Super Mario and the Fugu Conspiracy

Super Mario BrothersMyths play a critical role in establishing patterns of thought which, if ingrained during the impressionable childhood years, play a decisive role in determining adult behavior. The invention of the television has had a profound effect on this process, largely replacing bible stories, European fairy tales, and the Classical fables with Jewish propaganda and third world garbage.

But movies aren’t the only way to brainwash a child. In fact, they’re not the best way. Video games provide a far more deeply engaged and repetitive process of immersion than any movie can provide. And on this front, the Jewish stranglehold on childhood brainwashing has been far from decisive. Maybe this is because early video games were primarily designed by the same groups who programmed them, reflecting the overwhelmingly White and Asian male demographics of the creators. Maybe this is because all “games” naturally favor the martial virtues: of honor, valor, courage, beauty, and excellence. Weakness, victimization, resentment, and self-pity can make for a tear-jerking Civil Rights movie, but it all makes for a boring video game.

Family Resemblance???It’s sort of incredible that so many in my own generation (born in the 80’s) can be White Advocates after so much poison has been dumped into the academic and entertainment wells. But, having wasted practically my entire childhood playing Super Mario Brothers games, it may not be all that surprising: Working class White brothers team up against hordes of dark and sinister servants of their serpentine overlord on a valiant quest to rescue the blonde princess. This, in a nutshell, is how I envision our struggle and maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what those wily Japs intended.

Japan, being a martial nation which has struggled for centuries against “The Jews of the East“, intended during the imperial period of the 1930’s to attract the Jews to settle in Manchuria, taking advantage of their vast wealth while leaving the Chinese to cope with the externalities. This plot, the Fugu Plan, was considered highly dangerous, since its failure could result in their subjugation to the Jewish oligarchs. Fugu is a poisonous fish which is considered a delicacy if prepared properly but will result in immediate death if not. Stalin supported this fishy scheme with the establishment of a Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the Russian Far East adjoining Manchuria.

The Jews, not being a stupid people, did not fall for this obvious trap.

We’re supposed to believe that the Japanese just gave up on the whole thing. But maybe, just maybe, their flooding of America with games and cartoons which reinforce martial values, depict all the characters in a harmonious mono-racial White society, and exhort us to step up and rescue our White girls is a more thoughtfully planned and carefully executed plan to keep the West from falling entirely under Jewish control.

In all seriousness, understanding how we’ve allowed the masters of influence to implant us with narratives and themes bound to guarantee our decline and dispossession is critical. Even seemingly innocuous things like children’s cartoons and video games are key battlegrounds in the unceasing intergenerational struggle between the world’s tribes for resources and power. We in the movement rarely accord this the seriousness the subject deserves but our competitors most definitely do. And if we don’t start playing the game to win it, we’re never going to save the princess.

Princess Peach

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  1. “Alpha Male” is a term widely abused in in the HBD and game community. – Donald

    Usually its the ‘guys’ who routinely employ this term that are often the biggest ‘betas’ (and ‘omegas’) themselves.

  2. Donald,
    I believe you’re the one going down the wrong road with the “alpha male” term. It’s borrowed from animal biology. It doesn’t imply anything admirable, noble, or White. For instance, wolves are even less intelligent and more aggressive than Black people. Yet there are alpha male wolves.

    When I was using it, I was implying an impulse to control others, to dominate the other males in a given context. I was very plain in stating that this frequently manifests in unsavory ways for Blacks – but it certainly does manifest. For Whites, this same impulse typically manifests in a manner commensurate with our greater intelligence and our less aggressive disposition.

  3. For the record, I was not in any way using Roissy’s lexicon and I regard his definition of alpha male to be unrelated to the term’s actual original meaning.

  4. “And I believe Mario made his first appearance in the Donkey Kong arcade game, where Mario tries to save the princess from the giant gorilla, Donkey Kong. Perhaps Donkey Kong was a stand-in for bestial Negro savagery, which by the 80s when the game was created was well known world-wide following its explosion in urban American during the 70s.”

    Donkey Kong was originally a Popeye game. After the company that owned the copyright told them they couldn’t do that they changed Popeye to Mario, Olive Oil to Peach, and Bluto to Kong.

  5. Wasn’t there a Tom Clancy novel in which the villains were trying to launch a racist video game?

  6. For instance, wolves are even less intelligent and more aggressive than Black people. Yet there are alpha male wolves.

    What a huge insult to wolves. Wolves are the elite of the canines, they have larger brains, they’re more powerful, they have better senses, their maturation is slower than dogs (evolutionarily advanced), they’re very independent and unlike dogs are not typically trainable, and they mate for life.

    Compare the number of black attacks on Whites with wolf attacks. Wolves have far more honor in their souls.

    If we can euthanize feral animals (who are often just responding to human abuse against them) why can’t we euthanize feral subhumans?

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