No Protestants Allowed: Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

As everyone knows, Barack Obama has nominated Elena Kagan, a Jewish lesbian, to the Supreme Court.

/ scratches chin

1.) We are constantly told that we live in a nation that is dominated by “white privilege.” Yet we are fast approaching the historically unprecedented day when there won’t be a single WASP on the Supreme Court, but at least one negro, three Jews, one wise Latina, two Italians, and a lesbian.

2.) We are told that federal legislation is needed to protect homosexuals from hate crimes and the hideous discrimination they experience. Yet we are appointing a Jewish lesbian to the Supreme Court.

3.) We are told women can’t get ahead in America because of what is called the “glass ceiling.” Yet we are about to appoint two women in a row to the Supreme Court; if Harriet Miers had been confirmed, it would have been three.

4.) We are told the Jews are powerless and talk of Jewish Power by White Nationalists is nothing but a baseless anti-Semitic canard. Yet there will soon be three Jews on the Supreme Court. Jews are 2% of the population, but will compromise 33% of Supreme Court Justices. Jews will also comprise 75% of the liberal wing of the Supreme Court.

5.) When Harriet Miers was nominated by George W. Bush, the Left and Right erupted over her lack of judicial experience, but now Elena Kagan is being described by many of the same people as “brilliant” and “eminently qualified” to sit on the Supreme Court.

6.) We are told to idolize “diversity” and that the Supreme Court is not “diverse enough” for an America that has moved beyond race into the twentieth century. Last summer, the media told us that it was essential to have a Hispanic Justice on the Supreme Court because a “Latino perspective” on the bench was absolutely essential. The same people now say that it “doesn’t matter” that there won’t be a single WASP on the Supreme Court when Protestants are 51% of Americans. Has anyone else noticed that “diversity” and “inclusiveness” doesn’t seem to apply to one group in particular?

7.) President Obama and his supporters keep telling us that “race doesn’t matter.” We’ve moved beyond the days when individuals were judged on the basis of characteristics like race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and creed. Isn’t it ironic that his judicial appointments seem to be based exclusively on these factors?

8.) Losing your country? That’s a myth we call the White Anxiety Crisis. Surely, it has utterly no basis in fact: a black president, a Catholic vice president, a Catholic Speaker of the House, 6 Catholics and 3 Jews on the Supreme Court, Protestants declining from 74.1% of Congress in 1961 to 54.7% in 2008, Whites declining from over 85% of Americans to 67% and falling, Whites becoming an actual minority of new births, entrenched affirmative action and blatant discrimination in the name of promoting diversity, the demonization of our history and cultural symbols like the Confederate flag, and now the American flag itself.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

The ugly truth: Whites are being wiped out as a people. A Jewish-led political coalition of racially conscious aliens rules in Washington. These people believe in promoting themselves at our expense and nothing else. The shallow talk about “diversity” and “racism” and “inclusiveness” and “multiculturalism” are mere words they use to morally disarm Whites and justify their seizure of power and confiscation of wealth.

Whites have been suckered into believing in this dream of a post-racial future. In reality, there is nothing “post-racial” about the Obama administration or its base in the black community. This has become increasingly clear to Whites who used to support him but are abandoning him in droves. It is time we started looking out for our interests and our future as a people and before it is too late.

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  1. This is very true. The Italians, although they didn’t have a great army overall, were very innovative with a lot militarily — such as with their navy being the first to have frogmen and divers, and having a decent air force. Individual units such as the Alpini, the Italian mountain soldiers (first in the world), and the Decima MAS, Italian naval special forces, were considered excellent. – KNL

    OMG, the Decima Flottiglia MAS, aka the “Xª MAS”.

    I remember reading about them in R.O.T.C. back in college, and speaking to one of their veterans when I visited Italy over ten years ago. Originated the concept of naval frogmen and divers — and were highly respected by both the Germans and the Allies for their fighting abilities.

