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  1. Some years ago before going up into the Blue Ridge near Front Royal, I stopped at gas station/conveinence store. A couple or three Indians of the Hindoo or Paki variety were jabbering with each other in a language known only to Vishnu or Mohammed.

    I couldn’t help but, think. Two hundred & some years ago, possibly on this very spot, George Washington first encountered Indians. LOL.

  2. The Blue Ridge Mountains are wonderful and inspiring. I love them, and I love ‘running the ridge’. A truly great place for body, mind and White soul.

  3. How come the Virginia state health department doesn’t crackdown on the filthy convienence stores & gas stations owned by the Hindoos’ and Pakis’?

    Usually, if you trace the ownership you find that some Hindoo coon, or, greasy Paki medical doctor owns the filthy joint.

    That’s sick.

  4. “How come the Virginia state health department doesn’t crackdown on the filthy convienence stores”

    Because they’re not actually filthy.

    Look, it would be better if they weren’t here. I don’t want them here. But it would be better for good and specific reasons that have nothing to do with the sort of mindless idiotic venom you’re spewing. Fact is, when I compare the attitudes of the Indians running the gas stations or car repair shops in VA that I’ve used with those of the whites running gas stations or car repair shops in W.VA that I’ve used, there’s something very noticeable, which is that the Indians are working as though work will get them somewhere, will improve their situation, while the whites work as though nothing really matters in the long run, they’re going through the motions, and there’s no chance of it making any real difference or improvement in their lives. They’ve risen as far as they’re going to, and their knowledge of it is reflected in everything they do.

    Now, I know _why_ those two things are true, of course. But the why of it, and what should be done about it, doesn’t change what is true right now, which is that spitting bad names at them is silly, pointless, and wrong on principle and fact. You can’t beat the enemy by lying to yourself about him.

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