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  1. I’m encouraged by the name of this podcast. Recently I think I’ve seen WN turn a corner and become more positive and more confident.

  2. Nice call out on Sarkozy, he’s not really French.

    We’re only doomed if we follow a doomed ideology. White people can control the entire planet if we want to.

    The negative side, TV watchers are a lost cause. Glenn Beck fans and FOX watchers are a lost cause. As PP said, they won’t vote for the truth. So come up with a positive, convincing lie. It works.

    The positive side, the younger crowd. Those that are not stuck in front of their video games are often the smartest around, and only a tiny minority buy the HBRW PR. The less ideological Ron Paul fans are the future.

    I advocate the Great Secession. Simply opt out. Someone earlier mentioned rebuilding small business networks at Tea Parties and the like – instead of ideological preaching about “conservatism” or “libertarianism” you simply meet some good White people are help each other out.

    First thing – take your money out of the big banks, close your Citibank and Bank of America and WaMu accounts. Shift any 401k money to IRAs at credit unions. Make personal, unofficial economic arrangements with people you know.

    Take the White population. Subtract the old, the TV-addled, the obese WOW players, and the FOXtards. All we need is 10% of the remaining group and we could just “John Galt” them (hate to use Randroid speak). Also, all WNs should concentrate on networking with active and retired military.

    I peeked behind the curtain once, the Wizard is just some old guys with a lot of complicated machinery. It’s mostly smoke and mirrors. We really do not need them.

  3. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of out there. As we do more, I would like to see our readers in other areas (California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, etc.) get organized and start doing stuff as well.

  4. This was a good listen. Good to hear the voices of H.W., Pip Pockets, and HRW for the first time, and plenty of good ideas about good things to do. Still, I think coming onto sites like OD, AltRight, TOQ, and OccObsvr and kicking ideas around, provided it doesn’t get addictive, is also quite useful. it gradually builds a hardright political network in cyberspace that will eventually (and already is) translating into real-world activism. As far as the current fractive nature of White Nationalism goes, I can detect two main reasons:

    1. Lack of a dominant, charismatic leader who can transcend sectarian quarrels. This’ll happen when it happens, and not a moment sooner. Transformative men are an unpredictable wild card in every revolutionary situation. He’ll be along.

    2. The essentially ascriptive-exclusionist nature of WN. The RFV discussion addressed this issue in an interesting way, rightly dissing threadstuff about “who’s nordic and who isn’t” and similar Talmudic disputations. That’s why WN is only going to be the foundation stone (built by #1) of a broader, hardright, Operational Nationalist barricade. If someone joins me on the right side of the barricade, they are my kind of people irrespective of racial genetics. If they show up on the wrong side of the barricade then, race aside, they are the enemy and to be dealt with as such. It is all about BEHAVIOR, not theory.

  5. Excellent points.

    We need to be positive, without lying.

    There are lots of good news stories out there, you just need to know where to look.

    Tomorrow I am picking up a beautiful gal 15 years my junior (I’m 47, so I am not exactly robbing the cradle); I’m picking her up on my motorcycle and then we are playing tennis. We both are smart, healthy, fit, overeducated and childless.

    She complains that the law school student she dated is boring, isn’t even interested in sex…..

    OK, so I decided to not think so much about negative historical trends, demographics, electoral set backs and instead concentrate on other things.

    Wish me luck.

    Keep up the great work Hunter and please find a way to attract some White chicks in to our movement.

    14 Words.


  6. Good luck, Ryan.

    Hunter, I’m sure this has been asked somewhere else; who’s your new avatar? Good work, though: this one is not muddled! ;o)

  7. Good to hear intelligent and mature words, guys. I can finally stop my development of software that was going to help me separate Galicians from Andalusians… Seriously, though, I liked what I heard.

  8. After hearing the broadcast I must stress that you SHOULD’NT feel “bad” about what you’re doing. The better off you are the better. The more Whites you EMPLOY the better. Please, please, please listen to Kievsky and try to follow his advice.

