Feds take down Christian militia.

On Palm Sunday weekend the Feds made a wave of arrests of a Christian militia calling itself the “Hutaree”. According to Yahoo! news, the group “have been arming themselves to go to war with the Antichrist, “evil Jews,” and Muslims.”1

But wait –  their website has a forum called “Evil Jews” with the description: “Talk about being an evil Jew and how we are taking over the world in our own private forum where no one else can see. Shalomi or something.2 Obviously they don’t hate Jews – they identify with them. Among the links on their website is the rabidly pro-israel World Net Daily.3 These people aren’t anti-semites by a long shot.

Attorney General Eric “no civil rights for whites” Holder said the arrests dealt “a severe blow to a dangerous organization that today stands accused of conspiring to levy war against the United States.”4

During the FBI operation, members of the ‘Hutaree’ militia made desperate phone calls to a team leader in the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia. The SMVM team leader, reportedly of “Islamic decent”, declined to help the ‘Hutaree’ members, likely because of their anti-Muslim beliefs. The SMV militia is currently cooperating with the FBI.5 6

The government is charging the militia members with multiple counts, including seditious conspiracy. It is also alleged by the government that the militia was planning to “commit some violent act to draw the attention of law enforcement or government officials” where they could be easily killed. The full indictment is available here.

1. Who are the Hutaree?
2. Hutaree forum
3. Hutaree Links Page
4. Christian Militia accused in plot to kill police
5. Militia members arrested in Sunday raid to be charged today
6. Indictment – Militia members sought to “levy war”


  1. The first WTC attacks in 1993 were some sort of “inside job.” One of the “terrorists” were in fact working for the FBI, and even suggested replacing the bombs with fakes – to avoid killing people – but was overruled. Within a few days, the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas were being attacked. The Bush Republican PATRIOT was originally written by Joe Lieberman and Joe Biden during the Clinton administration.

  2. This is all Holder will do while he’s in office. Target whites. White militias, angry old white men, antique Southern civil rights cases, and little white grandmothers. Forget about the poor Arizona rancher killed by an illegal(s) this weekend, the only real criminals are whites and he’s going after them with a vengeance.

    The fact that whites give blacks any power is beyond my comprehension.

  3. Joining a militia is pointless, we need to focus now on swelling our numbers, on building a mass movement. And then on seceding.

  4. “The government is charging the militia members with multiple counts, including seditious conspiracy.”

    This is a big deal.

    Probably the first time charges like this have been trotted out since the Fort Smith sedition trial.

    It appears that Department of Homeland Security is a ‘New Stasi’ erected to oppress Whites!

  5. I mean, that militia that is COOPERATING WITH THE FBI has a MUSLIM in it. Militias are little more than fantasy camp for wannabe soldiers and honey traps for loose cannons. They are entirely useless, stay away.

  6. As others have pointed out the story has lots of unanswered questions. Here are a few of mine.

    1. The group arrested consisted of only a three families, how were the FBI able to build their case? Was there an informant in their midst?

    2. What is the connection with the Islamic-militia man in “Michigan Militia”? It seems to convenient. Is the Michigan Militia completely penetrated by the feds, as it appears?

    3. Was there an agent provacateur, as there so often is, urging the plan that the group was arrested for?

    4. Are pipe bombs or IEDs now classified as WMDs. If so, can we say that there were WMDs in Iraq after all. (They certainly have lots of IEDs). If not, isn’t this charge silly.

    5. The defendents are charged with teaching someone to make a bomb. Is this really a crime? Why isn’t my sixth grade science teacher in jail? Does this mean DHS is going to rip pages out of every encyclopedia and book in the public library that contains this information?

  7. These people did actually exist and were actually planning to kill police officers in a zany plot. We should count ourselves lucky that these jackasses were overtly anti-racial and were caught before following through. Some sort of “domestic terrorism” event, whether straight or false flag, would have a massive chilling effect throughout the entire movement for years.

    The challenge, the job ahead of us, is to convert all this misdirected frustration into a focused and functional political movement for White American sovereignty. We need to be catchers in the rye, here.

    Muslim Michigan Militia Members? WTF? LOL…

  8. “The government is charging the militia members with multiple counts, including seditious conspiracy.”

    Of course “seditious conspiracy” can mean anything they want it to mean.

