Greg Johnson on Christianity

Greg Johnson knocks this one out of the ball park.

This article eloquently sums up my own view of Christianity and its relationship to White Nationalism. The idea that there is “No Way Out But Through the Christians” is retarded. The Church is a reed that has always blown with the political wind. If Hitler had won the Second World War, the Pope wouldn’t be talking about “human rights” and “migrants” today. Here in the South, the Southern Baptists suddenly realized they were against “racism” in 1998.

As an atheist, I acknowledge there are some people who desperately need religion, not the mere recitation of belief, but the actual experience of living a virtuous life in a peer based support group. There are no shortage of them in Alabama. The decline of traditional religion and values has been replaced less by outright atheism than by the garbage that pullsates through our culture. I would rather deal with an honest Christian anyday than a degenerate secular individualist.

This website is proof that Christianity and White Nationalism are not necessarily opposed. We have several Christian contributors and far more Christian commentators. It makes more sense for them to work within Christianity to pull the religion in a more positive direction.

Liberal Democracy is the greatest threat Christianity has ever faced. Look at Britain or the Czech Republic where Christianity has all but collapsed. As I write this post, Christianity is rotting in America. It is degenerating into an unrecognizable brew of Secular Humanism and Unitarianism. This can hardly be attributed to our nonexistent influence on popular culture.

A victorious White Nationalism can remove the cultural rot at the heart of the present liberal regime. It is the only scenario in which I can imagine Christianity (or any other form of traditionalism) surviving the twenty-first century.

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  1. WW,

    “We must deprogram our judaized kinsmen from the mental poison. Nobody ever said it would be easy.”

    If “Xianity” is such a problem then why are Jewish dominated institutions so anti-Xian? Or does this kind of cognitive dissonance totally escape you?

  2. I disagree and prefer Oswald Spengler’s take that Christian/Paulian universalism was present at the birth of this Middle Eastern faith. What is liberalism if not Christian universalism without the transcendental? As such, Christian universalism is the source of all that ills us today. To the rotting corpse of Christianity, I say good bye and good riddance, it’s unfortunate that you had to show your ugly face on the European continent and poison our blood for two millennia. But I find this quarrel pointless, Christianity is on the way out everywhere one looks, what remains, however, is its bastard child of liberalism. If I were to point my finger at one factor that has killed the White man and woman, I’d say it’s Christianity. Western liberalism is a natural offshoot/development/evolution of Christianity. Now, the more interesting question is: would we have liberalism/liberal universalism anyway even without the Christ-cult?

  3. FB,

    “I disagree and prefer Oswald Spengler’s take that Christian/Paulian universalism was present at the birth of this Middle Eastern faith.”

    I am curious, what does the term “Christian universalism” even mean to you?

    “What is liberalism if not Christian universalism without the transcendental?”

    Contemporary liberalism is all about radical egalitarianism and the destruction of Western society. Neither of these ideas is even remotely Christian in substance or origin.

    “Western liberalism is a natural offshoot/development/evolution of Christianity.”

    Contemporary liberalism owes a lot more to socialism (in its ethics) and the Enlightenment (in its metaphysics) than it does to Christianity. I don’t see how you could sincerely make this kind of a statement unless you knew next to nothing about Christianity.

  4. notuswind,

    I don’t have definite ideas on this subject. My views are just tentative and I am still in the process of learning from you all. But perhaps what FB is trying to say is comprehensively explained in the long post I referred to above. Although I don’t like posting links in this site because they need admin approval, if you want to approach this thorny subject I would recommend taking a look at what the “Nietzschean of the North” (N of N)—a sarcastic nickname invented by Larry Auster—wrote last year. The following is my abstract about the N of N’s worldview.

    Chechar’s ABSTRACT:

    The current suicidal Zeitgeist in the West has roots in Christian and neo-Christian (i.e., post-Enlightenment) axiology. While the N of N gives us the big, meta-perspective picture, activists in the counter-jihad movement, whether Christians or neo-Christian secularists, are myopic. The N of N’s point can best be summarized in his reply to my question, quoted way below [in Chechar’s blog]: Why pick on Western Christian Civilization when all of this suicidal mess seemed to come just after the 1960s? The N of N’s answers that an amalgamation of Christian and secular axiological standards produced the runaway demographics in the Third World. Today’s Muslim migration into Europe is but the epiphenomenal tip of the iceberg of the deranged altruism in Western morals that started in Christianity and which was washed out, but ironically strengthened by, secular humanists after the Enlightenment.

    Therefore, after the world collapses because of our stupid axiology the N of N predicts an Umwertung aller Werte, a term that R. J. Hollingdale, the Penguin Books translator of Nietzsche translates as “revaluation of all values”. The N of N and other GoV-ers see the forthcoming “end of the world as we know it” as catastrophic as the fall of Rome. Nonetheless, the N of N in particular is very optimistic. Badly hurt but phoenix-like, later in this century Westerners will not only revert to the ethical values before the 1960s, but in other aspects to the values cherished by us before World War I and even before the French Revolution and Christendom (both the N of N and I admire the hard ethos of the ancient Romans).