    Decima MAS was active during the Battle of the Mediterranean and took part in a number of daring raids on Allied shipping. These operations used surface boats (such as the Sinking of HMS York), manned torpedoes (the Raid on Alexandria) and Gamma Frogmen (against Gibraltar). During the campaign Decima MAS took part in more than a dozen operations which sank or damaged 5 warships and 20 merchant ships totalling 130,000 GRT (Gross Register Tonnage) .

    In World War I, on November 1, 1918, Raffaele Paolucci and Raffaele Rossetti of the Regia Marina rode a manned torpedo (nicknamed Mignatta or “leech”) into the harbour of Pula, where they sank the Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Viribus Unitis and the freighter Wien using limpet mines.[3] They had no underwater breathing sets, and thus had to keep their heads above water to breathe. They were discovered and taken prisoner as they attempted to leave the harbor.[4]

    In the 1920s, sport spearfishing without breathing apparatus became popular on the Mediterranean coast of France and Italy. This spurred the development of modern swimfins, diving masks and snorkels.

    In the 1930s Italian sport spearfishermen began using industrial or submarine-escape oxygen rebreathers, starting scuba diving in Italy.

    Combat record

    The Decima MAS saw action starting on June 10, 1940, when Fascist Italy entered World War II. In more than three years of war, the unit destroyed some 72,190 tons of Allied warships and 130,572 tons of Allied merchant ships. Personnel from the unit sank the World War I-era Royal Navy battleships HMS Valiant and HMS Queen Elizabeth (both of which after months of work were refloated and returned to action), wrecked the heavy cruiser HMS York and the destroyer HMS Eridge, damaged the destroyer HMS Jervis and sank or damaged 20 merchant ships including supply ships and tankers. During the course of the war, the Decima MAS was awarded the Golden Medal of Military Valour and individual members were awarded a total of 29 Golden Medals of Military Valour, 104 Silver Medals of Military Valour and 33 Bronze Medals of Military Valour. …

  2. Take that back! I’m the granddaughter of some of these immigrants and I am 101% PRO-WHITE. They were, too! There are many WASP traitors. Just look at the ancestral homeland of WASPs! An even bigger mess!!! – Joanne Dee

    Even today, unfortunately, too many NW Euros, especially ‘WASPS’, (includingJared Taylor) continue to show this abject supplication to those who are really dispossessing them — the Chosen elite — not an Italian, Polish, Irish or even a Catholic one, but a Jewish one. …

    The last ‘WASP’ mayor of New Yawk Shitty, for example, John Lindsay (wonder if he is any relation to Comrade Robert?!) was a milquetoaste disaster of a man — a disgrace to his race and to his ethnic tribe — couldn’t stop kissing kosher butt if his life depended on it. – KNL

    “New Yawk Shitty”… LMFAO 😀

    Since I see that some of you all are quoting Wilmot Robertson — here was his perspective on the last “WASP” mayor of “New Yawk Shitty:

    Although anti-Semitic acts are not tolerated in the U.S., anti-Arabic acts are. In 1966, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, one of America’s few remaining friend sin the Middle East, was officially snubbed during a visit to New York City. Mayor Lindsay refused to give him an official reception for fear of offending his Jewish constituency. New York Times, June 24, 1966, p. 1.

    Lindsay was even more discourteous during the visit of French President Pompidou in early 1970. He not only refused to greet Pompidou, but ran off to Washington and remained there while the French president was in New York. In Chicago, Madame Pompidou was spat upon, jostled, and cursed by Jewish pickets who were not afraid to create a serious incident with America’s oldest ally in order to vent their spleen on France for selling fighter bombers to Libya. New York Times, March 3, 1970, p. 28.

    When Premier Golda Meir of Israel arrived in New York in late 1969, Lindsay treated her to a modern version of a Roman triumph.

    Wilmot Robertson, “The Dispossessed Majority”, p. 504, endnote #30.

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