  9. “Militias are little more than fantasy camp for wannabe soldiers and honey traps for loose cannons. They are entirely useless, stay away.”

    This is the exact same advice that none other then Thomas W. Chittum, White Survivalist extraordinaire gave in ‘Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America’.

    ‘Infantile Paramilitarism’ (as Sam Francis termed it) is a dead end.

    In the future the Emergent Resistance will appear more similar to how (non-violent ) Courageous Dissidents like Lech Walsea, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Alexander Dugin operated under Totalitarian Communism anyways.

    “The defendents are charged with teaching someone to make a bomb. Is this really a crime?”

    If it is, will it be retro-actively applied to Bill Ayers?

  10. Divine Comedy,
    These losers weren’t White Advocates. They were cop-killing WND-loving FoxTard anti-racist twits. I don’t throw radicals under the bus for mainstream props. But I’m not going to jump under the bus with these jackasses.

    I do believe that Osama did WTC. I’ve never been uppity against people who say otherwise. You don’t know a damn thing about who I am or what I’m doing, and should keep your silly conjecture about my involvement in a Mormon conspiracy to yourself.

  11. Foster,
    I’m just not qualified to discern a lot of the more detailed arguments about WTC. I tried to go back and forth with the architecture issues and with Mossad’s involvement and was just not able to really confirm a more clear case than the Al Qaeda Hypothesis. I wouldn’t put it past Mossad to have done it, as they did with the Lavon Affair. My private thought, which I don’t share often because it’s not well-informed, is that Al Qaeda pulled it off with Mossad’s awareness.

  12. Diven Comedy – why are you telling Matt to “kiss fag ass”?

    Are you attempting to get him to try something you enjoy so much you cannot understand why any-one else would not?

  13. Divine Comedy – Kindly take your juvenile drivel to the VNN Tard Corral or Nimbusters; it’s not appreciated here. Occidental Dissent is for adults only.

    Matt Parrott (#10) – How do you “know” they were planning to kill cops? I hope you’re not actually taking the government’s word for it. The government has lied too many times for me to accept what they say without corroboration.

    But we are indeed lucky that these critters were anti-racial.

  14. AA and The Man,
    I don’t have any real independent corroboration of the police thing and see your point. I’ll drop that accusation and wait for a more complete picture to emerge. I did see the WorldNetDaily support with my own eyes.

    All, regarding Divine Comedy’s accusations,
    I didn’t hold myself up to be a “leader” of the Mormons. Technically, I’ve been a baptized member since I was 8 years old. Though I did switch from inactive to active last year. I didn’t do anything sleazy or untoward when, during the 2008 Republican Primaries, I desperately tried to persuade people on the Internet to select Romney instead of McCain during that brief toss-up period. I supported Paul before and after that brief attempt to avert McCain’s nomination.

    I despise Romney, just not as much as I despise McCain.

  15. “”These people did actually exist and were actually planning to kill police officers in a zany plot. We should count ourselves lucky that these jackasses were overtly anti-racial and were caught before following through.””

    Really? You know this how? The MSM? The government?

  16. Matt,

    Why are you leaving “Divine Comedy’s” troll posts here? I would delete him/her/it until it got bored and went somewhere else.

    I think it’s a good thing we have a Mormon on board. I think it’s good that racialists are infiltrated into mainstream religious organizations. There’s too much arguing about doctrine and not enough practical, successfull efforts, and you, Matt, are one of the few who is actually doing something productive in the real world.

    By the way, how the heck did you get a church to host the Bodeker movie? That’s pretty good.

  17. Ernest,
    I backed off from that assertion about the cop-killing.

    First, I only have access to delete comments on my own posts. Second, this is a bit more than a routine troll post. This is a researched attempt at character assassination by somebody who has evidently put some time and energy into doing so. As such, he’s assuredly spreading this disease elsewhere and I feel it’s probably best to let his accusation and my response stand.

    The rest of the collective may wish to delete them, which would be fine by me, too. Especially the one about me being a dumbass. I don’t want people to find out that I’m a dumbass.

    This exhibition is all Abundant Life Fellowship’s doing. We’re all trying to be supportive and work together to the appropriate extent. There are quite a few groups doing quite a bit of good solid real world work here in Indiana.

    I appreciate the support.

  18. There are 3 points that struck me.

    1. The media is going to increasingly portray this group as White Supremacist. (Because Nazis and Klansmen are everywhere and must be eradicated!)

