The Long Slow Journey Back To Whiteness?

There’s been a lot of talk on the WN jungle drums recently on the subject of whether or not the Tea Parties represent any shift in the attitudes of American Whites.

Pat Buchanan kind of took the ‘yeah’ position with this piece

Black America seems united. White America is the house divided, for it is in the womb of white America that this new people is gestating and fighting to be born.

While Jared Taylor takes the opposing view

I applaud the tea partiers’ opposition to big government and to Obama’s leftist politics. The country will need them if Obama is to be stopped after a single term. But they will not be an incipient ethno-nationalist movement until they dump Sarah Palin and make Patrick Buchanan their champion.

What I think they’re both missing, though Pat gets a little closer to, is that this is a process. Before we can even get to White racial consciousness we need to undo seventy or so years of hardcore propaganda and programming that have made Whites utterly incapable of seeing themselves as a people.

I’m reminded of the scene in ‘A Conversation About Race’ where Mr. Bodecker talks in chilling detail about the racial propaganda practiced by his grade school teachers, and of course movies, media, etc. et al have pounded home the idea for decades that minorities are magically delicious while Whites are somehow uniquely evil.

I think it is worth noting that to Jeffrey Dahmer it was vitally important to him, an unrepentant cannibal, to not be considered something truly awful like a racist

F. He also wanted to set the record straight that he was not a racist. He says that the reason for the majority of his victims being a minority was simple location. Where he lived there was high concentration of Black and Hispanic people. He stresses that is was a simple location thing, and that he hopes “I hope that can get cleared up.”

We need to see this less in terms of “is this one movement (Tea party, Minutemen, et al.) going to lead Whites into the promised land, and more in terms of “is this movement part of the continuum of movements that are helping Whites shed their anti-White societal programming?”

To my mind it can’t be said enough that we have more than a half century of programming to undo and that is going to take long haul work.

No one movement or personality is going to undo this, it will take patient and persistent suasion and the building of a reasonable Pro-White infrastructure to help Whites shed this long term programming.


  1. I agree, but keep in mind that the mind-regime is a mile wide and an inch deep. This is one of those things where you see sign of progress, no sign of progress, no sign of progress, signs of progress, and then WHAM!, before you know it the shit has hit the fan, big time. Once white consciousness hits the mainstream in a small way, it will probably catch on like wildfire.

    If not, why is the elite usually so careful not to boil the frog too quickly? If we’re really sooooo brainwashed, why not go in for the kill?

    Because brainwashing can turn on a dime, that’s why. Right now it’s practically a universal that whites feel they’ll be excommunicated from polite society for heresy. If polite societies of heretics start to emerge, though – IOW, if whites start seeing viable social alternatives to the conform-or-be-excommunicated choice they’re facing now – then watch out.

  2. Left out a “no” there. That should be “where you see no sign of progress, no sign of progress, no sign of progress, signs of progress, and then WHAM!”

  3. I should also add that I don’t believe in the “leader first” meme; leaders are followers in the sense that they only jump when they see a viable group to lead. I think we’re going to have to create something worth leading before we see a Great White Leader emerge, if at all (I’m not big on the “big man” stuff, too easily stopped with one bullet).

  4. “it is in the womb of white America that this new people is gestating and fighting to be born”

    It is these words where Pat is right. It is fighting to be born… There probably are many white nationalists out there keeping quiet for the time being. The Tea Parties, like the Minutemen, have leadership that is not promoting whiteness. I predict they’ll do an about face once the economy worsens and hostilities between the different races and/or classes start to become direct and very vocal. Right now it is only one-sided. When white people lose their jobs and each one realizes it will be a long, long time before they get another, the tide will start to turn.

  5. I agree with you Svigor about it being a mile wide and an inch deep. I’ve even used those words talking to my wife. Yet that being true there is still a deep seated fear of being found out, all people are racialists but only Whites fear being exposed as such.

  6. As has been said by numerous people here, all it’s going to take is one public leader to start using the terms “White” and “anti-White” and the floodgates will open.

