Saturday Night Live Does Some Jew-Baiting

Saturday Night Live Snapshot

It wasn’t that long ago that SNL performed the infamous sketch suggesting that wealthy Jews were largely responsible for the bailout crisis. I’m not going to imply that Lorne Michaels (nee Lorne David Lipowitz) is “on our side” or anything like that. But I do believe he and his writing staff go farther in pushing the boundaries of political correctness than any other Jewish mainstream media program. In fact, they were perhaps the first comedy troupe to actually satirize Obama…and they did so with a non-Black guy in “black face”!

This weekend, their opener was Obama explaining the census to the American people. He was calmly explaining that the questions on the census were harmless and necessary. Meanwhile, the questions being presented were more and more intimate, awkward, and incriminating. One question in the middle of there was the one shown above, “Do you feel that Jews have too much influence in Wall Street and the media?”

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  1. It’s rather depressing how the Jews flaunt their power, as if they’re trying to goad White people into waking up. It’s like they’re saying, “Oy, I was certain these gentiles would have started a pogrom by now! Maybe we can help them?”

    Another good example of this is a piece in the L.A. Times by Joel Stein called “How Jewish Is Hollywood? Quote:

    Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

  2. I read this as it being that some Jews are displeased with Obama and that part of the Democratic coalition which views the Jews as having the ultimate white skin privelege. We will see if these Obama is crazy stories circulating on the web go viral.

  3. It’s all chutzpah. When Jews dominate a nation or culture as they do America, when they are utterly confidant of their power to corrupt and destroy, they begin to openly flaunt it. “We’re f’ing you Goy bastards, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” This is part of the larger process of getting themselves ever more detested, which in turn helps maintain tribal boundaries and which, when ultimate push comes to ultimate shove, they then take as proof of “chosenness”. As a race, they have been vastly unhappy ever since they were let out of the ghettoes; happy Jews should be our goal.

  4. This kind of thing is not that uncommon.

    It does reflect a cognizance of their own position and status, as well as their uneasiness and sense of identity as being separate and alien. No matter how “assimilated” they may be or think themselves to be or that others may think they are, they are separate and alien. They’re not a natural outgrowth of the people whom they rule over. They’re outsiders who’ve come in and largely displaced the indigenous elite. And they know it.

    Now why the chutzpah? Why the need to drop hints in public from time to time and remind themselves and others of this? Part of it is simply insecurity, and humor and comedy is often an outlet for insecurity (think self-depracatory humor). Another reason for it is that it’s a defensive measure. By joking and making light of it in public, the message they’re trying to convey is that it’s not a big deal, it’s nothing serious. Since everybody knows about it (because it’s in public and everybody gets the joke), and since we can joke about it, it must not be a big deal. And it’s also a kind of public display of solidarity, reminding the members of the tribe in the audience that they’re all in this together.

  5. The “JQ” has nearly reached critical mass among white people. From what I can tell, the only holdouts are among the older crowd, brainwashed by WWII propaganda and the like.

    Jews are really feeling the heat, thanks to the internet their mainstream media control is become more and more irrelevant, and in the era of Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs it’s getting harder to browbeat people with the slur “conspiracy theorist” every time someone mentions that Jews run Wall Street.

    As we are going into the next fight over amnesty and immigration, it’s as good a time as ever to “name the Jew.” When Paul Krugman writes about immigrants saving Social Security, someone needs to call that what it is – an excuse for promoting anti-white race replacement, a specifically *Jewish* goal.

    In the new multicultural America, it’s important to stop Jews from posing as “just another white person” when they promote their Jewish ideologies.

  6. Actually, I am finding more and more whites seething with rage about the Jew venom directed toward them and the Jew control of almost every aspect of this country. When you control the money and the media – you control everything! These are people who I NEVER thought I would EVER hear anything vile coming from. Jews really do have a knack for creating Nazis.

  7. Comment #9: Excellent point, Joanna Dee!

    It’s called a self-fullfilling prophecy.

    If the Jews call Americans “Nazis” too many times, they will eventually become what they call them.

    Also, Mrs. Dee: I emailed Hunter Wallace, and he needs your consent before we can exchange e-mails.

  8. Jewish comedians have always done this, making a spoof out of ‘jews control the banks and the media.’

    The goal of this is so that when people one day encounter some claim running along those lines, they react with ‘haha one of those people’ instead of ‘hmm never heard about that, maybe that is something I ought to look into’

  9. Jews are trying to promote the idea that Obama is, somehow, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, which is of course completely false.

  10. Robert Reich (Jew) is at it again — first it was not giving jobs to “White male construction workers”…now in a blog post entitled “Why More Immigrants Are An Answer to the Coming Boomer Entitlement Mess” he writes:

    “One logical way to deal with the crisis of funding Social Security and Medicare is to have more workers per retiree, and the simplest way to do that is to allow more immigrants into the United States.” –

    These Jews are so predictable.

  11. Now why the chutzpah?

    Chutzpah generates anti-semitism, a sine qua non of Jewish identity. The best response, imo, which if everyone could respond this way the would react like Rumplestilskin: respond as if they’re irrelevant.

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