Loss of neighborliness is root of our problems

Environmentalist Bill McKibben published an excerpt of his book on Alternet about how Americans don’t need their neighbors any more.

In the halcyon days of the final economic booms, everyone on your cul de sac could have died overnight from some mysterious plague, and while you might have been sad, you wouldn’t have been inconvenienced. Our economy, unlike any that came before it, is designed to work without the input of your neighbors. Borne on cheap oil, our food arrives as if by magic from a great distance (typically, two thousand miles). If you have a credit card and an Internet connection, you can order most of what you need and have it left anonymously at your door. We’ve evolved a neighborless lifestyle; on average an American eats half as many meals with family and friends as she did fifty years ago. On average, we have half as many close friends.

Most of the problems we are discussing here and at other sites — race and the big “JQ” will be be brought to heel with a return of community. This is something McKibben doesn’t anticipate, of course, but it’s obvious to me.

All the supposed “great strides of multiculturalism,” came about because of the absence of organized resistance, and this absence is a result of the death of community.

When “community” is restored out of raw necessity, it will not be very multicultural. I’ve seen it on the ground — Whites and NAM’s do not work well together, and Asians simply do not want to have anything to do with us, even if they have lived here for 20 years. I was sent to recruit business owners to come to a meeting not long ago. I invited some Indian convenience store owners who spoke English. They refused because they can’t eat the dirty, non-Hindu food. I invited two separate Chinese restaurant owners, in Chinese no less. My Chinese is good enough to invite someone to a meeting and say where and when it is. They thanked me but didn’t go to the meeting. These market dominant minority Asian types want NOTHING to do with us. They’re here to make their money, and that’s it.

As for Non-Asian minorities (Blacks and Hispanics) you can already see how that will play out. Dark comedy plays will be written about attempts to organize multiracial communities, with the race realist giving the speech at the end. Idealistic SWPL liberals will attempt to hold NAM’s to the same standard as Whites (anything else would be racist) with tragic results. Race realists will keep their mouths shut, making stage whispers to the audience and to fellow realists. It’ll be very funny, when nobody is getting hurt.

In the end, community will sift out on racial lines. Multiculturalism only “worked” in the absence of organic community. It was like Roundup Ready soybeans. There’s been a lot of gov’t money lavished on professional multiculturalism. Anyone with even a slightly conservative view would want nothing to do with this (the roundup effect), and so all the fertilizer and pesticides were applied to the liberals who could stomach a lie (roundup ready liberals).


  1. The multiculturalists never demanded that Nigeria or Saudi Arabia or India or Indonesia allow massive numbers of foreigners into their country to be “multicultural”. The demand to be multicultural was only aimed at European caucasian cultures in North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The whole idea of multiculturalism is to destroy those European caucasian cultures.

  2. One thing we’re planning here this year is a neighborhood picnic or “block party” for our neighbors to get to know us and each other better. We are a small farm at the edge of a small “mature” suburban development, near a small town. The neighbors are all white with the exception of one elderly Hispanic man, and mostly
    “born and raised” here like I am, mostly conservative middle class workers, gun owners and owners of their real estate. “Staying in one place” instead of moving to another town every three years is almost essential to experience a stable community. Many of us here share lifelong memories, a common feeling of nostalgia, and in most cases we know we can trust one another with our lives. Yes, Kievsky, the loss of the sense and support of stable community has much to do with the loss of consciousness and the “dying out” of the white race.

  3. Thanks, Mosin and Ernest. It’s like horticulture. When a plant has a nutritional deficiency, it cannot fend off pests. When a People has a community deficiency, it cannot . . . well, you get the idea.

  4. Liberalism is stuff white people like, the others participate as spectators and beneficiaires. No one ever thought of asking the “minorities” what they think of any of this or even if they “celebrate diversity.”

  5. This “chain store” monstrosity has also taken a toll on whites. Despite all the talk about how “efficient” our economy has become because every town has the exact same strip of mega stores and restaurants, there is a cost in morale that can’t be quantified in dollars. 3rd world immigrants all seem to patronize local (non-chain) businesses run by their own people, where as whites who formerly had the pride of running their own restaurants, downtown shops, grocers, etc are now serfs for corporate monstrosities. Even if the pay would be the same, working for these entities is a humiliating experience. Virtually every single corporate entity is filled with absurd propaganda lampooned in Office Space in such scenes as when Jennifer Anniston’s character was lectured about her lack of “flair” by only wearing a dozen dopey buttons.

    I worked for a ratty, discount grocery outlet that got taken over by a “Dutch” conglomerate who all of a sudden decided that the reason people shop at their store was to “chit-chat with the employees.” The manager was a real tool and while we were watching a ridiculous corporate propaganda tape where some old geezer who talked like a grandmother announced “Our goal….is to become….America’s friendliest food stores.” The manager screamed at us to “write it down” as if this was some college chemistry class. We were soon subject to spending every damn minute reading off automaton scripts to every passing customer as if we were robots in Stepford (not to mention most people don’t want to be bothered by 15 employees in the process of grabbing a quick gallon of milk.) I can’t possibly imagine grocers in the 40’s subjecting their employees to such brain dead, almost Stalinistic propaganda techniques.

