South Africa: Malema Defies Court Order

Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League president, has defied the South African court order and sung “Kill the Boer” again.

So much for the Rainbow Nation.

Speculation: In the United States, what happens if South Africa disintegrates in the run up to the World Cup? Obama will face the first real foreign policy crisis of his administration. How will America’s “post-racial” president handle the disintegration of Nelson Mandela’s “post-racial” society? Can Obama afford to back the ANC with its incendiary “Kill the Boer” rhetoric? It would be political suicide for Obama to become associated with Robert Mugabe and Jacob “Machine Gun” Zuma.

Obama’s presidency actually presents the Boers with a unique opportunity. A White American president like George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan could intervene military to stop Afrikaner secession. Obama can’t do that without further alienating the White voters he needs to win key battleground states like Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. These people are already pissed off with him over “healthcare reform” and various perceived racial sleights.

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  1. Excellent point. There is a window of opportunity here, with Obama as President. So far it doesn’t look like the Boer community is united or organized enough to take advantage of it and sue for their freedom and independence. Sadly.

    Then there is the Mandela factor. He is 91 and said to be in ill health. He will die soon, and when he does the question of whether “wait till Mandela dies” is just a saying, or an actionable plan for ethnic cleansing will be answered.

    If the latter happens it will be a giant wake-up call for many in the USA, in my opinion. And of course the question to Obama would be: do you support a autonomy for the Boers and other South African whites like you do for the Palestinians? Do you accept the need for a refugee settlement plan for them in the USA?

    Interesting times lie ahead for both South African and the USA.

  2. The ANC seems to be taking steps to neutralise Orania. Zuma is planning to visit there soon, and Malema has already done so.

    Notice this chilling quote from Malema, who seems to have gone to Orania for the purposes of evaluating its defensive position and staking out weaknesses:

    Malema said his expectations of the visit were that they would not be allowed to enter the village.

    “We thought well-armed Afrikaners would stop the blacks.”


    He said ways must be found to reintegrate the Orania community back into South Africa.

    Referring to the agricultural projects at Orania, Malema said the community did not have to do their work in isolation.

    “What they do here they must do it outside.”

    Malema said he liked the attitude of the Orania community in that they were prepared to talk.

    He said the ANC government would always be willing to help those who try and help themselves.

    “They co-operate instead of working against each other,” said Malema, adding it was a nice reality to be exposed to.

    After the discussions Malema hung about four ANC election posters, beneath Freedom Front Plus posters, alongside the main road through Orania.

    “This is to show that people can campaign everywhere,” Malema told a huge media contingent that had followed him to Orania.

    The ANCYL president told the chief executive of the Orania Movement Frans de Klerk that they (the ANC delegation) wanted a tour of the town to “understand the environment”.

    Some photos of Malema’s visit are available here.

  3. “like you do for the Palestinians?”
    Surely you jest? Obama has been in the pockets of Zionists since 1992. You do know that his White House Chief of Staff is Rahm ISRAEL Emanuel, don’t you? That Dennis Ross shapes foreign policy for the middle east? Israel, the world Jewish community played a key role in the downfall of Rhodesia and South Africa.

    As to the main point Mr Wallace made: I DO think that Obama would side with the ANC, the media in UK and in America, Canada et al all have had it drummed into their heads that Terreblanche and those like him are EVIL WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

    So they will be cheered on in slaughtering Whites in RSA. Recall the white college girls offering their lives to save Obama during the campaign.

    Truly it has to get VERY BAD before the pathetic white lemmings will agree to follow The Leader.

  4. South Africa isn’t disintegrating. The small Afrikaaner community is slowly being killed off and many have been banned from the labour market due to black “affirmative action”. The massive amounts of black violence is happening in alot of black african countries- those countries still exist and have diplomatic relations with the USA.

    The Afrikaaners are in a terrible situation because they refuse to unite to protect themselves in the face of a slow genocide. The Afrikaaner leaders are constantly fighting with each other over some stupid trivial issue. Many Afrikaaner leaders don’t want to be just a member of the Afrikaaner people, but rather a leader of some small, ineffective, and irrelevant religious/paramilitary group. The Afrikaaner men are their own worst enemy.

    To protect themselves, the Afrikaaner have to do just a few things. !1) Live together in certain parts of the country to form a demographic majority.
    2) Live together in neighborhoods which have both their homes and their businesses similar to what the chinese do with their “Chinatown” neighborhoods in cities like New York and San Francisco. This type of living situation also provides protection.
    3) Form social kinship networks throughout South Africa. These include business networks, employment groups, financial lending groups, cultural groups, etc.. All of these groups are private and should be low profile.

    None of these solutions are violent. All are peaceful and promote a positive ethnic self image for the Afrikaaners.

  5. Unique opportunity? You’ve got to be kidding. It doesn’t matter who is President, the entire USA would be ecstatic if given the chance to grind the Afrikaners into the dirt. We can’t muster much enthusiasm for defending ourselves, but somehow I doubt this war would have that problem.