    Does anyone remember when in the Democratic Presidential Primary campaign, Hillary Clinton was campaigning for West Virginia and she said she wanted to work for “White working families” in America?

    All it will take is one. Obama has rendered White guilt obsolete, and the constant anti-White bigotry from the jewish media is starting to be noticed by even the slowest among us.

    I live in the belly of the beast, and I can walk up to nearly any White person here and start taking about real estate, and we can have a perfectly obvious conversation about race, but simply using terms like “bad neighborhood” and “good neighborhood” and everyone knows exactly what we are talking about.

    Everybody, I mean everybody, conservative to liberal to whatever, is a race realist. We just know we aren’t supposed to talk about it openly, so we use code.

  7. The Tea Party is where the Tea Party is. It is our job to infiltrate that movement and push it in OUR direction. The neo-cohens have done a good job, from up on stage, of pushing their ideology onto the mass and channeling it’s power to suit their policy goals. There’s no reason to just let them just have the Tea Party as their personal political pawn simply because we don’t like it’s current manifestation.

    Any implicity White gathering is where we should be – slowly, gently leading the participants in the RIGHT direction. It is almost a moral obligation at this stage in the game, and besides, don’t we like to hang out with lots and lots of other White people?

    Interacting with the various Tea Partiers milling about (as close as boots on the street we’re going to get at this point) is where lots of good one-on-one conversation can take place. Practice your rhetorical skills and start bending minds.

    What is a movement aside from the constituancy of it’s members? Let’s fill that Tea Pary up with people like us. At the very least, be one extra voice in the crowd shouting “Boo!” at all the right places. Activism has to start somewhere.

  8. I think it needs to start with pro-white businesses, so that our time is our own, our life is our own, and we are not beholden to anti-white corporations. Heidi Beirich can’t “call your boss,” unless she gets your cell number.

    The economic determines the cultural which in turn determines the ideological shape of society.

  9. Mr. Taylor is in the business of selling crime and IQ studies, while necessary work it really is only going to sell to the true believers, granny down at the TP cannot and will not bother to spend the time to digest that big of an elephant.

    The TPers can swallow and digest the term “anti-white” such as someone saying innocently, “Of course I am not a ‘racist’, but I do have a big problem with all this liberal anti-white bigotry which to me in my opinion is the real ‘racism’.”

    The term “anti-white” is also a good point the semi-respectables can use to deflect charges that they are intellectualized Stormfronters obsessed with conspiracy and Hitler’s b-day (hint those issues don’t sell to TPers either), such as, “We at alt-right address the issue of the double standards that amount to nothing more than anti-white bigotry or ‘racism’ of the liberals.”

  10. Pro-White businesses can easily sprout up in the fertile soil of the Tea Party mass of men. Start up a business, go to a Tea Party, start talking to people, hand out your cards, network, barter, hire, expand and grow. This is a crowd that self-selects in a demographic way that is highly favorable to the business interests of ANY pro-White anything. Would you rather host a job fair at a downtown bus station? Perish the thought.

    Once we are all doing business with each other semi-exclusively, we are back to being empowered by money rather than enslaved by it – a globalist’s nightmare. Let’s give it to ’em.

  11. The problem with this theory is you’re just taking a snap shot of the Tea Party movement now and comparing it to how the same people were acting under the Bush regime. The TP movement is overwhelmingly composed of Fox News watchers and Bush voters who are angry that their team lost the last game. They aren’t primarily angry for the same reasons we are angry. If McCain won the election, the TP would would have hardly attracted any supporters or attention, if it existed at all. There are some younger people in the movement who are more radical, but they are not the ones calling the shots at this point and as the TP has grown, they seem to be getting crowded out by the clueless baby boomers.

    Look at the long view. Are the TPs anymore racial than the GOP base types were in 2000 or 1994 or 1980? I haven’t seen any evidence that they are. There has been an unstated racial orientation among GOP voters since the 60’s. It’s nothing to get excited about. It waxes and wanes with the election cycle. That kind of vague posturing has proven time and time again to be politically useless.

