Virginia: Restore the Constitution Rally

A sign of things to come?

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord which ignited the American Revolution, two pro-gun groups held rallies in the DC area.

In Northern Virginia, about 100 to 150 White patriots assembled at an “open carry rally” (armed and loaded) at Gravelly Point Park, directly across the Potomac from the National Mall. In DC, about 2,000 gun rights supporters gathered across the river on the National Mall next to the Washington Monument at an unarmed rally sponsored by the NRA and Gun Owner’s of America.

The two groups were divided over tactics. At the last minute, the Oath Keepers pulled out of the “open carry rally” and warned that violence might ensue in Virginia. Rumors swirled around the internet in anticipation of the event. These small differences though were dwarfed by the much greater similarities. Both groups are united in their negative perception of an encroaching federal government and the threat it poses to the Constitution and the “Real America.” Both groups are overwhelmingly composed of angry White males. Both groups are using common anti-government symbols.

This is a stunning reversal from the post-9/11 Bush administration. Remember the Patriot Act and Freedom Fries? In two years, the “patriotards” we used to mock and pillor (at least a broad cross section of them) have evolved from militant nationalists waving Old Glory to fire breathing states’ rights advocates waving the Gadsden Flag. They don’t move in lock step with the GOP anymore either. In 2006 and 2008, millions of them stayed home. They preferred to let Congress and the Presidency fall to the Democrats rather than rubber stamp Republican rule. John McCain’s presidential campaign went down in flames.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A symbol is even better at communicating sentiment. At Knob Creek, the Tea Party Express, and Gravelly Point Park, I saw White Americans deliberately putting down Washington’s flag, and hoisting other banners. The message being sent is clear: for the first time since the Civil War, White Americans are reconsidering their loyalties. It recalls to mind the famous toast John C. Calhoun made at a Jefferson Day dinner in 1830: “the Union, next to our liberty, the most dear.” To which Andrew Jackson replied, “Our Federal Union, it must be preserved.” Within thirty years, the Union was dissolved, Jefferson Davis was sworn in as President of the Confederate States of America, and armies clashed at Bull Run.

A few years ago, this was inconceivable: armed White Americans – ordinary people – gathering on the opposite side of the Potomac and denouncing federal tyranny on the anniversary of Waco, Oklahoma City, and Lexington and Concord. Aside from utter contempt of the mainstream media and federal government, what does that say about the State of the Union?

80% of Americans now say they don’t trust Washington. Nearly half of Americans – overwhelmingly White males – say Washington has a negative impact on their lives. Obama has disappointed a growing non-White population who want a larger government and more social services. He has alienated White Americans who want a smaller government, less public services, and secure borders. The irresistible force meets the immovable object.

OD showed up at the “Restore the Constitution” rally in Gravelly Point Park. I wanted to see for myself what was going on. The media reports are fairly accurate: a crowd assembled in Fort Hunt, a convoy proceeded from there to Gravelly Point Park, about 100 to 150 heavily armed White men showed up, a leftist gun control protester harangued the crowd and called us “terrorists.” The speakers had dire warnings about the threat of a tyrannical federal government to the Constitution and individual liberty.

We interviewed a few people in the crowd. The results may surprise you:

(Edit: The YouTube video will be ready this evening. Check back later.)

Daryl Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project made a cameo appearance. He was obviously attempting to fly under the radar in a crowd of 100 or more heavily armed White males. In the Old Dominion, an “open carry” Southern state, hate doesn’t seem to have the same consequences it does elsewhere. Firearms are kryptonite to the self proclaimed “anti-fascist” groups that violently assault racialists in other cities. This is a powerful argument for racialists to get more involved in defending and expanding Second Amendment rights.

As we were leaving, I told the “Restore the Constitution” event security about Daryl Lamont Jenkins and One People’s Project. We had a gut busting laugh as three or four White guys with loaded AK-47’s descended on poor Daryl as we headed toward the parking lot.

I would like to end on a positive note. We weren’t the only White Nationalists in Washington yesterday. In the right historical conditions, we can and will take our country back.

American Third Position/White Rabbit Radio

Note: The photos we shot have been uploaded to Flickr. The video is on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Semi-OT: Pat Buchanan writes:

    Second, they know it to be untrue. While Tea Partiers are anti-Obama, they are also anti-Pelosi, anti-Martha Coakley and anti-Charlie Christ. The coming conflict is not so much racial as it is cultural, political and tribal.

    Black America seems united. White America is the house divided, for it is in the womb of white America that this new people is gestating and fighting to be born.

    Too true. The coming war, whether it be hot or cold, will be in the main one of white against white.

  2. OT, but there’s a hilarious story behind that song “For What It’s Worth.” Everyone assumes it’s about Vietnam anti-war protests. It’s not. Everyone assumes that CS&N were anti-war liberals – they were not (Stills said draft dodgers were cowards who should be shot).

    David Crosby has no music talent whatsoever, yet he became a major star. He’s ugly and not that smart – but lesbians fight over his sperm – want to guess why?

    Remember the staged Gulf of Tonkin Incident that escalated the Vietnam war? You know who staged it? Jim Morrison’s (of the Doors) father. Everything you think you know about the “hippie movement” is wrong. The “anti-war hippie movement” was directed by the literal children of military and intelligence officers. Think about it. Psy-ops is a serious military discipline and they’ve been involved in Hollywood since the very earliest days.

    I know, Alex Jones territory, right? But the facts are verifiable. I think it’s important to keep that in mind when it comes to “movements” in general.