    After the current paradigm collapses, people in the Third World should be left to die—as they were left to die due to natural causes (epidemics, hygienics, infant mortality, etc.) before the deranged altruism took hold of the Western psyche. Otherwise Westerners only worsen the suffering of the billions of people in the Third World. For the current meta-ethical standards, the mere thought of this proposal is monstrous. The N of N argues that the real monstrosity is to allow these poor bastards to breed into runaway poverty and misery. To boot, this situation creates hordes of “orcs” that have invaded our Western soil, including Muslim jihadists.

    Pivotal is the N of N’s wishful hope, after the end of the world as we know it, of a revived pre-Christian Germanic spirit. America, on the other hand, caused much postmodern mischief. This was the first modern Western nation that introduced multiculturalism in the 19th century (and cultural relativism in the 20th). Once the paradigm of Western Christian Civilization is shattered, a strong revaluation of values not only implies rewriting the books on World War II, but of America’s blunder of granting citizenship to blacks after Lincoln instead of deporting them to Africa (or making some of them free men and free women, albeit non-citizen civilians).

    Of course, I have colored this “preface” to the N of N’s “book” with my own words and metaphors, and would like to end it with a thought I posted a couple of days ago: “I have stated that nations are born stoic and die epicurean. What we need in the following decades is the most austere form of Roman severitas. This painting of Roman swords represents pictorially what I have in mind musically.”

    – End of my abstract –

    For the 26,000-word entry in my blog citing the N of N’s real words, click here.

  5. Chechar,

    Thank you for sharing your abstract. I appreciate it.

    My disagreement with N of N’s thesis is that I think the major problem with contemporary liberalism is its radical egalitarian doctrine. In America, the liberalization of suffrage, citizenship, and immigration was all done in the name of equality and fairness, not altruism.

    However, contemporary liberalism does inspire a misguided sense of altruism amongst certain Christians. But I see this as being more of a secondary phenomenon and not central to an understanding of contemporary liberalism.

  6. notuswind @ #51:
    “If ‘Xianity’ is such a problem then why are Jewish dominated institutions so anti-Xian? Or does this kind of cognitive dissonance totally escape you?”

    It’s called controlled opposition, dumbass. The Jew has it’s Xian goyim worshipping it’s imaginary tribal god YHWH, fer X’s sake. What self-flagellating, docile Xian lambkin will dishonor Yah’s pets in a Jew-dominated institution without running the risk of Yah’s curse?

    That’s in your Bible, you know. Genesis 12:3

  7. That’s in your Bible, you know. Genesis 12:3

    This verse says nothing about “Jews”.

  8. Constructively criticizing Christianity doesn’t connote hostility and we must dispassionately take stock of our situation and quite frankly contemporary Christian dogma otherwise known as the “social gospel” is programming white people against their own racial self interests. That the church has been easily co-opted and used as a weapon against white racial interests attests to the malleability of Christian dogma, its leaders and true believers.

    The racialist and WN sympathizing Christians noted by Greg Johnson are doubtless a minority within that religion. I certainly don’t see the prospect of that changing anytime soon barring a “miracle”.

  9. WW,

    The blindingly obvious fact that proves you wrong is that Europe is now almost entirely secular and yet anti-White liberalism is just as strong there as anywhere in the U.S. If Christianity were really holding us back then why don’t we see the native Europeans electing nationalist politicians and doing away with the current system?

  10. It doesn’t matter a whit that the word “Jews” is not found in Genesis 12:3. Would you deny that the word “Israel” equates with Jewry and the Jewish state in the minds of present-day, gullible Xian goyim? To whom do you think Gen 12:3 refers, Palestinians? The “Adamic” true Jews of Pastor Lindstadt’s Double-Seed line of bs? No. Giving to the “children of Israel” in the “land of Israel” is seen by Bible-thumpers as an obligation to Judaism. Bless Jewry and ye shall be blessed by Yahweh; curse Jewry and ye shall be cursed by Yahweh. That is what American Xian Zionists believe.

    Genesis is the first of the five books of the Jew’s Torah, and accepted among Yahwehists — Jew and Xian alike — as the ancient history of the Jews

    I can’t speak for anti-White liberalism in Europe, notuswind, but I’m pretty sure there’s no mention of that in the Jewish Book of Fables.

    “The Hebrew word for charity is Tzedakah, coming from the root Tzedek, which means Justice. Our sages made it clear that the just thing to do is to give. It is not simply an act of kindness from the giver to those in need. In fact, the giving of tithes ranging from 10-20% of one’s income is an obligation in Judaism. and giving is good for the giver!