    He’s not kidding. You’ll make a killing and can possibly help other Whites in the long term. I’m living in So-Cal and the main reason I will not do it is because the immigrants made the easy money a long time ago. Do it now when you can do it with almost no risk!

  9. I posted once but I feel if you have real info we can send it again. It’s better to be “open source” then let the jews make millions off your discovery forever. It’s your choice.


  10. Hey VVD, hey all. I’m that “someone who mentioned” from before. In fact, just yesterday, I finally started actually commenting rather than lurking because the positive feel this place has assures me it is a righteous AND reasonable thing to do. I think many more internet surfers who find OD will feel comfortable enough to add their powerful minds to the task at hand.

    We White people have amazingly creative and capable minds. Imagine what we could accomplish if it wasn’t just those 4 voices on the radio broadcast. I agree we should start turning up at all implicitly White gatherings. Though we may be an exclusive club, we certainly enjoy a social event where our kind is overwhelmingly represented. We also need to be where the action is with our Flip video cams ready to capture that next great viral video that shapes a million minds.

    By the way – I love that this is Radio Free Virginia because I’m not only a lover, I’m also a resident of this historic Capital of the Confederacy. I’m sure there are plenty of White Virginians tuning in. Soon they will start turning out.

    Speaking up is an important intermediary step, and I advise that anyone teetering on the edge of lurking or participating should just go a head and take the leap RIGHT NOW. Our future European Paradise is at stake.

  11. We’re based in Charlottesville, VA. There are lots of OD readers in this state. I see people coming from all over: Reston, Richmond, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Arlington, Culpepper, Norfolk, Galax, Harrisonburg, Blacksburg, Fairfax, Williamsburg. I’m betting 99% of you don’t know each other.

    People think they are alone. It is an illusion. Many of your neighbors already think the same way you do. Just recently, I was stunned to find out that someone literally the next street over is a TOQ subscriber. There is nothing stopping us from at least getting racialists in Virginia in regular contact with each other and exchanging information under various pseudonyms.

    North Carolina is another one of our bigger states. We have a lot of people down there too. I met two guys from North Carolina involved with A3P at the gun rallies in Washington. We could easily get something organized in that state.

    It is doable. There are a ton of things that we can do right now. Why isn’t anyone else doing them? Why do people prefer to sit on the net all day and argue? It is much more fun to do stuff offline and share it with others.

  12. It looks like Jamie Kelso and White News Now are trying to appeal to Alex Jones followers, the “patriot” movement, libertarians and Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party supporters, and conspiracy theorists. I don’t believe this will have the desired effect. This downplaying of race to focus on anti-government sentiment and conspiracies does more harm than good. I doubt it turns the “patriot” types into racialists, and it diverts the focus of racialists to irrelevant issues and pointless nonsense. Many white nationalists confuse anti-government sentiment with pro-white sentiment. Just because someone is anti-government does not make them positive for us. As for the Tea Party, it is, as ATBOTL said, made up of Bush voters and Fox News viewers who are sore losers and mad they lost the 2008 election.

    Conspiracy theories about 9/11, the Illuminati, Freemasons, New World Order, moon landing, and so on are a better example of useless Internet discussion and waste of time than Northern European racial preservation.

    Also, I don’t think implicit whiteness does any good. Certainly it is necessary to build community and get involved in the real world. However, anti-white forces can easily neutralize implicitly white communities and groups and render them impotent when it comes to race. The implicitly white Tea Party movement genuflects before the reigning racial orthodoxy, praising diversity, vehemently and angrily objecting to the notion that they have any sense of racial identity, and bending over backwards to declare that race doesn’t matter. If we are to achieve anything, we need the rise of explicitly white identity, groups, and communities.

  13. To Pip Pockets:

    I was interested to hear you say that you’re a Christian and attend Bible classes, etc.

    If you don’t mind my asking – what denomination are you, and how do you reconcile being a Christian with WN’ism?

