Young Zimbabweans: Life Was Better Under White Rule

I wonder if Kristof is going to crack and admit that the race realists were right all along.  Another day, another leftist-damning dispatch from Zimbabwe:

I asked Abel what he dreams of. “A bicycle,” he said. Then he would be able to get home from school more quickly and manage the household better.

“Life was a lot better when I was younger,” he said, a bit wistfully. “From what my parents used to tell me, life was a lot better under white rule. There was a lot more food and clothes, and you could afford to buy things.” But Abel insisted that he was optimistic that life would eventually get better again.

If there’s like-minded college students reading this, start speaking up in class. Don’t disclose that you read Occidental Dissent or other such sites; pretend to be a “liberal in a crisis of doubt.” That way you don’t announce you’re the opposition. Pretend to be an ally racked with doubt because of things like this Nicholas Kristof article.

Even better, join liberal white-guilt organizations on campus, and pretend for a while to in full agreement; then slowly come around. Have a “road to Damascus,” where they see you go full circle from true believing multiculturist to tormented race realist. If your leftist comrades call you a racist, get all personal and act hurt. Cry if you can, ala Stanislavsky method. Remember, you’re playing the part of a true believing multiculturist, and unmanly histrionics will make you a more convincing leftist.

The goal is to try and flip some leftist White college students to our side, and then start a branch of Youth for Western Civilizaton. A lot of leftists are simply misguided and naive but otherwise quite healthy White people. After you convert them you can tell them your whole act was just Stanislavsky method and you can have a good laugh.

This is our time to be the Abbie Hoffman/Jerry Rubin types. Those “establishment fighters” of the 60’s are the Establishment now; it’s our turn to be the hippies and yippies and merry pranksters. But I think our act will be a hell of a lot classier than the likes of Jerry Kill your parents Rubin.


  1. The tactical approach you advocate is brilliant.

    There was a British theorist who created an entire strategy of warfare based upon the ‘indirect approach.’ That is, you strike the enemy when they least expect it. This is possible even if you’re hitting them where they expect it the most, so long as you do it in a way that’s psychologically unexpected. Think about the German invasion of Russia in 1941. For more information read STRATEGY by B.H. Liddell Hart.

    I have often wondered about the possibilty of recruiting former leftists into White Nationalism. It sounds counter-intuitive, but really they are the best candidates. They reject most of American culture as reactionary, which means they don’t have any baggage relating to religion or ethnic interests. (I.e. no Protestant vs. Catholic sectarianism) If one could convert a leftist into a White Nationalism they would probably be among its most rabid and active supporters. Your approach might be the key to reaching these people, Kievsky.

  2. I wasnt strictly a leftist, more of a jumble of liberal memes. I think thats pretty standard. Not really a coherent set of beliefs or ideology.

    I cant remember exactly what tipped me over. Reading VDare & Sailer, various blogs, beginning to notice what was NOT being said in the media. Its the internet that changed me.

    Though before that, having a jewish girlfriend (10 years ago btw) helped somewhere along the way too I see in retrospect. The liberal in me stunned by some of her views re WW2. The sometimes unpleasant antics of her dad in business. It all seems obvious now!

    The internet changed me, so I try to pay that forward, spend a lot of time arguing online.

  3. Zimbabwe is now becoming a normal black African society. This is the type of society and standard of living that the black africans have created for themselves. The leftists who feel sorry for Zimbabweans now should be criticized as “racists”. After all, this is the type of society that black africans create. So what is the problem?

  4. Implicit whiteness and/or clear common political aims, along with honesty and careful vetting within, coupled with deception aimed at our foes is my understanding of Kievsky’s program. We do this every day though, right? Even WN’s play the part of DWL when confronted by an irrational beast of a hominid, lest we open ourselves up to charges of “racism” and all of its negative social and economic implications, or worse: evil simian violence. To play that part in the company of DWLs, and thereby foster a relationship and environment wherein the WN can speak truth to self-destructive brainwashing is much more of a commitment. But there’s easy progress to be had in that, in that, the fact that many of us in all white company feel the need to hide our thoughts (true as they are), we can slowly forge not just partial common cause, but a genuine “flipping” of our coethnic political adversaries. The key is getting them to recognize that they’re advocating against their and their family’s interests. I’ve found that a kind, empathetic/sympathetic yet Socratic approach works well. There is a budding WN in every White. They oftentimes are testing you as much as you are testing them.

  5. That said, I advise a degree of Bayesian caution. Some Whites are truly racially and culturally suicidal. And some are good-looking, smart, and pale hybrids. I’m for including a subset of the latter category’s superset, provided proof of their commitment to carrying our banner high. Admittedly, the bar for admission must be set carefully.

  6. @4 In “There is a budding WN in every White”, replace “every White” with “most Whites”. I’m willing to estimate that it is a vast majority.

  7. I tried more or less this exact same strategy in a certain overwhelmingly liberal environment. It didn’t take. There was just this phase change where I went from being “just a guy” to “that fucking racist”. It wasn’t as if what I was saying changed suddenly, it was just a sort of spontaneous reconfiguration of opinion directed at me. Factual evidence made absolutely no impact, their certainty of belief was more important.

