White Nationalism and Social Media

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has recently been doing some scaremongering over the growing White Nationalist presence on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. According to “Digital Terrorism and Hate 2010,” there has been a 20% increase in “hate-affiliated web pages” over last year. White Nationalist “micro-blogging” is becoming more popular. The New York Times even describes Stormfront as the “old-line media of online racism.”

I found this report interesting because it coincides with my own agenda. Back in October, I said I wanted Occidental Dissent to evolve into a popular multicontributor blog like Lew Rockwell.com. We have since accomplished that goal. It is not an unusual for half a dozen writers to post new content here on any given day. The next goal I have set for OD is to start exploiting social media to get our message out. We already have a ton of new readers finding us through Facebook since I installed that share widget. I count that as one of my better decisions.

Twitter and YouTube are still a mystery to me. I’m researching both at the moment. We’re learning how to do podcasts with Radio Free Virginia. I also want to learn more about Digg, Reddit, delicious and the other social bookmarking sites. We are going to start posting our material there to piss off the resident White liberals.

With the growth of social media, it is easier than ever before to run around the mainstream media and directly connect with our audience. In the future, I can only see this trend continuing. The MSM will never again monopolize the distribution of information like they did in earliest days of television.

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  1. Sounds good.

    All the stuff you’re looking into is covered by the internet marketing field. Eventually these skills can pay off and provide a full-time income.

    There is a program you can get once you get basic twitter skills down that maximizes your effectiveness with it:


    Twitter is pretty simple. It’s mundane beyond belief for regular uses but great for something like what you will be using it for.

  2. I’m familiar with reddit, and slightly familiar with dig. If you just start self-posting WN material, your submissions will be buried by downvoters and you will get little out of it, but if you engage in the comments to popular posts you will at least get read by lots of people who don’t already agree with you, and who also aren’t diehard antifas who cannot be reached (though reddit leans pretty far left). I don’t know if that’s the most valuable use of your time, but there are certainly worse uses. There was a particular redditor in the early days who seemed to be making same headway with that crowd (which was left leftist back then) posting hatefacts. Liberals would argue with him, but they usually ended up looking stupid. He ended up leaving over fear that being outed would hurt him professionally.

    If anybody does go there, be sure to friend each other and upvote each other.

  3. Personally, I believe a lot of these services are decreasing in importance. There’s really no substitute for genuine networking. There’s a real quick point of diminishing returns with screwing around with “web rings”, digg, and similar gimmicks. At some point, it’s about gaining the attention of real humans and there are some proven strategies for that:

    1. Picking fights with popular sites
    2. Frequently linking to allied sites
    3. Discussing relevant and popular things

  4. TL;DR (Executive Summary) Not having our own online infrastructure is a liability and we should concentrate on fund-raising and understand the benefits of specialization and division of labor.

    We are going to start posting our material there to piss off the resident White liberals. … friend each other and upvote each other

    Heed anon’s and Matt Parrott’s advice above.

    Reddit: During the presidential campaigns, Ron Paul fans overloaded the site and it was a major base of Ron Paul promotion. When his campaign fell apart, the much more professional, more organized, and better financed Obama campaign took over, and after the elections, a permanent online marketing/PR team has all but taken over all of the political sections. Unless you have a coordinated team of online marketers, you’ll simply be overwhelmed.

    There is one interesting thing about reddit however – the world politics section is *strongly* anti-Zionist and anti-Israel, and the Hasbara team on reddit has simply been overwhelmed by anti-war liberals and pro-Palestinian/Arab masses. Reddit world politics has to be one of the most Israeli/Zionist-critical sites on the internet. The way they won is through numbers and coordination.

    I’ve been an active youtube user since 2006, my videos have been viewed over a million times (I like to brag that my films have been seen by more people than most indie filmmakers) but I’ve been banned dozens of times. Once I get a large base of subscribers, comments, views, friends, etc., I fall victim to a flagging campaign and have to start all over. Also please note that the ADL is an *official censor* at youtube. My better videos critical of Jews or Israel were almost immediately banned. Even liberal America Jews have been censored for critical videos about Israel.