    The reason I ask is that I really identify with the WN “program” but I also have strong Christian (specifically Catholic) leanings. I find that the WN world is generally hostile to mainstream Christianity. Also, mainstream Christian leaders (especially the Catholic Church) have really jumped on the multi-cult, pro-immigration bandwagon these days. The excessive deference to all things Jewish is also hard to ignore (and this is probably even worse among Protestants and especially Evangelicals, than it is among Catholics).

    So, how do you reconcile being a Christian with WN’ism? I for one find it quite difficult. I would really be interested in your views on this….

    Anyway – congratulations to you and Hunter on RFV and this website, both are excellent. I also agree with your view that a positive outlook and approach is what’s needed, as opposed to endless doom-mongering, whining and arguing on the internet. You are both absolutely right on this!!

  14. “First thing – take your money out of the big banks, close your Citibank and Bank of America and WaMu accounts. Shift any 401k money to IRAs at credit unions. Make personal, unofficial economic arrangements with people you know.”

    I just had an idea on the way back from the store about how to facilitate people being able to do this: start an explicit WN non-profit auction site using internal alternative money with reasonable fees and profit sharing returns to sellers.

  15. John,

    Any “alternative currency” scheme should use silver and gold coins, as they are legal tender with US denominations anyway. Don’t use them to dodge taxes like the one guy did, we don’t need any court battles, but for ordinary commerce we certainly could be using silver coins and there’d be no disputes about the value. Why reinvent the wheel?

  16. Superb post guys – youthful and intelligent.

    I love the intellectual good cop – bad cop aspect of it. Pip Pockets comes across like a pitbull chained at Hunter’s feet, occasionally baring his teeth and lashing out, then walking a tight circle and lying down, licking his chops.

  17. A positive message will attract positive people.

    A negative one the bitch and vent crowd. Just start reading over at SF…

  18. “Why reinvent the wheel?”

    Because you generally at some level have pay demurrage on silver and gold. An non-debt-based alternative currency could traded among ourselves is not something you should dismiss with a hand wave.

  19. Elan Vril, I really liked your idea as you can see. I also love Kiev’s business articles.

    Kiev and John, you are both right. Silver dollars make a ready made alternate currency, but if you can’t trade them at the nominal value of $1 (thus tax evasion, and who would anyway, bad money chases out good) they have a limited potential. The auction site point system is similar to airlines miles, a workable system that can have tax advantages if you do it right. (Alternate money is a 20 year hobby of mine)

    But any official pro-white business would be sued out of existence. We could however, have a non-profit, tax free Anglo-Celtic Heritage Fund.

    If you are military, just use the military credit unions, they are top notch. If not, try to find the geographically based CUs, meaning anyone in a specific area can join.

    I’m not going to advocate you do anything illegal, but simple barter is awfully hard for the tax man to find out about, outside of real estate and cars which need government licensing. I am sure people trade a laptop for a bicycle all the time and no one bothers with tax or whatever.

    And for a White guy like me, all the cool techie stuff is always interesting, GlobalGuerrillas has a great article right now about Global Village Construction Set.

    And yeah, stay away from conspiracy theories, like the New World Order! http://www.toqonline.com/2009/11/herve-ryssen-part-1/ White people are just lining up to join the pro-White cause just as soon as we expel the conspiracy theorists and anti-semites! Nobody wants to read nutjobs ranting about Jews like Bernie Madoff running a ponzi scheme! Conspiracy theorists like Harry Markopolos must be ignored and mocked!!!!

  20. Of course it is easy to go positive because it is simple to say to the unwashed masses in language they understand, “that liberal racism has gone too far.”

    Millions of FOX and sports watching boobs will understand that in a second and then become pliable for more.

    The Left’s “racism” (anti-white) has slipped the leash it is out of control and the jew/white libs have to sound ever more extreme to keep ahead of their colored mobs. The lable “genocide” belongs on them, they can be the reactionaries from now on, we should take the initiative.