  3. “. . .Fall 1962: Leary meets Mary Meyer in a room at Boston’s Ritz Hotel. She alludes to her “hush-hush love affair,” and tells him that “top people in Washington are turning on.” According to Leary’s recounting, she also says: “Do you remember the American Veterans Committee, that liberal veterans group you belonged to after the war? The CIA started that.” She explains to him that “CIA creates the radical journals and student organizations and runs them with deep-cover agents…. dissident organizations in academia are also controlled.” When Leary asks her how she knows all this, she explains: “I knocked you with those facts to get your attention. It’s a standard intelligence trick.” She confides that CIA has not only been running left-wing groups as fronts, but has been sponsoring more psychedelic research than he will ever know. “You are doing exploratory work the CIA tried to do in the 1950s. So they’re more than happy to have you do their research for them. Since drug research is of vital importance to the intelligence agencies of this country, you’ll be allowed to go on with your experiments as long as you keep it quiet,” she advises.

    Spring 1963: Leary again meets Mary Meyer at the Ritz. She says that her love affair has been exposed, although no publicity has resulted. “I don’t trust the phones or the mail,” she warns. He is to make no contact with her until further notice.

    May-June 1963: Mary warns Leary, who is conducting a psychedelic summer camp in Mexico, that their “sessions” are “in jeopardy” because he is attracting “too much publicity.”

    September 1963: Mary drives up to see Leary, now conducting experiments at a large private estate in Milbrook, New York. She gives him, for his experiments, a bottle of “the best LSD in the world,” from the National Institute of Mental Health. She takes countersurveillance precautions, and says: “We had eight intelligent women turning on the most powerful men in Washington. And then we got found out…. I made a mistake in recruitment. A wife snitched on us… I’ve gotten mixed up in some dangerous matters.”

    December 1, 1963: Around this time Mary calls Leary, who had been “expecting a phone call from [her]… ever since the Kennedy assassination.” According to Leary, she says: “They couldn’t control him anymore. He was changing too fast. They’ve covered everything up…. I’m afraid. Be careful.”

    October 12, 1964: Mary Meyer is shot to death, execution-style, at 12:45 p.m., on a park towpath by the Georgetown Canal in Washington, D.C. Her body is identified by Ben Bradlee, Cord Meyer’s brother-in-law, editor of the Washington Post. CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton confiscates and later burns the diary in which Mary has recorded her liaisons with JFK. A black laborer with a wife and five children, 26-year old Raymond Crump, Jr., is arrested on suspicion of murdering Mary in a robbery attempt, but she had not been carrying a purse, and there is no credible eyewitness testimony placing Crump at the site. On July 20, 1965, a jury
    deliberates only eleven hours before acquitting him. The murder weapon is never found; the crime is never solved. . .”

  4. Good reporting, Hunter. It’s nice to get an on the scene take on things from the white nationalist perspective, for a change.

  5. DLJ of the OPP is a real piece of work. I wonder how he even manages to get around as he does, seeing that he has single-handedly made KFC rather wealthy.

    I attended a WN event not long ago which he videotaped, without the consent of any of the participants, and of course the cops did nothing. I’ve been waiting for someone to finally put him in his place.

    As for the Tea Party folks, while they are well-meaning, I’m afraid they have been too cowed by the charge of “racism” to be of much good for the WN cause (though you can always keep trying). They need to be educated as to the origin of the artificial term “racist” (a good place for them to start would be the video the CofCC puts out on the Frankfurt School). Once they see how the term is being used by Marxists to control their speech, behavior and thought, maybe they will wake up.

  6. “Jewish White Nationalist”?
    Why not just say “Zionist” aka “Israeli National Socialist” and be honest about it?

    And no, Daryle is not put in his place, he determines his own place.

    He has been at this for years and years and will continue long after most of you have gotten tired of your nonsense and moved on.

  7. Spock: Why don’t I say “zionist”? Maybe because I’m not a zionist? I’m an American….as I once tried to explain to a Jewish woman who spit on me for not showing reverence to the zionist flag.

    I am no more loyal to the zionist entity than you are to Mongolia.

  8. And, what is wrong with Mongolia? *grin*
    Seriously, Zionism is a Nationalist government.

    There is no difference between Zionists and White Nationalists.
    Both are about striving for ethnocentric based societies.

    This is why I have to laugh when the WNs whine about “Jewish Supremacy” when they turn around and spout the same ideals for their “Aryan Race”.

    But, I didn’t come on here to start a fame war in a blog comment section, I came on here to stand up for a comrade.

  9. This is why I have to laugh when the WNs whine about “Jewish Supremacy” when they turn around and spout the same ideals for their “Aryan Race”.

    Lol, what are you, a moron? Or do you just find humor in spectacularly consistent logic?

  10. Spock: You may feel DLJ will be here “long after we are gone”, but if he keeps feeding his face the way he evidently does, the only place he’ll be going is into a piano case. I’m just sayin’.

  11. I’ve been to a few of these events and I fear that they’re turning into Republican Party rallies. I recall similar noises during the Clinton years, which disappeared overnight upon Bush’s election.

    Btw, the Confederate flag (unlike pre-US colonial flags it was the battleflag of a combat enemy of the United States) was brought back to prominence by the parents and grandparents of some of you here. They were a helluva lot more organized than current WN, and they backed down.

    I’m trying hard not to be negative. Maybe we’ll see, depending on who moves into the White House in ’13.

  12. I’ve been to a few of these events and I fear that they’re turning into Republican Party rallies. I recall similar noises during the Clinton years, which disappeared overnight upon Bush’s election.

    Of course they are — you just noticed?

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