  6. While criticism of Afrikaner disunity is relevant, one should not overlook the hideous legacy of the British–who not only arrogantly conquered and subjugated the Boers (inventing concentration camps in the process, long before the Nazis–oh, yes, look it up), but then spent sixty years pretending that they (the British) were the “open-minded” non-racists, tasked with the unenviable job of refereeing between the Boers and the Kaffirs (think of Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country as a standard portrayal of this meme).

    Even though the whole Boer war came about because Jews persuaded the British authorities that the gold and diamonds under Boer control could be extracted with LESS pay to the Negroes than the Boers were providing (see for instance, The Boer War, Thomas Packenham, esp. p. xvii, Folio Society Edition), with none of the profits for the Boers! Just a simple matter of race treachery, and the deed was done.

    Yet the British capacity for brazen hypocrisy (think: Anglo-Saxon “chutzpah”) permitted them to persuade the world of their dainty delicate superiority. The Boers have been in a hell of a fix for a long time. The VERY BRIEF period of Boer supremacy after “independence” was immediately under siege from the same perfidious British-Zionist axis that kept up its unrelenting attacks until the “noble Mandela” took over. Stupid Americans (I was one of them) aided and abetted this crime.

    People need to realize how very corrupt and Zionized the so-called “Anglo-American alliance” has been from the get-go. Dig deeper. Our enemies have been at it a long time, and will not be easy to dislodge.

  7. Phil gave some good advice … but not just for Afrikaners! His ideas will work anywhere in the Eurosphere, and any racially-awake person should do what he or she can in their local area NOW. Form those networks. No need to put a “WN” label on them. Implicit Whiteness will be your best friend.

    “To protect themselves, the Afrikaaner have to do just a few things. !1) Live together in certain parts of the country to form a demographic majority.
    2) Live together in neighborhoods which have both their homes and their businesses similar to what the chinese do with their “Chinatown” neighborhoods in cities like New York and San Francisco. This type of living situation also provides protection.
    3) Form social kinship networks throughout South Africa. These include business networks, employment groups, financial lending groups, cultural groups, etc.. All of these groups are private and should be low profile.”

  8. Why buy gold? You can’t eat gold and during a crisis, gold seems pretty silly. Are you going to carry around a whole cache of gold, in for instance, a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina or a Haiti style earthquake?

    You can buy better things than gold that ensure your survival and I’ll leave it at that without going into further explanation 😉

  9. Obama’s white voters are liberals who would applaud American intervention against the “racist” Afrikaners.

  10. First off – a big “Thank You!” to Hunter Wallace, Kievsky and Robert Campbell for bringing this really dire situation to the attention of the OD readership.

    For non-South Africans you have exceeded at spotting or finding the information or video material that sum up much of the situation in 7 postings!

    I have posted OD’s web address at the PRAAG website – as to encourage “cross pollination” of thoughts. I’m hoping that readers of PRAAG will be able to expand their thinking – there are valuable insights available via the present 7 postings on OD (to name a few). Unfortunately PRAAG is in Afrikaans and is inaccessible to an English Language Only reader (the English version at is not as current as the Afrikaans version, the last time I checked!).

    In short – the most recent PRAAG postings deal with;
    – the AWB’s “Nazi” public image (the flag alone will not garner any International Public Sympathy),
    – the possibility for over zealous, newly recruited AWB members going on random revenge killings (which will result in an escalation of hostilities or full blown race war – and no International sympathy for whites),
    – the possibility that Afrikaans intellectuals and political dissenters will be rounded up on trumped-up charges by the ANC,
    – the need to prepare for hostilities (Eugene’s killing was not random, and very much a symbolic act, to send a message),
    – PRAAG readers are encouraged to become actively involved in neighbourhood defence initiatives, to actively co-operate with fellow whites (regardless of political or spiritual creed),
    – that all real world solutions will be discussed offline and implemented as soon as possible (disrupting the World Cup Soccer event is fair game).
    – all acts of defense and public disobedience are to be lawful (and thus not play into the Nazi stereotype that is all to easily projected onto whites via the International Media).

  11. (…and a note on Mr Malema’s version of history)

    Julius Malema continues the ANC mantra that MK “soldiers” liberated South Africa – and thus took on the SADF single-handedly – and won! Mr Malema fails to mention the assistance provided by Cuban and East German soldiers (under the guidance of Russian advisors) in Angola and elsewhere.

    The current SANDF is in a shambles – there’s no proof of any professional soldiering abilities among the ANC comrades.

    The black African’s status as Noble Savage and Eternal Victim is the only reason for continued International assistance – as evidenced by the decades long anti-Apartheid funding received by the ANC from most notably Sweden (as well as the Netherlands and Britain).

  12. The most intelligent racialists in South Africa know that the right course of action is to remain cool and collected and use this “crisis in race relations” to further the goals of the separatist movement. The Nazi imagery needs to be jettisoned in favor of the flags of the Boer Republics that were on display at the courthouse.

  13. We’re doing our best here to counter the narrative of White evil and black nobility being presented in the media. I’ve received some good material through email. I will try to work it into future posts about South Africa.

