White-hating Black Florida Columnist Al Calloway: “Excellence is not an option”

Al Calloway is an old school hater of Y T and he obsesses over white advocates while unselfconsciously professing black nationalism and exclusion of Whites.

So, here’s the dream.

Both King James and Flash negotiate a lifetime pact with Jordan, (without white agents) that includes management and ownership interests following their playing days.

I have google alerts for “racist” and “white nationalist” and often get Al Calloway columns.  His latest column calls for a Black controlled NBA that excludes Whites, and apparently he does not have a proofreader, or maybe he has a white racist proofreader? Here’s a quote, and let’s see if he does a correction. No matter if he does, I took a screen shot.

The game of basketball takes on the Jordanesque mystique: Excellence is not an option, and the pursuit of perfection and winning are the goals.

Excellence is not an option indeed, Mr. Calloway!


  1. I’m guessing “excellence is not optional” would have better captured his intended meaning.

    I’d love to see his dream of an all-negro NBA come true. Remove the white money and brainpower from the equation and let’s see where the sport ultimately goes.

  2. What he’s saying is retarded, I agree, but I don’t see any grammatical or semantic errors. “Excellence is not an option” means that excellence is necessary, not optional. I thought this was obvious when I read it.

  3. What he said is, “Excellence is not an option.” Taken literally, that means excellence will be not be allowed.

    What he undoubtedly MEANT was, “Anything less than excellence is not an option.” So nothing less than excellence will be allowed.

  4. I’d love to see his dream of an all-negro NBA come true. Remove the white money and brainpower from the equation and let’s see where the sport ultimately goes.

    I think it would set a welcome precedent, hopefully following a complete isolation of blacks from Whites.

    Even some black rappers are smart enough to acknowledge they wouldn’t be where they are without White money, as Whites are the vast majority of their paying customers.

  5. “Excellence is not an option” means that excellence is necessary, not optional.

    It literally means that excellence is not an available choice. See the commonly used phrase “failure is not an option”, which is used in the title of a book about the space program.

    I don’t think it’s a huge deal though because it’s not a very obvious gaffe.

  6. …..hopefully following a complete isolation of blacks from Whites.

    Something, indeed, to be greatly hoped for today. I saw ( it was beyond my control) a basketball game on tv this past weekend. One of the teams was owned by Jordan but it was another of his possessions that caught my eye.
    His girl friend, a stunning blond who looked like she could have not been older then 22-23. She, no doubt, must go for that old Jordanesque mystique.
    Isolation might call for a supply of young white girls.

  7. Why would a British monarch who had the Bible translated into English and an ultra-fast superhero in a red costume need to negotiate lifetime pacts with Arab countries?

  8. Black-owned NBA….Not going to happen. Most of the teams and most all the mass media that pumps money into the teams are/is owned by Jews. The NBA and “pro sports” in general are one of the Jews main mechanisms for dispensing social anesthesia. They won’t give this up for anything. Organized Jewry has most white American males right where they want them: sprawled in front of the idiot box, sucking on a beer can, watching gangs of over-priced ethnoids doing kid-things with sticks and balls.

  9. Screw the Negro Basketball League. They will get exposed yet again this summer. I hope no Whites are on the team when it happens.

  10. I walked into a bar tonight that was playing eighties music (White) while up on the screens were race car driving (White) and hockey (White). Pretty girls (White) chatted with me in their hottest Friday night gear. I was pleased beyond measure. Not for a moment did I think, I wish the NBA would diversify itself with more White players.

    Let them have their savage b-ball. I have no moral qualms concerning their exclusionary measures especially if they are essentially planning to try to shut the jewish middle man out of the game. Put an all black face on the NBA and it will be as good as dead to White America. Black rule has a proven track record.

    I’ve always felt the game as it is played in 2010 is particularly unsuited to a White Man’s sense of fair play… all that sealing of balls and such. The sooner the game becomes fully a black ghetto the better. White’s have more fun swimming, biking, doing gymnastics, MMA, all those x-treme sports, and winter sports. I’m sure little Johnny has better things to do than play some midnight basketball at the inner city Boy’s Club with all the local hoodlums.

    Ok, it’s true, I was proud to see those White players on the Duke team kick Butler’s black butts to win the NCAA championships this year. It won’t ever get any better than that, so it isn’t worth following the sport. Time to quit while we are ahead and abandon basketball en masse.

  11. I think it’s so funny there’s hand-wringing about racism in baseball and pro sports, where blacks do disproportionately well. It’s friggin ridiculous, as if society is not just if they are not overrepresented 3X The truth is manyw hites who could probably do pro sports become NAVY SEALs or businessmen or the like, which is not an option if you’re a half-literate negro from the ghetto. So I expect them to be over-represented, and not merely because of their West African physiques.

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