  21. A quick note re one of my favorite subjects:

    When you are dealing with strangers or people you don’t know and are not likely to come in contact with again, or for really big ticket items, hard currency/gold/silver are the best bet. They do not require any *trust* or *coordination* – it’s all pretty simple. Weight the metal and make the exchange. There’s no counter-party risk.

    But you can get efficiencies in a system as described by John above. It requires trust and coordination however. It won’t work if everyone cashes their points out immediately.

    So say you have a regular C corp with x shares. These are heavily regulated securities, even though I think it’s mostly simple to do over the counter/direct sales from one person to another. Inside, you have the “points” system, which is another form of equity in the company, but one with much looser regulations and a lower barrier to entry.

    I have studied numerous systems of this kind. The specifics of the points and rules are not as important as the network of people behind it. If you have real producers providing real goods and services, people will pay into the system for it. I remember hippies in Berkeley (before the semi-successful BREAD system) had problems because no body was really interested in buying backrubs or crystal readings with an alternate currency (or any currency really).

    Compare the Ithica hours system, since they have the close knit college town and small business center firmly behind their currency, people can buy groceries and even pay partial rent because of the strength of the network.

    At this point, money is just bits in the computer network anyway. A small business with only a few million could issue a credit card, and a business could buy a card reader for $100. In fact, it would be so easy that Visa/Mastercard has onerous restrictions forcing merchants to not accept Discover and sometimes Amex, because the barrier to entry for this kind of thing is so low now. With universal broadband, you wouldn’t even need to dial-up lines the ccs use now.

    E-gold worked so well the Feds had to *shut it down*, the silver dollar guy had to be attacked for tax evasion, and the Ron Paul dollar guys had to be raided because these are all serious threats to the system.

  22. That was one of the main points: bearish people like to sit around, criticize, dwell on everything that is wrong whereas bullish people are always seizing on opportunities.

  23. Pip and Veni Vidi: Sarko is three-quarters white, one-quarter Jewish. That one-quarter, his Jewish grandfather originally from Salonika, Greece (a town that used to be known for its Donmeh Jews by the way) converted to Catholicism as a young man preparatory to marrying a French Catholic women, Sarko’s grandmother who raised her daughter, Sarko’s mother, as a Catholic. On Sarko’s Hungarian father’s side everybody was Christian (Hungarian Protestants if memory serves). Sarko and his siblings were baptized and raised Catholic. I can’t see an alternative to calling Sarko Catholic. I hate Sarko. But the man’s Catholic, not Jewish.

  24. Andrew,

    Personally, I don’t have any trouble reconciling my Christianity with WN views. While it is true that the (mostly online) WN scene is somewhat hostile to Christianity much of that criticism isn’t very serious and can be easily dismissed. Also, the overwhelming majority of Protestant groups that I’ve been involved with don’t focus on Jewish matters and are (for the most part) more concerned about the surrounding White Christian population. However, I am more of a fundamentalist and don’t hang around many evangelicals.

  25. I really agree with HW’s message in this podcast. Positive people with a constructivist bent are more likely to seize on opportunities and accomplish something tangible than negative people who constantly moan about the present circumstances and what might have been.

    On the other hand, lets not kid ourselves, the WN message hasn’t effectively penetrated the White public for important structural reasons that are orthogonal to this discussion.

  26. Andrew,

    Andrew thanks for the kind inquiry. In fact I myself am a Roman Catholic. I don’t find it hard at all to be both a devout Catholic and a WN for the simply reason my Faith isn’t political. As I said on the St. Patrick’s day broadcast I come from a Catholic family on both sides (Irish on dad’s and Polish on mom’s). I was baptised as a baby but was brought up agnostic by my parents for reasons I won’t go into here. But I became devout 4 years ago after having experienced a miracle on my father’s deathbed.

