Radio Free Virginia: The Tea Party Movement and White Rage

Hunter Wallace and Pip Pockets discuss the Tea Party Movement, the growing White backlash against Obamacare, and spurious accusations of “racism” from mainstream liberal columnists.

DOWNLOAD: The Tea Party Movement and White Rage


Charles Blow, Whose Country Is It?, New York Times

Frank Rich, The Rage Is Not About Healthcare, New York Times

Andrew Brietbart, 2010: A Race Odyssey, Big

Gregory Rodriguez, The White Anxiety Crisis, Time

John Nichols, One Lump of Racism, or Two, With Your Tea, The Nation

Bill Fletcher, Jr., Putting The Sheets On: The Tea Party Shows Its Colors, One People’s

Ragnar Danneskjold, Congressional Black Caucus Members Video’d the ‘Racist’ Tea Party Crowd in D.C. Where’s their Footage?, The Jawa Report

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  1. You should set up a podcast for audio recordings. They are great for exposure since the audio is automatically downloaded to the end user. I’m surprised that the only WN podcast I know of is VOR. Stormfront apparently has hours of stuff no one ever hears because they are stuck in the 90’s.

  2. I’ve been meaning to upgrade my account. RFV started out as a podcast, but we exceeded our allotted monthly bandwidth. I forgot to mention that in the broadcast. The problem will be resolved soon.

  3. Charles Blow is a regular guest on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC.
    Joe Scarborough sits there like mister truth to power. But I never hear him ask Blow a question about race.
    Scarborough does have a radio show but I would guess that getting thought to him with a question on Mr. Blow’s attitudes on race is some where between slim and none.

  4. This is all unfolding much more rapidly than I thought. The media is very clearly on a campaign to explicitly associate the Tea Party Movement with White American identity. They’re relying on the assumption that their previous conditioning and indoctrination campaigns will cause us to reflexively stand down. We need to be far more prepared for this historical moment than we are.

    All hands should really be on deck right now, in whatever way is appropriate for each individual in his or her situation.

  5. As infuriating as that Charles Blow article is, it does suit our purposes to have the Left openly talking about the political ramifications of our racial dispossession.

  6. What the the Jewish media’s slandering of Whites amounts to is a blood libel: the very thing Jews protested when “The Passion” was released. Apparently what’s bad for them is good for us. Hypocrites.

    The Holocaust narrative, the racist narrative, the feminist narrative, the noble-Indian narrative, etc., are all used to assign a blood libel against our people. Jews heap up wars against us and our future generations via their defamations.

  7. Our work has indeed entered a new and much more dangerous phase. All hands on deck is not enough. Some of us will have to disobey the injunction not to leave the boat; and someone will have to take point.

  8. The whole essence of the American white identity is to abhor double standards. It’s inherently more inclusive, less “folkish,” and indifferent to race so long as all groups have to meet the majority standard and are not given special treatment. Their problem is not witih blacks in general–whose abilities they probably overestimate–but with the large cohort of poor, parasitical, violent, and uncivilized blacks in the ghetto. But I don’t think because this group is white and is concerned by the black nationalist at the helm that they are therefore white nationalists. They still want to play the color-blind game, or at least not embrace a hardcore, exculsive, and anti-black white nationalism. They would be much more receptive to phrases like “preserving our known way of life,” fairness, objection to double standards, objection to radical change, and objection to special privileges than they would “folkish” nationalism, white power, or anything of that ilk that is framed as such.

    I also think the media critics are grasping at straws in their characterizations of all criticism of Obama as racist, and whites do resent being called racist merely for observing the truth.

  9. Sore n- everything is dangerous. Our racial extermination is dangerous.

    Be smart.

    But don’t wimp out.

  10. Roach,

    “The whole essence of the American white identity is to abhor double standards. It’s inherently more inclusive, less ‘folkish’, and indifferent to race so long as all groups have to meet the majority standard and are not given special treatment.”

    Do you now think that this tendency amongst White Americans (to exchange a more exclusive identity for a set of social standards) has been a grave point of weakness in our character?

    I’m just trying to gauge the temperature of how you’ve changed over the years…

  11. A lot of good points on the show. The one that really got me was the idea that “even if you’re not interested in the revolution, the revolution is interested in you.” These Tea-Party groups might not care about the racial transformation of their country, but the other races sure do!

    The file stopped abruptly around the 54:00 spot. Is this an error on my download, or did your upload not catch the last bit?

  12. I think the flexibility of the American character has generally been a plus, and it’s why Irish, Polish, Russian, Hungarian and other non-WASP whites have fit in over time. I think too it’s diffused the animosities of non-whites and allowed those of talent to be patriotic and also contributors to our nation. The problem is that WASP standards and WASP leadership have been totally destroyed, a new elite has emerged that is hostile and alien, and that new elite has redefined our national self-concept to the point where it is unstable and self-destructive.

  13. Roach,

    All good points. Thank you for the thoughtful response.

    However, I think that the trajectory that America has taken over the 20th century shows that this flexibility in our character has serious long-term consequences, which were probably unavoidable.

  14. If the Tea Party was half as “racist” as the left says it is, we would be sitting pretty right now.

  15. I loved the dialogue. You two are great. I only wish we had a few million more like you. My favorite bit was when one of you (forget which of you it was) said, “Multiculturalism is the Final Solution for Caucasians.” I wrote it down, and will display it prominently on my desk. Everyone should remember and frequently recite those words.

