BANA Attacked In San Francisco

Just heard the news.

I presume Andrew won’t mind me posting about this. The media is already running the story. Andrew Yeoman of BANA, an OD contributor, was attacked along with two other BANA members by anti-fascist thugs in San Francisco at the May Day protest. They used mace and hit him with brass knuckles.

Update: A link to the video.

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  1. Do these antifa groups have websites on which they coordinate their activities? Could be useful to get to know them better.

    Our people do need to keep in mind that San Fransisco is the belly of the beast, thoroughly enemy-occupied territory. Be careful whenever you’re in that diseased, evil environment.

  2. Another thought: the article you linked to was actually remarkably fair, even sympathetic to the assault victims (that shouldn’t be surprising, but it is). Particularly notable coming from a San Fransisco news site.

  3. I had planned to write more about this. I heard the news as I was walking out the door. It just goes to show that we need to be more supportive of gun rights. They wouldn’t dare do this in an “open carry” state like Virginia.

  4. The attacked members of BANA need to see to it that these criminals are proscecuted to the full extent of the law. The antifa thugs only understand 2 things: serious convictions and serious injuries when they attack you. Inflict either of these and in time these notoriously stupid cowards will cease to be a threat.

  5. Andrew,
    Call the criminal division at SF Superior Court and tell them you want to file a personal criminal complaint. Here’s the contact info:

    Criminal Operations
    850 Bryant Street – Room 101
    (415) 551-0651

    MAKE SURE YOU ENTER AN APPEARANCE IN ALL THE CASES! You can’t do it online. Call that number and tell them you want to ENTER AN APPEARANCE. That way, everything that happens in the case, you will be notified, and if you aren’t notified, you can appeal whatever is ruled. Also ask them if there is a “Victim’s Rights” office. We have Victims Rights here in Connecticut. They will help you push the case to the full extent of the law.

    You have to do this to make protesting and public appearnace safer for all of us. They need to know that we will follow the case and do everything possible to make them DO TIME.

  6. I keep looking but am not seeing names of the arrested attackers, only the attacked, so already the msm is providing cover for the thugs, who basically work for them as partisans. Eventually their names will come out somewhere. I wager a guess they are Jewish ARA types.

  7. I am generally opposed to posting pictures and names; however, I think these assailants should be publicized in the name of public safety, since they have served notice on society that they are ready, willing and able to commit ARMED VIOLENCE.

  8. The SF Weekly blog had comments by self styled anarchists which advocated violence. It’s linked above in the post. I took screenshots in case the posts are deleted

    Andrew, you should take these screenshots or the link and bring them to a high ranking SF police officer, a “gang intelligence” officer and ask for protection. It will cover your ass legally in case you find yourself having to make a “self defense” case in the future, and the SF cops might start surveilling the commie anarchists sanfransicko types. They could even start wiretapping them based on “suspicion of violent activities.”

    At any rate, you need to force the police and the prosecutors to WORK FOR YOU.

  9. Andrew needs to show up at all cases involved in this. He needs to show that he is a reasonable, thoughtful, and peaceful activist. We need to start seeing to it that these criminal terrorists are imprisoned for their felonies. Anyone else who in the future experiences the same likewise needs to see to it that these freaks are fully punished by the law.

  10. The Antifa thugs are here in Portland. They have assaulted various people here. The last incident involved a bunch of skinhead boot boys. It did not go well for the antifa.

  11. We saw Daryl The Barrel at the Restore the Constitution gun rally in Alexandria, VA. He didn’t let out a peep when he was surrounded by armed White men.

  12. I see the odds were on the order of 10-12 to 1. That’s so typical of leftist scumbags who regularly beat their chests and boast of their toughness. They have balls of brass when they outnumber “nazis” by a wide margin which quickly shrivel to acorn (no pun intended) size once the odds are even.