    2. The SMVM contacted the FBI on their own because they were afraid their militia would be targeted along with the Hutaree. I can imagine SMVM leader Mike Lackomar calling the feds and saying, “We’re not like that Nazi cult, we’re diverse. (Libertarianism is applied autism.)

    3. The government is now defining conventional bombs and other items as WMD. (They had pipe-bombs! A new holocaust, itz!)

  19. The Man,
    Being opposed to both Islamic and Zionist Imperialism at the same time does not compute. In fact, I tried to chew gum while being against Jewish media control yesterday and choked on the gum.

  20. The Columbus Dispatch characterized this hillbilly gun club as a Christian militia. They are a Jew & Roman Catholic politicians’ worst nightmare, pissed off White Protestant taxpayers with guns. LOL.

    They should have called their group, “hillbillies without hills”.

  21. The Appleseed Project is a great way to go from owning a rifle to knowing how to use it effectively. I highly recommend attending one of their training events in the near future. They are hosted all over the country every month. They’re big on safety and big on heritage. You will meet like-minded citizens in your neck of the woods. And its very cheap.


  22. Matt – I agree with your decision to leave the UnterMenschen troll Depraved Comedy to post.

    Don’t let him clutter the blog, or anything, but a few judicous airings, of the emblemetic posts of…..defectives like DC – it shows any Newbies how to deal with trolls, it gives serious posters a reminder of what’s “out there” – and it’s fun.

    Let DV set hisself up, as we can have some larfs knocking It down. Elegant, playful kitties, enjoying a toy mouse. Also – keeps basic skills sharpened, in dealing with the real Rats.

  23. The expression is “wage war,” not “levy war.” “Levy war” makes no sense. Eric Holder can’t speak English.

  24. FS,

    Where you been lately?


    Scrooby is way too good of a commentator here for any long hiatuses.

    Welcome back Fred.

  25. Being in the military, this whole action on the part of the Government, struck me more as a show of force than anything else.
    Photos of APCs and the ATF dressed up in our camouflage patterns didn’t scare me, but, to the average American, this must have been very nerve wracking and the whole episode was a intended to instill fear in our populace.
    We live in a complete police state now. There are no freedoms anymore. Americans got accustomed to giving up their liberties when they headed to the airport. Now, the Government is demonstrating that it will come into the Heartland in force to quell dissent.
    Some of us in the military, have had to come to terms with the fact that, the same Government we work for, is shredding the very thing we took an oath to uphold and defend against all enemies -the Constitution. Just a thought.

  26. Ultimately, this all comes down to individual decisions. Any so-called “militia members” who permit the ZOG enforcers to take their guns and then take them alive to the Julag are frauds. As Capt. Chaos says, just paintballers. Nor can I speak for other members of my own militia unit. I can say this for myself: when AT&F or any other ZOG criminals come to my door and demand my weapons, they will get them: bullets first. As for the “peaceful secession” crap I see along this thread, you are dreaming. Soon enough you will be rudely awkened by events. Then you too will have to make a decision.

  27. Keep deluding yourself, CompassionateFascist. Gun control is an inconsequential issue. There will never be any mass gun confiscations. Owning multitudes of guns has done nothing to prevent the dispossession of white Americans over the last few decades.

  28. Local militias are not pointless. They were important enough for the Founding Fathers to include in the Bill of Rights along with other fundamental laws/rights, so you can be sure they are very important to the foundation of this nation.

    If for nothing else, militias ought to be used for social and economic networking in your local community, a kind of ‘gentleman’s club’ that is extensively networked and prepared in the event of emergencies, natural disasters, etc. The decline of local (county-based) militias and the folding of statewide militias in to the ‘National Guard’ during the 20th Century exactly parallels the general collapse of local community cohesion in America and the rise of Sovietesque ‘ZOG’ — think about it.

    Being in a militia doesn’t have to be all about guns, bombs, violence, or anything of that sort — like I said above, it can just be used for community networking (social, economic, religious, etc) of local men. Quite a few militia people are indeed loony, like these violent Christian militia types who were just arrested, but militias don’t have to be like that at all. Ideally it would be like a parallel police force of sorts, but with many other local functions like neighborhood watch, crime prevention, assisting the elderly, helping the local poor (if they warrant it), spurring local economic development, etc. The primary goal should of course be to ensure local security, but most of the time that isn’t a pressing issue and thus they can be used for the aforementioned positive purposes as well.

