Artificial Shortage of Good Education

It’s quite interesting how Jews I have known have all seemed to be in favor of an attitude of “slack,” and “just enjoy life, have fun,” and of course “equality.” Competition? A dirty word. At least for others.

But for themselves, such as this story of how they have been preparing Elena Kagan for the elite since kindergarten., it’s a different story altogether; h/t to Steve Sailer:

To attend the elementary school, children must excel on an I.Q. test and in a class observation to win one of its coveted 50 kindergarten seats. The high school starts in the seventh grade, and attracts some of the brightest students from around the city. Cram schools have popped up to help students prepare for the combined math, reading and essay test required for admission.

For those who get in, the competition does not let up. Juniors and seniors fret over a phenomenon common to high-achieving schools: Among so many outstanding students, it is hard to distinguish oneself.

Dozens of seniors this year were National Merit Scholarship Program semifinalists. “It’s almost something to be embarrassed about if you don’t get it,” said Joseph Pearl, 16. About a third of graduates go to Ivy League schools.

There is no reason we can’t be incubating a homeschooled intellectual elite. Even if the kids go to public schools, you spend 20 minutes a day on math, and raise them bilingual, and take them to music lessons.

The Judeo-liberal educational system and the mass media created an artificial shortage of good education. However, little or nothing stops us from bypassing this and doing education ourselves. After all, we invented civilization. We just have to ignore the false place-holders calling themselves “education” and “culture,” and create the genuine article for ourselves.


  1. Investigate the Great Books curriculum: . The only material needed is the book set, . I had picked up mine on E-bay used for $500, which came out to $8 a book. These books are infinitely re-readable. Compare that to the cost of the average overpriced college text book, written by a committee of mediocre Jews, and needlessly revised every semester.

    Colleges that offer Great Books instruction are listed in the Wikipedia article.

    By following a Great Books course you will learn directly from the great works of Western cannon, as opposed as indirectly through the biased writings of “field experts” as is largely done in education today.

  2. This is hugely important. Anti-White indoctrination is pervasive in public schools. Given access to the proper materials and lessons and a dedicated parent, a homeschooled White child can grow up guilt-free AND receive a superior education. Open sourcing White-friendly materials cuts down costs to the cost of printing. Network in an area, and a homeschooling economy of scale can develop where, for example, one parent teaches 5 kids for one day a week. We could have training and certifying of parents for homeschooling responsibilities and fields of study too.

  3. As life in the Kwa becomes more “interesting” in the Chinese sense, Whites will come to appreciate the value of learning again, because learning is our best survival tool.

    The groups that are on top of the world right now, the Jews and the Chinese, both have a “culture of learning.” Do we get it yet?

  4. In addition, the Jews and Han Chinese celebrate their cultures rather than having ethnic guilt heaped on their heads K-12, in college, and on the big and small screens. Whites are actively discriminated against in the U.S. too. Claims of White privelege while making law non-White privelege, and counting nepotistic Jewish success as White success allowing for further trimming of White entrance into universities are just two examples.

  5. Speaking of education Arizona has been hitting em square with their ethnic studies ban. Personally I would leave them in place as I am a seperatist and not for the genocide of intergration and assimilation. But this upsets the right people setting them up to be Mantra-ed.

  6. “…all seemed to be in favor of an attitude of ‘slack’…”
    I once went to hear Ira Glasser, head of the ACLU, speak at a Jewish forum. After the open mike questions, he stayed around for more discussion face to face. An earnest young woman pressed him to explain why his organization opposed a program in Detroit to salvage some young Blacks, which involved, among other things, 1950s style discipline. Glasser twisted and turned, but when the woman finally asked, “Why not just try?”, he, impatiently, got to the crux of the matter. “Look. All of our student rights cases were ‘A’ students from Bronx Science High.” Nothing further was said.
    Which meant that as far as he was concerned, the only constitutionally permissible disciplinary regime in any school in the entire country was one that the New York elite felt was appropriate for their offspring. Let us destroy every school in the country, because we will take care of ourselves the same way we’ve managed to live around the Schvartzes without letting them contaminate our children.

