Caucasian Law Enforcement Association in Harris County (Texas)

About a month ago, it has been reported that a Sheriff Deputy, Daniel McCool decided to start a Caucasian Law Enforcement Association in Harris County, Texas-to procure parity for Whites in the county sheriff’s office.

 I know this story is a month old, but it’s still relevant, especially as some other White Sheriff Deputy’s might hypothetically follow in the future.

 I mentioned this issue, of a Caucasian Law Enforcement Association, in my Time to Build a Coalition and Expand Our Movement article. This is a small first step, but every major trend needs a small first step. The Civil Rights Movement had small first steps, particularly including segregation areas. Our first steps in policy will be fighting affirmative action/racial quotas, forced busing, racial double-standards, anti-White school textbooks, and massive immigration.

We also have much to gain from this small step in Harris County, as White identity politics is now one small step closer to the mainstream. I do not intend to be over-optimistic, but this entails precedence for future White County Sheriffs and City Police Officers to emulate Mr. McCool. Remember, there will be a motive to form White Associations, as budget cuts will be coming in our contracting economy. Many Law Enforcement officers will probably lose their jobs, and it would be silly for Whites officers to not be assertive in protecting their jobs from hostile non-White organizations. With enough thought about this story and the future crisis, other White County sheriffs have the potential to cause a wildfire throughout the nation, by emulating Mr. Daniel McCool. Other fields may be encouraged, and Whites in other occupations may no longer fear forming organizations like their non-White counterparts are doing.

This is also a political win-win scenario. Even if we lose, at least it pushes the Overton Window to our side, and potentially puts our enemies on the defensive, even if only briefly. If we win, with the Caucasian Law Enforcement Association, we get two other prizes. We win true racial parity for Whites in the sheriff’s office; and, we peel off another layer of the taboo forbidding White American identity! With the right strategy and a dedicated effort, we may see a new political era. We, Whites have an opportunity to transform the status quo in our favor, by building the foundation for White American Identity.

The Key is to get Whites to fight for their Civil Rights.


Note: There was already a Mexican-American and an Afro-American Sheriff’s Association in Harris County. The President of the latter is apparently upset.


  1. I would also like to note: This is a good political start. It is pragmatic, and and does not unnecessarily expend our resources on objectives that are nearly impossible in the short-term. These small steps will also accumulate as sparks for further change.

    It is also a way to counter defeatism, so Whites do not rush for a nearly impossible miracle just to get burned out and feel all is lost.

    This approach strikes a proper balance.

  2. Another political benefit, is the more they guilt-trip us for starting our own organizations, the more neutral Whites understand the racial double-standard.

    Many race-neutral Whites support “Colorblindism,” because they believe it is still possible to return to it. Our job, is to demonstrate to them, that it is not. We must show these fairness-minded Whites that only a weak White identity will truly entail racial equality.

    The weak White identity is only a first step, to a future strong White identity, of course.

  3. Daniel,

    Great post. Converting race-neutral Whites is critical to our long-term success and episodes like this one you posted are great conversation starters.

    It’s been my experience that White egalitarians appear to be pretty equally divided between what I call “fair mongers” and “status jockeys”. Fair mongers are generally more likely to be women and are inclined to see our own efforts to organize as an act of meanness to people of color. To win her over, it’s very important to project positivity, expose double-standards, and drive home the fact that the current situation isn’t the least bit fair to our future generations. Don’t make the mistake of suggesting that it’s unfair to HER, since this type typically gets off on self-sacrifice, altruism, and martyrdom.

    Status jockeys are going to be the hardest to reach until we’ve arrived at a critical mass in our development after which our subculture is capable of rewarding these people with the respectability and social status pellets they’re addicted to. These are the types who often agree with everything you’re saying in private, but can’t be compelled to break from the party line in any context where their respectability or social status could be endangered.

    I think the best way to reach these weasels is by selling them on the historical inevitability of a White American identity movement. Persuade them that the current demographic and historical trends assure that White Advocacy is bound to become a mainstream political force in due time. This type is perpetually seeking competitive advantage, so the natural way to reach them is to convince them that they can be on the ground floor of a status opportunity.

  4. Daniel,

    Thanks for posting this! I hadn’t heard about it! It’s a hole in the dike for sure. If the sheriff’s office can have a White association, then a college can, then a high school can, and so on. I wonder what Rachel Maddow would think of that?

    It’ll spread first in the south, and then the kids in the north will hear about it on the Internet.

    Our biggest hope would be a proliferation of White-identity social clubs. That’s it, we’d win from there. Here’s what I think would happen.

    The Jews would try to subvert the White-identity clubs of course. At first it would be a very big deal. But the thing is, White-identity clubs would provide the best of us with an opportunity to meet a lot of people. Whites biggest problem is social isolation, and I think a big reason for our social isolation is that our natural ethnic affinities have been all but outlawed. However, they haven’t been %100 outlawed. We are still allowed to marry other Whites. We are allowed to have this web site. And so Whites need to recognize that organizing based on White identity is the greatest idea since sliced bread. We are very competent people after all.