    If you do start a local militia, keep it limited at first to people who have lived in your local area for a number of years (ideally for their entire lives). The FED infiltrators are always going to be the new people in town who show up out of the blue and start raving about committing violent acts and so on. But if you live in a small town or local area that hasn’t yet become horribly ‘massified’ and anonymized in this degenerate/Judaized modern age, then start with the locals you have known for a long while and build from there — even starting with your extended family is a good idea if y’all still live in the same general area.

  29. I think your idea has alot of merit, White Preservationist. My only rule would be to not use the term “militia.” It’s been to demonized in the media. Something like “civil defense committee” might work better. Use the organization to prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes, riots, and earthquakes. This would generate good publicity without making it seem like the “CDC” is a bunch of loons.

    If you avoid being an explicit “militia” or “white supremacist organization” you might get overlooked by the feds long enough to build a network of dependable White people. Hm.

  30. Matt @ 26

    I’m not 100% sure I’m following so let me explain where I’m coming from. I do think the JQ is a legitimate deal, though I still reject anti-Semitism because it is the nomenclature of our enemies. However, at the exact same time too many WN’s in my opinion somehow in their hatred of Jews ultimately decide Muslims are our friends and allies all statements to the contrary by Islamists to be ignored, obstinately if necessary.

    ‘Zat make sense?

  31. Denise,

    The Man,
    I was using the “walk and chew gum at the same time” saying. I was pondering whether some anti-Semites can resist Jews and chew gum at the same time. For some, criticism of Islam is support of Zionism by omission.

    We’re in agreement.

  32. Just heard the following hour long program on NPR on “The Rise of Militias and Hate Groups in the U.S.” – http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2010-03-31/rise-militias-and-hate-groups-us

    It was a good program. It featured a guest named
    Michael Lackomar who is a member of the Livingston County Team Leader for the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia – he was very articulate spokeperson…and the host asked him if his militia was all-White he responded by saying that he was half Cherokee: you could almost hear the other (far-left) guests on there choke up for a second.

    The program also featured our good friend Mark Potok.

    A comment I saw on there was interesting and worth reproducing, from the commenter ‘The Anthropologist’ –

    “If you want to understand the underlying issue of the fears of many working-class Whites or “Patriots” (euphemism for White America saving the US from people of color, i.e., “invaders”), read the 1993 law review article by law professor, Cheryl I. Harris, “Whiteness as Property”. (Harvard Law Review, Vol. 106, No 8, p.1707 —
    http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=927850 . ) Whiteness has been the focal point for racial identity, property, privilege, status and wealth in the US. Please correct Mr. Potak on the so-called conspiracy theory of FEMA and concentration camps. While Whites are fearful now, the camps and FEMA control were actually set up for the containment of “American Negroes” and civil unrest. For anyone interested, see REX 84 — Readiness Exercise 1984. See http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/fema_executive_orders.htm for a list of the Executive Orders issuing marshal law over all aspects of the US life under the “Continuation of the Government.” First knowledge about this extensive plan was exposed in Chardy’s article, “Reagan Aides and the ‘Secret’ Government,” Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald, July 5, 1987 Front Page
    Take a look. Invite either Chardy or Cheryl Harris onto the show…”

  33. Sam: I fully agree with what you are saying about the word “militia” being demonized by the Jewish-dominated American mass-media, but the thing is that people in militias shouldn’t have to re-brand themselves as members of a local “civil defense committee” just because Orwellian Jews and their allies have twisted up the rhetoric in the last few decades.

    The right of Americans to organize “A well regulated Militia” is spelled out clearly in the Constitution — thus people shouldn’t be forced to rename themselves or water things down when it is such a basic American right.

  34. I believe most militia groups are riddled with informers so I would recommend not joining one, or if you do just act like a patriotard who doesn’t have any opinion on racial matters or Jews. If this group did indeed plan to assassinate a police officer then kill more at the funeral then that is pure stupidity. But I have my doubts.

    Initial reports in my neck of the woods had this group targeting Muslims and mosques then later police officers then again killing officers to spark another revolution. Something stinks and the feds lie and embellish stories to turn public opinion against whomever their target is.