    The point is we don’t control these sites, and if you put time and effort into them, all that time and effort can disappear overnight.

    Lockeford’s software suggestions are pointing in the right direction, but we should go further and start and create an online marketing and data mining firm, which will be far more effective than a handful of activists doing things in their free time.

    We’d be better off if everyone concentrates on raising enough money to hire professionals. You know how bad it is now? Kevin MacDonald spends who knows how much time messing around with his WordPress settings. He’s no good at it and it’s a waste of his time.

    Interestingly enough – this is an area in which us white people have a natural advantage. White men invented the internet, the web, most of the technologies, and the stereotype of some white suburban teenager being an online genius is mostly accurate. Give me a team of 5 tech savvy guys in their early 20s and I could deliver some amazing results.

  5. Anyway, I am actively engaged in recruiting for such an effort. If you have any of the following skills, or know someone who does, please contact me:

    * unix
    * apache
    * programming language (javascript, python, perl, php, java, etc.)
    * html/web design/graphics
    * statistics (I’m trying to recruit the guy from Statsaholic)
    * “SEO”

    Anyone reading this who knows what “sexp” means and understands how powerful the concept is, please, please, contact me immediately. I’ll even pay you.


  6. Drifter, HW:

    The source code to reddit is free software; we could run our own reddit-like site for $100 a month.

    Benefits of running our own reddit-like site:

    * We can mine the data instead of reddit
    * We do not drive eyeballs and ad revenue to an extreme anti-white site.
    * We can in theory generate our own ad revenue.

  7. Why not both? The administrators are generous enough to allow many points of view, even though the liberal social marxist one is overwhelmingly dominant.

    The republican, libertarian and collapse subreddits combined already have many thousands of readers. Alt right articles are posted to them with typically favorable reactions.

    There is nothing stopping a group of people from together upvoting and creating a discussion in the larger politics or worldnews subreddits. Sure, they’re policed by the dominant downvote mob, but all you need is a few positive upvotes and an ongoing discussion to keep your topic visible on the main page.

    All it takes is some means to coordinate the activity outside the domain, get everyone signed up and linked to the topic. Ongoing samples (I’m not in these btw):


  8. You Tube videos can be a potent weapon in your arsenal. Just think about the impact of the 9/11 Truth-er videos like “Loose Change.” Or the Revisionist videos with David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and David Cole. They have had a huge impact on the understanding of a great many people. Alex Jones makes his living mostly through internet sales and advertising on his site. Very sensationalized and over dramatized, but still effective and attention getting.

    Video documentaries exploring the Jewish role in immigration, the Jews behind Roosevelt, and the NAACP and civil rights could be real attention–getters. Maybe, a video documentary of Tim Wise following him on his speaking circuit, surreptitiously capturing his speeches on tape and interviewing him on camera followed by interviews with Kevin MacDonald debunking his claims of “white privilege” and an exegesis on the Jewish role in the race war against White Americans.

  9. Drifter “why not both”?

    Sure, we can rely on Jew-led corporations instead of our own. But why? Reddit is extremely hostile to white people, extremely liberal. I looked at those subreddits – no comments, almost certainly zero visibility. So what if some moderator allows it – what good does it do us? None.

    Posting on reddit will not reach our audience, it will not bring significant hits to our websites, and it doesn’t bring us revenue. At *best* it gives the reddit corporate parents IP addresses of people active enough to post pro-white links on reddit.

    It’s shit like this that kills us as a movement – as a people. Instead of our own TV stations, we concentrate on getting favorable coverage from the Jewish media. Instead of our own credit unions and our own money, we put our money in Jewish banks and pay usury to Jews. Instead of our own hotels – oh, well, Jared Taylor can’t even hold a conference in a hotel.

    We invent everything, the enemy takes control of it, then we beg for access to our own inventions. This is insanity.

  10. > no comments
    What exactly are looking at?

    > reddit will not reach our audience
    This is false, unless you have some idea for an audience that doesn’t exist in reality or believe an echo chamber delivers better results. Any domain admin can read the incoming link metrics and see an increase in traffic.