    My Faith is based on having physically felt God in this world. It was made rock hard following two more miracles since then: one while studying abroad in Italy and one at home one night. I won’t share them here since I only do so with close loved ones and fellow believers. How can I reject the God and Faith I know to be real because of a political outlook? This is the major complaint I have against the Neo-Pagans: they’re not real believers. The don’t become Pagans because they’ve felt or communicated with Thor or Odin in their lives but because as WN they see it as a “indiginous European religion”. In other words they say they’re Pagans not because of a deep faith and love of the Gods because it fits they’re political agenda. This is unlike the other Christians I’ve met who have come to Christianity because like me they’ve physically felt God in their lives.

    As the Catholic Faith teaches that this world (and the people in it) are fallen because of Original Sin we should expect that members of religious organizations are just as fallen and flawed. At the same time God gave us Free Will and there are many good ones in it. I remember attending my first Traditionalist Latin Mass in Baltimore and I was enthralled as a preacher went on rant about how the higher ups in the Vatican don’t speak for him and his flock at his church. Too often WN who preach “individulalism” hypocritically condemn all Christians (especially Catholics) for the their leadership. In that case WN should condemn all white people because of the current corrupt leadership across the West today.

    At the 2008 Amren conference I had breakfast one morning with a devout Catholic family and met them again this year. They were wonderful people who had no problem with race. Also look at the guys at The Political Cesspool. I know them well and they love both Christ and thier people like me. I’ll expound more clearly on this later one.

  27. At the risk of diverting this conversation too far off-topic, I would like to add that although Pip Pockets reconnected with his faith in the wake of a life-changing personal experience there are very strong rational arguments for believing that God exists. The last four decades may have been a failure for nationalism but they have also seen a veritable revolution in Christian analytic philosophy.

  28. #34 – Pip Pockets,

    Absolutely and sublimely beautiful what you wrote on behalf of our faith. Many, many thanks to you.

    Your a real ‘Pip’!

    Your Brother-in-Christ,

  29. Rollory – “If there’s no direct download link for the mp3, there is nothing to listen to. Fix.”

    I’m with Rollory on this one. I suspect you have some sort of flash based player, but not every computer can handle flash very well. The linux distro I’m using does not. Having an mp3 download like you have for the 1st few shows would rectify the situation.

  30. Very true notuswind. When one looks at the contemporary West the old Christian thinkers seem to have nailed it. Reading the likes of C.S. Lewis, Saint Augustine, J.R.R. Tolkien and his ideas about the “True Myth” elaborated in his essay “On Fairie-Stories” and his poem “Mythopoeia”, and especially G.K. Chesterton in his books “Heretics” “Orthodoxy” and “The Everlasting Man” show there is a strong rational base for Christianity. I gorged myself on these works after coming to the Faith. And I highly recommend any contemporary Christian read these works not only for rational arguments for their faith but also to shine a different light on the problems of the West Today.

    Any suggestions for contemporary Christian writers notuswind? I tend to read the classics mostly.

  31. Lady Lurker I’m not anyway formally associated with SSPX but I fully support them in their theological and political positions.

    Thank you Charlemange!

  32. Ironically, it was reading CS Lewis and Tolkien that finally convinced me to conclude that Christianity must be false.

  33. Same here Pip Pockets! Glad to know that there are other Catholics—and traditional Catholics here.

  34. Pip Pockets, you may enjoy some of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s writings. He was a prolific writer, and an excellent orator.

  35. I forgot to add that you might also like “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Thomas Cahill. It gives an interesting account of how St. Patrick’s version of Christianity played a pivotal role in saving literacy in the west.

  36. Hunter, I’m curious what your issues with the BNP are? Other then that, keep up the great work.

  37. Pip Pockets,

    Hopefully this response won’t get stuck in the filter as I am not composing it from my usual location.

    One of the major struggles of any serious faith in these times is to incorporate our increased knowledge of the natural world with the metaphysics of our faith, which is a task for believing scientists and analytic philosophers. And while I absolutely adore the likes of C.S. Lewis and Tolkein, they were writing at a time when many of these major advances in our scientific knowledge were still ongoing (i.e. the structure and function of DNA wasn’t discovered until the early 1950s). Furthermore, as professors of literature, they sought to defend and articulate the grandeur of Christian civilization, which they approached just as much from a rational basis as they did an aesthetic one.

