Health care bill and the diminishing returns of increased complexity

A commenter in another post brought up some points about the healthcare bill and linked to Stormfront. Here’s a couple of points I found in the SF link

Page 58: The .gov will have real-time access to individuals’ finances, and a National ID health card will be issued!

Page 59: The .gov will have direct access to your bank accounts for election funds transfer. Read that again.

This is certainly frightening in the sense that it’s going force a radical change on society.

However, if it’s as bad as it sounds, they are boiling the frog, and here’s why.

America has had, up to this point, an ideal balance (for the ruler’s interests) of private freedom and public consent. It is a pretty resilient balance, but it’s of course possible to overdo it and wreck a good thing.

If they overmanage society, it won’t be able to pay for it’s own administrative costs, and people will adapt by creating black markets. Black markets are by definition not controlled or mediated by corporation/government.

The even dumber response to the black market will be strong repressions . . . if they have the stones to do this. I’m talking Mao, Castro, Stalin. If it comes to this, they lost.

Heck, if they lose the ideal balance of private freedom and public consent, they lose. Public consent means going along with the corporate way of doing things, which Americans do like a good herd of sheeple. If you have stupid cowboys that try to run too roughshod over the sheeple, and destroy our grazing grounds (economic contraction and repression), Americans will be forced to go back to a DIY society.

If Americans go DIY, it will be impossible to control us. They can try to use the coloreds to give us hell. We’ll see how that works. But if we cut off divorce ourselves economically from the consumer-corporate marriage, we’ll have a new power equation. The only choice will be to leave us alone or attempt repressions.

It only takes a little bit of conversation to find the WN Werewolf in your neighborhood honkies, especially in a contracting economy. The Beast Reawakens, was the title of some anti-white jewish screed back in the 1990’s. When dogs aren’t fed by people any more, they go feral again. An American DIY society will be 150 million feral high IQ Whites. Think about it. I know Lenny Zeskind does.


  1. Kievsky,
    Io believe you strike at the heart of the matter. I work around this idea in my book, but I don’t think I handle it as succinctly as you do here. This entire charade is entirely dependent on our popular consent, on our confidence in the scam.

    It’s all a confidence scam. Once we lose confidence in the scam, the highly leveraged charade could unravel relatively rapidly. While evangelism and organization are important, taking steps to become independent of the system will pay lasting dividends.

  2. “I know Lenny Zeskind does.”

    White Americans: Doing the jobs that Jews don’t want.

    I was reading Global Guerrillas recently and a poster chimed in about resilient communities if FedGov overplays its hand – whining that producers will corral themselves off into pockets where civil rights and universal suffrage are no longer honored. No amount of Zogbux will let you through the gate, even wearing a suit from the Men’s Warehouse and a toupee. That these selfish people might actually protect their land and community from outsiders! They might go so far as to not allow an audit from the EEOC or (gasp) home school their children without local district oversight. Oh, the humanity!

    (It sounds like 1781, in a place I used to know.) Mike

  3. We will all be slaves to this system. White, black, brown all of us. Some people may think they will be benefiting off the backs of others but it will only be temporary. And before the realize the huge mistake they have made it will be too late.

    Think of the madness that will ensue when ANYONE, red, blue, libertarian whatever tries to take it away!!! 46% of Americans are already getting some form of Federal assistance, paid for by only 35% of Americans. When the single payer system arrives (and lets not kid ourselves, it is coming, right out of Barry’s own mouth) those numbers will be even worse. When 50% of the population is receiving government handouts, how is that not a compliant public that will continue to consent?

    This land will become a repository for the global poor, while all the rich people with any sense will have fled across the Atlantic leaving us dependent on foreign loans to fund our entitlement programs!!! Hahaha China will be loaning us the money to buy their food and tv’s!!! The United States will become Haiti on steroids! I think I am going to be sick.

  4. Whoa does that Global guy even have a clue? Sheesh there are so many lemmings out there. Heck just logging on that site the first thing one sees is “networked tribes” in the by-line.

    Well that would include the White Nationalist Tribe as well!!

    Overall Global Guerrillas ( ) is doing good work. The Status Quo is the greatest enemy. The Zionist Occupied Government has an array of forces against it. A Global Guerrilla may come up with the way to bring down the Zionist B.E.A.S.T. system which would be a side benefit to emergent White Nationalism! DOWN WITH THE STATE!

  5. You can feel the winds of revolution in the air. My own mother has been horribly depressed and afraid of what is to come. What I tell her: it is impossible to oppress the intelligent and creative producers over the long haul.

    The intelligent/creative/productive CAN oppress the dumb/ignorant/parasites for any amount of time, but the reverse cannot produce a stable system. Sooner rather than later, the intelligent/creative/productive will rebel, for they have the true power in the system.

  6. You can feel the winds of revolution in the air.

    You ain’t jokin there my friend Indra.

    Even in the steam room at my gym this evening a couple of guys were speaking of this very issue… in a quite amplified and animated manner, I may add (the place is usually quiet, for understandable reasons).

    I even saw people getting into arguments with my local pharmacist cause he, half-jokingly, said that the new health-care bill may boost his business bottom-line. People are that on edge about the whole thing.

  7. Hmmm. Anyone look at the actual bill to see if these are in it?

    Page 58: The .gov will have real-time access to individuals’ finances, and a National ID health card will be issued!

    Page 59: The .gov will have direct access to your bank accounts for election funds transfer. Read that again.

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