  16. “If the Tea Party was half as “racist” as the left says it is, we would be sitting pretty right now.”

    Yep. The whole time I was listening to this program, I was thinking that I wished that Whites were as this garbage described them.

    Morons like Blow can only speak the way they do because they have no mainstream opposition. Joe Scarborough is a perfect example of why Blow has no fear.

  17. What Roach is really saying is that HIS self-interest is attached to the status quo. That it is HIS ass he fears for, and to hell with the race. The status quo is marching steadily towards our racial destruction. Does that register on Roach’s radar? Barely at all.

    Why are you hell bent on race treason, Roach? I mean besides cushioning your own ass, that is.

  18. Diplomatic, as always, Captain Chaos.

    My self-interest is most certainly not tied to the status quo, where I do reasonably well, but only by being extremely discrete. I see the country as a sinking ship of a nation, burdened by debt, third worlders, lack of morale, disunity, etc. That does not mean, therefore, I will descend into un-Christian hate, unnecessarily rigid categories (categories not embraced by my blood ancestors), or ignorance and rejection of the real history of America. I believe in a restoration of America, a return to leadership by the majority, standards set by the majority, demands that newcomers and minorities adhere to those standards (or be accordingly punished), a rejection of anti-white affirmative action, etc. But I also believe all this should be tempered by Christian noblesse oblige, recognition of people of talent and quality, and magnanmity to those who are already here (legally) and who contribute to the common good.

  19. Hunter,
    I’m game.

    He rejects the whole paradigm outright, so there’s little point in rebuking him for betraying a cause he never accepted. Aracial paleocons who are willing to speak to us like we’re decent humans and associate with us like we’re decent humans deserve to be treated decently.

    I share your nostalgia for the mercantile/masonic/enlightenment morality which served us so well for so long. But a design flaw in a system which encourages competition and rewards merit is that a small cohort of meritorious aliens are capable of exploiting that framework to become the managerial elite then turn against the indigenous population. How do you propose that problem be resolved?

  20. Captain chaos, Jesus is the Truth. You may not think that. Regardless of the merits, most Americans do. Don’t expect to be terribly persuasive if, like the Jews, you crap all over Jesus. It’s what defines our people from white-looking people–like, say, the Persians or Nuristanis–with whom we have nothing in common.

  21. And Matt, I would say that design flaw, now quite evident, must be fixed by closing the borders, as we have in the past. Mere fear of change is reason enough. Intermarriage, a shared history and language, and the like will do the rest (at least among whites and possibly some Latinos).

  22. Roach,
    We can’t close the borders because we are no longer the managerial elite. With all due respect, I believe you’re entirely missing the core issue. Jews are to the managerial niche what Blacks are to basketball. If you don’t explicitly exclude them, they’ll completely dominate. Then, having exploited soft-headed universalist and egalitarian platitudes to gain control, they kick out the ladder.

    You don’t let the smartest or most organizationally adept people get to run your country any more than you let the smartest and best looking kids compete to be your kids. I’m inclined to consider a variety of fair and reasonable ways of dealing with these complex racial issues once we’ve regained our basic right of self-determination – which is something that people who fail to grasp the basic issue of identity caused us to lose.

    Ought, ought, ought. We ought to do X, or Y. You’re thinking as if we’re still steering the ship but don’t happen to be steering it in the right direction. We’re not captains, we’re hostages. Carrying on about which way the ship ought to go is silly. We need to concern ourselves with escaping from our dungeon and taking back the captain’s seat.

  23. I agree the white Christian majority needs to take over the control of the country, politics, finance, etc. But to do so it need only appeal to a simple principle that is part of our lexicon: majority rule and the right to preserve a known way of life. Deviating from these to more alien and exotic locutions–the Fatherland, folkish pride, etc.–will get nowhere. I believe circumstnaces will create the right moment for that restoration, not least by the mismanagement of Wall Street and the White House by self-interested and highly overrated and unpatriotic minorities.

  24. Roach,

    You couldn’t possibly be a more glib, mind-numbingly superficial ‘thinker’ if you set out to do it. Therefore, you are not entitled to a say, you belong at the kiddie table.

    “It’s what defines our people from white-looking people–like, say, the Persians or Nuristanis–with whom we have nothing in common.”

    No, shithead, it’s the genes that distinguish us.

    “Intermarriage, a shared history and language, and the like will do the rest (at least among whites and possibly some Latinos).”

    You exhort massive miscegenation, you are a genocidalist. The continued existence of our ancient people is more important than your frivolous delusions.

  25. Roach,

    I got news for you buddy.

    The Race is the Truth.

    Whose side are you on? The Race? Or some long-dead kike and some old fag in a dress in Rome?

  26. “long dead kike”? LOL maybe you were talking about Marx? Everyone should know that Jesus lives. And since it’s hard to tell what sends the anti-white forces into one of their foam-at-the-mouth hatefests faster, Jesus or white self-determination, there’s no reason to get Huffington on us, is there?

  27. 15Hunter Wallace

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    You don’t need 128kbps for radio/speech. From my tests 24kbps 22kHz mono maintains enough quality and gives you the best compression so you can save longer discussions and it’s easier to download for listeners.

  28. 21Hunter Wallace
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    Yes, it would be nice to talk to you on Skype. : )

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