    Fast-forward a few generations since the time of Lewis & Tolkein and a great deal of intellectual work has been done in the field of Christian apologetics.

    If you’ve yet to seriously encounter this body of work (and I am assuming that you haven’t) then my first recommendation is to expose yourself to the work of Dr. William Lane Craig (an analytic philosopher), a great deal of his popular and scholarly work (not to mention audio/video files of public debates at major universities etc) is freely available at his website http://www.reasonablefaith.org. I was able to gather from the podcast that you’re a recent college graduate so I would recommend that you start off by watching some of his public debates, on either the existence of God or the resurrection of Jesus, and from there dive into his written work. Other Christians who have also done good work in the field of analytic philosophy include (in no particular order): Richard Swinburne, Alvin Plantinga, J.P. Moreland, Alexander Pruss, and others. A good summary of much of the work that these people have been engaged in is summarized in “The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology”, which was published in the Summer of 2009 and can be easily purchased via Amazon.

    There have also been a large number of believing scientists who have done a great deal of work on the problem of incorporating our increased understanding of the Earth and the surrounding cosmos in a Christian context. From this group of people I would make two recommendations, the first being the astronomer Hugh Ross and his book, “A Matter of Days”, and the second would be the book by Lee Strobel titled, “The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God”. Strobel’s “Case for a Creator…”, which can probably be found in your bookstore, does a very good job of summarizing the work of some of the most important Christian thinkers in this area.

    Feel free to ask me anymore questions if you have them.

  38. Also while I have a great deal of respect for the classical thinkers (e.g. Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, Anselm of Canterbury, John Calvin, Soren Kierkegaard and so on) who basically got it right, and are probably more intelligent than just about all of the modern thinkers, that still doesn’t change the fact that much of what they wrote is a little dated.

    Ideally, you should immerse yourself in the best of both the classical and the modern.

  39. Pip, Lady Lurker, notuswind, TabuLa Raza et al,

    For all those who think Christianity and/or Traditional Catholicism do not stand up to the Jews –

    Traditional French Catholics disrupt Rabbi’s sermon at Notre Dame

    This is some of the best news I have heard in many months. At last, Christians are standing up to bear witness to the invasion, subversion and infiltration of their churches by Christ-hating, Bible-falsifying occultists known as rabbis, who presume to lecture the people of Jesus Christ on how to behave according to the sly deceptions of the pagan Babylonian Talmud and the occult abomination of the Zohar.

    Last Sunday (“Passion Sunday” of Lent, March 21), a contingent of young traditional French Catholics went to the famous medieval Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France, where Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois had arranged for Rabbi Rivon Krygier to give the sermon. When the rabbi attempted to commit this sacrilege, these brave souls arose in one body and with one voice, recited the Apostle’s Creed and the rosary aloud in the Cathedral.

    As a result, the rabbi was forced to retreat to the sacristy (in the back of the cathedral) as the officials of Notre Dame ordered an organ to begin playing to drown out the voices of the traditional Catholics. The French Catholic television station KTO immediately cut off its live transmission as the protest began.

    At last, Catholics are living their faith as the Church Militant, instead of imagining that God only desires that they pray, read and talk!

    At last, they are offering a witness concerning the number one mortal enemy of Jesus Christ in 2010 A.D. — as in 33 A.D.!

    To everyone of those French Catholics and their leaders who offered this witness at Notre Dame, I say, may Almighty God richly bless you, and may He stiffen your faith and resolve to continue to defend Jesus Christ against the modern heirs of the Pharisees, who perpetually seek to extirpate His Gospel through infiltration, dilution, misdirection and the replacement of Calvary with Auschwitz.

    Americans, rise up for Jesus Christ and do likewise!


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