Surfing the Emergence, and Unintended Consequences

The concept of emergence has interested me for a while, apropos my observations of the march of history and culture for the last 30 years. The opposite of emergence is, for example, baking a cake from a recipe. You put these ingredients in, you do these actions, and you get a cake.

With “emergence,” you never know what you are going to get. It’s definitely not going to be a cake.

The term “emergent” was coined by the pioneer psychologist G. H. Lewes, who wrote:

“Every resultant is either a sum or a difference of the co-operant forces; their sum, when their directions are the same — their difference, when their directions are contrary. Further, every resultant is clearly traceable in its components, because these are homogeneous and commensurable. It is otherwise with emergents, when, instead of adding measurable motion to measurable motion, or things of one kind to other individuals of their kind, there is a co-operation of things of unlike kinds. The emergent is unlike its components insofar as these are incommensurable, and it cannot be reduced to their sum or their difference.” (Lewes 1875, p. 412)(Blitz 1992)

Professor Jeffrey Goldstein in the School of Business at Adelphi University provides a current definition of emergence in the journal, Emergence (Goldstein 1999). For Goldstein, emergence can be defined as: “the arising of novel and coherent structures, patterns and properties during the process of self-organization in complex systems” (Corning 2002).

The diversity/equality industry and official multicultist policy treats human civilization like a cake recipe, or more accurately, like an omelette. And everybody knows, that to make an omelette, you got to break some eggs. White eggs.

I once asked Tim Wise how come the diversity omelette doesn’t include breaking some Jewish eggs too. Why is it all on us to sacrifice for the diversity omelette? And will the diversity omelette, after all is said and done, even taste good? Will there be desired results, even if only for the very liberals who advocate this? Are you planning on maintaining a certain level of White slave population to do the upkeep on the rainbow multiracial utopia? Or is it a case of “apres moi, le deluge?” Or, “apre mois, Zimbabwe.”

There isn’t going to be any “diversity omelette.” Walt Disney tried to warn the social engineers with the classic cartoon, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Mickey Mouse, in a wizard suit, summons the brooms to clean the house for him, and things get out of control. Definitely an example of emergence.

The diversity/multiculturalism ideology is nothing more than a patronage scam. There is no plan for the future. There is no contingency thinking about “what happens if things end up like Zimbabwe, or worse?” It’s all about a system of salaries to enforce and justify Leftist Anarcho-Tyranny, which pay those salaries.

And so the emergence of the Tea Party phenomenon, and the crashing economy, is “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” time for the gangster-banksters and their patronized multicultist facilitators. Kunstler knows. America is a big place, heavily armed, and pissed off. There is no way to foresee how it’s going to play out, but it ain’t going to be pretty.


  1. How did the man-child in the White House end up having so many social security numbers. Because he is black?

  2. No point in debating Wise about any of his ideology, point blank ask him if he is anti-white, and then proceed from there. There won’t be any awakening or whatever till a large core of whites begin to ask this question of anyone or anything that effects their daily lives.

    Now I know the above will be ignored events and abstract ideology are more interesting, but if any anti-white shows up here I will show you on how to put them on the defensive and how to utterly destroy them.

  3. America is a big place, heavily armed, and pissed off. There is no way to foresee how it’s going to play out, but it ain’t going to be pretty.

    The sooner the better. Bring it on.

  4. It’s difficult trying to address White racial concerns with many Whites since they can gain much more short term social currency by “finding” the “racist” and alerting the group.  Even the Tea Partiers fall prey to that cultural programming.  We’ve got a way to go, but I’m thrilled to see the emerging White group intelligence learning, adapting, adopting and inventing.  A relatively new reader commented on another post that every time he reads OD, he feels like his IQ goes up. I think that sums it up pretty well for me too. Keep up the good work. 

  5. Hey, that was me who said my IQ goes up!

    And I stand by that statement, with the revision “I feel like my ethnocultural awareness goes up”, as that is more accurate.

  6. Oh, and I feel like my IQ goes up because my ethnocultural awareness has increased. :). Thanks IBMG. Without the burden of the cognitive dissonance that comes from trying to buy into elements of sometimes subtle anti-White culture and politics, my mind is freer and I really do feel smarter.

  7. I posted the following link in another thread, but I wanted to bump it up to a more recent thread because it really is remarkable and does tie in with this post.

    “A group of Jewish Democrats wants a large newspaper syndicate to stop publishing conservative commentator Pat Buchanan’s columns.”

    All because he told the truth about the demographic representation of the Supreme Court.

  8. Thanks Morphy now that we have heard from some jews we can all practice saying the, “But I’m not a ‘racist'” backpeddle. So Pat goes out on the limb and all but calls the Left “anti-white” and the only backup he gets is the “intellectuals” method of dissembly.

    The ONLY question here is why those Jews are anti-white. It is not what Pat said or implied, we put the onus on them, our reactionary days are over.

    I do not need a crime study, and IQ study to fall back on I only need to know why those jews are anti-white and it is about damn time they answer to that. Because they won’t waste their time on when it comes to calling anyone an anti-semite, I say its time to heap their medicine upon them.

  9. How white is the Tear Party movement, really? It has been infested with Kosher economics (libertarianism) from the beginning. Their hero named his son after Ayn Rand! These people throw around the word ‘socialism’ like it’s something to be afraid of when they should be focused on redistribution of wealth to working class white people. The whites in the Tea Party movement are blissfully unaware of their own economic interests.

  10. Jews hate and fear whites, and mean to destroy them, because it is the only long-term way to avoid being holocausted (again). The other day I picked up a couple of Hebrews in my cab, dropped them off at at a Congregation B’nai Brith synagogue. The whole front area is one big, steel and cement “Holocaust” memorial. This – and Israel – is now their religion. Fortunately, events are spinning out of ZOG control. America is indeed a “big place, heavily armed, and pissed off”. For a possible scenario, see my post (#18) to Jacobsen’s essay on what the military will do.

  11. “And I stand by that statement, with the revision “I feel like my ethnocultural awareness goes up”, as that is more accurate.”

    Part of that would be due to what’s called “distributed cognition” and situational awareness:

    There is an emergent effect to cognition. People working together (without too much dissonance) develop a group intelligence, which leads to group awareness.

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