Anger Building

I continue to be amazed by the sheer magnitude of the rage and acrimony unleashed by the healthcare debate. Here’s a priceless gem from The Washington Post that swedish fish found and left in the comments. Courtland Milloy, a negro columnist, writes:

“I know how the “tea party” people feel, the anger, venom and bile that many of them showed during the recent House vote on health-care reform. I know because I want to spit on them, take one of their “Obama’s Plan: White Slavery” signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.

I am sick of these people — and those who make excuses for them and their victim-whiner mentality.”

Any White columnist who wrote a similar column for a conservative magazine or newspaper threatening violence against blacks would be fired on the spot. He would be untouchable. His career in respectable mainstream journalism would be over. “White privilege” works in mysterious ways.

The Tea Party Movement can bury its collective head in the sand and pretend that the healthcare debate is not about race. The Left passionately disagrees. It is composed of professional grievance organizations (racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation) who are accustomed to thinking in “us vs. them” terms. They look at the Tea Party protests and see scores of angry White people. The mental image of White resistance to the Civil Rights Movement (Bull Connor and firehoses) instantly comes to mind.

Once again, I will reiterate one of the oldest White Nationalist adages: you might not be interested in race, but race-based groups are interested in you. The Tea Party Movement is going to be demonized as “racist” for no other reason than the fact that the majority of its members are White, angry, and opposed to Obama. We’ve come full circle in America: White skin color is now enough to earn you hatred, vitriol, and racial abuse from the multiculturalist establishment.

Here are a few questions I would like to ask the Tea Party Movement:

1.) In light of recent experience, do you still believe we are “progressing” toward a “post-racial” society, or does it seem more likely that Whites will become a degraded over-taxed minority as our numbers dwindle?

2.) Do you think your White grandchildren will live in a better world than the one you inherited?

3.) Does the America you love seem to be slipping away?

4.) Barack Obama promised a “post-racial” America in his 2008 campaign. Does this seem like a “post-racial” society to you? If Barack Obama can’t move America beyond race, can anyone?

5.) Do you honestly believe all of these privileged race-based groups will suddenly fall to their knees and embrace individualism and colorblindness any time soon?

6.) Have you ever pondered the thought that America might be lost?

I suspect your answers are similar to ours.

In The Washington Times, Jeffrey Kuehner wonders whether America will break up in the future. He notes that the American Heartland is dangerously alienated from the political class in Washington. Kuehner points out that the rhetoric of state sovereignty, states’ rights, and nullification are back in the air.

White Nationalists have already accepted this fate. The broader American Right finally appears to be moving beyond its distraction with Islamic terrorism and realizing that the country itself is being subverted from within. The earliest glimmers of this awakening might portend unsavory consequences for the Obama administration.

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  1. But officially deporting 100 million people? Not gonna happen, and not necessary.

    The whole question is a straw man, though aided and abetted by dimmer ethnopatriots.

    There are so many ways to encourage undesirables to self-deport via legislation that it’s silly to try to list them. Doubling the tax burden for non-whites and ending their access to government services would do the trick for the vast majority. They’d flood into less fortunate (“egalitarian”) territories.

  2. …his octegenarian Latrino Joo mother in law

    OMG, I thought for a second when I read that it was mspelled…

    “‘Latrino” — RMLMFAO 😀

  3. Those of you defending Jared Taylor should read one of the latest news stories on AMREN. It’s about Carl Rove being called a war criminal at a book signing!!!! Please!!!! Why is this piece of garbage on a pro-White site instead of National Review? This is so obvious what’s going on. Talk about the Jews hijacking a movement. If I had been on stage I would shouted him down myself and I’m not a leftist.

  4. They used to print stories that might be labeled “anti-semitic” by Jewish standards but not since he did an article a few years back stating he’s always accepted them and won’t tolerate any criticism of them.

  5. Karl Rove is a war criminal. He is allegedly a White man. He engineered the murderous “Let’s flood the USA with a gadjillion Latrinos, and Mexcriments, so they will be so grateful to their Padrones, they will vote GOP forever!” policy.

    He’s waged war on the White Race.

  6. There’s no justification for putting that kind of story on his site. What’s next? Talk about the surge? The need to attack Iran to keep the world safe? It’s all too transparent.

  7. Dear Jared Taylor,
    You have thrown away your Ivy League respectability, passed on untold riches, waded through masked mobs of violent thugs, and exposed your family to the most vile attacks from the most despicable thugs for the singular purpose of advocating for us. You stood taller for me and my way of life than any other man of your generation. Unfortunately, you do not handle the Jewish Question exactly the way I think it should be handled.

    Therefore, I hate you. I hope you choke.

    Anti-Semitic and
    Philo-Semitic Assholes

  8. I feel that Jared Taylor is a genuinely tragic figure. He doesn’t need to ….appease. He really doesn’t.

    Look up the strict definition of the word “tragedy”. The word is one of the most misused in the lexicon. The definition of the word is very narrow.