    Another company I worked for got bought out by GE in a hostile takeover (they just wanted our patents.) I remember these liberal-feminist professors had talked about “evil corporate America” as if they were all run by hitler’s ghost. Working for GE I felt like I was at Berkely, all the rainbow “diversity” posters, non-sense about various Black, Hispanic, and Asian-Pacific Islander organizations (nothing for Whites of course.) But the kicker was one day I came in and the place was covered in these ugly “modern art” motif posters looking like a pastel version of that hideous “Picasso” statue in front of the Daley Center in downtown Chicago. The poster was a promotion for an upcoming “GE Womens’ Multicultural Seminar.” Thomas Edison would be spinning in his grave if he saw what had become of his company under that treasonous scumbag Jeff Immelt. This is this wonderful “dynamic capitalism” that Limbaugh, Hannity, and the ilks think ranks right up there with the second coming. Myself, I’ll pay an extra 30% for a lightbulb to visit the last remaining locally owned hardware store.

  6. Re Simmons “Liberalism is what white people like”. I would say, “What SOME white people like”. Forget those ignorant ones, for they are bringing down on their own heads their destruction. For those of us who don’t adhere to that Jezebelish lie, will escape the tribulation that is coming on THEM for it is meant for THEM and it is their philosophies of multiculturalism, forced integration,, baby murder, the “rights” industry, etc. that is the cause of the tribulation in the first place. They who have caused the problem have no solution to the problem, no matter how many of their Haaavahd degreed “experts” and talking heads pretend to say so. As they are trying to force us into going along with their lies, the situation is going to be reversed onto them and they are going to be forced to “put a sock in it” as the Brit”s say, by the ones they pretend they are soooo in love with- the dark skinned hordes spreading abroad on the land. They say they hate the white male patriarchy, but they aint seen nuttin yet, for the dark skinned ones are a force of domineering males who will be a worse patriarchy then they ever thought of. After all the dust is settled we whites will have our own national WHITE ethnostate to live in in peace.

  7. Kievsky,

    You’ve written before about independent and local farming, so I was wondering if you saw this:

    S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010

    S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money.

    “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.”

  8. Bernard,

    I don’t think S 510 is as bad as you made it out to be, but I made a post asking readers to contact their Senators and ask them to co-sponsor the Tester Amendment to S 510.

    If it is as bad as you say, the food industry will go underground and not pay taxes. If jackbooted thugs start raiding private food gardens, we’ll have a civil war on our hands.

  9. In order for community to work, you have to hammer those who put self-interest ahead of the community.

    The whites at the top are loathe to do that; it’s simply not in their character.

  10. Part of the problem with wanting to know your neighbors is the fear of getting to know someone and find out they are in a mixed race marriage or they’re homosexual or they spout one world anti-racist garbage or they practice wicca or any other number of quirky things you find among the population in these times. It’s no wonder there’s a lack of community. I’m not sure what the solution is except be tolerant but I’m not a tolerant person nor do I wish to be.

  11. Alex,

    That’s a chance you have to take. If your neighbor turns out to be a race-mixer, you’ll get some tragicomic stories out of your acquaintance that you can post on the Internet. Even better, convince a mudshark to do a youtube video where she talks about what a mistake it was and how it ruined her life.

  12. Gentlemen,
    I’m not sure how much we agree on. But whatever our ends, we need to bring more people into the pro-Western counter-movement. To this end, I have begun posting on the nihilist and atheist sites. I will let you know how I fair; regardless, expanding our base is a priority.

  13. I also want NOTHING to do with asians, mexicans, blacks, etc.

    Having said that, the reality of this article hits all too close to home living in California, LA in particular. Along these lines, I bet you could reduce the traffic here by making the place completely homogeneous. I say this because the reality is that a lot of the job centers out here (mainly downtown LA) are surrounded by what I call “ethinically stained” areas that whites wouldn’t dare live in. So you have the urban flight forcing people to drive 30 to 50+ miles each day one way to make a living.
    Where I live now is mostly asian. I always get a kick when they come to the door selling something and get a funny look on their face when a tall white guy answers the door. I did have a decent neighbor that was hispanic that helped me swap a 5.9 cummins in my chevy crew cab. Nice guy, but as soon as he went next door after helping out, everything was in spanish again.
    Overall, if I could choose, I would prefer to have white neighbors. There’s just nothing like it. The shitty thing that pisses me off is why do I have to move to the snow & cold to do that.

  14. Asians (ESPECIALLY ‘East’ Asians)are some of the most money-grubbing, soulless materialists on the planet alive today — even though the ‘Left’ usually says that about us (typical case of projection from Asiatic Khazars, however).