    “The Hebrew word ashir (wealthy) is similar to the word maaser (tithe), denoting not only the obligation to give, but the benefit that such giving will have for the donor. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, used to stress that when we are in tough economic times, one should give more! In the spiritual realm, which is not detached from reality, that is the true way to increase one’s wealth!

    “And there is no better giving than to invest in the Children of Israel in the Land of Israel. As it says in the Book of Genesis (12:3), those who bless Israel will be blessed!”

    David Rubin
    Shiloh, Israel

  11. It doesn’t matter a whit that the word “Jews” is not found in Genesis 12:3.

    Not only does it not mention the word “Jews” — Genesis 12:3 doesn’t even mention the word “Israel”.

    It specifically promises a ‘blessing’ to those that ‘bless’ and protect Abram, and his relatives sojourn out of the Ur of the Chaldees in the journey to Egypt and Canaan.

  12. Anglo-Mestizo ZOGbots hate Christian Identity[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    WhiggerSwill as an anglo-mestizo ZOGbot hates Christian Identity, same as all jews do.

    Actually, WhiggerSwill, for all his yapping about worsheeping a dead jew on a stick worsheeps, mainly hisself, but also Benny Klassen, a dead jew on a dick who as a self-hating jew took the worship of jews as a people to be worshipped as gods and turned it into persuading weak-minded telegony-tarded skinhead criminals of the whigger and mamzer persuation into worshipping theysselfs as gods.

    So a thieving jew told anglo-mestizo skinheads to worship themselves while pulling a Richard Barrett on them and getting whigger and anglo-mestizo skinhead mangina.

    Now Christian Identity in its Dual-Seedline variety says that jews are the literal spawn of Satan, born evil, whose only purpose is to beguile whiggers so that they will destroy theysselfs and thus not crowd Heaven. And so jews hate DSCI.

    But so does WhiggerSwill. How to reconcile this? Well WhiggerSwill is an anglo-mestizo ‘mamzer’ or miscegenated bastard not allowed within the Congregation of True Israel, i.e. the Aryan White Man/Adamites descended from Abraham/Isaac/Jacob-Israel. Christian Identity is a racial religion, as is CreaTardivity. CreaTardivity however is a fraud created for whiggers and mamzers to pretend to be working against jews — even though the Founder and Creator of CreaTardivity was a homosexual jew named Benjamin Klassen.

    WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller are ZOG/Babylon agents provocateurs/ZOGbots. Since Christian Identity is against ZOG, WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller hate Christian Identity. However, two or three ZOGbots playing CreaTard isn’t going to have much effect on several hundred thousand Christian Identity activists deep underground in small family churches.

    In furtherance of this hatred, especially of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, WhiggerSwill is essentially in league with the jews by claiming that Christian Identity is the same thing as jewdayo-whiggerdumb Crapture-Cultist baal-priestism. As witness two previous posts here:


    Now this is the standard trick used by ZOGbots who ‘think’ that their solipsistic silliness will defeat jewdayo fanaticism and entrenched Zionism. But a whigger and mamzer’s wishbone is always stronger than a typpycull ZOGling’s backbone. Within the bowel Movement the wishfool thinking always triumphs over reality.

    What is necessary is a White Man’s Racial HATE religion which says that it is righteous to exterminate 140 million whiggers and every single jew, nigger, beaner, gook and other mamzer without qualms or reservation or mercy. In my time in the bowel Movement it seems that only my fellow Dual-Seedline Christian Identity fanatics LOVE the idea of a Great Tribulation to do the heavy genocidal moving and lifting. Need I point out wherein TraitorGlenn Miller has always pussied out on advocating exterminating the jews and niggers after the lily-livered drunken rat has named them? Or Fade/Hunter whining about how he couldn’t stand to kill little kikelets before they becum big nasty kikes. Auntie-Semitism should be made of sterner stuff.

    I do believe we got a whigger problem.

    When whiggers have no choice but to either dine on roast nigger, jew or mud or theyz’ own whiggerlets, why most of them will dine on little whiggers. What White Nationalism needs to do is to go with the flow of History and understand that the only way to get out of a New Dark Age is to make sure that the Renaissance comes early by exterminating by design or by circumstance every single whigger barbarian pulling us down as a race. Nothing more — and certainly nothing less.

    Neither does it matter what Fade the Butcher/Hunter Wallace or Greg Johnson ‘think’ about Christianity in general or Christian Identity in particular. As solipsistic whiggers who have cum late to the [bowel] Movement, looking at their bungholes and mistaking it for theys’ navels accomplishes . . . . nothing really. Christianity predates them, it was here before these eggheads were hatched, and it will remain here when they go back into the ground — if they even receive burial in the rough times ahead. Normal Christians need no permission to believe and it is idiotic presumption on theys’ part to ASSume that they are in any position to tell anyone what they should or should not believe.

    Whiggers don’t believe in YHWH and YHWH says that whiggers will come a cropper in the current Great Tribulation. jews and mamzers believe — but like the demons they are damned.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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