  9. Matt – Taylor’s not advocating, if he refuses to deal with the JP (It’s a problem – not a question.). It’s the core of our problems.

    No one is providing an answer as to why he’s doing what he’s doing.

  10. Did any of you see this arrogant trash by an arrogant, affirmative action black male, appropriately named ‘Charles Blow’ –

    It’s an extension of a now-familiar theme: some version of “take our country back.” The problem is that the country romanticized by the far right hasn’t existed for some time, and its ability to deny that fact grows more dim every day. President Obama and what he represents has jolted extremists into the present and forced them to confront the future. And it scares them.

    Even the optics must be irritating. A woman (Nancy Pelosi) pushed the health care bill through the House. The bill’s most visible and vocal proponents included a gay man (Barney Frank) and a Jew (Anthony Weiner). And the black man in the White House signed the bill into law. It’s enough to make a good old boy go crazy.

    A Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday took a look at the Tea Party members and found them to be just as anachronistic to the direction of the country’s demographics as the Republican Party. For instance, they were disproportionately white, evangelical Christian and “less educated … than the average Joe and Jane Six-Pack.” This at a time when the country is becoming more diverse (some demographers believe that 2010 could be the first year that most children born in the country will be nonwhite), less doctrinally dogmatic, and college enrollment is through the roof. The Tea Party, my friends, is not the future.

    You may want “your country back,” but you can’t have it. That sound you hear is the relentless, irrepressible march of change. Welcome to America: The Remix.

    *And the scum still claim that this is not a {forced} wealth and resource transfer from Whites to non-whites???

    All with a black, a gay, a lesbian and a jew as the bill’s most visible and vocal proponents?!?

  11. Denise,
    I don’t know of anything Jared does which is harmful to an anti-Semite’s agenda. Does he do anything that would impede your work? I don’t believe he does.

  12. Kulaks – I posted that Blow article on my TP site. On Monday. Allong with Jude articles.

    All still there.

  13. Matt – and any-one else – I want to know why Taylor is not Naming the Jew, since The Jew shut him down. After years and years and years of deference, and Philo-Jewism – not one of his Big Jew Pals helped him out. They are laughing at him, behind their hands. Or maybe openly, to his face.

    Taylor has done so very much, for Whites.

    He is hurting me. He’s incomprehensible. His silence on this issue makes me question who he really is. I’m not implying that he’s an ADL asset, et al. The ADL are ADL assets….

    Believe it or not – I spend a lot of time thinking about Taylor. After the 2010 debacle. I only met him once, in person, at Amren 2008. I’ve spoken to him, on the telephone, and corresponded with him – in a very minimal fashion.

    I don’t understand. I….don’t trust him….I want to know “why” he is still backing off. I do need ot know why he’s still backing off. Is it a financial reason? Then he can go to Hell, if he’s worried about financial security, when so many Whites are suffering horribly, due to Judaic machinations.

    Is he in fear for his life? Than he needs to proclaim any threats to the skies, via his magazine. Every White has a dog in this fight. He can not just sit on the sidelines, any more, being polite. He’s been directly attacked. In good old Soviet – Jew – style. He’s been attacked before, on the frontlines. Sorry – gin and tonic clubbiness is not gonna hlep at all. White Natoionalism isn’t a cocktail party. It’s the fight for our very existence. He, of all people, should know this by now.

    In the other threads, one of he posters (I don’t remember who said this – I’m sorry) said he’s “not a leader. He’s a publisher”.


    He’s a de facto Leader, simply by publishing what he publishes. He should know this.

    Taylor is a Southerner. Many here, are. General Lee was a great, great man. He’s the Standard. He’s the Standard for an Ideal White Man. His true stature, as an American, and as a man, has been obfuscatd by the “winners” of the War of Northern Aggression. I’ve studied Lee. I have all the respect in the world for him. I love him. Do any of you think Lee would have backed away from this issue -the Jew issue – the bedrock fundamental cause of our genocide?

    I don’t think he would have backed off. I think he would have fought on. Spoken the truth, in a gentlemanly, but implacable way. He would have fought on.

    Do any of you Sons of the South think otherwise?

    We all have a lot to lose. I could walk away from this at anytime. I am not wealthy. I’m better off than a lot of folks – but I’m not wealthy at all. I would be far better off, in personal terms, if I just dropped all of this. I could lose my livelihood at any time, and be severely penalized by my profession, for my beliefs. My workplace kinda sorta knows about me – it’s definitely a “Don’t ask – PLEASE DON’T TELL!!!” scenario. I’m good at what I do, though. I make them money. They like that.

    But they will be PC, in the end, if pressed, and it won’t take much.