    > We invent everything, the enemy takes control of it
    It was all consentual transfer of ownership either of property/capital or of collective sovereignity in cultural values. Who’s to blame?

  11. What exactly are looking at?

    Comments are a good indicator of your audience (if any) and if you’re challenging their views (or revealing views that they may have been afraid to talk about).

    I don’t mean to discourage someone who is obviously on our side (so please don’t take it personally), but this isn’t working.

    On the other hand, the guys at TOQ, AltRight, and OD seem to have a better strategy that is delivering results. The neocon pinheads are fuming at us and the conservative blogosphere is becoming restless at the thought of divisions in conservative thought. What have you done?

    Some friendly advice on reddit:
    your subreddit will be seen by very few people because its not popular. Its sorta unfair (and circular in logic), I suppose, but your reddit will not even be featured on the front page by default until it becomes popular (to view all reddits, you have to go to reddit.com/r/all). I am betting that most of your upvotes are coming from people you know and have asked to vote. My advice: stick to established subreddits.

  12. I used to post a lot of stuff to Digg. Digg is firmly controlled by a team of megaphoners and Hasbara agents and the Digg administrators are sympathetic to them. Lots of anti-Israel, anti-Lobby, pro-White websites are banned from submission over there.

    I was personally banned 5-6 times before I simply gave up – I was able to fly under the radar for about a year, then I became more active and more vocal and they started hammering me with bans. It came to a point where a mere submission of an article or a comment with criticism of neoconservatives or the Israel lobby would earn me a ban within a few hours.

    The demographic on reddit is left-wing and progressive types with a strong resentment towards religion. While many of them are pissed at Obama for being a sellout and are becoming disenchanted at a clearly rigged system, I’m not sure how many people we can reach there with explicit messages. I think the best we can do is to shine the light on how broken the system is and gently lead them towards answers. Challenging their views too directly will just shut them out entirely.

  13. I’m not very hip, and I hang with squares. But I’ve never heard any of these aggregation services discussed in any context other than somebody plotting to increase site traffic. I’ve never once heard somebody be like “Dude, I found this article on Digg…” or “Have you seen what’s going down on Reddit?”

    I exclude Facebook from that. Facebook truly is the viral nirvana of legend. Their censorship is inconsistent, flaky, and arbitrary. It’s not really as tyrannical as some sites and its not open, either. My thought is that one needs to have a closed group for initiates and secondary groups that are aboveground which serve as the interface to friends, family, and associates.

  14. Slightly off topic, but a question about networking:
    I’m looking for a little direction in setting up an Occidental Dissent-style discussion group/ book club.

    I found a half dozen WN intellectuals interested in participating in a regular group. What would be the best format for such a group? That is, what are ‘best practice’ for WN meetings?

    Off the top of my head, I imagine maybe a support group flow: everyone gets 15 minutes or so to share whatever they want. Maybe then a book club type discussion? What books would be good choices? Then finally a presentation of something edifying?

    I like Kievsky’s idea of a prohibition of violent talk. I also think I may prohibit gloomy, disempowering talk- things like news articles about the latest horrific black-on white crime, that sort of thing. These meetings should be encouraging.

    Any other direction, from those who have had successful groups?

  15. I have to agree with John Tanner. The key to achieving momentum(and eventually success) is to be in control of your presentation as much as possible. The more you control, the less outside influences can censor, delete, misrepresent, attack, etc.

    The absolute, without-a-doubt, number one problem with the pro-White movement is the inability to organize and network at a professional level. Few groups are doing it; and very few groups are doing it well. The base support is out there. The dwindling effectiveness of being called a ‘Racist’ is taking place. The desire of normal White citizens to cast of the Right/Left conundrum of politics can be seen in every social circle across the nation. The infrastructure, unfortunately, is NOT there.

