It’s Time to Have a Conversation

Here’s a brief speech I gave at a rally hosted by the Abundant Life Fellowship on Saturday. The rally was in support of an exhibition of Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation about Race documentary and the speech is a challenge to Americans to begin having a serious and open conversation.

When our country is changing as rapidly as it is, don’t we have an obligation to talk openly and honestly about every aspect of that change? In 1950, less than 5% of American children were born out of wedlock; now over one in three are. In 1950, less than 250,000 Americans were imprisoned; now that number is soaring past 2.5 million. America’s children are less literate and academically competitive with every passing decade.

Everybody agrees that race is a major factor in all these trends. Nobody disputes that Hispanics have more children out of wedlock. Nobody disputes that Blacks are imprisoned more frequently. Nobody disputes that minorities are falling behind in our nations’ schools. What’s disputed is the reason. But we can’t really call it a dispute, since only one side is allowed to speak. The voices of advocacy for White Americans are ignored, shouted down, or even silenced.

They say that we need to have a conversation about race, but they won’t allow voices in support of White Americans to participate in the conversation. When only one side is allowed to speak, then it’s not a conversation: it’s a lecture. We at the Council of Conservative Citizens invite anybody, with any politics, of any race, to join us in a conversation about race. We believe that our case is strong enough to hold its own in a civil and open exchange of ideas.

So, what will it be, America? Will you join the conversation? If not now, when? In 1950, America was nearly 90% White. Already, right now, America’s nurseries are majority minority. White Americans are still in the majority, but only because Whites who were born in 1950 are still around. In only three more decades, they’ll be gone and our majority will be gone. In less than a century, a nation spanning a Continent will have replaced its people with a different people. Some say that’s a tragedy and some say that’s diversity. At the very least, I say that it’s time to have a conversation about it.

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  1. HRW,
    The event went very well. The other speech by the other speaker, Jon Harness, was longer, more informative, and more entertaining. We didn’t get much engagement from the public at this event, but that’s pretty typical for small towns. There just aren’t many people out on the square with the economy like it is.

  2. I’m sure you all know this better then me but what they mean by conversation is you excepting your white guilt; reinterpreting all of history; offering up people like Thomas Jefferson as a hypocritical racist;
    admitting that your race as gone from near 30% of the worlds population not that long ago to shrinking single digits and that it is not and should not be a concern to you; oh, and excepting that there is actually no such thing as a white race using what ever terms you want to describe that.
    It is more then they are operating under the old rule of never give a sucker and even break; rather they have no doubt of their own righteousness and each victory they gain will only rush them on to greater vigor against the white devil.

  3. Soren – if spelling indicates demangement – well

    1) I am s”k”rewed”.

    2) What is “mang”? Demangment may be a positive thing.

    ; }

  4. Good speech, Matt. You’re confident and you covered key points. I’m also glad to see that you’re not in your 80’s (of course, I knew you weren’t but it’s great to see a younger face making that speech).

  5. “When only one side is allowed to speak that is not a conversation. That’s a lecture.” Wrong! That is non-free speech and brainwashing. OTOH, I guess the video guy is correct; in government and academe, a lecture usually is equivalent to non-free speech and brainwashing.

  6. Nice speech, Matt.

    One of your strengths is the ability to maintain a deep awareness of what’s happening to White Americans while still being able to engage White Americans in a ‘safe’ discourse. I’m sure it’s winning alot more support than the VNN approach. (Crude and violent language, etc.) I’d like to hear you as a guest on Radio Free Virginia.

  7. You’re a brave man Matt. The topic needs to be addressed , but what is really more terrifying is the answers. I don’t think Americans will address the answers. For this reason America and much of the West will decline until it is broken, then by default, Whites will have the political courage to rebuild whites culture.

  8. Are you a follower of Christian Identity? Do you believe in Yahweh?

    WE BELIEVE…that glorious and everlasting life is assured to all who believe in, and obediently follow, Yeshua Christ; and that the impenitent shall suffer the second death in the Lake of Fire.

    Talk about holier than thou…

  9. Saying others are going to burn in hell for all eternity and they’re going to be in paradise is about as holier than thou as one can get. They’re probably nice people though despite their Semitic religious beliefs.

  10. Your stage presence benefits from your voice. I would advise a small, neatly trimmed beard, but that’s your call. Possibly conservative citizens prefer clean-shaven leaders.

  11. Falco,

    Unfortunately, I can’t grow a beard. It only grows in nappy patches.

    It’s one of my deepest sorrows.

    My goal for next time is to have my lines memorized and have a tripod so the camera shakes less. No disrespect to the cameraman, who did an excellent job under the circumstances.

  12. Norman Lowell advised me: “Never, never miss a chance to speak in public!” Memorization of lines is not necessary. Generative fluency is better than an “interior teleprompter.”

  13. Matt,

    I realized that I actually never commented on this speech, so here goes:

    Well done! Very natural, and “conversational” tone. Excllent. Fimr, yet non-threatening.

    You have a talent………….

  14. Yes we are a Christian Israel church. We believe that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred peoples make up the physical descendants of the Israelites in the Bible.

    LOL, did you realize you were supporting Nordicists, Matt?

    I can’t grow a beard. It only grows in nappy patches.

    Nappy? Whoa… wait a minute…

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