The Antifa™ and The Open Borders Network

Jared vs. AntifaIt’s been only a couple months since the White Advocacy community was stunned by the organized terror campaign that destroyed our biennial American Renaissance conference. Now we’re learning today that the very real terror campaign has struck very close to home. A member of our Occidental Dissent blogging community was attacked while peacefully counter-demonstrating against an Open Borders rally in San Francisco.

These were not some isolated actions of a handful of rogues. The attack hasn’t been denounced or even renounced by the leadership or the rank-and-file. Here’s sampling of how these useful idiots of the multinational corporations are reacting. And if you think I’m cherry-picking, please visit the comment section of the news websites. Visit the websites of these antifa groups. Study what they’re threatening to do and what they’ve done…

ToyotaReal Anarchist says…

These racists got what they deserved.

This Beating Brought to you by UPSWC says…

These confused or fascistic assholes are not anarchists. They are racist nationalist nazi fucks. Only good nazi is a dead nazi. Anarchists do not support this genocidal nation built on slavery. Death to Amerikkka! That’s anarchy you fuck

David K says…

FUCK YOU. If you don’t like America then leave. Or, better yet, kill yourself.

Cable Street says…

Andrew Yeoman, until your change the name of your stupid racist group, you should expect this to happen every time you show your face in San Francisco. […] I do hope that andrew yeoman suffers a great deal of bodily harm. […] Although i do wholeheartedly support anybody who puts the boots to yeoman and his pals, and will gladly buy them drinks and come to their court dates.

Antifa Hooligan says…

Well, y’all fascist fools lost, like you always will, so now why don’t follow your leaders example and kill yourselves!

solo donce says…

i am glad these racist BANA people got beat up. they deserve everything they get. they are a hate group.

destroy BANA says…

hey BANA and other nazis-
better hope no anarchists or other anti-fascist militants see y’all around. you will surely get what’s comin’ to ya.

bash the fash!

I’ve been reading Kevin Lamb’s thoroughly researched and very readable The Open Borders Network. One point it reminds me of is just how thoroughly dependent the illegal immigration movements and marches are on corporate sponsorship, on powerful lobbying interests, and on capitalist exploitation of these foreigners among us who have no right to vote, have no ability to lobby for safe working conditions, and have no law to turn to when they’ve been victimized. This is exactly what the international corporations want, slave labor, and that’s exactly what they’re paying for when they fund these lobbies, rallies, and Antifa™ thugs.

These are masked vigilantes and they call us klansmen. These are gangs of thugs who attack us because we’re an ethnic group that’s been singled out as uniquely evil and they call us Nazis. Fuck La Raza, the Antifa™, and every one of their corporate sponsors (a subset of which have been featured above). Follow the money. Whose interests were served by this violence? The people who stomped a political dissident in the street will not face charges or be seriously investigated. The media will disappear the story.

The Open Borders NetworkThe antifa never stop to ask themselves how they can physically attack dissidents in broad daylight without having to worry about this “fascist” government laying a finger on them. That’s because they ARE the government. They ARE the regime. They are the street-level enforcement arm of the international bankers and multinational corporations they allege to oppose. Every totalitarian regime relies on a street-level mob of ruffians to enforce the status quo and the current one is no exception. If you’re wearing a mask, have the blood of political dissidents on your boots, and you’re on the side that’s sponsored by Kraft Foods™, then you might be the “fascist”.

To learn more about the corporations, NGOs, foundations, and lobbies who helped sponsor this May Day massacre, be sure to read Kevin Lamb’s book – The Open Borders Network ($3.50+S&H).

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  1. Matt Parrott is Wikitopian, right? I have to say, my clash with Wikitopian the other month notwithstanding, the guy does good work (our clash was over how far it was appropriate to go in blaming Jewry). Ever since that clash I’ve not read a single entry by him which didn’t impress me with its quality. Also impressive for its quality was that speech he gave in Indiana (the video was posted here).

    Overall, I’m impressed with the guy.

  2. Fred:
    That’s the thing about clashes. Sometimes it works that way. I had the exact same thing happen to me.

  3. Veni,
    I’m hoisting them on their own petard, as you noticed.

    I appreciate the compliment and the support. I’ll follow your lead here and move past the disagreements we’ve had.

    Thanks, Pip and Soren.