    I’m struck be how short sighted the people who think the TP is the start of some kind of white revolution are. There is nothing new about this kind of stuff. It’s exactly what happened in 1994 and 1980 and 1968. There is no reason to believe that things will turn out different this time, especially when the entire movement is going out of it’s way to downplay race and rebuke “racists.”

    Ever hear of the phrase “white backlash?” It dates from the mid 1960’s. The TP is so much less racial the mainstream conservative movement and GOP were in that era, but look what they turned into. Why would the TP get more racial, other than you wanting it too?

    I support the idea of people joining the TP to influence it towards racialism, but I think the likely result will be the people you influence leaving the movement and getting in involved with something more explicitly white rather than the whole movement becoming pro-white. Obviously, if pro-whites found a voice in the TP, they would be ruthlessly suppressed by the leaders, organizers and of course the entire GOP and right wing media.

  12. I agree with ATBOL to the extent that a branching out must occur from any entrenched movement that is essentially opposed to White ethnic interests. That is, however, no excuse for engaging in defeatism or even mild glass-half-emptyism. Something can always be done if someone is willing to do it. Just go to a rally and hand out Occidental Dissent cards if you are convinced there is nothing of the TP to salvage. There is a sea of Whiteness out there, ready and waiting, so let’s go fishing! I see the glass as full and overflowing.

    Think of the Tea Party a body of people who may or may not branch off from the Lox News line. It is essentially a breeding pool of dissatisfied Whites dipping their toe into activism for the first time. They have already taken the first step to distinguish themselves from the mainstream line by getting up off their asses going to a rally. Not all are marching around with “Bomb Iran” signs yet even some of them can be turned to our view if someone who is rational and likable takes the time to plant the seeds. They are our people after all, and who’s message will resonate with them most readily? The views of the tv jews? I think not.

    The Tea Party is a mass of dissatisfied albeit confused Whites. How could they not be somewhat confused after a lifetime of media mindfuck? Have patience. It is they, with their natural impulses telling themselves that something is wrong in America, who are “gestating” – and they need our special brand of nurturing. Take a young branch and bend it in the direction it should be bent. It’s like bonzai, only much bigger, and not Japanese.

  13. All indications are that most Tea Party types are pro-GOP Fox News watchers whose only beef with the party is that it has failed to live up to it’s supposed principals on non-racial issues like the bailout.

  14. ABOTL: “All indications are that most Tea Party types are pro-GOP Fox News watchers whose only beef with the party is that it has failed to live up to it’s supposed principals on non-racial issues like the bailout.”

    Yes, there is a lot of truth to that. But the country has changed a great deal just since 1994, never mind 1980 or 1968. Hell, American society circa 1968 might as well have been on Mars compared to what we have now.

    Even in 1994, whites could push back and win. The Left didn’t go anywhere, of course, but it pretty much limited itself to continuing the propaganda war through its control of the educational and media establishments. That, and of course keeping the door open for more non-white immigration.

    Now? Nearly two decades on, the numbers look very different, and therefore the anti-white Left’s response is going to be different. The Left is going to push back, openly. As Kievsky mentioned in another post, the masks are coming off. So will the gloves. Non-whites are feeling their oats in a way that they never did before, and now fully expect to take control of the country. They have the numbers, something they never had before. It’s no longer just the old style black rioting in hopes of payoffs from whitey, it’s about taking control of the country itself. This is a sea change.

    As late as 1994, most whites could still view America as, fundamentally, their country. That’s much less true today, and the racial dynamics that are being unleashed will have enormous consequences. The level of alienation is far, far greater.

    In some ways 2010 is indeed a repeat of 1994, or even 1980. But in other ways, many other ways, it is decidedly different. The Tea Partiers, or whatever comes after them, are in for a very different experience, and this will alter what they are.

  15. the only thing that will really change the white race in this country is if they really suffer for a long time,take away their t.v., beer ,s.u.v.,riding lawnmovers,cellphones,ipods,let them live without these for awhile,their bodys and minds are weak,we are scared to say what we know to be right, the other races here will soon outnumber us and will not treat us the way we have them,we have been led in the wrong direction because we have voted for the wrong people because we have valued the wrong things.

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