  15. “Whites and NAM’s do not work well together, and Asians simply do not want to have anything to do with us, even if they have lived here for 20 years.”

    Houston must be the multiculti capital of the world, the globalist/communist social dream come true. There is no space, public or private, business or social, free from complete mixing of the races. Whites are a minority here and I hear that the races get along better here than most anyplace else on Earth. Asians, Whites, Central and South Americans, Jews, and some Blacks all mix in all middle-upper class spaces. If you are White, you will never be in a group that is all White here, and you will have several mixed-race neighbors, no matter where you live. Young interracial marriage in many parts of the city approaches 40-50%. The non-whites also group together amongst themselves, but Whites cannot and do not.

  16. Our parents, many of whom where once good conservatives, are all liberals now. They have been so colorblind, so eager to lift up the brown and black peoples of the Earth, that they taught us to be good little social commies. They are now all anxious about being called nasty names that they are all willing to allow in the entire third world into the West, so long as it’s done legally.

    They’ve totally destroyed my country for me and my children. Today, in trying so desperately to prove their multiculti credentials, they are essentially saying that that our nation means nothing at all, that their children and grandchildren should not have a nation of their own. They mean to spend their retirement (on our tax money) playing golf and slot machines.

    Question, what do we do with these self-centered old jackasses in their old age? Some might say that they should rot in state-run old folks’ homes. They thought the brown people so wonderful all these years, let them be under their control. That they spent all their money and ours, and still refuse to call out the tribe that is raping and pillaging the country, to hell with them.

    But that wouldn’t be right, now would it.

  17. I know the economy is terrible right now, but why the hell would any white man voluntarily live in Houston?

  18. What-o, Gussie. I’m beginning to wonder that more and more, my old Eton chum. It seemed like a good idea 20 years ago — family, friends, good jobs, and familiarity. All that has mostly disappeared now. It’s getting time to pack up the homestead and move to … ?

  19. …I agree. Community is where it’s at. Those good old community days before Americans headed off to Europe to maim and rape and murder in a pair of wars certainly have set the standard for community in the States. Maybe when this old-fashioned community returns those gold-standard folks in the heartland can finally set their sights on nuking Iran. Over the shared dinner table, of course.

  20. I can testify that wherever a lot of liberals and lefties are embracing multi-culturalism, the city streets are incredibly unfriendly. Nobody looks you in the eye when you past. Nobody smiles or says hello. Everybody’s pulling in. This is Portland Oregon, in the trendy Northwest. It was this way when I came, long before I had any dealings with the so-called “antifa” here. It seems like a spiritual disease besets White communities under liberalism.

  21. @ #7

    Night Owl, the problem isn’t ‘capitalism’ per se, you alluded to the real problem in your excellent comment. Its when “capitalism” jumps borders and becomes transnational.

    I think when this happens it becomes a type of warfare where different countries to try impose their culture on others.

    And for what its worth I’m not sure we’re even talking about actual capitalism anymore when the companies get that big, it tends to either crony capitalism or some form of unacknowledged socialism.

  22. What ho, Rusty.

    It’s hard to argue with living where the family and friends are. I find Houston’s climate intolerable though. Combine that with the crime and the fact that it’s about 30% white, and that’s three strikes in my book.

  23. New Kievsky meme:

    “The Financial is the Cultural.”

    It’s a riff off of “the personal is the political.” The financial has not always been the cultural, but money has been used as a force to shape culture.

    This money force is going away though. It’s almost as though an alien ship has to leave on a certain date, and when it leaves, the enemies among us lose their power. Hence the “race against time” to make whites minorities in thier own countries. However, will doing this make up for the loss of the Global Banksterist power? I don’t think so.

    When that “mother ship” of perpetual economic growth zips off to a distant galaxy, it’s Game On, baby!

  24. I just saw “Up in the Air” the whole movie pretty much deals with this concept of the atomized individual. George Clooney’s character in it is the epitome of such.

  25. ‘Asians (ESPECIALLY ‘East’ Asians)are some of the most money-grubbing, soulless materialists on the planet alive today…’

    Asians, like other human tribes, have a variety of characters: ascetics and whores, usurers and honest men, farmers and thieves. The ones who go to the USA to grub up some money are not necessarily the most charming specimens.

    East Asians in more harmonious circumstances can be more pleasant. However, if they go to the USA, they will be tempted to pursue profit by unethical means – e.g. war profiteering, usury, etc. Even if an East Asian man were a veritable angel when he arrived in the USA, how long could he maintain his ethics while working for an American company with ties to Israel?

    Even if we demand that every human tribe put the interests of its Race above all else, some East Asians would still be role models. There are East Asians who sacrifice everything for their tribes; even if they are enemies, one cannot call them soulless. I suspect that whites and East Asians could (at least) leave each other in peace if there were no banksters stirring up trouble.

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