    Expect more harrassment of politically incorrect white people under AG and African potentate Holder. Remember that he personally interceded to drop the charges against the Black Panthers and bring an end to longstanding surveillance of the Nation of Islam so at lease we know where his priorities are.

  35. The man who tipped off the feds has been identified:


    Matt Savino:
    Former Navy, converted to Islam in the 1990s, currently unemployed.

    His myspace:

    Multicultural militias:
    “A militia has certain standards and guidelines that they follow, they don’t discriminate based on religion, or sex, or creed or anything along those lines, and that was one of the reasons we didn’t want to associate with them anyway.”

  36. President Barack Obama is clearly leading this country to that bright and
    shining city on the hill. A future where ALL men will be treated equal, not just the white man.

    All Americans WILL have a choice in whether or not to accept President
    Obama’s Socialist Utopia. Choose Socialism and live a long and happy life.
    We will not concern ourself with those that reject Socialism. They will not
    stand in our way as President Obama leads us to that bright and shining
    city on the hill.

    Clearly the President has a long way to go and needs your help.
    Now is the time to get with the program. Get onboard and show
    your support for our Great President’s Plan for a Socialist
    America by the year 2012.

    Socialism is the way of the future. Be part of it!
    Be proud to be a Socialist American!
    Stand tall and support your President!

    Socialism will work in America and America will be better for it!

    Yes, the sooner everyone submits to the State the sooner we can get around to building a better America. Rid them of their guns and bibles and this antiquated selfish belief in ‘Liberty’ and we’ll all be much better off. We will make this country strong again we’re just not going to build it on the ideology of some old rich, white, slave owners.
    As an enthusiastic admirer of the late great Karl Marx, I can tell you with certainty that whatever founding fathers said is capitalist propaganda. And yes, capitalism and racism do go hand in hand.
    Let us talk serious now about our Great President Barack Obama.

    He recently said these great words: “I’m asking you to believe.
    Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington…
    I’m asking you to believe in yours.” -Barack Obama

    My president believes in me and my ability to bring about needed change
    in this country. And I believe in him and his ablilty to do the same. Socialism is coming to America. That’s change we can believe in.

    The truth is, we’ve been Socialist for quite some time. More proof
    that the average American wouldn’t know socialism if someone rubbed
    his nose in it.

    The average American has no idea how much better off he will be once
    America goes completely Socialist.The natural progression for any mature developed nation is Socialism.
    I believe that Obama will make great irreversible progress to bring america into this world community form of government.

    I also however believe that certain unsavory elements of american society are going to fight him every step of the way in on this progress and they are eventually going to have to be harshly dealt with or they will jeopardize destabilising the entire plan to bring america into the world community.
    Excess wealth needs to be put to work for the people. Obama will make sure everyone gets their fair share. The majority of Americans agree with this plan, otherwise Obama would not have won. The World Community is rapidly moving toward socialism. We are holding
    the world back. It’s time we joined the party.

    Chavez is what South America has sorely missed since the death of Che. The people need a voice, and Chavez is that voice. President Chavez knows the playing field has to be level, and everyone needs to be treated equally. The sooner people stop being individuals and start working for the collective the better off we all will be. I’m encouraged by Comrade Chavez’s efforts to install himself as leader for life in Venezuela. He is providing a vision we need here in this country to repeal the 22nd amendment so that Obama can serve more than two terms. We need charismatic leaders in these troubled times. Two terms is just not enough. FDR had four terms, and Obama could need more in this time of Economic peril. I always had great admiration for Dr.Chavez , comrade Kim Jong Il, men who knows how to run the levers of power and stay in office. They are truly great men! Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is a great man of faith and courage. Kim is a genuine leader of the people as President Obama. He is loyal and dutiful and versed in civil and military affairs. He has all the best qualities to be required of the people’s leader. He is, before all else, unfailingly loyal and devoted to the country and the people.
    Even when the U.S. tried to destroy the socialist gains that North Korea has made. The world knows that the strong Korean People’s Army, trained by Marshall Kim Jong Il, will always emerge victorious.
    North Korea’s Dear Leader is an inspiration to us all. How fortunate for him that he can motivate his people to accomplish such great things! I am confident that Obama and he shall become close friends and allies. There is much we can learn from such a wise leader and established culture.
    The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has always lived a modest life. It has been said that comrade Kim Jong Il is the korean Harry S. Truman .

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