  4. No use wringing our hands over a little street violence. The reds and the gangs own the streets in SF. What is normally done in such cases is tit for tat. All else is just hot air.

  5. These types of sociopaths are just looking for an excuse to abuse people and commit crime. They’re out looking to cause trouble, and “racists” are a good politically correct target for their anti-social behavior.

  6. The current regime would no more go after ultra-left violence than Bavarian authorities went after ultra-right violence in the 1930’s. In each case, the powers that be recognize themselves in the street toughs and feel their only transgression was to go too far.

    While we cannot hope to have the same sanction as these groups operate under, the fact remains that unless and until a few prominent members of these groups pay a high personal price for their adventurism at the hands of non-state actors, our people will remain targets.

  7. In San Francisco?!? No offense, man, but I take it from that that you have no real experience living in the Bay Area at all. They’re much more likely to get the key to the city than charged, let alone convicted.

    I’ve seen mobs of blacks kill a white guy (not “heard of”, not “was in the neighborhood” but “have seen”) because they felt like it only for it to be on page 14b of the Chronicle and never be heard of again.

  8. I found this blog (kind of dead) by an opp member:

    This woman may be best known in these circles for infiltrating the Taft and taking pictures to identify members so lefties could try to destroy them personally – most notably James O’Keefe, who brought down ACORN, but a bunch of others too.

    She was arrested after a protest against the IMF:

    I guess they aren’t down with the cops on all issues, though I’d certainly be far less surprised to find a money trail from the rich and powerful leading to her than anybody here.

  9. “Albert, I do in fact have a fair idea how bad things in the Bay Area are but am basing my hope on the article posted earlier from the SF Weekly:

    “After questioning, the anarchists were let go by the police. KGO-TV reported that at least two people involved in the fight were arrested and will likely be charged with felony assault and robbery. While police were unable to confirm details on Saturday night, Yeoman claims the police arrested six in all.”

    I agree that the likelihood of all charges being dismissed are great, but maybe not. We can wait and see.

  10. The connection between multinational corporations and far-left organizations is one of the things that pushed me towards White Nationalism. If the leftists are against the corporations then why do they want open borders where the corporations can more easily exploit the global labor market?

  11. Hilarious, the obese mestiza troll said “we have forgotten what we are as a nation,” as if she and her ancestors were here for any significant amount of time. She doesn’t speak for Americans. How ironic, and indeed we have! That’s what OD and White nationalism represents, a return to what our nation truly is, and that’s a nation founded by Northwestern Europeans and for their posterity.

    They’re going ballistic over simply enforcing mild immigration laws, can you imagine what they would do if White nationalists had political influence and passed something similar to the previous Immigration Act of 1924? I think their heads would explode.

    The Immigration Act of 1924, or Johnson–Reed Act, including the National Origins Act, Asian Exclusion Act (43 Statutes-at-Large 153), was a United States federal law that limited the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States in 1890, down from the 3% cap set by the Immigration Restriction Act of 1921, according to the Census of 1890. It excluded immigration of Asians. It superseded the 1921 Emergency Quota Act. The law was aimed at further restricting the Southern and Eastern Europeans who were immigrating in large numbers starting in the 1890s, as well as prohibiting the immigration of East Asians and Asian Indians.

    Some of the law’s strongest supporters were influenced by Madison Grant and his 1916 book, The Passing of the Great Race. Grant was a eugenicist and an advocate of the racial hygiene theory. His data purported to show the superiority of the founding Northern European races.

  12. @SD16

    The connection between multinational corporations and far-left organizations is one of the things that pushed me towards White Nationalism. If the leftists are against the corporations then why do they want open borders where the corporations can more easily exploit the global labor market?


  13. Andrew Yeoman has been propelled into the spotlight by this latest bout of persecution. He has my sympathy and support. He also has a legitimate case against anyone who fails to condemn the actions of those criminals. He doesn’t even advocate violence much less commit it, therefore, he commands a mighty moral authority.

    Going to a rally and getting beaten is like being given free public sympathy points. You always win if you don’t sink to their level and they go to jail. Just don’t go get yourself killed. The first lesson any race realist learns is that it doesn’t make you a bad person if you walk across the street to avoid a pack of negros – it makes you smart and keeps you alive, which is the smartest logic for someone who’s goal is the preservation and propagation of all of our precious genes.