    I think the positive energy of hundreds of thousands, if not a couple million, high IQ Whites would overwhelm Jewish subversion of White-identity clubs. If I was part of such a club I could teach Russian language and organic farming and such. I know scientists who are all around technical and mechanical geniuses. There’s so many potential “mind-weapons” out there who would join White identity clubs if they were “mainstreamed” or given some kind of sanction by the establishment and not constantly attacked.

  5. Don’t forget the stick Mr. Parrot. I assume we are trying to form an honor and responsibility culture and if so traitors as they say are sent to the lowest level of hell. But I say that with a warm and pleasing smile.

  6. It must be National Pun Day. The Parrott and the Stick. Rachel Maddow and the hole in the dike. (That was Kievsky in another thread).

  7. Don’t forget to actually support these people in real life. Our people seem to always forget that writing about something and doing something (donating money, donating time, giving positive feedback) are two different things. Here’s a good opportunity. Deputy Daniel McCool says he’s not a racist, but if “racists” become his supporters and raise his self esteem while anti-Whites berate him and try to get him fired, who will he choose to associate with?

    I did a google search for him but couldn’t come up with any contact info. Anyone else have luck?

  8. @ 7 NBG

    If you google his name + facebook it comes up with a profile that looks to be his.

  9. I think White Civil Rights is the next big thing. It’s a ready made movement with moral high ground and a lot of waiting support from Whites who have been legally discriminated against, or don’t want to have themselves or their children face legal discrimination in the future. With high unemployment and competition for jobs/wages/college at an intense level, why wouldn’t a very large number of conservative, non-wealthy Whites support White Civil Rights? They just need someone to tell them to support it in a memorable way. It’s right there for the picking, and we know Obama and the Democrats won’t touch it! 🙂

  10. We need squeaky clean national leaders. Black Civil Rights leaders are given free passes for their past anti-White comments and actions, but you can bet the national media will not extend the same favor to White Civil Rights leaders for even using the term “Negro” in a blog comment. That’s fine by me, I’m no leader, just looking for a fair shake. Also, I’m not telegenic enough. 🙂

  11. Many race-neutral Whites support “Colorblindism,” because they believe it is still possible to return to it. Our job, is to demonstrate to them, that it is not. We must show these fairness-minded Whites that only a weak White identity will truly entail racial equality.

    People who think universal voluntary ethnic disarmament is possible aren’t thinking straight, obviously. That’s like following a public announcement that “all good people will now give half their income to charity.” Might as well tattoo “sucker” on your forehead while you’re at it. The only person who can ever truly have your interests at heart is you; this is obvious to everyone, but after that it breaks down because westerners suffer induced psychosis. The only people who can ever truly have your family’s interests at heart are your family. The only people who can ever truly have your race’s interests at heart are your co-racialists. The only people who can ever truly have your ethnicity’s interests at heart are your co-ethnics.

    Water’s wet, the sky’s blue. People who think the color-blind society is possible are the human equivalent of the ostrich with its head in the sand.

  12. Further, the whites who follow the colorblind mantra are simply following a white ethnic norm, and on some level they know this (whites have to know this at some level because they have to know not to hold non-whites to the same standard; they have to know not to hold non-whites to the same standard because they don’t hold non-whites to the same standard, ergo there must be some mechanism at play).

  13. There have been similar efforts going back to the 70’s. The problem is the white elites will work against any white organizations. No other racial group has elites who are openly against their own people.

    Another problem with these types of efforts is that they are unwilling to link up with any broader pro-white movement. We need to form some kind of national pro-white movement that local groups are willing to affiliate with. That means taking out the trash and crafting a sane, reasonable and coherent message. We’ve made progress in that area, but we still have a long way to go.

  14. Also, the colorblind thing seems awfully close to the individualism thing. Maybe they should be attacked simultaneously. Should the colonists have been colorblind individualists? If they had, there’d be no America today. Should non-gentiles have been colorblind individualists? If they had, there’d be no Israel today. There’d be no western civilization today if our ancestors had all been colorblind individualists.

  15. All great socio-political movements coalesce around 1) a Leader, and 2) an Enemy. For example, “the finance capitalists”, or “the socialist regime”, or “the Jews”. These enemies are available, just begging to be taken down. But no leaders, because no charismat with an IQ above freezing is willing to stake all on the WN paradigm. WNs will, though, be a part of a of a broader-based hardright alliance that will fight and win the oncoming Civil War II. How large a part thay play will determine what they get in the post-victory distribution of values. I’m thinking maybe Canada as an autonomous Nordic Republic…after I annex it and arrange certain population transfers. We’ll see.

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