    I’ve suffered in my personal life. I can’t tell you how many fellows I have begun to date – good men, professional men – who found out about my beliefs. They’d all invariably tell me the same message -“I agree with everything you believe. But – my JOB! Goodbye ,and good luck! You are a very brave gal”. Some of these fellows have real money. I could have had all kinds of fun times, based on finances. Tons of restaurants, trips, gifts, all kindsa goodies. I’m a chick. I like nice things. Once of the guys has 2 homes. I could be choosing which one I wanted to be in, in every given day.

    FYI – he, and another fellow who dumped me, contacted me right after Obama’s installation. They were both whining about how scared they were. I was…kind. I only sneered at em, a little bit. I also pointed out that it’s not really him – it’s the Kikenvermin behind him. In detail. I haven’t heard from one of those guys. His boss is a Yid, ya see. 2 House guy – we talk, once in awhile.

    Dropping all of this – WN – would be so much easier. My life would be much less of a pain in the #ss. I tried to walk away from White Nationalism, about a year and a half ago.

    It didn’t work. The “Red Pill” and all.

    The truth is the truth – and that’s that. White Nationalism is the truth. It’s my path. I accept everything that happens to me on that path.

    I need to know why Taylor is backing off the Jew issue. He should be pressing forward. He really has nothing to lose, by doing so. He make think he has things to lose – but they are ephemera. I need to know his reasons.

    I need to know the nature, and reasons, of the others I walk with, on this White Nationalist path.

  14. I posted that Blow article on my TP site. On Monday. Allong with Jude articles.

    All still there.

    Post this article on your TP site Denise if you really want to wake up even the most oblivious of ’em — since the arrogant Jew writing this cannot control his Satanic arrogance and gloating of White people and their demise in the country that their ancestors created (btw, the Jew Orlov doesn’t apparently consider himself White?!).

    This Russian Zhid is even far worse than that affirmative action loser Charles Blow.

    *Just be sure to warn them not to read the article after they finished a meal — lest they lose it!

    Caution, White People

    Update March 2010: It took six months for the mainstream to catch up, but now Frank Rich is saying pretty much the same thing in the NYT: white people are upset that they are not in charge any more.

    UPDATE: This article has attracted the usual trickle of informative and thoughtful reader comments, which are always welcome, plus a torrent of venomous stupidity, which, unfortunately, I have had to look at in order to reject. It is quite clear that the US is headed in the direction of very stupid, hurtful and dangerous politics. What is also clear is that I have neither the time nor the interest nor the stomach for it. I regret having to do this, but I am disabling comment submission.

    Look at the ‘macho Jew’ so cowardly blocking comments to his trash ‘journalism’. What a weasel!!

  15. Comment #124 should be read, re-read, and then read some more by anyone seriously considering being a genuine part, and a meaningful contributor to the White Nationalist movement.

  16. Denise, you come across as a somewhat unbalanced person. Anyone who has been in the movement for a while knows the type of person who is likely to turn into an informer, agent provocateur, disruptor or traitor. You give that vibe off. Some of the warning signs are your seething anger, your combativeness and your tendency to make everything about YOU. You seem to want attention and love participating in drama. You also seem to have messianic view of yourself. These are the same traits that traitors and defectors usually have, not just in WN, but in life in general. You remind me a little of George Burdi or Hal Turner. I suggest toning down your act a bit.

  17. ATBOTL – get over yourself sometime soon, will ya?

    I related my experiences to indicate why I am taking the position I am taking on Taylor.

    Your Judaic Psych 101 is irritating, and juvenile.

    I still want to know why Taylor is still deferring to, and covering for, Die Jude. This is becoming like Obama’s Birth certificate issue.

  18. Stronza – are you talkin’ to me?

    If you even need to ask that question, you already know the answer.

  19. It only makes sense that Jews have hijacked some of the pro-White movements. They’ve had forty plus years to prepare for the onslaught of opposition to the replacement of the historical population. Jared Taylor doesn’t even try to remain neutral when it comes to the Jewish question, I gather from his articles that he is pro-Jewish. If you censor the “anti-semites” as one of the troll posters on here called us but allow the other side free reign that pretty much says volumes. The Carl Rove story really made my jaw drop in its brazenness. The neocons must be in big trouble to go to the trouble of reaching out to Jared Taylor for help.

  20. Ya. I knew the answer. I was trying to figure out a way to “type” that Travis Bickle line……….

    I guess I am cheesing off the Pals and Supporters of Jared Taylor. I know a lot of posters names, here, from the Amren site.

    I still would like an answer to my essential questions. I guess I will not ever receive these answers.

    C’est la vie.

  21. What’s wrong with some of you? I personally can’t wait for Jared Taylor to get his own spot at FOX & Friends right after the Sean Hannity Show wearing his little Israeli flag pin and convincing all of his kosher White “Advocate” followers the importance of attacking Iran to maintain Israel’s nuclear superiority in the area. Kissing the Jew’s butt pays off.

  22. I agree, DN! What a great idea! Le’ts all pay obesciance to Die Jude!

    Maybe they’ll allow us all to live.

    Letting them take over the West has worked out just great for White people! Yay!

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