    The nature of the enemy is that they can’t help but bring the fight to us. Good – more free karma points when the shit goes down and police start asking questions. If someone happens to be martyred, they should be endlessly honored, however, that should never be the goal in a healthy, life affirming world view. A little persecution goes a long way (just ask the jews), but no one needs to look for trouble in this mostly mental battle to save ourselves, our families, and our race.

    From what I know of Mr Yeoman, he’s a good and decent person – unimpeachable in every way. His ideology is upright and much in line with most of us here at OD. We should all feel comfortable speaking out in his defense. We can use this opportunity to get his message out to even more people under the guise of discussing news.

    How about some lawyer reading this, looking to do some pro bono, figure out how to use this incident to move us towards getting ideological separatists (or all White people) moved into a protected class a la hate crime legislation? Even if such a bill doesn’t get passed at just this instant, it will keep people talking about our legitimate concerns on the news and in the streets until it does. It is a national discussion that has needed to be brought to the forefront for a long while. It is time to push the matter.

  14. If these “anti-fa” belong to an organization, maybe we could play their own game, and file a lawsuit-much like how they sue KKK groups and Tom Metzger’s WAR organization.

  15. I like Andrew. He’s a good guy. However, in my opinion he may be in need of some better protection. That’s all.

    Morally, I support him all the way.

  16. The problem with that is that the “anti-fa” are careful to seperate the money-holding organizations from the violent ones. Unlike the white nationalist membership orgs such as the Aryan Nations and assorted KKK organizations, the ‘mainstream’ left keeps an arms length, officially, from the various marxist thugs, who are organized into loose collectives with no assets and are thus not worth trying to sue.

  17. Unrelated; but what is this blog’s position on the American Third Position?

    “According to Alexa, the premier website for web-traffic metrics, the American Third Position has the most trafficked party website in the U.S, followed closely by the GOP, whose site has been online for over a decade.”

    See banner at the bottom of the site. In the future, please direct all questions unrelated to the article topic to the forum

  18. I like Andrew. He’s a good guy. However, in my opinion he may be in need of some better protection. That’s all.

    What exactly happened to Andrew Yeoman??

  19. You could do an open source intelligence agency and get the dirt on the antifa with one infiltrator. Just have all the names and faces, so their mask wearing doesn’t prevent them from getting prosecuted. Humint isn’t that difficult. Especially if you can be a source of free stuff. antifa types are Marxists and therefore naturally greedy and looking for freebies. The drugs and the lifestyle ensure that they don’t have much of a concept of Infosec. also, anything they are doing that is criminal, you’d have that as dirt. They might have some criminal enterprise with a leading liberal politician or some such thing. This would be legal, too. There’s no laws against infiltrating an opposing political group. I’m sure it’s done to us a lot.

    I can’t do anything like this as I am a family man. But it’s not rocket science. Read the Ostrovsky books, read Suvorov’s memoir about the GRU, read PI manuals. This is a branch of Mind-Weaponism.

  20. For you guys that can save sound and video there is a good clip of the reality of we are dealing on CSPAN’s Washington Journal.
    On Friday, April 30 at 7:00 eastern time the first hour was set aside for illegals to call in to the program. At 9 minutes and 33 seconds of the program we had Miguel. Roughly, he said this: “we were here first and white people were last on the PLANET…caucasians are a minority and that this is our country…laws don’t apply to them ( Miguel)

    The host Peter Slen didn’t cut him off at all or question his statements in the least. I wonder if any stupid white people listen to this woke up?

  21. The antifas aren’t worth infiltrating. First of all, they are already heavily infiltrated with cops and FBIs. Second, they usually consist of a few trust fund kids biding time until they graduate and get jobs at a non-profit, and a mass of lumpenproles that sober up long enough to go to rallies.

    They get away with anti-White violence because the prosecutors won’t prosecute. You would need to put political pressure on the prosecutors and local governments to get anywhere.

    And as said above, in any free state where the second amendment is respected, these little worms wouldn’t show their face.

    This is mostly a political problem. They might be good for propaganda purposes though, maybe a video with La Raza and the New Black Panthers screaming to “kill whitey” spliced with clips of antifas with rags on their faces burning trashcans.

  22. Antifa thugs and their less violent Left-liberal cousins are the capitalists’ useful idiots, but do they know it?

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