  14. I found this quote disgusting:

    “the youth leader made some adjustments to the lyrics and sang ‘Dubula ibhunu (Shoot the Boer)’ and then ‘Kiss the Boer’.”

    First they will shoot the Boer, then they will kiss them. The chilling implications this statement has for the white women of South Africa are abundantly clear.

  15. Spectator nails it:

    Rather than prop up white enclaves in Africa we ought to give them their own state carved out of California or something like that.

    Africa for the blacks, north america and europe for the whites.

  16. Just a small correction about my previous post

    3) Form social kinship networks throughout South Africa. These include business networks, employment networks, financial lending networks, cultural networks/groups, etc… All of these networks are private and should be low profile.

    Afrikaaners who live in their own individual homes are also vulnerable. It would be better to live in apartment type buildings that are designed with security in mind, including having small windows and one main entrance.

  17. Let’s make a deal: We take all of the white South Africans here in the American South, in exchange that Africa takes back all of our blacks. 🙂

    Malema reminds me of the late Khalid Muhammad and his speech against the Afrikaners (and all whites).

  18. I see that the (alleged) murderers of Eugene TerreBlanche have appeared in court, where they were greeted as heroes by a screaming, whistling, ululating crowd. There’s touble brewing.

    How ironic that the man who, with his movement, was largely seen as a joke with fantasies of fighting the Anglo-Boer war again, may just be the spark to start the inevitable transformation of South Africa into Zimbabwe South.

  19. #4 Kfan: “Israel, the world Jewish community played a key role in the downfall of Rhodesia and South Africa.”

    Actually, Israel was the last to throw South Africa under the bus. During the arms embargo, while Russia and China were arming the terrorists, and the rest of the world were financing them, only Israel supplied the arms for SA’s defence. They also helped establish SA’s own arms industry.

    #5 Phil: Your well-meaning suggestions have merit, but things will have to get a lot worse before they will become practicable. People have to live where they can find work. Many Afrikaners are farmers, mining engineers, railway workers etc. Right now, they can make a good living. They won’t give it up until they have to.

    As far as cultural groups are concerned, there are such groups – from the Freemason-like secret Afrikaner Broederbond to the trade union Solidarity.

    re #18: So-called “Security complexes” are very popular. Unfortunately, they are also favourite targets for gangs. You can’t legally prevent blacks from living there. So occasionally a gang of men in camouflage uniform gets let into such a complex by a resident, then goes from door to door robbing all residents at their leisure. I agree with your point about defensible architecture. Building standards could be a problem (eg, minimum window area per floor area), but mostly people prefer to rely on high walls, razor wire, electric fences and alarms. Which don’t work.

    #13 Trekboer: Malema’s fantasies of beating the SADF are exactly that. Militarily, we kicked the ANC’s butt. The only time those so-called “freedom fighters” ever fought was when the SADF took the fight to them in their bases in Angola, Zambia and Mozambique – and then it was invariably a rout. (And the same goes for the Cubans). Planting limpet mines in school bus shelters was more their speed.

    The current SANDF is a joke. Up to 60% are HIV positive. Last I heard, there were only two or three working tanks left – they have no idea how to maintain them. All those expensive arms they bought so that the politicians could skim some bribes – the submarines had to be delivered by ship because they had no crews for them. I heard one of the jet fighters was crashed on take-off on its first flight at Saldanha Bay. No, I have no fear of the ANC’s army.

  20. The longest serving Secretary of State for the Confederacy in America was a guy named Judah Benjamin

  21. This morning on a BBC radio report from the funeral of Eugene Terre’Blanche. A black man was there and said that he was a friend of Terre’Blancehe and that he come to pay his respects. The BBC reporter tried to pester the black man into saying some thing nasty about Terre’Blancehe but instead the black man said that Terre’Blancehe was a good man. When questioned about the desire for a white home land in SA the black man said, and strongly, that was “his politics and he has a right to his opinion.”
    I don’t think the BBC man knew what to do but wrap the whole thing up.
    My guess is that this was going out live (at about 5:35 EST) hopefully this little piece audio-verita can be saved,

  22. Analog Man

    Is Ysterplaat not in Cape Town rather than up the West Coast?

    My father said that Israel only sold SA obsolete old equipment at high prices.

    Basically, the Hebrews saw a business opportunity that another bunch of Hebrews created for them by starting sanctions.

    The Hebrews had SA by the balls for a long time. My greatgrandmother was in a real concentration camp during the Boer War waged because of the Hebrew desire to control the Transvaal’s gold and diamonds

  23. Analog Man

    I’m only 30 years old so wouldn’t know anything first hand about the period. If you’re an older guy/ SADF veteran I meant no disrespect and would be grateful for anything you did to try to save our country during the old days

  24. “Judah Benjamin” … “So what?”

    Collaborating with the International Jewish Slave Trade was what eventually brought down Dixie. She was doomed from the start. And now Dixie is the core base of Christian Zionism – they even send their money to West Bank Settlers. That’s what.

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