  7. “The groups that are on top of the world right now, the Jews and the Chinese, both have a “culture of learning.” Do we get it yet?”

    Take a look at the athletic complexes in your area when activities are taking place. They are overwhelmingly white. Why do we devote so much time to sports? How many of these kids sustain serious injuries like a concussion that hinder their academic career? What are the chances of these white children having a career in the increasingly non-white sports world?

    I’m thinking about placing business cards on the windshields of their cars that read:
    Academics > Athletics

  8. There is nothing wrong with athletics as a supplement to a good education. Relying on it as a ticket out of poverty or lower middle class is not a good idea.

    Public schools are nothing more then slave training camps. They prepare the majority for a meaningless life working for someone else, and keeping them fat and stupid along the way. Sending a White child to a public school, even if it is in lily white Montana, is a death sentence. Your boys will end up queer and your girls will be damaged goods, and end up hood rats. Some say we should not take the salt and light (our children) out of the public schools and leave behind a cesspool of innocent youth, but that is only said by those that want you to sacrifice your children to the system.

    I agree with the Southern Baptist position on pulling all of our Christian children out before they get slaughtered. Studies show that of children born between 1980 and 2000 only 15% of the roughly 80 MILLION are being raised Christian, or identify as Christian. That is HUGE. That is SCARY. GET YOUR KIDS OUT!

  9. ‘There is no reason we can’t be incubating a homeschooled intellectual elite. ‘

    In fact, the public schools are so bad that the homeschooled are likely to emerge as a de facto intellectual elite, even if that was not the primary objective of homeschooling.

  10. It’s critical to get our children out of the public schools but don’t kid yourselves. They won’t be on the fast track to the elite like Kagan. Her rise is entirely due to ‘socially constructed merit’. You should never take the word of Jews regarding the quality of Jewish education or the credentials of any Jew. Standards are lowered by the tribe to put their own on the fast track. H. Rock White’s “Kagan Nomination Reveals How Jews Operate” explains the real reason why this creature is being placed on the court.

  11. Investigate the Great Books curriculum

    “The project got its start at the University of Chicago. University president Robert Hutchins collaborated with Mortimer Adler to develop a course, generally aimed at businessmen, for the purpose of filling in gaps in education

    Adler sponsored the next two volumes, “The Great Ideas: A Syntopicon”, as a way of emphasizing the unity of the set and, by extension, of Western thought in general. . . . They grouped the topics into 102 chapters, for which Adler wrote 102 introductions.

    Mortimer Adler was a Jew. We don’t need a Jew interpreting our great books for us. Many of these books can probably be downloaded without Jew intros from the Gutenberg Project.

  12. @Edison,

    I can tell from your response that you haven’t actually read through any of the books in the Great Books set. Besides an approximate one page factual biography in each volume, there is nothing but the original writings of each author. The program is sole source.

    “The Syntopicon” are two books that come with the set and serve as an index to the ideas addressed in the volumes. Their use is optional. Each idea has an approximate three page overview of the stances of the different authors which addressed the idea in question. Adler’s opinion isn’t inserted anywhere; no conclusions are drawn. The overviews are followed by several pages of indexes to the original sources. Don’t take my word for it; go to the library and check out a copy.

    The reason for using the Great Books set is so each student can reference the same page numbers which discussing passages. The set has been in print for 50 years and is widely available. Now that the Internet has become more widely used, Great Books programs may end up being based off of Internet available works, but for the time being most of these courses will use the Great Books set.

    Discussion is a large part of the curriculum. Yes, you can get an education by downloading individual Project Gutenberg texts and reading them yourselves, but you won’t be learning with others. You learn more when you ask questions and explain to others.

    By the way, “Gutenberg” was a Jew. By your own logic we shouldn’t be downloading materials from a site named after him, correct?

  13. Good thread. Knowledge is good. Never stop learning. I could never enjoy wasting time on empty, meaningless sports, popular TV, and other “recreation.” BTW, Mortimer Adler, mastermind of Great Books, was Jewish, later converted to his wife’s religion. He autographed my set on one of his lecture tours, many years ago.

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