    I know that there are multiple fronts out there that are doing a majority of the things needed for building a better movement(articles and essays, media, political orgs, law, etc.); but the actual networking and interaction between all of these fronts is horrendous. If things are this discombobulated when WN is still fairly small, then I can only imagine the mess it will be if it’s suddenly flooded with supporters. ** A flood of support without sound direction and infrastructure leads to diversion by way of usurpers. The Tea Party movement is a perfect example. White Nationalism would be absolutely no different. **

    Ditch the idea of outsiders/enemies growing a conscience and just do it all yourself.

  16. This site is being forwarded to the SLPC and the fucking civil rights division of the Justice Department, and DHS.

  17. The White tribe is one of the largest social communities on the internet. There is a hardly a comment thread in an online newspaper or magazine where we aren’t making our voices heard.

    Stormfront is already large enough to rival even the biggest conservative and progressive forums like Democratic Underground and Free Republic. There aren’t many of us on these social news and bookmarking services like Digg, Reddit, and Delicious right now.

    That’s going to change.

  18. You got it all wrong, the BEST places to post are:


  19. Part of the problem with /r/new_right is that they delete any comments that remotely call into question anything that they say. This includes fact checking. I’ve talked to a number of people on there who used to comment in there but don’t anymore because the mods don’t want anyone to say anything unless it agrees perfectly with their extremely specific point of view.

  20. I agree that infiltrating reddit would be fantastic for our movement, however it will be a tough safe to crack. We need to be subtle in our approach. There is currently an offshoot of reddit called LemonParty where there are like-minded individuals with great influence over the reddit community. This is where we need to start spreading the message and it will eventually make its way over to reddit.


  21. I’m interested in learning more about white rights. Since the word “white” rhymes with “right” it seems like a good combo. Speaking of combos, have you ever had them? They are like these pretzel things with cheese inside. They are amazing — so delicious. I bet they were invented by a white person — only a genetically superior race could invent something as delicious as a cheese filled pretzel.

    But I digress. I like the painting on your blog. I remember learning about it in school — isn’t it called the “School of Athens?” There’s this guy Aristotle in it. According to some link I randomly found on the internet, Aristotle thought that black people were intrinsically cowardly because of their dark skin. Hey, I bet that’s why you have that painting here! Aristotle was a smart guy, you know…he was the guy that figured out that the planets move in perfect circles, and that when you shoot an arrow through the air, the only reason it keeps flying after it leaves the bow is that air rushes around in back of the arrow and pushes it along. What a smart guy!

    Anyway, so I had this idea — why don’t you make a version of that School of Athens painting, but put some more modern celebrities in it? I was thinking maybe you could put in Sarah Palin, or Bill O’Reilly. Hell, why don’t you put in Britney Spears — she’s white, and pretty hot too. While you’re at it, maybe put her in there wearing, well, you know what I mean 😉 Well anyway, G2G but it’s been fun. Keep the white dream alive! Maybe someday us white non-Jews will finally have our day after so many years of having a very difficult time surviving and getting along in the world.

  22. You are all a bunch of racist, xenophobic freaks. Please jump into the ocean and die.

  23. I h8 niggers, bitches, chinks, and red-heads and they are all stupid because of their skin and hair color! White power lies in our skin color, not in our intelligence, education, or abilities!
    Robert Bill

    Cortical neurons by race:

    Blacks: 13,185,000,000
    Whites: 13,665,000,000
    Asians: 13,767,000,000

    Just FYI.

  24. Maybe someday us white non-Jews will finally have our day after so many years of having a very difficult time surviving and getting along in the world.
    Mr. Tickles

    You hate Whites for defeating and humiliating non-Whites so often, I understand. Now, thanks to the jews, you can lash out at my great race. For a little while.

    Savor it while you can. In the long run Whites have beaten Jews almost every time, expelling them from our homelands when their chutzpah got the better of them. Jews are right to mourn their history, it has been one disaster after another. What their wailing and whining omits is that they usually got what they deserved.

  25. There will be a new white revolution. A social commentator named Mr. Eldrick Hands mentions in his video “Deep Thrusts” that White preservation will be thrusted into a new position of glory and awe.

    See it for yourself at: http://lbn.threat.tv/mrhands.mpg – It is worth the time.

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