Support the Tester Amendment

There’s a food safety bill in the Senate, S 510, that would impose burdensome regulation on small organic farmers, basically driving us underground. Senator Jon Tester, D-MT, is a certified organic farmer and has “the Tester Amendment” that will exempt small farmers from having to comply with burdensome food safety regulations. All the food poisoning incidents come from agribusiness, not small farmers. Tester Amendment

Here’s where to find your senator’s contact information. Call the office, and talk to your Senator’s aides using the information linked above about the Tester Amendment. This would be a great help. It looks America is going back to small scale farming and community gardens out of economic necessity. If they do this bill, they will drive us all underground. Say goodbye to many farmers markets if this passes without the Tester amendment, and big Ag will try to muscle in and make us all their GMO crop serfs.


  1. Thanks Nordicreb, and anyone else who contacted their senators. It means a lot to me.

    Of course, driving small organic farmers underground is just plain dumb, but Agribusiness is a frightened ogre that will lash out any way possible at the millions of organic farmers who are want to destroy it.

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