemporary America!

  26. Heath,

    You should have done a degree in science or engineering. Then you can do a vocational skill, but be the top guy or the inspector.

    Also, we need to do homegrown science laboratories and metal workshops, like at http://www.lindsaybks.com Otherwise we are helpless clowns.

  27. “You should have done a degree in science or engineering. ”

    Kievsky thanks for your concern, but in actuality I am a real klutz with mechanical things so engineering was a big no go! Science though that is something I could probably do pretty good.

    If Affirmative Action ever got over-turned (actually it is a possibility given of the current composition of the Roberts Court) I would like to double major in Evolutionary Psychology and Socio-Biology. 🙂

  28. “Friedrich Braun (FB) is in no position to be calling other people fanatics.”

    q1, to your chagrin, I’ll be the first one to admit I was mistaken.

  29. Imagine that in his current ‘FB’ persona that he became as fanatical and bombastic as ‘Friedrich Braun’…

    “Do you think Ariel Sharon was a manifestation of God on earth?”


    “A White man who does not love Geert Wilders with all his heart and soul cannot be called a White man!”


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