Getting The Military On Our Side?

In comments beneath my post yesterday asking whether American was coming apart at the seams, several of those commenting felt it would be critical for Whites to have the military on their side in the event of any attempt by Whites to separate themselves from this sick and dying country.

My concern is this, while I have the greatest respect for those currently serving or who have served, in my experience they are often the most radical of the radically racially egalitarian. The reasons for this strike me as fairly commonsensical, as I wrote in my piece “Norming The Exceptional” the vast majority of military folk have very little idea just how much of a role IQ plays in military admissions, here is Steve Sailer making the same point…

Almost nobody in the media is aware of the vast investment the U.S. military has made over the last 88 years in IQ testing of potential recruits, and the huge number of correlation studies they have done comparing soldiers’ IQ with their actual performance. I was only barely aware of it myself until I spent hours last fall interviewing military psychometricians for my article showing that John F. Kerry scored a bit lower on his officer application IQ test than George W. Bush did. (This was the report that Tom Brokaw asked Kerry about on the NBC Nightly News.)

Because the U.S. military knows that bad things tend to happen to low IQ soldiers—and to their comrades who have the misfortune to be standing nearby—since 1991 only about one percent of new enlistees have IQs below the 30th percentile (i.e., an IQ of about 92). (See Table 2.8 in this Defense Department report.)

Last year, the Army announced that because of tribulations in meeting recruitment quotas due to the Iraq War, it would up its share of new soldiers scoring below the 30th percentile all the way to … 2 percent.

Even a guerilla war isn’t making the military enthusiastic about inducting volunteers from the bottom 30 percent of the Bell Curve.

Stop and think about that for a second: well over 80 million Americans lack high enough IQs to become a buck private in our high-tech modern military.

I bet you’d never heard that from the mainstream media!

The fine 1997 book All That We Can Be: Black Leadership and Racial Integration the Army Way by sociologists Charles C. Moskos and John Sibley Butler reported that in 1994:

“83 percent of white recruits scored in the upper half of the mental aptitude test (compared with 61 percent of white youths in the national population), while 59 percent of black recruits scored in the upper half (compared with 14 percent of the black youths nationwide).”

In other words, the Army’s black enlisted personnel score just as well on the general aptitude test as typical white Americans—although not as well as white recruits. (African-American officers average even better, of course.) That shows the impressive patriotism of blacks who possess many options in life.

On the other hand, a sizable majority of all blacks are ineligible to enlist. This has created a social problem that nobody has noticed…because you aren’t allowed to talk about race and IQ.

We like to imagine that the military frequently instills character-building discipline in underclass ghetto youths raised by single mothers. But, in fact, it hasn’t let in many truly poor blacks since the collapse of the Soviet Union allowed the military to get leaner and meaner.

Black enlistees are well above the national black average in IQ. They come from families that average 15 percent higher income than the national black mean.

Now I want to show you an actual example of the thinking of an ex-serviceman, who declined to publicly debate me, on the subject of race

Human diversity cannot exceed 23 chromosomes. Anyone continuing to perpetuate the myth that the thin veneer of genetic variation that makes people physically distinguishable Means Anything needs to go take a biochemistry course and disabuse themselves of their medieval notions. *snip*

I’ll double down on my point. I claim, with gold-medal hand-waving, that the Political Correctness on display here is a diluted form of the institutional falsehood that helped create the context for last week’s Fort Hood tragedy.

Now I’m well aware that there are racially aware Whites in the military, but how many there might be is a mystery to me? perhaps one of our enlisted readers could shed some illumination for us? All I know is this, whenever I debate this subject with a current or former servicemen I am consistently flabbergasted by the levels of political correctness and radical racial egalitarianism on display.

I’m concerned we are imagining that there will be support for us in the military that will turn out to be a mirage, a deadly mirage.

What say you?


  1. 50 ATBOTL: I don’t picture Whites lining up against soldiers. Any struggle is going to be more like riots and very high levels of crime, driven by the collapse of the welfare state. I don’t think that’s fantasy. Just as Whites were driven out of our cities by a few unsolved rapes and muggings, non-Whites can be driven out by our aggressive refusal to be robbed and raped and cheated. Without welfare, affirmative action and crime, Blacks would starve and Mexicans would leave. I think this is what is meant by 4th generation warfare. The troops can come in and prevent any mass armed gatherings, but they can’t really do much more when they’re organized in brigades and divisions. And they’re just not going to bomb a town because some Black reported seeing a chalk drawing of a noose on the sidewalk. Many of the Whites in the military may be deracinated, but when they see the typical sort of Darks that the Army screens out, running amok, their first response is not going to be shooting White people.

  2. I don’t think the current crop of white Americans would fight a guerrilla war against some kind of military occupation. We are too soft and comfortable. People who talk about stuff like that don’t understand the level of sacrifice a population has to give to do that. It’s beyond our comprehension. We have only fought wars with overwhelming advantages. How long would any “resistance” last if the occupiers just executed all the people even vaguely suspected of being involved? How long would the “patriot militia” types be able to keep fighting if they were on the wrong side of a 50 to 1 kill ratio? These are the kinds of realities that guerrilla armies have to face. – ATBOTL

    You are wise beyond your years, Mr. ATBOTL.

    • Points well-taken, but it’s not going to go like this. CW II will include secession by entire states, bringing National Guard units and heavy weapons over to the Uprising. Militia/guerrilla type operations likely to be local and secondary. Army, Navy, Air Force also likely to split – as during Russian and Spanish Civil Wars – along ideological and other lines. Biggest problem will be system- elite units, for instance, Marines.

  3. I’m not anti-military but there are some aspects of the military that make it almost as bad as someone receiving welfare from the state. They make diversity work by overmanning departments to the gills with 12 people working in a job that 3 could do. My experience was that military personnel rarely put in a 40 or even a 30 hour work week, took two hour lunch breaks and were constantly attending morale boosting events during working hours like softball tournaments and cookouts. I was left with the impression that productivity and excellence were unimportant or secondary to appearances. You could be the laziest dirtbag at the command but it didn’t matter as long as your shines were shined, your uniform pressed and sharply creased, your hair high and tight and you were able to play the politics.

  4. Sure, most people won’t fire on troops, but who really thinks that that is the primary issue? Don’t be foolish, again, when the money dries up, the ‘professionals’ go away. Also, as someone pointed out, when the money dries up various parasites will no longer be so interested in the carcass that was America.

  5. There’s a hell of a lot more to an insurrection than squaring off (like morons) against a modern infantry, lol. Try running the kwa when you can’t keep protect bridges, roads, or utility lines intact.

  6. Trainspotter wrote:” people should read up on Fourth Generation Warfare.”

    Do most people on this site read Duncan Kinder and John Robb?

    John Robb is at:

    He gets a lot of comments and traffic.

    Duncan Kinder is at:

    He gets very few comments and requires registration for commenters. He seems to be rather politically correct, but I have high hopes that some day, the scales will fall from his eyes, and the light of reason will shine on him. Perhaps all he needs is the wholesome guidance of people with similar ethnic genetic interests.

  7. I remember father-in-law (RIP) telling me about being in ‘nam, shooting first at the enemy, then turning around and having to shoot black soldiers in the back as they ran away, then around again to shoot the enemy, then again at black deserters…don’t know if this happens much these days or not.

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