More rules of discourse.

In the past few months I’ve come up with a few simple guidelines for White Nationalist writers. Before you ever publish anything on a website or in a print magazine, please observe these rules:

1) Keep your target audience in mind.
Before you write a single word you should develop an idea of your target audience. Who are you trying to persuade? Are you writing to a mass audience or an inner circle? Different audiences will respond to arguments differently.

2) Flatter your audience.
Praise and flatter those you are intending to persuade. If your target is White Americans, praise their proud history, enduring heritage, and love of freedom.

3) Look good.
Present your movement in the best possible way. Never focus on defectives or gossip. If you denigrate those who share your ideas, you are denigrating yourself and your ideas by association. ‘We must learn to strive for all that which unites us, and discard every argument that divides.’

4) Simplify.
Give your views to your audience in the most simple, easily understood terms. Never create a new word when there are more recognizable ones that have the same meaning.

5) Don’t fight your audience’s values – appeal to them from your angle.
You aren’t going to change a someone’s underlying personality and character. If you try to argue that their love of equality or liberty is wrong, you’ll get no where. Instead, try to persuade them that it is precisely because of their love of a political ideal that they should support YOUR ideas.

6) Show – don’t tell.
Never make unsubstantiated accusations. Don’t tell your audience something without giving them evidence, even if only a small ‘taste’ to increase their curiosity.

Matt Parrott posted some other rules here.


  1. “Columbus was a Jew named Salvador Fernando Zarco and was among those expelled from Spain in 1492, a rare triangular Kabbalistic signet indicates. Jose Rodrigues Dos Santos has authored an historical novel, Codex 632: The Secret Identity of Christopher Columbus, which relates the deciphering of a rare triangular Kabbalistic signet.

    The interpretation of the recent discovery of the signet claims to reveal the secret identity of Columbus. The unique triangular monogram is similar to inscriptions on gravestones in Jewish cemeteries in
    The interpretation of the recent discovery of the signet claims to reveal the secret identity of Columbus.

    It was used in the agreement between Columbus and Spanish King and Queen Ferdinand and Isabella. The Kabbalistic monogram, in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, contains two secret names: Cristobal Colon, his “nom de plume,” and Salvador Fernando Zarco, Columbus’s birth name, according to the author.”

  2. As a White American, and a descendent of the founders, you Roman Catholics and your Jew political allies should get down every day on your knees, and thank us for being here. LOL.

    We Catholics and ‘our Jew political allies’… LMAO! Too bad it ain’t so — since I could really use the money ;}

    Really, a descendant of the founders as well, eh? (LOL)

  3. Watson should be banned simply for his constant use of “LOL”. Are you an 11 year old girl or just a retard, Tom? The constant threadjacks aren’t a point in his favor, either.

    This is strange coming from someone who, only months ago, said things like: “Jews have no place within the pro-white movement.”

    “He should be regarded as a martyr for our cause.”

    – Yosemite on James von Brunn 06/11/2009 on this site

    Assuming Yosemite is also “Yosemote” there’s some more extreme stuff out there as well.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been witness to such a radical shift in views from one person in such a short period of time. Yosemite went from the extreme lunatic anti-semitic fringe (let’s kill all the Jews) to the extreme lunatic philo-semitic fringe (the Jews play no role in this at all, it’s delusional to say otherwise, MacDonald is a fraud) with nary an explanation for his shift. And he appears to never have touched down in the sensible middle ground at any point.

  4. Good points by Gussie Fink Nottle about Yosemite. His stuff used to be among the most rabid anti-Jewish comments I had seen anywhere. Everyone knows my own anti-Jewish commentary — well, his was so shocking to me, I was actually scared at one point that might find itself in legal trouble because of stuff he posted there. I was concerned for OD as well, same reason. Then he disappeared for a couple, maybe three months, after which he showed up again, now all the way — literally all the way, as far as it was possible to go — at the opposite extreme, denying any Jewish role whatsoever in anything whatsoever that’s going on and strongly denouncing anyone making the slightest claim otherwise. And as Gussie says, no hint of an explanation. Very very very strange.

  5. You have to assume that a good percentage of the posters on any WN site are either jews or various other David Plouffe style trolls, whose main goal is to derail any discussion and demoralize the legitimate WN posters.

    It doesn’t work very well, because they usually give themselves away either by contradicting themselves because they can’t remember which lies they’ve told (Yosemite) or by being so obvious you’d have to be blind not to see it, ie Tom Watson.

  6. @TabuLa Raza

    I don’t get my history from Dan Brown novels. And I definitely don’t get my history from jews.

    That story is so obviously false–Christopher Columbus was born and raised in Genoa, Italy–so he wasn’t a jew who would have been expelled by the Allhambra decree.

  7. “Race-realist policies […] could so dramatically improve ‘the racial situation’ [that] it would obviate the need for more drastic measures like separation. […] you’d still lose your race, but it’d be a much smoother, less painful process — say what you will about it, but that’s not nothing.”

    Yeah Silver, it’s WORSE than nothing.

    It would be far better for the process of White Genocide to be painful, within reason, as at least then there’s a chance that ordinary Whites will start resisting it.

    White Nationalists are the late 19th Century Zionists of the today.

    What turned the masses of Jews to Zionism, and led to the creation of Israel?

  8. The other thing wrong with that story about Christopher Columbus having been a Jew is Jews don’t make good explorers/mariners. (Now watch some needler trot out Admiral Hyman Rickover, father of the nuclear sub. Well, there are exceptions to everything.) They walked out of Egypt to the Promised Land, not sailed out. The people who were good sailers at that time were the Jews’ racial close cousins the Phoenicians/Carthaginians. Those were great sailers, ranging as far as Cornwall to import cargoes of tin from the mines there. (Same place their Moslem descendants two thousand years later came to abduct Euro slaves from coastal Cornish villages for sale in the Arab bazaars.)

    The Jews are neither the sailor type nor the explorer type. No way Columbus was a Jew.

  9. SILVER! Where is your blog?!

    Agh, that was one of the funniest blogs on race ever. You went ahead and deleted your blog, didn’t you. Dammit, man! Don’t do that.

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