  8. Check out the comment section for this piece at the Times, so many people want to find out how they can send the kid a bike.

    Race realism gives a person lots of good insight into how the world works as it does. But it provides much less insight into how the world ought to move forward. It can just as easily engender pity for the lesser peoples. Certainly it makes it hard to see whites as being a victimized group. Michael Levin in last August’s American Renaissance issue touched on this:

    “AR: The country as a whole still does not accept the scientific findings on race and IQ. In your view, why is there so much resistance?

    ML: My opinion is no better than anyone else’s, since I’m not a social scientist. I suspect a big part is and always has been the sportsmanlike impulse of whites not to kick someone who is down. Blacks already do so poorly in terms of crime, income, employment, and sheer day-to-day existence — everyone knows how much rattier black neighborhoods are than white — that it sounds like gloating to say, “And you’re also dumber.” Decent people aren’t bullies and don’t gloat. White Americans in this respect are pretty decent.”

  9. Thanks for the compliment, Sam Davidson!

    Crypto Aryan,

    I know exactly what you are talking about, not kicking someone when they are down. That’s why it’s necessary to talk about white girls who have been victimized by race-mixing, and white families murdered by vicious savage blacks. You do this by telling stories, and actually “stories” go along very well with the Stanislavsky method. You create an imaginary sister or female cousin who ended up mudsharking and then a dead-shark. Imagine her life, her tragic death, the abuse of the black boyfriend in between. She was so idealistic but misguided. Remember the actor character in “Team America — World Police” who had to go in and pretend he was an Islamic jihadist after they glued some hair on his face to give him a “beard?” Exactly like that. That part of the movie is actually about the Stanislavsky method. You read an article about some tragic race mixer, make her your relative in your own mind, tell her story, feel the pain. If you feel it, your audience will feel it.

  10. Humor is the best hope for the anti-left. Most of this nonsense deserves to be mocked. In college we printed flyers nearly identical to the gay lesbian awareness week called BAAA Beastiality Awareness Activities ASsociation, in the same color, font, etc.

  11. Give them what they deserve a trip into the “Heart of Darkness.” Alinsky them by making them live up to their highest ideals, because for the most part these race traitors are lousy hypocrites who would never venture into a low rent black neighborhood or country.

  12. Crypt Aryan said:
    “Race realism gives a person lots of good insight into how the world works as it does. But it provides much less insight into how the world ought to move forward. It can just as easily engender pity for the lesser peoples.”

    Ok on these people, you have to use the Jewish argument. You argue that we need to stick together to help these people out. You explain that leftism in the sense of charitable giving is fine, but liberalism in the sense of ceasing to be us, and stealing the culture from Europeans is evil.
    Make the point that you don’t have to cease to exist to not be narcissistic, if that’s the concern; and that ceasing to exist doesn’t help anyone.
    Generally, we have to begin to recognize that being white does not mean being a right-winger (in the sense of all for the group). You could be a leftish-other giving pro-European. Being white does mean not being Liberal, in the sense of rejecting the group. Somehow (that Kevin M. somehow) being Left came to mean being Liberal and renouncing European-ness.
    In short don’t try to convince a Left-minded post-European to be a right-minded pro-European. Just go with the pro-European part.

  13. “AR: The country as a whole still does not accept the scientific findings on race and IQ. In your view, why is there so much resistance?”

    Because you are dealing with the world beyond, the world of ideas stalking between the corn rows.

    Atheists keep up their scoffing at the higher being, which was also honored under the name of the “highest” or être suprême, and trample in the dust one ” proof of his existence ” after another, without noticing that they themselves, out of need for a higher being, only annihilate the old to make room for a new. Is ” Man ” perchance not a higher essence than an individual man, and must not the truths, rights, and ideas which result from the concept of him be honored and counted sacred, as revelations of this very concept ? For, even though we should abrogate again many a truth that seemed to be made manifest by this concept, yet this would only evince a misunderstanding on our part, without in the least degree harming the sacred concept itself or taking their sacredness from those truths that must ” rightly ” be looked upon as its revelations. Man reaches beyond every individual man, and yet though he be “his essence” is not in fact his essence (which rather
    would be as single as he the individual himself), but a general and “higher,” yes, for atheists “the highest essence.” And, as the divine revelations were not written down by God with his own hand, but made public through “the Lord’s instruments,” so also the new highest essence does not write out its revelations itself, but lets them come to our knowledge through “true men.” Only the new essence betrays, in fact, a more spiritual style of conception than the old God, because the latter was still represented in a sort of embodiedness or form, while the undimmed spirituality of the new is retained, and no special material body is fancied for it. And withal it does not lack corporeity, which even takes on a yet more seductive appearance because it looks more natural and mundane and consists in nothing less than in every bodily man, yes, or outright in “humanity” or “all men.” Thereby the spectralness of the spirit in a seeming-body has once again become really solid and popular.

  14. One more thing: Who are the new satanists on the scene? Those who would deny the universal essence of man.

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