    To make matters worse the mob was virtually all white people/wiggers. You don’t see black and browns attacking each other over the issues of the day. That’s a white thing, I guess. GLR was correct in observing that the white race was in need of serious pruning.

  13. It’s amusing to hear them call any White person who opposes any agenda of theirs a racist, neo-Nazi, etc.

    Take a look at these illegal invaders, they are the refuse of Latin America, stupid, ugly, mestizo trolls. What country in their right mind would want them?? Even their native countries want to get rid of them.

    I like the girl who held up the sign: We need more ICE at this fiesta!

    It’s a shame about Andrew and his friends. Would have been nice to read that they gave those hoodlums a good thrashing.

    In the midst of the Arizona state government passing the most outrageous anti-immigrant law since the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, several happenings pass unnoticed by the national media. At a packed Flagstaff City Council meeting discussing the law, waves of people declare publicly that they are undocumented, practically daring law enforcement officers to arrest them. At the same meeting, a member of a radical immigrant rights group receives thunderous applause for demanding the repeal of all anti-immigrant laws and declaring the right of all people to “live, love, and work wherever they please.” Even the most conservative city councilman admits he liked the notion. Down in Phoenix, high school students spontaneously organize a school walkout through mass texting, without direction from the established immigration reform organizations. This infuriates the organizations because it pre-empts “their” planned protests. And then these same students chuck water bottles at cops when they arrest one of their own.

    Welcome to the new Arizona.

    Indeed, a welcome change, but clearly not enough. We have a LOT of housecleaning to do in this country.

  15. We’re all racists now. They’re really making it really easy for white people to join the race realists. If you’re white and still breathing, you’re a racist. I can hear the conversations now…”Wow, you’re a racist? So am I! How cool.”

  16. Andrew,

    I hope you and your friends are okay. Perhaps you shouldn’t go to this type of event without pepper spray, a stun gun, or a taser. My personal favorite to bring to one of these events, in case there’s trouble of course, is a M2HB atop an armoured Humvee.

  17. They should have the means to defend themselves, including deterrents such as pepper spray and restraints to hold the perps for the authorities. Recording the altercation is also a bonus if you’re able.
    Police have booked two people who allegedly attacked members of a white separatist anarchist group at Saturday’s San Francisco immigration march. The pair have been hit with felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and conspiracy. The alleged attackers also were booked into jail on misdemeanor charges of interfering with free speech. The district attorney’s office has not yet made a charging decision in the case.

    Donnell Allen, a 42-year-old black San Francisco resident, and Kelsey Musgrove, a 19-year-old white female from Pittsburgh, Penn., were arrested on Saturday after an alleged attack on four Bay Area National Anarchists while the self-professed white separatists were leaving a counter-protest of the immigration reform rally in Civic Center Plaza. Police say the suspects were wearing all-black clothing.

    This isn’t Allen’s first brush with the law. News reports indicate he was also arrested back in December during an attack on UC Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s campus residence.

    John Hamasaki, the attorney for Musgrove, says she was in San Francisco checking out massage therapy schools. “She’s never been arrested, never been in trouble, she’s not one of these people that society needs to be worried about.”

    A third suspect, anarchist theorist Andre Grubacic, a 34-year-old white San Francisco resident, was detained but released at the scene after the victims said he wasn’t part of attack. (The more common spelling of Grubacic’s first name is Andrej.) A fourth suspect, an unknown white male, pedaled away on a bicycle before the cops could catch him.

    UPDATE At 4:30 p.m., 5/3: John Hamasaki, a private defense attorney who is representing Kelsey Musgrove pro bono, disputes Yeoman’s earlier account of the fight. After talking to witnesses of the fight, Hamasaki says “It was the BANA people who had a baton, and one of them had brass knuckles and tried to blame it on the other kids.” He says Musgrove “was struck first, she didn’t instigate any fights. I’ve heard that from more than one person.” He says the one witness says a BANA member had yelled before the scuffle: “This is my city and I’m taking it back for the white people.”

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